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Connie and Rachel work in different departments, but the office is small enough that everybody knows one another.

It was lust at first sight for Rachel. Her manager took her around to meet everybody on her first day of work, and Rachel was instantly amazed by Connie’s beauty. Connie had a mop of silky-blond hair, sun-tanned skin, and smoldering blue eyes. Her breasts are not unusually large, but they are large enough to turn heads. Connie appeared bursting with a barely contained passion. Rachel hopes she might witness it’s unleashing one day.

Although Rachel is by no means in the closet, she doesn’t go around broadcasting her sexuality, especially on the job. Close friends and family think she is bi-sexual, but few people at work do. Rachel makes a point of befriending Connie, hoping against hope that Connie might be gay or bi-sexual, too. The first chance Rachel gets to learn more about Connie came a week later when Rachel purposely bumps into Connie in the company cafeteria. They chatted over lunch and found they are both single and have some common areas of interest. The primary common interest turns out to be shopping.

Rachel and Connie get along great and have lunch together nearly every day, and then they start meeting on the weekends for brunch and shopping trips. Rachel has no idea if Connie knows she is a bi-sexual woman; she never really asks about that part of Rachel’s life, and Rachel didn’t offer any hints. Nonetheless, their friendship seemed to grow more playful and flirtatious.

Rachel and Connie meet most Saturdays at the local mall, where they would browse the shops for the first few hours and then have lunch in the food court. After lunch, they go to a movie or browse the shops more. Rachel likes browsing Victoria’s Secret. Connie is basically a shy person but allows Rachel to talk her into trying on lingerie at Victoria’s Secret. Rachel picks a few scandalous bras and hustles Connie into a dressing room. Connie is shocked to learn the bras are for her to try on. She blushes but gives in to Rachel’s insistence that she try on a very revealing black lace bra. The bra holds her breasts firmly in place and is very comfortable.

Connie loves the look and feel of the bra encasing her breasts. Her primary concern is how prominently her hard nipples are on display through the sheer fabric. It embarrasses her yet excites her at the same time when she realizes that her exposed nipples capture Rachel’s attention. Rachel insists that Connie buy the matching panties. Connie draws the line at modeling the complete set for Rachel.

Some weeks later, during one of their private conversations in the brightly lit lunchroom, Connie tells Rachel that she is in a monogamous relationship with a man she’d been dating for years. However, she indicates it is not going well at that time, which gives Rachel hope. Rachel consoles her and assures her she is there to listen. Connie thanks her for the offer. Then one morning, Connie comes to work looking pretty glum. Rachel asks what is wrong, and Connie tells her that she and her boyfriend had finally broken up. It was a mutual decision, but Connie is still upset about it. Rachel hugs Connie, patting her back, and she pressed her body against Connie’s despondent body. Rachel feels a little guilty that Connie’s crisis is kind of turning her on and causes her panties to flood. Rachel tells Connie she wants to take her out for drinks after work if she feels up to it. Rachel takes her to a lesbian bar, but Connie doesn’t seem to mind one bit. They sat at a cozy table, sipping martinis and casually talking.

Out of the blue, Connie asks, "Do you have a boyfriend, Rachel? I’ve never heard you speak about anyone, and you don’t wear a wedding ring."

Rachel takes a deep breath and answers, "I’m not in a relationship at present. There have been men in my past but none recently. I thought I was Bi... but eventually realized I’m actually a lesbian."

"I had my suspicions as I got to know you better and the bar," Connie gestures to their surroundings. "The moment we walked kinda iced it. Don’t worry, Rachel, it doesn’t make any difference to me. You’re my best friend."

"Was this bar your first tip-off?"

"No. My first tip-off was when you had me try on the lingerie at Victoria’s Secret. When I saw how you devoured my breasts with your eyes, it made me shiver and quake inside."

"I had no idea you were affected by my reaction to seeing your breasts. Why didn’t you say something?"

Connie leans over and gives Rachel a peck on the cheek, which Rachel feels down to her sopping wet pussy. "I didn’t want to risk embarrassing you."

"I’m delighted to hear you say that," Rachel replies, and then takes a deep breath, deciding to put in all her chips. "I’m very attracted to you, Connie. I have been since that first day we met."

Connie toys with her drink and doesn’t say anything for a long moment. But she doesn’t jump up and storm out of the place either. Rachel can see the wheels turning in Connie’s head and wants to say something encouraging, but nothing comes to mind right away.

"That’s very flattering," Connie finally says, "but I’ve never swung that way. I had plenty of chances in college but never took the plunge."

"Have you ever been curious about what it would be like with another woman, Connie?"

"I don’t know..." Connie’s words trail off, but Rachel can hear a narrowly veiled interest coloring her voice.

Rachel puts her hand on Connie’s hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. Connie looks Rachel in the eyes and holds that gaze for a long agonizing moment.

"Well, maybe a little. If I’m candid about it, the curiosity did cause a battle to take place deep inside my psyche. But for some reason, I never explored my feels in that regard."

Rachel’s heart nearly burst through her chest. Her throat tightened, and her breathing became labored. She closed her eyes and sent a wish to heaven.

"However, I did have this lesbian Lit professor in college that kept hitting on me when we were alone in her office."

"And how did that turn out?"

"Well, she caught me in one of my weaker just before finals, and I let her play with my tits and suck my nipples."

"And that’s all you let her do?"

"I told you she caught me in one of my weaker moments, and if someone had not knocked on her office door, I might have let her do more. You have to remember I was young and inexperienced in college."

"Connie, would you like to go to my place and see how things develop? We can go as slow as you need."

Connie struggles over Rachel’s proposal for about a minute. It was a very long minute for Rachel, and her heartbeat so loudly in her ears she knew Connie could hear it.

Then Connie, downs the rest of her drink, looks Rachel squarely in the eyes and announces: "Sure. Why not?"

They didn’t speak much on the drive to Rachel’s apartment. Connie looks nervous and stares out the window the whole time. Once Rachel gets Connie into her apartment, she leans forward and gives her a chaste kiss on the lips. Connie blushes but says nothing. She’s like a young school girl on her first date. Then Rachel takes Connie by the hand and leads her into the bedroom.

Connie and Rachel lie on the bed next to one another, gazing into each other’s eyes. Rachel strokes Connie’s hair a bit and ponders the best way to begin the seduction. She had promised to go slow, so she continues stroking Connie’s hair, which seems to relax her. Rachel decides it’s best if her toys remain in the closet for this initial encounter. Rachel just wants to go slow enough that she doesn’t spook Connie. Rachel decides to follow the same pattern as Connie’s Lit Professor. She plans to start by kissing Connie and then suck her boobs before making bolder moves. And if that goes well, she will eat her pussy if Connie lets her.

The first few kisses are tentative and experimental. After a few minutes of kissing, Rachel removes Connie’s blouse, then unhooks her bra and slides it off her shoulders, revealing her full breasts with dark erect nipples that make Rachel’s mouth water. Rachel’s hands trembled as she pulled off Connie’s top and laid her back. Rachel is wearing a dress only and slips out of it quickly, pressing her naked skin to Connie. Connie’s skin is so fucking soft Rachel could have died right there in her arms.

Rachel gently trails kisses across Connie’s breasts before capturing an erect nipple between her lips and flicking it roughly with her tongue. Connie moans and puts her hand on Rachel’s head, pulling her closer. Rachel moves from Connie’s excited nipple and up for another kiss, letting her tongue tickle Connie’s lips. Connie opens her mouth, and their kiss grows more heated. Connie seems to be responding pretty strongly to Rachel’s overtures for someone who wasn’t sure about her attraction to women. Rachel is thrilled. It is like her most incredible dream is coming true.

Connie has gorgeous tits, and Rachel loses track of time as she sucks and nibbles on them. Connie is enjoying the moment, running her fingers through Rachel’s long blonde hair. Rachel’s pussy is thoroughly wet by then, and she wonders if Connie’s was, too. Rachel kisses her way down Connie’s body until she can see and smell her damp panties. Rachel easily skins her out of them and places them to her nose, and inhales deeply. Rachel offers Connie a sniff, and she accepts. At first, Rachel just plays with Connie, thrumming her fingers against Connie’s wet pussy. Connie arches her back and moans. Rachel continues to tease Connie, stroking her softly until she squirms and goes out of her mind. Then Rachel lowers her mouth to Connie’s drooling pussy and begins licking her juices.

"Oh, my God!" Connie yells, pressing her pussy against Rachel’s face.

Rachel continues to slurp on Connie’s cunt juices, her tongue continually caressing Connie’s clit, which had swollen to twice its original size. Rachel laps at that precious jewel, making Connie go crazy with delight. Connie can only take so much before her orgasm hits, sending her juices gushing into Rachel’s mouth. She captures as much of the precious liquid as possible and then cuddles with Connie until she comes down from her first tongue triggered orgasm with a woman.

Rachel did not expect that Connie would return the favor. Rachel just really wanted to taste Connie. But Connie surprises her. They lay together as Connie recovers from her post-orgasmic pleasure, and then she begins sucking on Rachel’s tits. Connie uses her tongue to make little circles around Rachel’s nipples until they get as hard as pebbles. Connie cups Rachel’s breasts and squeezes them gently. Rachel starts moaning. Connie turns out to be a naturally gifted lover.

Then Connie copies what Rachel did to her. She moves down to Rachel’s pussy and slips off her panties. Connie stares at Rachel’s cunt for a long while. Rachel supposes it is the first one she has seen up close and personal, other than her own. Connie runs her fingertips across Rachel’s vagina reverently and finds it is slick with her juices. And she begins licking Rachel gently as Rachel urges her on with words of encouragement.

"That’s it, Connie," Rachel moans. "Lick my clit, but don’t suck on it because that’ll make me cum too soon."

Connie once again proves to be a fast learner. She teases Rachel, pulling away and kissing her mouth, letting Rachel taste herself on her lips, before going back to her cunt. With Rachel’s coaching, Connie gets the hang of using her fingers along with her tongue, sending sparks of pleasure shooting throughout Rachel’s overheated body.

"Are you ready for me to make you cum?" Connie asks teasingly.

"Yes!" Rachel shouts. "God, yes!"

Connie lowers her mouth back to Rachel’s pussy, and sucks on her clit while swirling her tongue. It only takes seconds for the dam to break, and Rachel floods Connie’s mouth with nectar. Connie laughs and laps up Rachel’s juices. Rachel is on another planet at that point, and it takes her a good long while to recover. But after a short break, Rachel is back at it again. This time Rachel uses her hand to massage Connie’s vulva in a circular motion. Rachel does not stick her fingers inside Connie this time. She only strokes with her fingertips, and Connie whimpers with delight. That is how Rachel usually masturbates, and she thinks it might trigger Connie to have the same powerful feelings she regularly experiences during masturbation.

Rachel continues to massage Connie’s pussy faster. Connie is arching her back, lifting her butt off the bed, and squirming wildly. Despite being wild with arousal, Connie manages to reach over and start rubbing Rachel’s pussy the same way. Rachel spreads her legs as much as she can, thrusting her pelvis toward Connie’s hand. Rachel keeps working to give Connie pleasure. Rachel finds it thrilling to know she is the first woman who has touched Connie so intimately. It delights her to see how eagerly Connie responds.

Rachel relaxes and lets Connie’s fingers take her higher and higher. Rachel waits for Connie to show signs of orgasm before she lets herself go, and soon enough, they both cum: the helpless whimpers, the tensed muscles, and then that ecstatic wail as both shiver and shake. Connie trembles from head to toe as her bliss consumes her. As Connie is riding high on her pleasure peak, Rachel allows herself to climax. Rachel’s orgasm feels like a wave washing over her, and she lets out a long moan as she crashes atop Connie. Connie grabs hold of Rachel as if she is saving her from drowning. It had been a lovely moment of mutual bliss.

Connie and Rachel spend the night together, cuddling and connecting with their inner selves. Rachel didn’t magically turn Connie into a lesbian; Connie still sees mostly guys, but they get together now and again for some sexual fun. Connie hasn’t had any other women but Rachel, but when a new lady is hired at the company, she and Rachel comment about her hotness. And Connie discovers she’s into girls, too! Rachel has never had a threesome, but she thinks maybe it’s about time!

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