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He and his wife were on vacation, so we had the place to ourselves except for a friend of theirs we hadn’t met yet, a French woman named Syvlie. Our first day, Donna and I took my brother’s convertible and went to the beach, and the warm sun had left me horny. I couldn’t wait to get Donna into our room and remind myself why I married her. She is tall and blonde, with firm breasts the size of nice cantaloupes, and it didn’t help that she had put on a cotton shift as we left the beach, deftly peeling off her bathing suit underneath it. As we rode across town and up into the hills along Mulholland in the open car, I was distracted by the thought of the warm breezes licking her pussy.

When we got back to my brother’s place, Sylvie was still not there. Donna and I went into our room and I helped her out of her frock, panting slightly. The sun had browned her back and thighs, but her demure one-piece bathing suit had left the rest creamy white. We took a cool shower together, soaping and caressing each other.

"Hey," she said through the rushing of the water. "Why don’t you shave me?"

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I grabbed my shaving gel and razor and rubbed the gel into a lather on her pubis. Gently, I ran the razor over her nether curves, rubbing more gel as I went to soothe the skin and to ensure that I left no stubble. She spread her legs and bent at the waist, leaning against the tile wall, and I carefully spread her folds, rubbing gel and using smooth strokes of the razor to get every bit. Her pussy was swelling and she moaned, switching her butt as I rubbed and prodded and shaved. I let the shower rinse her clean then, just to make sure, I ran my tongue over her cunt lips, parting the labia and massaging every nook and cranny. She thrust her mound against my mouth, taking the tip of my nose inside, and moaned. Her clit was sharp and firm and she wanted to come. My work was done – for the moment.

"Why don’t we hit the hot tub?" I said as we toweled off. My dick was stiff and my balls ached to get inside her, but I wanted to make it last.

"What about, what’s her name? Sylvie?"

"She must have gone out of town," I said with a shrug. "No sign of her since we got here last night. C’mon." Without waiting for her answer, I handed her a bathrobe and led the way onto the veranda, down the flagstone steps and onto the pool deck. The towel around my waist propped up by my hard-on, I busied myself turning on the Jacuzzi jets and lighting candles as Donna followed me, just a little reluctantly as she peered into Sylvie’s room to reassure herself that she was in fact not there.
As she approached, I loosened my towel and tossed it on a chair. I felt the chill evening air cup my balls and my hard-on faded. I watched through the steam from the tub as Donna let her bathrobe fall from her shoulders. The candlelight played over her tawny skin as her nipples hardened. She stepped into the tub.

"Mmmm," she said.

I stepped in as well and embraced her, pulling her firm tits against my chest. We kissed deeply. I ran my hands down her body, following with my lips, sucking her nipples one after the other. I sat her down on the edge of the tub and licked my way down to her succulent cunt, spreading her legs. She willingly opened herself to me, and I caressed her labia with my lips and tongue, separating the folds and stroking each contour. She moaned deeply and thrust herself against me. I pushed my tongue inside her. I gently teased her anus with my pinky and she arched her back and thrust at me harder. As I sucked on her lips, I pushed my little finger inside her ass, teasing her cunt now with my thumb.

"Oh, God," she moaned. "Yes. More."

I ran my tongue along her slit, circling her clit, which was so hard it seemed to be reaching out for me. Finally, I took her clit in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, lightly and slowly at first and then harder, faster.

"Oh, baby," she moaned. "Yes. More. I’m coming!"

I thrust my thumb deep into her and felt her pussy gripping it as she came. I massaged her clit more softly, stretching her orgasm out as she stretched her long legs out, her cunt spread before me. When I felt her spasms subside, I stood before her, retracting my fingers from her swollen and lubricated fuck holes. She lounged back against the side of the tub, slowly lowering her legs into the steaming water. My dick stood straight out from my body, and she looked at it with blind lust.

"Come suck my rocket, baby," I breathed. "Come do your magic."

She sat up, leaned forward and gripped the tip of my oozing dick with her lips. I rocked my hips forward, trying to thrust into her mouth. She let me go and sat back.

"Not so fast, rocket man," she said. "You’ll see."

She took me in her lips again, sucking me in and out, a little deeper each time. She reached around me and grasped my buttocks, pulling me into her mouth still deeper. She is a very motivated cocksucker, and soon she had me all the way down her throat. My knees weakening, I sat on a shallow shelf in the warm water. As she drew me in and out, I could feel the warmth of her mouth replaced by the chill of the night air, and my dick craved the warmth each time.

"Wow, baby," I breathed in her ear. "You’re the best."

As I straightened again, I was startled to see the figure of a young woman through the steam. In the candlelight, I could see she was slight, with long wavy black hair and skin the color of coffee. She was wearing a house robe that she had let fall open, and I caught shadowy glimpses of a trim nude body.

"Oh," I said in surprise. "We have company." I was disappointed, because Donna is a bit prudish and I knew our lovemaking was over.

"Wha…?" She pulled my dick out of her mouth and looked over her shoulder. To my surprise, she continued to stroke me as she did so. "I guess you’re Sylvie?" she said to the girl.

"Oui … I mean, yes," the girl said.

Donna looked up at me, still stroking my dick. I don’t think I have ever seen that look in her eyes before, lidded and languid. She licked the length of my dick, looking sidelong at Sylvie.

"I’m Donna," she said. "Rocketman here is Martin." She licked me again. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding. "Why don’t you join us?" she asked.

After a second’s hesitation, Sylvie shrugged out of her robe and stepped into the steaming water. Her body was taut and boyish, with small, firm breasts and slender hips. In the flickering candlelight, I could see her smoothly shaven pussy lips glistening darkly. She sat next to me as Donna resumed sucking my dick. In and out, warm and cold. Sylvie stretched out on the shelf on her stomach, her tight butt spread.
"Comment tu fais ca?" she whispered to Donna as she watched Donna’s lips slide up and down my rocket. "How do you do that?"

"You don’t know how to suck a man’s cock?" Donna asked in surprise, continuing to stroke me slowly.

"French boys like the ass," she said with a shamefaced shake of her tousled head.

"Well, it’s easy and fun," Donna said. "Just remember that the most sensitive part is along the bottom, especially near the tip. You caress that part with your tongue while you suck it in and out."

"And no teeth," I interjected, still amazed at Donna’s sudden exhibitionism.

"See?" Donna took my full length in her mouth. "And sometimes you lick the shaft like this," she said as she demonstrated.

"And the balls," I said, panting. "Don’t forget the balls."

"Right," Donna said as she took my bad boys in her mouth one at a time. Hot and cold, warm and cool.

Sylvie watched transfixed. She squirmed as the warm water lapped at her splayed pussy.

"You try," Donna said suddenly. I was flabbergasted. All through our years of marriage, Donna had always been a willing and even enthusiastic lover, but she had always been private and monogamous. She held my dick in one hand, steadying it for Sylvie, who leaned forward and tentatively licked my swollen tip. My big man enjoyed the unfamiliar touch of her full lips and lurched in encouragement. "Go ahead, try it," Donna encouraged her.

Sylvie took me between her lips, then slowly into her mouth. Her tongue caressed my glans as she took me deeper and deeper, getting up on her hands and knees for a better angle. If that girl had never had a man’s dick in her mouth, she was a natural.
Donna sat up next to me, pressing her tits against my chest, and kissed me. I could taste my salty lubricant on her tongue.

"How is that, baby?" she breathed into my ear.

"Mmmmm," I said. She knelt so she could press her nipples into my mouth. "She’s good, but then, she had a great teacher." Donna stood now, straddling me, cradling my head in her hands, and presented me with her shaven cunt. I nibbled and licked her again, looking for her clit, which again swelled and reached for my tongue. Sylvie sucked my dick deep into her throat, then out again. I was suffering, my balls seemed swollen and my dick almost beyond sensation as her smooth lips and tongue explored and worked me over. Donna was nearing another climax, panting and moaning.

Abruptly, Sylvie stopped her practicing and looked up.

"You will do that?" she asked.

Donna, on the verge of orgasm, looked down at her.


"That. French boys say is dirty."

I released Donna’s swollen lips and looked at Sylvie. She was sitting in the shallow water next to me, her slender legs spread. Her pussy lips were dark, the color of very ripe cherries, and she was fondling herself.

"I say is sexy," I said huskily.

"What it feel like?" she said to Donna as she spread her lips with her fingers.

Donna sat on my other side in the shallow warm water.

"Let Marty show you," she said. My amazement grew. I looked at Sylvie, meeting her black eyes, then leaned toward her and kissed her on the mouth. We slowly swapped tongues. I cupped one of her breasts in one hand, rolling the nipple until it was hard. I leaned down, kissing her thighs as she leaned back on her elbows and opened herself to me. I sniffed her pussy, sampling her unfamiliar musk, gently tracing lines along her labia with my tongue. She moaned and arched her back. I sucked them harder, drawing her folds into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue. She gasped. I licked circles around her mound, probing gently for her clit. It was tiny, hiding under its little cherry hood, but I coaxed it out, first with my tongue and then my lips. She was panting. Her clit finally stood up, and I took it in my mouth and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue.

I was settling in to bring her to climax when Donna began to grope at my dick. I turned over and lay on my back in the warm water, encouraging Sylvie to sit on my face as Donna lowered her steaming cunt onto my rod. Rarely had I felt it so snug, so unctuous, so smooth. She ground her mound into my belly with each downstroke.
Sylvie squatted over my face and I resumed sucking her demure clit. I teased her asshole with my pinky and fucked her slowly with my thumb as I sucked. She cried out, and then her moans were suddenly muffled. I peeked out from between her thighs to see her and Donna locked in a tongue-swapping kiss as Donna fucked herself on my dick and Sylvie came, her cunt gripping my thumb and her fluids running over my chin. I could feel the freight train of an orgasm lining itself up deep in my balls.
Donna stopped, letting my dick slap down on my stomach, and stood up. Sylvie reluctantly pulled her pussy away from my lips and stood also. I sat up between them. They faced each other and there was an electric moment.

"Your turn," Donna said to Sylvie. She guided Sylvie into a squatting position, her back to me but straddling me, then guided my dick into Sylvie’s pussy. It was very tight, despite all the foreplay, and Sylvie pushed slowly down to take me inside. She locked her feet around my calves to take me all the way in, leaned back against me and I cupped her tits in my hands, fondling her nipples.

Suddenly I felt Donna’s lips sucking at my balls, then she licked her way up and began to eat Sylvie’s cunt. I had never known her to show any interest in other women, yet she ate this girl like a pro. Sylvie spread her legs, sitting down hard on my dick, its entire length buried deep inside her, leaned hard back against me, and moaned, gasping, her limbs stretched and sinews taut, as she came for a very long time, panting and writhing on my pole.

"God," I said, out of breath and sore. "I’m going to come. In fact, my balls might just explode."

Sylvie pulled herself up, exposing my dick again to the cool night air, and sat in the warm water next to Donna. Together, they licked my dick clean, taking turns sucking my balls. The freight train left the station, slowly at first like freight trains do but then rushing downhill. Then its brakes failed and out it came, dollop after dollop of white cream shooting out of my dick, splattering Donna’s and Sylvie’s faces and tits. They smeared it around their chests, then Donna gently pulled Sylvie to her and kissed her on the mouth.

"Welcome to the land of the free," she said with a smile.

"I’m glad I came," Sylvie said, returning Donna’s smile, as we all sank into the hot water, our nerves raw with sexual exhaustion.

Now I know why they call it the City of Angels.

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