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My hometown is Gridley, California where I graduated from Gridley Union High School, Class of 76. I was born in Lindsay, California and I am a grandmother of my one and only one grandchild, my beautiful grandson of 8 years of age and whom I miss very much. I raised him from birth until my daughter got out of prison and she "remembered" to take him with her when she moved out this time. Geez, It was all he ever wanted and now at 8 years old, he finally got his wish. I am happy for him but I cannot lie, I am worried that he'll be let down by his mother's uncaring behavior. Anyway...I have to give her a chance to try to be a good mom and I have to move on.
I have a son whose turning 39 this year and i'm very proud of the man that he's become especially since i raised my kids on my own. Plus! Last but not least, I have a beautiful, loving and sweet 20 year old daughter who just graduated this year and I am so proud of her. God Bless Us All! Happy Sunday Everyone!
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