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The only bright spot was some of the people I worked with. One in particular actually, Betsy. I'd had my eye on her since she started six months ago. There was just something seductive about her, starting with her smile that just melts you. But as time went on, I went beyond that killer smile to that curvacious body. I learned that she was divorced for a year and a half.

She must have noticed me stealing glances. Yeah I know, women always know, no matter how hard you hide it. But... she didn't seem to shy away from me, lately she'd even made it a point to stop by my desk and chat. As time went on, the chat got warmer and I was getting ideas. She even hinted that it had been a long dry spell for her. Rrrrr... One day I had to make excuses to not get up from my desk, my tent would have been obvious.

It all seemed kind of strange. She's in her twenties and I'm sixty. Sure, I keep in good shape, not a muscle man but my weight is just about textbook perfect and I maintain good enough muscle tone for good health. Maybe she has a thing for older men? In any case, I was definitely attracted to her and I think she felt the same about me. I decided to find out. Now it's Friday, and she just stopped by to say hello. She was wearing a top that showed just enough cleavage to show off, but not so much that it would be out of place at work. More than usual for her, though. Stirrings in my pants.

My cube mate is at a meeting, this is my chance. After hello and the usual topics (her cat, my old car's repair bills...), I asked if she wanted to get a drink after work.

"Hey, that sounds like a good idea, Bill!" She was beaming her best smile.

I suggested a restaurant bar, and added, "We can grab some chow there too. At 5:30?"

"Great, see you then." She left to start her workday and I watched her sweet round butt walking away. Just big enough, and with that sexy sway. Tent time.


I made sure I was there a few minutes early, and watched for her car to come in, then went to meet her as she parked. This was definitely a shift in things, she sat close to me and brushed against me a few times. I casually put my leg against hers, and she pressed back.

Just then, my buddy Roger came in and saw me, I said hi and he took the stool on Betsy's other side. I introduced them and she immediately warmed up to him, not ignoring me but splitting her time. While she chatted with him, she pressed her leg against me and curled her foot around my calf. Then she laid her hand on his arm. This was getting interesting.

In a quiet voice, she said to Roger, "Hey would you and Bill like to take a walk?" We agreed, finished our drinks and I paid up. We walked down the street and stopped to enjoy the pond by the restaurant. I sidled up to Betsy and so did Roger. She reached around our waists and pulled us in closer, one on each side. Then dropped the bomb.

"I have a favor to ask of you guys." She reached down and grabbed an ass cheek on each of us. "I could use some real fun tonight. Are you guys up for some sex?"

I was a bit surprised at her directness, just the same, we both looked at her and smiled. Roger asked, "You must be in a bad way, Betsy, need two guys?"

"Tonight I do, and I hope you guys have more that one bullet to shoot. Maybe a couple of friends too?"

I said, "Honey, you don't know how long I've wanted to get a better look inside your shirt."

"Yes I do. I remember that time you wouldn't go for coffee and hid yourself under the desk." I reached across discretely and felt her tit; I could swear that she purred. As for me, that was one wonderful feel and I was getting hard. She offered, "I live alone, you wanna come to my place?" All agreed and headed for our cars.

What I didn't know was that Roger belonged to a swingers club that was planning a guys night out. He and a few buds were going out to different bars, to case it for girls. While he drove to my place, he called the guys and told them to wait outside.

At her apartment, Roger and I went in with her. We didn't get far before she turned to me and we embraced. She reached for my butt and I took a deep kiss, then grabbed her wonderful tits. Roger came up behind her and started to rub his lumpy pants against her sexy ass. She reached back and grabbed his hip and pulled him in. I said, "Let's get naked!" She just said "Bedroom" and we all started moving together down the hall. Inside, she quickly pulled down the covers, wigging her butt as we stroked ourselves. She turned and saw us doing that, and said, "THAT will never do." She walked to us and hit her knees, opening first my pants then Roger's. Then she reached in my undies and found my fully erect member, saying, "Oh I so hoped you were a big guy. Damn!". Pulling down my pants, my seven incher popped up and she immediately reached for it and stroked me.

Not to be left out, Roger pulled down his own pants and took them off. While Betsy stroked me, he stepped in and presented his stiff cock in front of her face. "Oh what a beauty!" She kept one hand on my cock and with the other, pointed his cock at her face. Opening her mouth, she took his cock head in and Roger moaned. I watched as she slowly slid her mouth down his shaft, moving that hand to cup his balls. Continuing to stroke me, she started going on and off his cock.

After a couple of minutes, she switched over to my cock, taking most of it in as she could. She pleased me for a while, then Roger said, "Time to let you show off your sexy body, girl." He knelt down and started taking off her shirt, then kissing all over her neck and shoulders and squeezing her tits. "Damn those are nice jugs, Betsy." She took her mouth off my cock long enought to tell him, "Get my bra off and suck on them!"

Roger complied. Now I was looking down at her mouth going on and off my cock, past that, seeing her sexy tits. Roger bent down and took a tit in his mouth and went to work. She started to moan.

As good as she sucked cock, I wanted to fuck. I pulled away and stood her up, then took off her pants. Roger sat back and watched as I leaned her over the bed. Taking my cock in hand, I began to rub it up and down her pussy lips. She groaned and said, "Stick that big cock in me, Bill!" She was drenched in pussy juice, so when I pushed, I immediately went deep. Damn that girl felt like she hadn't had cock in a year and a half, so tight! I began to pump in and out slowly, savoring her velvety hole on my stiffy.

Roger moved over in front of her and again brought his manhood to her face. She eagerly took it in. Now here's something I'd fantasized about, fucking a girl while she sucked somebody else's cock. I moved my hands from her hips to reach for her tits, that made the experience complete! It's a good thing I masturbated last night, or I wouldn't be able to hold off on cumming. I varied my moves and Betsy met my thrusts, sometimes moaning on Roger's cock. He had his eyes closed and head tilted back. Betsy started to groan repeatedly and I pumped harder, then she started to shriek and convulse, her pussy squeezing my cock as she orgasmed.

Betsy came off Roger's cock and slid off mine too. She laid down on the bed and told us, "Your turn Roger, make me cum again." He said, "Wait, I have an idea." He took a bandana out of his coat pocket and blindfolded her. She said, "That's so sexy. There are come cords in the end table, tie me up too." We grabbed the cords and tied her up on the bed, spread eagle, arms and legs. The cords were tight enough that she couldn't move much, but not hurt her.

Roger climbed up on the bed and put his face on her pussy. She startled at his touch, then said, "Oh yes, eat me. Make me feel GOOOOOD." He began to lick up and down her lips, getting close to her clit but just missing it, for a minute or so, then he put his tongue in her slit and move it up until he reached her clit. She groaned, then he put his lips on her button and sucked; at this she started to jerk around; when he put a finger in her hole she lost it and came again.

Now it was Roger's turn to fuck her. He moved up and put his cock against her wet hole and drove it in. She hadn't really come down from her second orgasm, and after a few strokes she was groaning again. He slowed to keep her high but not over the top, but eventually she told him to fuck hard. He gave her a bunch of hard pokes and she shrieked again. Roger lost it too; burying his cock in her he croaked and pumped his jism into her twitching cunt.

Now I admit something: I like sloppy seconds. I told him, "I want back in, man." He got off her and I took his place. Now Roger made his move, As I was positioning myself between her legs, he got out his phone. Before he sent a text, he asked her, "Were you serious about more lovers tonight, Betsy?" Well, as I was sliding my cock in and out of her pussy and she was starting to moan again, she couldn't help but say, "Oh yes, bring your friends." He hit the button and put the phone down, and came up to suck on her tit while I fucked her.

We hadn't locked the door, and shortly three guys came in the door. He motioned for them to be quiet; they got the idea and took off their clothes. Meanwhile, I was pumping her hard, I was ready to add my load to Roger's. A man's juice makes a great lube, I always liked the second time, and I was about to cum. Betsy had a long quiet moan, I felt her pussy squeeze me again. I drove deep and emptied myself into her womanhood.

One of the other men came around the bed and started feeling up Betsy's other tit. She said, "Oh there's someone else here! How many... No, I don't want to know. Just keep squeezing me nice." I slowly pulled my cummy cock out of her pussy and got off the bed. The guy squeezing her tit took my place and stroked her messy puss, pulled back his foreskin and put his dickhead on her cunt, then slid it in. This fellow buried his six incher in her cunt and she moaned, "Oh that's nice!" He left it there a minute then started to stroke. He whispered, "Oh fuck, oh it's been too long, I... " and started to pump hard. Betsy said, "Fuck me hard!" He got control long enough to pump her for about twenty strokes, and she started to cum again. He emptied into her then.

I couldn't beleive it. She had cum about five times and had three loads in her, and she wasn't slowing down yet.

The other two were standing at the foot of the bed, stroking their hard cocks. Then one of them came over and put a leg on the bed, and put his cock against her mouth. She said, "Mmmm, I was just thinking about this," and opened to take him in. He pushed his cock down to point it in her mouth, and she took it in an started to tongue it. The guy who had just jizzed her climbed off the bed; the last guy got on and got ready to stick it in. He admired the view for a moment then slid his cock into her messy pussy. He said, "Damn even with loads of cum in you, you're still tight."

Now Roger was getting hard again. He stopped sucking her tit and put his cock in her outstretched hand. She eagerly wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke. So she had one man's cock in her mouth, another fucking her and another's cock in her hand. The guy fucking her probably felt tight because he had a big thick cock. Not too long, but very fat. As he worked in and out, you could see his hanging ball sack slapping against her taint. Now our sex starved girl was starting to moan again in time with the man's strokes in her cunt. Shit, she was going to cum again! He pumped her harder, the moans gained strength, and sure enough she started to shriek again, just as he buried it deep and groaned in his orgasm.

Over the next half hour, the last guy took his cock out of her mouth and fucked her, then Roger went again, guy #3 again, and me too. Betsy stopped having orgasms until I did her then we came together. At that point, she said she was satisfied. "Thank you all boys, damn you made me feel good." In turn we all went up and kissed her. "Can all you leave now, except Bill?" They all said, "Thank you, pulled on their clothes and slipped out.

I started untying her. As I took off the last arm rope, she reached up and pulled me to her. I kissed her long and hard. She said, "I'm glad I got that out of my system. I shouldn't go so long without." I said, "I can make sure you don't," and kissed her again. "I just wasn't sure about getting with a man again, my divorce was a shock. Thanks for being a friend... with benefits."

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