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At five feet ten inches tall, Jamie was taller than many of her female friends, and even a few of the guys who she had dated over the years. Rather than be self conscious about this, she loved her body and her height. It got her a lot of attention, from men and women alike. Her long legs seemed to go on for miles, ending below a plump, round ass and curvaceous hips. Her soft stomach wasn’t perfectly flat, but she still oozed confidence in her body. Jamie admired herself as she took her bra off, revealing her creamy breasts and soft pink nipples. She sighed, shivering softly as she released her long caramel coloured hair from the bun she wore all day at work. livecamsex

Yes, I will absolutely be there. What bar are we meeting at?" Almost immediately Kelsey replied, "No bar, just my place." Jamie sighed and texted her friend back, acknowledging the plan before getting ready to go. Jamie opened her car door and looked up at the small house in front of her. A soft sky blue summer dress with white daisies hugged her body, her small nipples pressing against the fabric as the crisp spring evening air danced across her skin. Jamie hadn’t bothered with a bra, her B cup boobs weren’t very big and she knew she could get away with it, but now she was suddenly very aware of the way her dress rubbed against her breasts as she approached the front door of her friend’s home. nudegirlschat

after the week she had, a night in on the couch was very tempting... Before she could think more on it, Jamie’s phone buzzed again; another text from Kelsey. "I could really some company, Marcus left me." Shocked at this sudden news, Jamie hurriedly replied, "Oh my God, Kels. , her shoulder length purple hair framed her round face and even with the smile on her lips, it was obvious she had been crying. Jamie’s heart broke for her friend as she immediately hugged her. "Kels I’m really sorry. This kind of shit is never easy." Jamie said as she stepped back from their hug. Kelsey motioned her into the house and let out a defeated sigh. "I just can’t believe he actually left me. I caught HIM cheating, and HE left ME. webcamgirls
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