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A series of metal 3D printing equipment, such as resin, metal powder and metal wire, have been developed and applied in industrial production such as medical treatment and manufacturing. 06 Intellectual property rights applied for Serial No. Patent No./Soft Work Patent Name Application Date 1 Wire-fed 3D printer with laser as heat source 2 wire-feeding 3D printer using laser as heat source and printing method thereof Coaxial wire feeding cladding head for laser metal printing 4 Selective laser melting forming equipment 5 Leveling mechanism of 3D metal printer working platform 6 a 3D metal printer with a powder return mechanism 7 Explosion-proof wet type dust collector 8 SLM Metal 3D Printing Process Control Software 9 SLM metal powder bed 3D printing molding control software 10 Metal wire 3D printing molding control software 11 separating mechanism for bottom projection type photo-curing rapid prototyping and forming device thereof 07 Key team members Zhou Weimin Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Doctor, Researcher, Expert of "Special Government Allowance of the State Council", won the Gold Prize of Excellent Invention in the 23rd Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition. Honors such as "The Third Shanghai Workers'Science and Technology Innovation Newcomer Award", "Advanced Workers of Shanghai Science and Technology System in 2013-2014", "May 4th Medal of Youth of Shanghai Science and Technology System" and "May 1st Labor Medal of Shanghai" have presided over or participated in more than ten projects, presided over the development of printers and materials, and established a 3D printing research and development service system. Si Junping Graduated from East China Jiaotong University, majoring in mechanical design and processing technology, with 20 years of experience in the development and research of 3D printing industry, he is an important backbone of the R & D team, mainly responsible for the research of mechanical structure and technology and the design of technical schemes. Participated in and successfully developed SLA principle 3D printer, SLM principle 3D printer, DLP surface light source 3D printer and WLAM principle metal 3D printer. Xia Zhangwen Doctor, female, graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK. During his doctoral studies in the UK, he was awarded by the UK Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Council and Rawls. Royce Company (Rolls-Royce), under the guidance of Professor Paul Bowen, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering,titanium filler rod, has been engaged in research in the field of metal 3D printing for many years at Rolls-Royce-University of Birmingham Technology Centre (UTC), and has participated in the "Advanced Science and Technology Research Project" led by the British Engineering and Natural Science Council and Rolls-Royce (with a total investment of 1.2 billion pounds). The application of laser additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology in the production and repair of aero-engine blisks was studied, and the macroscopic and microscopic structures and mechanical properties of nickel-based and titanium-based alloys under laser additive manufacturing were systematically and thoroughly studied. 08 Contact information Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com
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