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For FREE delivery, call: 619-636-2020 All though you may text your information later on, a phone call always works best- we love talking to you and texts containing pictures can take longer to send. We do not accept new patients after 9:00pm. Late delivery available to return patients.

First and foremost we are a FAMILY owned and operated collective that strives to support our community. We provide the cleanest, safest and highest quality medication at the lowest price financially feasible. As a delivery service it is our belief that since we forgo the standard operating costs of a brick and mortar establishment it is our duty to pass that savings on to the patient. Everything is overfilled and packaged with care.

Average delivery time in San Diego county is 45min!

In order to Verify and complete your order in a timely fashion please provide the following information:

A picture of your state ID that is clear and easy to view. If the address on your ID differs from where you would like us to deliver- please provide that address along with your information.
Your California Medical Marijuana ID card.
Your recommendation letter from your doctor. This is the most important document. I cannot serve you unless this is provided.
-Please text or email this information to 619-636-2020 / HighgradehealthSD@gmail.com

*All pictures on menu are of the ACTUAL medication you will be receiving!

*Our Area of operation: Southern Most boundary is Cesar E Chavez Pkwy, we do not deliver to National City or Chula Vista. All other locations are considered with exception to those areas whose local law prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries operating in our capacity. We do not accept calls from blocked numbers. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Delivery Min is a $65.00 donation which is subject to change if outside our northern most radius. We are a licensed non profit in the state of California and hold a license with the board of equalization (boe.gov). As we are 100% legitimate, a 7.5% sales tax will be added to the sale of all goods by state law. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me personally and I will explain further. We are a 100% compliant collective on all fronts.

-Nick "To Infinity and the Bong!"
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