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I was very anxious for his arrival after all these years. As he got off the bus and I first saw him my knees went weak. This is the man that I waited for all my life. As far as I was concerned he was the true father of my children. No he was not there during actual conception, but I knew right way that he would be their dad.
When he first seen me he started smiling, to this day I am not sure why he was smiling. The first thing he said to me was:
"Hello, My love"
He then kissed me, first on the lips then lower onto my neck and the top of my 42DD breasts, about this time his hand was moving up my leg and under my mini skirt that I wore just for him. I was ready for him, I knew that it wasn’t right to want him to make love to me outside the bus station, but I did and I would have let him if I wouldn’t have come to my sense. Since I did I suggested a stop at a motel for the night, I knew it was crazy but I didn’t think I could wait the half hour drive home, I wanted him inside me and soon. Five minutes later we was at a motel and checked in.
Clothes started coming off before the door was even closed. As soon as my bra was off his mouth went to my nipples first the right then the left. As he did this I unbuttoned his jeans. I reached in and started playing with his hard cock. He stopped sucking on my nipples long enough to pull his pants and boxers off, his size came as no surprise to me, because I seen it once before on webcam, but that’s another story.
I led him to the bed and pushed him down. I knelt down between his legs and started sucking his cock. Just a slight lick of the tip before taking as much as I could into my mouth. I bobbed up and down four or five times each time picking up speed each time. After the fourth or fifth time doing this I started the process all over again. I did this for only a few minutes. I loved sucking on his cock, I wanted him to cum but I didn’t want him to cum just yet and not in my mouth.
As he lay on the bed I slowly stood up. He sat there watching me as I untied the belt on my skirt then the button finally the zipper before sliding my skirt down and off. Next came my panties, which was already wet from all the heavy foreplay. As I stood before my new lover naked, he looked me up and down before he pulled me to him and he kissed me, first on the lips then my neck. Before long he was sucking on my chest he didn’t spend much time with them this time. He lay me down on the bed and kissed down my stomach before planting a kiss at the entrance of my pussy. At first I thought he would continue but he went to my thighs kissing them teasing my pussy as he kissed from one leg to the next. When he finally did put his mouth to my pussy I thought that I would fall apart right then. As he licked and sucked on my clit he inserted one then two fingers inside me, and started finger fucking me.
When I could catch my breath all I could say was three little words
"Fuck me please"
He did just that. He stood up and positioned the head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I had waited so long for this I did not think that i could handle waiting much longer. He then pushed his head in and stopped. He was torturing me by going as slow as he was and he knew what he was doing. he then pushed a little more then stopped, he did this until his hard cock was buried deep within my wet pussy. He waited for what seemed like forever before he pulled partly out then slammed it back in slowly at first then picking up speed with each thrust. I wanted him so bad and i told him so. He kept pounding me and I was meeting him thrust for thrust. I could tell he was trying to hold out for me to cum first and I was really getting close. Just then I screamed his name as I covered his cock with my juices.
He then pulled out and had me turn over so i was on my hands and knees, He entered me from behind and this time he didn't go slow. As he pounded me harder and harder I thought for sure i was going to fall apart from how hard he was fucking me.
"oh, god." I said "fuck me fill me with your cum. Make me yours."
"oh baby I am going to fill you, like you have never been filled before." He replied.
I could feel my self getting closer and closer with each thrust he made. I could feel he was getting close by the fact that I could feel his cock starting to get harder inside me. So I started rocking back and forth matching him. He took this as my sign to move faster.
"Fuck me harder baby." Was all i could say.
"Oh god baby I am about to cum."
"Feel me Baby, I'm cummmmmmming."
" Oh yes, here is mine." he said as he filled me
As I felt my release I felt as if I was flying threw the clouds. I was vaguely aware that I was screaming his name. As we both came down from our natural high he kissed me or maybe I kissed him. We lay together for awhile knowing this was not the end of what was yet to come, as we both feel asleep.

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