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Anthony is having sex with her and this is the third time he blackmailed her husband to brought her here for convict's pleasure.

Sex at floreat beach

Now, it is just after midnight and Anthony was not stopping, he was in immense pleasure! They are in floreat beach next to KIOSK restaurant on the sandy area prepared for Visitors, they have BBQ area and a small children's playground. Alena's husband Dr Ricardo brought a very comfy mobile bed and Anthony is having sex with her on it. He is about to finish, he is about to finish in a minute, seconds, now ... blast! He lied next to her for a minute or so without any movement, without any thought about anything in the universe. After he found his consciousness about where he was and then he could see Dr Ricardo standing twenty meters away from here like a watchman to check no one is coming and realised the doctor is a real cunt for some extra money!

Cab journey

Anthony thanked Dr Ric for the help tonight and threat him not to make trouble and got in his cab and stared driving towards Scarborough. He has a fixed customer in an hour going to Harvey and coming back to Perth. He is doing it for years every month. This is a very good job, the passenger is very well behaved multimillionaire who just too old to drive or didn't want to drive that long journey by himself.

Fight and Revenge

Next afternoon Anthony came back to floreat beach and parked his own car in the parking spot called "Drkabouchudnewala's resting place", a legend named this as he used to rest here few months of his life! Suddenly one short build guy came to him and punched him in his face and ran off! He followed him and realised that he was a member of Ricardo's group! Just tried to scare him. He followed the car for ten minutes and saw it stop next to a lady, most probably his wife. They started driving and after a minute drive they stop and got in a house, looked like they live here. Anthony beeped the horn of his car and the guy came out and looked scared. Anthony had a video footage of the punching incident and showed him the footage. The guy started crying begging for mercy, did it for doctors, the nurses didn't let the opportunity get away, he was ready to do anything, anything Anthony wanted. The guy introduced his partner, very hot chic ...

The guy is crying as he could hear the sound of bed having sex, Anthony with his partner! Shame, money shame! Anthony saw him wiping his tears, he felt sad and gave him a hundred dollar note!


Anthony was surprised that the health industry people had given away their respect just for money! What a shame! Bangladeshi health industry was involved in this scam, they called it their project! Donation collection was their target, using foreign fund to protect them from law and community, use media and other powerful sources to hide themselves. Very low standard health professionals were involved in this scam.

They bring very talented community people under their custody made him disabled in few years, present him in the community as disabled person. After forty years of torture they make him permanently disabled and try to show they fixed him. When it times to answer what was wrong they hide behind the law and community from that law and community making drama and torture for forty years. Fuck this health industry! He could tell this because the legend who was named himself "DrKaBouChudneWala " was his friend, who died in front of him, actually was him, Anthony!


Anthony was sleeping and he woke up and saw the police lady next suburb got into his room and undressed her and came toward him and jump into the bed with him! He heard a huge road crash and woke up... he was just dreaming! He saw the police lady while on duty and she was really charming and beautiful. He could recall a movie from his young age that he saw the man named Anthony tied a police officer on his bed and tried to rape her! He got the same name!

Anthony suddenly got angry again, who is responsible for his friend's life! His friend died in front of him, he just watched him dieing, he tried his best all possible ways he could to keep him alive, he died for the greediness of two poor nations, who will take the shame for future generation! There have to be justice, who will give the justice, he took the law in his hand which he knew was not right, but what had happened to him was that right!

Anthony finalise his decision how to do justice for him! He rang Dr Ricardo to bring his wife, Alena, not in floreat beach this time, deliver her to his home instead!

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