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My son Gary was visiting his grandparents for couple weeks and I’d decided to go out for dinner and maybe some drinks. In the back of my mind I fantasized that I’d find a pick up, but knew that I was too shy for that to be realized. My life had been a lonely one in the two years since my wife had passed away. My sexual satisfaction was now only achieved through masturbation.

I pulled into the lot of P.J O’Malleys and it was pretty crowded. Walking in I found a line and as I waited my turn I heard "Uncle George, Uncle George!" Sitting in a booth was my niece Clarissa and her two friends Annie and Alisha. I walked over to say hello and the girls invited me to sit with them. They had already ordered a plate of ‘poppers’ and were enjoying some drinks. Clarissa was home from college, as was Annie. They were catching up with Alisha who had forgone school and worked in a local office. The three had been best friends since as far as I could remember. Annie and Alisha were common attendees to our family functions over the years and were as comfortable around me as they were their own uncles.

Each girl was attractive but in ways different from one another. Clarissa was about 5’ 7", tan and her face was pretty in a quirky kind of way. She had long brown hair that she kept tied back. Her body was the most athletic of the three and she had been part of the swim team back in high school. She faired pretty well as a swimmer despite nature’s setback of a pair of major-league breasts. During her college stay she’d shocked her parents by piercing her nose and her tongue. This evening she wore a pair of tight jeans, a tank top, a nose ring and a textured ball on her tongue. I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to having had incestuous, sexual fantasies about her.

Annie was statuesque and at a height of 6’1", was two inches taller than myself. Her hair was auburn, which she styled short, but with the left side longer that the right. Her beauty was of a more classic type and she had in fact been part of some local beauty pageants. Her build was slim and her breasts on the smallish side. Of the three she was the only one to wear nail polish, a soft pink on both her fingers and sandal adorned feet.

You could describe Alisha as sort of the ‘wild card’ in this beauty
contest. She was a heavy girl and her body was kind of pear shaped. But she had the most amazing and attractive face. Her eyes were big, soft and brown. Her lips were big and full; accentuated by glistening purple lipstick and a beautiful smile. She also wore braces, which I found curiously erotic. Her hair was shoulder length black which framed that gorgeous face perfectly.

They all took to calling me Uncle George and our conversation ran from music to movies, with the girls particularly interested in my recounting of the 1970’s. I have a rep as the ‘comical’ uncle and the ladies were well entertained. There was a dance floor by the bar and they insisted that I join them. We danced in a group for at least a half-hour, having a great time. I was aware of several stares from young men, who had to wonder what the fuck the old man was doing with the hot chicks.

We were at O’Malleys for a least 2 hours and the girls were knocking off quite a few drinks. I on the other hand had switched over to Coke after my second beer and I was a little concerned about them driving home. They laughed and told me that Alisha had an apartment in the complex next door and they were staying the night. In fact they had walked over. Alisha suggested that we go to her place and play some board games.

Her apartment was pretty nice and in particular the living room was quite spacious. We sat at her dining-room table and Alisha brought out some games and a bottle of Mescal Clarissa went to the CD changer and put on a mix of 70’s classic rock. She then went to the kitchen and motioned me to follow. She asked me if it was cool for them to light up some dope. I told her that I wouldn’t partake but that I didn’t have a problem if the wanted to. Lord knows I’d done my fair share of refer
when I was there age. Clarissa went to the cupboard and removed a bong and their stash. Sitting around the table, the girls smoked and Clarissa asked me in I knew any jokes. I replied that all the jokes I knew were pretty raunchy and Annie laughed "Good, the raunchier the better!"I soon had them in gales of laughter, but telling sexually explicit stories to these pretty young girls was sure making my underwear tight!

I was talking to Clarissa and when I turned and I saw a shocking sight. Annie and Alisha were embraced and French kissing. Clarissa asked me "does that disturb you? The dope always seems to make them horny" My head told me that I should leave, after all these girls were young enough to be my own daughters and Clarissa was my own niece. But I was too aroused to make that judgment and I told Clarissa that I was enjoying what I saw. A big smile came to her face and she said "good, you ain’t seen nothing yet!" And with that she began removing her clothes. First came her top & bra. The last time I saw her bare breasted she was in a wading pool. Her tits were very full and her nipples were hard. They were the longest I’d ever seen, at least a full half inch. And I found out something her parents probably didn’t know; she had more than two piercings. Each nipple had a ring to match the one in her nose. She continued to disrobe, peeling off her jeans. Two more surprises; she didn’t wear panties and she shaved her pubic hair. She then walked over to the other girls and offered them her tits. Both ladies began sucking Clarissa’s decorated nipples. Soon they both followed Clarissa’s lead, removed their cloths and they all began fondling each other. Annie looked up and said, "why don?t you join the fun Uncle George?" I never wanted anything more in my life!

The girls had me lay down on the carpeted floor, where they stripped me. Annie pulled off my underwear to reveal my erect 6-inch cock; pre-coital semen oozing from it’s slit. Alisha was the first to go to work. She had the tequila bottle in her hand, took a swig and laughed out "eat the worm!" Kneeling between my legs she extended her tongue. It was unusually long and she began to slowly lick me, starting at the base of my balls and languidly moving up the underside of my penis, removing the fluid I?d left excitedly at the tip. She repeated this action several times giving me tremendous pleasure. "My turn" The voice belonged to Annie who traded places with Alisha. Annie was more interested in a traditional method of cock-sucking and she lowered her mouth onto my shaft. She slid her soft lips all the way to the base, then stared up at me doe-eyed. The sight of this incredible beauty queen with her mouth filled my cock was so erotic; I can barely describe it. It was taking all the will power I could muster not to cum, but I wanted to save that for ‘family’. With a wry smile Clarissa said "Now’s the time when dreams come true" My niece took her turn nestled between my legs. Annie stood above me and squatted down onto my face. Her pubic area was downy and soft and her cunt smelled of fruit shampoo. It tasted wonderful. Alisha positioned herself so she could suck my left nipple, as she pinched and played with the right. I felt Clarissa take my balls into her mouth and probe them with her tongue, then she swallowed my cock. The flexibility of her tongue was unbelievable. She massaged the area underneath and just below the head of my cock. The sensation of the metal ball was beyond intense. My hips began to buck , she tightened her lips on my shaft, and that sensitive area of my dick swiftly rode of the ball. I fucked her face until I unloaded the most semen that I?ve ever ejaculated. Annie and Alisha got off me and I was treated to the vision of my niece with her mouth still clamped to my cock. Alisha went beside her, laid face up and Clarissa hovered over her mouth. She slowly released my cum in a viscous string into Alisha?s hungry mouth. Alisha got up , faced Annie and extended her unusually long tongue to her, my jism puddled on it’s top. Annie opened her mouth wide, took Alisha’s tongue into her mouth, clamped her lips and drew the load into her own mouth. The girls transferred my seed between themselves several times. Then finally Clarissa turned to me and French kissed me, bathing my mouth and teeth in mixture of my own cum and the girl’s saliva.

My cock may not be the longest or thickest but I was blessed in one area; stamina. My swollen member wouldn’t have gotten soft under any ordinary circumstance and this was far from ordinary. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. I knew I had to have Clarissa. I laid her back on the carpet and treated myself to her shaved beaver. Her vulva was extremely soft and smooth and I delighted in rubbing my face on it, before parting her lips. Her clit was like her nipples; the largest I’d ever seen. Unlike Annie her cunt had a strong musky (and sexy) odor. I probed my tongue deeply into her vagina bur expended most of my efforts on her button. I sucked it like it was a tiny cock. As I did this I reached up to her tits. I was afraid to pull on the rings but I pinched and twisted them, bring a sexy moan from her. Seeing how she liked that, I worked them as hard as I thought she could bare. She sighed "Fuck me". I didn’t need asked twice. She guided my dick into her moist warm hole. Her reaction to how I handled her nipples made me believe she wanted fucked hard and I violently pumped her. She was abandoned in pleasure and cried out "Oh yes daddy!" Her incestuous reference turned me on and I wondered if maybe my brother-in-law did know about those other piercings. She wrapped her strong legs around me, locked her ankles and bucked and rolled like a wild woman. I’d never been fucked like that before and soon my beautiful young niece brought me to orgasm for the second time. As I pulled out Alisha excitedly buried her face into Clarissa’s cunt, sucking out as much of my cum as she could.

Leaving those two to their pleasures I turned to Annie. She and I exchanged deep kisses and eased her back so that she lay with her back on the floor. My lips roamed over her body. Her breasts fascinated me; they were slight and the color of alabaster. Her left areola was misshapen, more egg shaped than round. Her nipples were tiny and hard. As I sucked on hers I positioned myself to where she could reciprocate. Then I continued exploring her downward, bypassing her pussy and following her legs to her feet. She had tiny little toes that seemed to beg for sucking. I fondled each one with my lips and tongue; an act that was really exciting her. She whispered to me "sixty-nine". I traded places with her so that she would be on top. I spread her soft labia to reveal her clit. I began to flick at it with the tip of my tongue. She in turn suckled at my manhood like it was a pacifier. The sweet little rosebud of her asshole looked inviting so I massaged it with my thumb. I heard a great moan and knew I was onto something. I sucked on her clit, tonguing it franticly as I continued the massage. Her body almost convulsed with her orgasm. She hurriedly crawled off me to recover from the intensity.

I turned to find Alisha still at work on Clarissa’s insatiable pussy. Her large ass was facing me displaying her wet, wet cunt and her asshole. I was drawn to her backside and without even thinking I started to lick her ass. This really pushed her buttons and she stopped licking my niece long enough to demand that I take her up the ass. Annie had been watching and had already retrieved a tube of K-Y jelly. She squirted it into her hand and greased my pole, then she put some more on her index finger and inserted into Alisha’s butt. I’d never tried anal sex before and was a little unsure. Alisha reached back and guided my cock. I entered her slowly but completely. When I felt her muscles relax I began to pump. The sensation was tighter than any snatch I fucked before. All the while she continued sucking Clarissa’s clit. Finally Alisha started a loud, extreme climax and I came for the third time that night.

I for one was exhausted. I confessed to the trio of little sluts, that they’d worn the old man out. I went into Alisha?s bedroom and happy passed out. When I awoke in the morning I was thrilled to find myself comfortably entangled with three naked and snoozing ladies. Life was good!

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