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I want to be standing in front of you watching you take my cloths off slowly. you have your face buried in my neck kissing my neck but with your teeth like your going to suck my pussy in a little while and as you work down my body to just the top of my tits. As you gather them into your hands you move your lips down ever so slowly
sucking and biting at the same time pushing my tits up towards you almost lifting me off my feet. making it so I have to stand on my tippy toes and as I'm trying to push your shirt off and up over your head while i suck on your hard neck veins and working my way down your rock hard body i finally get your shirt out of the way and caress your chest and rub my tits into you i reach for the top of your pants getting your bulge in the palm of my hands making your pants tighter and tighter until i grab ahold of your zipper and slowly unzip your zipper giving you a little room to breathe your dick is so big and getting so hard that it just has to get out of your jeans while your still working on my neck area i take your dick out and put my hands around it slide them up and down your cock a few times and while I'm working on that for a minute you reach for my jeans and get them undone and start sliding them down my legs then you lift me out of them and move us to the floor in
front of your couch now that i have you out of your jeans . To busy exploring each other's body's to worry about whether if we end up on the couch or the floor the bedroom just out of reach just can't quite make it there yet. we lean back and look at each other not knowing where to start. so we just reach out with our hands and where they touch is where we start licking and running our tongues' around our hot skin. half sucking and half bighting sucking on each other nipples till they become rock hard and standing straight out. and our breathing getting faster and faster and then you lean back and push me back so you can lean over me start sucking my ears and neck and both hands are pushing my tits up and I'm pushing back at you leaning into you I reach for your cock and make your breath suck in i slowly slide down your body and put your rock hard cock in my mouth I slowly get you wet all over 1st. then i run my tongue down your shaft and back up now that i got you wet i take you deep into my mouth all the way down it makes you groan a sound of pleasure witch just makes me want more of you. I get all way down to my throat and moan softly which makes you shutter a little. I push you back so your leaning up against to couch and i get in-between you legs so that i can get a hold of you with both hands while i'm sucking your cock. my mouth has made you so wet that I use my hands with my mouth to get every inch of you. I take you out and lick the very tip of your cock with my tongue and give it a couple of flicks, blow ever so lightly you give a sigh of comfort an pleasure that makes me feel more comfortable with what
i'm doing and that I don't have to be shy, show you how much I enjoy sucking your rock hard dick mmmmnn. you reach down and grab my head pull me up to you and kiss me so hard i thought you were reaching for my toes. i straddle your hips but i don't want you in me yet i just want to feel your cock on my body and on my tits. after the horniest kiss I've ever had you push me down on your thighs and one had reaches for my pussy and the other is pushing me back so you have better access to my now drenched pussy. then you lift n turn me so now I'm the one leaning against the couch and your straddling my thighs. witch is even better for me cause now i can see all of you and how great your chest n the rest of you look. them you try to start up by my neck and are trying to work your way down my body but i slip down with you so i can get that dick back in my mouth or at least in my tits and squeeze them around it .Fuck my big tits hold tightly together so that on every upstroke your cock goes half way down my throat. you growl at me and grab my ears and fuck my face for a minute or 2. this is getting you ready and rock hard but you don't want to cum yet so you push me away from you. I lean back a bit and and you start kissing my neck hard it feels so good. That makes me so horny when you kiss my neck that way god damn. after a bit you work your way down my body slowly kissing sucking bighting your way to my stomach and then the top of my thighs and then you put your hands under my knees an lift them up and apart more. this time your not letting me get you back in my mouth. you push me down so i cant reach you and you are licking me everywhere and then put your knees in between me legs and lift them to meet you and next thing i know your finger fucking me like there's no tomorrow and then you lift me further towards you so that you can lick my hot wet dripping pussy. but 1st you spread my lips so that you can get my clit. then you suck on it and nibble a bit and then you get very serious about eating my pussy. Ofter making my pussy very very wet you go to work on my clit you flick hard with your tongue and suck on it so nicely to see how hard you can make it when you think its hard eoungh and sticking up high enough you put your fingers inside me just one to start then 2 and your going deeper and deeper then you pull back a little and put another finger then you make me spread my legs wider and lick around your fingers and then i felt something strange kind of cold and I opened my eye's and look ed down and you had a vibrator that was huge. you put it up to my mouth to have me get it wet a bit and then back down to my dripping cunt. you rub it up and down up and down. then you reached down and turned it on and the 1st place you went with it was straight to my rock hard clit. you 'd find the g spot there for a miniute. and you noticed that it was makeing me crazy you saw that it really made me go wild. really hot and I mean hot. You watch my juices run down my slit. That turned you on even more, to. So you decide to put that big boy inside me and that just about made me insane. I'd ride it for a while and then i was so wet that you had to have some of my juice. so you would suck my pussy till you saw me back off the edge. and then you would put four fingers in me and put the vibrator to my clit and watch me climb the walls again. And I tell ya ok enough your gonna make me cum and i dident want to cum yet. but you decided differently you wanted to watch me come and you wanted me to cum like i have never cum before. you said that you were haveing to much fun seeing how much I could take. I told you that if kept up with the vibrator and your fingers that you were going to have to peel me off the ceiling. I have never felt that comfortable with a man on our 1st time together before. Usually I woulden't let someone see me like that untill I had known them for a long time. But somehow You knew how to get me to react. You knew the right things to try and you diden't ask you just wanted to see me go nuts. So you decided you were going to see how long you could keep me on the edge. you would trade off between licking my pussy and then putting your 4 fingers in me. And finger fucking me till I was begging you to finish me off. But you would just give a little snicker and chuckle and burry your finger deeper and lean up an kiss me an ask me but diden't I like what you were doing and how else could i answer but with a lound moan of pleasure and tell you oh yes please dont stop dont stop. /so of course you dident. I coulden't help but to loudly moan oh god oh god oooooh gooooood nooow pplllease. now please make me cum an your sink it in my pussy as far as it would go. and that would bring me back to the edge then you would do my clit and i'd think you were gonna let me cum then you burry it as deep in my pussy as you could. i finally told you that you wanted to do that then to put your dick in me and vibrate my clit. but no you dident want to cum yet and you knew the minute you put your dick in me or even up to me that you were gonna explode and i dident want you to do that yet either that i wanted to do at the same time but you wanted to see me cum 1st and then we could come together. I agreed dto that but now you were just plain tortureing me. And enjoying every miniute of it. And I was at your mercy. you had me so worked up I coulden't tell up from down. You thought it was cute. paybacks are a bitch i kept thinking. you just wait. but then you finally took pity on me and licked the jucies from around your fingers while burried deep inside me.then you took your other hand and put the vibrator to my clit and leaned back and fingered me so hard and deep and put that vibrator in my clit then you set your pace and took me for a ride. you watched me go wild i mean wild you fucked me till I coulden't see straight, you loved seeing me scream your name out telling you to fuck me fuck me fuuuuckkk me. you watched as the waves of spasms shook me from head to toe they kept coming over and over an over again. The only time I had ever came that hard before ,was from me. No man had ever ever ever done that to me. I coulden't even move for about 5 minitues. All I could do was lay there and twitch every couple of seconds. I thought I was gonna pass out. Then I started laughing cause I coulden't belive someone could make me cum that hard. I was 45 years old and had never had a man do that to me. I was impressed a little scared to but more impressed. But boy was I gonna get you back. I think you knew that before you even started and that was what made you decide you were gonna get me 1st. So we sat up and had a glass of wine or something to drink talked a little.. the entire time you had this look on your face. I think it surprised you as much as it did me. I don;t think you knew a women could come like that. you kept giggling and saying whew that was fun. you diden't know a person could twitch that hard and live to talk about it, When I told you that was just for starters I thought you were gonna get up and run. round 2 shortly. about to cum and cum hard i make you slow down. i dont want to cum yet but you have other intentions for me your gonna make me come but you want to watch me as you do so you hold my hands up in one hand and then with your other you continue with what you were doing fingers inside most of the time but your toungue working my clit you feel my pussy start to pulse then you see my stomach starting to contract feel my pussy start to tighten on your fingers you feel my pussy getting wetter and then you watch me as i start to shutter from my head to my pussy you can feel the heat and
you can see that i cant hold out much longer witch just makes you renew your efforts even harder and faster and deeper and i cant stay quiet any longer i have to moan and tell you how fucking good your making me feel and not to stop and flick my clit harder with your tongue and then you feel me start to shake and quiver from my head to my toes and you make me com for a good 2 or 3 minutes. until i drench your face in pussy juice and see that every nerve in my body is quaking and you feel the heat rush that hits me and i cant help but i yell out to you that I'm cumming I'm cumming every muscle in my body tighten up and feel every inch of my pussy wrap around your face and hands like a vice and then relax and you look like some gooey dripping cheshire cat with sweat dripping down on me and that oh my god wow expression like you had just hit the lottery or something look on you face. like your surprised that it was that good and we hadn't even got started yet. This was just the foreplay just the getting your motor revving bit. both of us knowing that there was so much more to come but not we could slow down a little and really check out what the other likes. The urgency was not quite so urgent.
we could take our time now and play , experiment a little, well if i do this she does that and she does this i do this. but now i was starting to come around a little bit and all the sudden there's that i cant fucking wait thing again the i got to have it all now and i mean now. So as your laying there feeling pretty proud of yourself and thinking to yourself wow when this bitch gets off she fucking cums like a fucking rocket. not knowing that i had been holding back and that was just one of many to come. And hopefully you don't live in an apartment or your neighbors are going to think your bloody torturing someone to death. because am just getting warmed up. all that did was make it so that i got past that fucking now now hurry now stage. And it took care of that not knowing what the other likes and dislikes. and do i need to be soft and gentle don't want him to think bad of me or whatever you call it. And now we know that we connected and we don't have to be shy or hold anything back that we can be ourselves and be real if we want. knowing that we both want good down hard and dirty ohhh god sex.. that we both like to please the other and that were not afraid to get off and let the animal come out. like the old saying goes a guy wants a lady in public but a whore in the bedroom. and now we know that we don't have to hold anything back because obviously she like getting her brains fucked. whew i got to take a break for a sec get something to drink. and now maybe we could stroll into the bedroom where we wont get anymore rug burns on our backs and knees.

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