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I left the house early this morning for 18 holes of golf which turned into 27. After golf it was a cookout and a swim over at Jim's. And then the evening was spent playing poker. A perfect Manday. As I made my way home the perfect ending to this day was a round of fucking my wife Tracey. But as I pulled into the drive those hopes were dashed as her friend Nan's car was in the drive. That usually means they're watching girlie movies and Nan spends the night.

I went in and checked in with Tracey. We conversed on each others day and she said she and Nan did some shopping got margarita mix and movies. They invited me to watch the movie but it was some sappy love story and that's no way to end Manday. And I decided to get a shower.

After my shower I just put on some gym shorts and headed down to the kitchen. I peeked in the TV room and both girls were glued to the movie. Both were in nightshirts. Tracey looked great with her long tanned legs stretched out. And her nightshirt was pulled up enough I could see her lacey panties. I got an instant hard on as usual when I take time to check her out. Nan was in my easy chair. She a looker with shoulder length brown hair, and blue eyes. She has huge tits and nice round ass. When Tracey ask me about her friends Nan is always the top of my list on wanting to have. We've always been flirty with each other but that is as far as it's gone.

Tracey notice me in the door and mentioned on how much sun I have gotten today and asked if I was sore. I said no. And then Tracey asked Nan about how sexy her tanned husband looked. Nan just laughed and kindly agreed and I gave some goofy pose as I went to the kitchen.

I got my drink and snack was ready to head back to my room and noticed that the girls not in the TV room. I figured they went out for a smoke on the patio. But when I got to the bedroom ther sat on the bed Tracey and Nan with their nightshirts off and Tracey holding a bottle of lotion.

Tracey said that she was worried about me being sunburned and Nan offered to help lotion you. Still in a bit of shock all I could do was shake my head yeah. I put down my snack and drink and headed over to the bed. I was transfixed on Nan's tits which weren't only huge but as perfectly round as they could be. And her nipples were large and pink. I got on the bed and ordered to lay on my stomach. Tracey said that I didn't need these and yanked off my shorts. She then applied some lotion. Their hands felt wonderful as Tracey worked my shoulders and Nan my lower back. I was in heaven. Then I felt lotion being put on my ass cheeks and Nan went to work as she rubbed in the lotion she ran fingers up and down my crack she then parted my legs and her fingers stopped at my morsel and she stuck a slippery finger in me which made me let out a slow moan. I then felt Tracey hands on my asscheeks spreading them a bit as Nan went a little deeper with her finger. Nan's fingernails then tickled my balls making me move for them. And my trapped hard on rubbing the sheet below me. Tracey then said let's flip him over.

As I rolled over Tracey gave me a wink and my pecker was at full attention. They applied lotion to my chest and Tacey rubbed it in as Nan continued to tickle my scrotum. She then stopped and put her huge tiits in my face. I grabbed hold of one which were hard as a rock and put the biggest nipple i've ever had in my mouth. As I sucked and nibbled on her tit she was really loving it with slow moans of her own. I let go over her tit with my hand and slid it under between her legs and fingered her through her panties. She instanly rubbed her crotch against my hand as I forced the material of her panties up inside her. I let her tit out of my mouth and Tracey was finger fucking herself. She said to Nan which do you want and with no words being said Tracey straddled my face and steadying herself with the headboard lowered her sweet pussy on my face. I grabbed her hips and my tongue snaked up her sweet honey hole and then her love nub.

Nan once again spead my legs and and placed a finger in my anal as her mouth found the head of my cock and started sucking away at my 8 inches. As i nibbled and sucked on Tracey's clit. Nan not only sucked me but bit me at times that drove me crazy. But with her fingering my ass and sucking me she had me basically fucking her mouth. I felt Tracey stiffen up and she came hard as her juices splashed against my face. Then I shot my load into Nan's hot mouth. After we regouped a bit Tracey said we had to get Nan off. She told Nan to lay down and to my surprise Tracey went down on Nan. She ate her pussy until Nan let out a scream. Tracey then rolled Nan over told her to get to her knees. She the spread her ass cheeks for me to fuck her. I shoved my cock in her pussy and Tracy ordered me to fuck the hell out of. I ramrodded her hard and the more she begged me to stop the harder I fucked her. Tracey told me to stop and as Nan fell to the bed she rolled around as her orgams went through her body.

I then grabbed Tracey put her on her back grabbed her ankles and gave it to her. Nan played with her tits and I came hard in Tracey. The evening ended with me watching Nan lick Tracey clean of my cum.


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