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Things were going along just fine, and I was happily monogamous, until that Saturday afternoon when my wife just ¬had to have my cock. Maybe I'll use that as my defense if she ever finds out. "It's all the fault of your horny cunt!" I'll say. Or maybe not.

Make no mistake: I love my wife, and I love the fact that she's got a near-insatiable sexual apatite. Annie is an all-around gem of womanhood. Statuesquely tall, with a great figure, golden-tan skin and shining, curly black hair, she's a knockout by anyone's standards. She made good money doing part time modeling in her college days, and the intervening twelve years haven't diminished her beauty in the least. And she's smart and funny and a great companion and everything else that goes into making a perfect wife.

The other woman in my life is my co-worker Kate. Most people would say that she's not as attractive as my wife, but personally I don't feel compelled to rank women like that--to mentally line them up in order of their beauty the way school kids are lined up in order of height. There's more to the beauty of a woman than just how closely she approaches some abstract ideal of perfection. I didn't always feel that way, but being around Kate drove that truth home to me. She's about five foot three, has straight blonde hair, and is a little more roundly padded than today's anorexic standards of beauty claim is ideal. But Kate has a wonderful personality that just sparkles and fills her body and her face with life. She gives the impression that she accepts herself totally; that she loves her body and she expects you to do the same. She's beautiful and sexy because she acts beautiful and sexy.

Kate and I have been sharing an office for about two years. The building our company is in didn't have enough offices to fit our staff, so many of us double up. Kate and I get along really well, and almost from our first day of working together we engaged in a lot of good-humored flirting. We're both happily married, but flirting was fun and seemed harmless. At first, this was only verbal--lots of sexual joking around of the "that's what she said" variety.

Over time, things got a little more physical. We'd touch as we brushed past each other in our office, sometimes just casually, sometimes with a definite sexual playfulness. Kate seemed to like my butt, and after a while I couldn't turn my back on her within arms reach without getting an affectionate pat. Naturally, that gave me permission to return the complement in kind, and in that way things gradually escalated.

One day Kate was messing with a computer cable under her desk. She was down on her hands and knees, and her snug little skirt was stretched tight over her round ass. After she'd reconnected the cable, she stayed on her hands and knees and maneuvered so that her bottom was pointing straight at me. "Aw, darn it," she said, feigning annoyance. "Just look at this thing, David. Do you know what to do with one of these?" She wiggled her ass, just to make sure I knew what she was talking about.

"Let me take a look," I said, and squatted down behind her. "Hmm," I said thoughtfully. "Yeah, I think I know how to handle this." I knew what I was about to do was pushing the boundaries, but I couldn't stop myself. Getting down on the floor with her like this had been a mistake. The smell of her perfume and the sexy, incredibly female look of her in this bent-over position were making my head swim. I ran my hands up and over her buttocks, then reached forward until I had a hand on each of her hips. I gripped hard, holding onto her the way I'd hold a woman while fucking her doggy style.

Neither of us moved or spoke for a few moments. Then Kate said "Oh," very quietly, but still we just stayed frozen in place. My cock was rigid and throbbing in my pants, and the office was silent except for the sounds of our breathing.

"W-we have to stop," Kate finally said. We weren't really doing anything, but I knew what she meant.

"Yeah," I said, but I didn't move. I tightened my grip on her hips and pulled her back while simultaneously leaning my own body forward. The hard bulge in my pants bumped against what I calculated was the exact location of her cunt, hidden by a few layers of clothing. I held us like that, my crotch pressed hard against her ass and pussy.

"Oh," Kate said again, and then: "Oh fuck!"

I was wondering if I should take those words as an invitation, but just then I looked up and saw someone walking past the glass door to our office. Although Kate was hidden by her desk, anyone looking in through that door would have seen me kneeling there like I was praying before the altar of a keyboard drawer. To say nothing of the fact that someone could come strolling into the office at any moment. Reality came crashing back in on me, and I let go of Kate's hips and stood up.

"Sorry," I said.

"No, don't be," she said with a smile as she got up herself. Then she took a deep breath and blew it out with a "Whew!" sound. "Hank sure is going to get some action tonight!" Hank is her husband's name. We both laughed. Kate looked down at the bulging front of my pants and raised her eyebrows. "And Annie too, I guess," she smirked.

After that experience we toned things down for a while, but our restraint didn't last. About a week later Kate was standing close to me as she put her jacket on at the end of the day. She seemed to be deliberately pushing her chest toward me, and when she reached her arm back I could see her nipples raising proud little bumps in her tightly stretched blouse and bra. Before I knew what I was doing, my hand was up, cupping her tit. Again the two of us froze, she with her arm half into her jacket sleeve. After a while Kate let her breath out with a sigh. "Jeeze," she said. "Welcome back to Junior High School, Kate. You're wetting your panties because a cute boy is copping a feel of your booby." This made us both laugh, and we separated and pulled ourselves together. Kate finished putting on her jacket. Just before she left she turned to me. "I'm going to be thinking about that while I fuck my spouse tonight. How about you?"

"Yup, same here," I said.

That's how Kate and I let ourselves go on playing with sexual fire. So far, the net result of our escalating flirtation had only been to spice up our respective marital sex lives, and there's nothing wrong with that, right? And we pretended to believe that it would never develop into anything more.

And maybe it wouldn't have, if it weren't for my wife being so sexy and having such a hungry pussy.

It was a Saturday, but I had to go in to work to get a project back on schedule. I was out of bed and dressed when Annie came down to the kitchen. I reminded her I was going in to work that day, and she pouted.

"But I'm horny," she said. "Can't you go in later?" To emphasize her point, she lifted up the front of her nightie, showing me her neatly trimmed black bush. We usually have a nice leisurely love-making session on Saturday mornings.

"I promised to have stuff done by midday. When I get home we can fuck our brains out, promise."

Instead of arguing, Annie took her nightie off altogether, dropping it to the floor. That was a hell of a tough argument to resist, but I finished my coffee, gave my pouting wife a kiss, squeezed her tit and said, "Soon as I get back, honey, honest." I left, the bulge of my stiff cock pointing the way.

At work I slaved away through the morning. I was the only person in our suite of offices, so it was quiet with no interruptions. Unfortunately, the tasks I was working on were bigger than I'd thought, and by lunchtime I still had a few hours more work to do. When I called Annie and told her my updated schedule, she was pretty pissed off.

About twenty minutes later I heard the outer door to the office suite open and close. There's a section of glass wall next to the door to my office, and looking through this I saw Annie approaching. She came into the office and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a car coat that came down to the middle of her thighs, and I had a moment to puzzle over the fact that no pants or skirt showed below this. Then she shrugged out of the jacket and tossed it aside. Except for shoes, she was naked. Without speaking, she came around my desk, bent over and pulled my head to hers for a kiss.

"I figured if dick won't come to pussy, pussy must go to dick," she said, and started pulling my shirt up out of my pants.

Between and around her fiery kisses, I tried to mumble something about the work I had to do, but pretty quickly I realized that talking about work at that moment would be about the stupidest act ever committed in human history. "Damn, Annie," I said instead. "You are the hottest, sexiest woman in the whole world."

"Prove it," she said, and sat on my desk, pushing my computer monitor to one side to make room. Scooting her ass further back on the desk, she brought her feet up, sitting Indian style so her beautiful cunt was spread open in front of me; a wet and glistening jewel. I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, and the shirt was over my head and off in a second. I leaned in and kissed her passionately, running my fingers through her hair.

Now that it was decided that Annie and I were going to get it on, we started taking our time about it. We spent a leisurely time just kissing, fondling, caressing, sucking and mouthing every exposed part of each other. I pulled gently on her nipples as she opened my pants and pushed them down my thighs. My hard cock bounced out and lay on the desk like a salami on a deli counter. Annie picked it up and stroked it as I continued massaging her breasts and kissing her.

I was facing toward the office door, and a flash of movement made me look past Annie's head to the door behind her. What I saw made a little jolt of surprise run through me. Kate was there, standing outside the office, watching Annie and me through the floor-to-ceiling glass panel beside the door. She had a wry smile on her face, as if she was amused and also taunting me a little. If Annie noticed the startled shudder passing through me, she must have thought I was reacting to a rush of pleasure from her hand on my cock. My eyes locked with Kate's as I continued kissing my wife's lips. It was an odd moment, to say the least. Kate just stood there, as if challenging me, as if we were competing to see which of us would break the staring contest first.

I took the challenge. Screw you, Kate, I thought. I'm gonna fuck my wife, whether you're standing there watching or not. I bent down to take Annie's breast in my mouth, and Kate was hidden from me for a while. When I could look up at the glass panel again, she was gone. I guess I win, I thought. But about a minute later she reappeared, first taking a cautious peek through the glass, then standing boldly in front of it when she saw that Annie still had her back to the door. Kate had her winter coat on when I first saw her, but she'd taken it off. She was wearing a knit blouse and a long skirt. She stood with her feet apart, and as I watched she started rubbing at her pussy through her skirt.

I went on making love to my wife. Whenever I stole a glance at Kate, she was staring straight into my eyes with that amused, taunting expression. The situation was crazy, but I didn't want it to stop. I felt like I was having sex with the two hottest women in my life at once. I tugged at Annie's shoulder's, coaxing her off the desk and into a kneeling position at my feet. I wanted Kate to get a good look at my dick, so I held it up, away from Annie's mouth. Annie responded by squatting lower so she could tilt her head up and suck on my balls.

I locked eyes with Kate as I held my cock up so she could see all of its long, fat bulk. She reacted by extending her tongue, lifting her chin and making licking motions. "God damn," I whispered. I wasn't sure which of these two women was turning me on more.

Annie brought her head up and closed her lips around my cock. I grabbed her head with both hands, burying my fingers in her hair and fucking her mouth. Kate went on watching, still pressing her fingers into her skirt at the level of her crotch. I wondered how long it would be before her pussy juice would start soaking through the cloth.

I needn't have wondered, because just then she left off rubbing herself. Instead, she put her hands at either side of her skirt and took hold of it. Walking her fingers through the fabric, she slowly lifted up the front of her skirt. It was a long skirt, reaching down to her calves, so the hemline had a long way to go. I watched it creep upward, inch by inch, as my wife lovingly worked the magic of her mouth on my cock. Kate's knees were revealed, and still the curtain of fabric crept upward. I pulled on Annie's head, bumping the end of my prick against the back of her throat.

Now the front of Kate's skirt was halfway up her thighs. Beautiful round thighs, the tight pink skin radiant against the dark cloth of the back of her skirt. The progress was teasingly slow, but her fingers were gathering up more and more fabric, raising the skirt higher and higher, revealing more and more...

"Oh, fuck!" I said aloud. Kate had no panties on, and an exquisite golden-blonde triangle of pussy hair was exposed to my gaze, framed by the dark folded drapery of her skirt, framed again by the glass panel she stood behind. "Oh fuck!" I repeated.

Down at my crotch, Annie gagged and coughed, pulling away from me. I'd absent-mindedly pushed my cock too deep into her mouth and held it there too long. "Sorry," I said. I felt guilty. I'd just choked my wife with my cock because I was distracted by another woman's pussy. Definitely not World's Best Husband behavior. I helped Annie to her feet and got her to sit on the desk again. Then I knelt down, just as she had been kneeling before me a moment ago. I buried my face in her pussy, both grateful and sorry that the sight of Kate was hidden from me.

I lovingly went to work on Annie's cunt, running my lips and tongue up and down and back and forth over her pussy lips. I wallowed in the slippery wetness of her, smearing her juices over my cheeks. I closed my mouth around her clit and sucked on it, flicking my tongue around inside my mouth. After a few minutes, Annie was pulling at my shoulders. "Get up here and fuck me," she ordered. I stood up, and simultaneously Annie lay back on the desk, hooking her legs around my waist and pulling me toward her. "Fuck me. Fuck my cunt."

As I stood up I stole a glance at the long window beside the office door. It was empty; apparently Kate had left. Gone to the ladies room to jill off? Gone home to fuck her husband? I tried not to think about it. I wanted to think about my wife. My wonderful, sexy wife who had her legs wrapped around me and was begging me to fuck her cunt. I held the head of my cock to her pussy, wetting it with her juices and nudging it between the lips. I started to push...

Down the hall, the front door to the office suite closed with a bang. Immediately I heard Kate's voice calling out: "Hello! Anyone here?"

"Oh fuck!" Annie hissed. She swung a leg up and over me, twisting off the desk and onto her feet. "C'mon, get dressed!" she snapped at me. She still had her shoes on, so her car coat was the only thing she had to put on. She slipped into it and started doing the buttons. "Get dressed!" she said again. I was in such a surprised daze that I hadn't moved, but I did then. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, then pulled my jeans up. My cock was too rigid by far for me to push it down a pants leg, so I just buttoned my pants and left it sticking out the fly. I sat down in my office chair and rolled up close to my desk.

Katie breezed in through the office door. "Hello Dave," she said cheerily. "I didn't know you'd be in today." Then she pretended to notice Annie for the first time. "Oh, hi Annie! How are you? Gee, you look great. You're positively glowing!" She turned to me with a grin. "Isn't she glowing, Dave?"

"Hi Kate," Annie said to the floor. "I was... passing by so I, uh, stopped in to say hi to Dave."

"Aw, that's nice," Kate said.

"I'll be going now," Annie said, still looking at the floor. Then she picked her head up to look at me. "You'll be coming home soon?" She knew I couldn't leave right away, since my exposed cock had me trapped behind my desk.

"Yes, soon." I promised, and Annie left.

We hadn't even heard the outer door close before Kate had her coat off and was hiking her long skirt up to her waist. She came around my desk and climbed up onto it, sitting in the smear of wetness that Annie had left behind. "Get up here, you bastard," she said. "Get up here and fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt, you bastard!"

I stood up so fast my chair tipped over behind me. In less than a second my cock was buried to the root in Kate's pussy. We fucked frenziedly, pulling and pawing at each other, kissing with clumsy urgency. I ripped the buttons off her blouse to get at her tits, mauling them with my mouth and hands. It was barely five minutes before her legs were spasmodically clenching around my hips as I pumped my load into her, both of us shouting, grunting, gasping.

After another five minutes or so to catch my breath, I was getting ready to leave. Kate was still lying on her back on my desk, her hand between her legs, languidly playing with the cum dribbling out of her cunt. When I hesitated, looking down at her, she said, "You'd better go on home to Annie. I hope you have some left for her." She looked at the crotch of my pants, about eye level with her. "I'm sure you do." She smiled sleepily.

Before leaving, I stopped in the men's room to wash myself off as best I could with paper towels and hand soap. Given the mood Annie was in, it seemed likely that she'd have her mouth around my cock within seconds of me walking in the door, so I figured it would be a good idea if that cock wasn't slathered with a mixture of my cum and Kate's pussy juices.

But as it turned out, things got interesting again before I even got home. When I went down to the office building's underground parking lot, Annie was there, leaning against my car and waiting for me.

"Christ, it took you long enough," she complained as I approached.

"Well, I had to wait for Kate to leave the office for a minute so I could put my dick away and zip my pants." As I spoke I saw that Annie's coat was unbuttoned and hanging open. "Fuck you look good, honey," I said. "Have you just been standing around showing yourself off to passers by?"

"There haven't been any passers by, lucky for me. I've been standing here playing with myself, keeping my pussy nice and wet for you." She reached a hand down to her cunt and slid her fingers up between the lips, then drawing them away and holding them up for me to see. Even in the gray light of the parking garage I could see the glistening slick wetness on her fingertips. "See?"

I answered her by pulling her to me for a passionate kiss, dropping one hand down between out bodies to cup her pussy. She whimpered into my mouth, putting her own hand over mine and pressing. I slid two fingers into her, and she gasped out an "Oh!" that echoed in the cavernous garage. "Fuck me, goddamn it," she ordered, fumbling to get my fly open.

My cock was recovering quickly from my orgasm of a few minutes ago, but it wasn't the full-tilt boner that my wife had every reason to expect from me. So to give myself a little more recuperation time I dropped to my knees and buried my face between Annie's legs. She was standing at the side of the hood of my car, so she could rest her ass against the front fender. She leaned back, bracing her arms behind her on the hood and spreading her knees for me. I pressed in, pushing my mouth up to her warm, wet pussy and thrusting my tongue out to lap at her clit.

With soft moans and whimpers, Annie expressed her appreciation of my efforts. She put one hand on the back of my head and pulled me in snuggly against her pussy, and we stayed like that for a while, my tongue busily flicking and lapping over her clit and slithering inside her from time to time.

Then Annie decided she wanted us to switch off. She tugged at my arms to get me to a standing position and then slid down off the hood of the car, kneeling at my feet. Then it was my turn to tip my head back and moan appreciatively, as I felt her warm mouth close around my cock. There was a frenzied quickness to Annie's sucking motions that told me she wasn't settling in for a nice leisurely blowjob. She just wanted to give me a quick suck to make sure I was good and stiff and ready to plow the furrow of her pussy.

I was indeed as stiff as the proverbial board with rigor mortis, and Annie was just about to pop me out of her mouth and stand up, when...

A car horn went off about twenty feet away from us. It was just two quick honks, but coming unexpectedly in the closed, quiet space of the parking garage the sound was like a smack in the face. Annie jerked her head away from my cock, and in the process banged the back of her head against the side of my car.

I snapped my head up, looking for the source of that honk. It was Kate, on her way out of the garage in her VW. The road out of the lot put her car parallel with mine, with my car between us. This meant that she couldn't see Annie, still squatting at my feet.

Kate came to a stop and rolled down her window. "Hey David," she called. "What are you still doing here? Car trouble?"

I went into a silent panic. If Kate said anything incriminating, not knowing that my wife was crouching at my feet and could hear her... "Just a problem with my side mirror here," I said. Then I gestured urgently, pointing down not at the mirror, but toward where Annie was. "ANNIE" I mouthed silently after glancing down to make sure Annie wasn't looking up at me at that moment.

It must have looked to Kate like I was pointing at my crotch and working my mouth like a fish out of water, but somehow she understood what I was trying to get across. She nodded, mouthed "Ohhhh," and gave me that same wry, taunting smile she'd shown when she was peeping at Annie and me in the office. This is fucking deja vu all over again, I thought.

"Your mirror, huh?" Kate said, her smile growing into a mischievous grin. "That's too bad." She was shifting forward in her seat and doing something with her jacket that I didn't understand at first. Then her left tit appeared, plump and pink and held up for me to see in her hand. I remembered that her blouse didn't have any buttons left on it, thanks to me. "Say David," she said in a conversational tone. "Has the copier been working okay for you lately? When I tried to use it today..." and she went on to talk about cryptic copy machine error messages, paper trays, toner cartridges and so on, all the while displaying that tit to me, bouncing it in her hand, squeezing it, running a finger over the nipple. The joy that this woman seemed to take in teasing me was positively sinful.

Down at my feet, Annie suddenly took hold of my lower leg with both hands and shook me. Not hard enough so that it would show from Kate's vantage point, but enough to convey her message: Get rid of her!

Luckily, after a final, extravagant squeeze of her nipple, Kate chose that moment to put her boob away, say good-bye to me, and drive off.

Annie climbed to her feet, glaring in the direction of Kate's departed car and rubbing the back of her head. "If that woman cunt-blocks me one more time," she said, "I swear I will kill her with my bare hands."

"She's gone now," I said soothingly. "Now where were we?" Naturally, my cock hadn't lost any of its stiffness during Kate's interruption. I pulled Annie to me, reaching down for her pussy.

"Agh, I'm not in the mood any more," Annie grumbled, twisting away from me. "I'll see you at home." She walked off to where her own car was parked, banging her heels on the concrete.

Happily, by the time we got home she was in the mood again. She parked behind me and hopped out of her car, her coat unbuttoned and blowing back from her magnificent body in the breeze. "C'mon stud-boy," she said taking my hand and pulling me toward our door. "You owe me a good one."

I guess I do at that, I thought. I knew that every time I cheated on Annie by fucking Kate, I was going to feel like I owed something to Annie. But as long as I'm able to make the payments...


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