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At the Wednesday night dance there was a crowd of mature good dancers who were there to enjoy dancing.

I suppose that I would dance with ten or more different partners each night, generally enjoying each dance. Between dances we would often gather in a group to talk and select our next partner. One night I was dancing with Beth, a beautiful blond lady with a trim figure who was slightly older and said to her I was regularly visiting a business near where she lived and had thought of calling in to say,"Hi." Beth said,"Why don't you as I am on holidays at present." At this time she was unattached recently parting from her long time partner.

A week later I had finished early at that company and thought about Beth, so went to her house around afternoon tea time. I went around the side of her house to find Beth laying in the sun in her back yard. Calling to her she told me to come through her gate and as I came up to her I noticed that her face was tight as though she was in pain. I asked if she was all right and was told that she had a headache. I asked her to sit up and I would apply a yoga neck massage that often relieved a pressure headache. She suggested to make it easier we go inside so she could sit in a chair. We went into her lounge and with her sitting in an upright chair I started massaging the muscles at the back of her neck, warning her that to start with it could be painful, but ease would follow the pain. This duly happened and then I said,"Would you like me to relax you by giving you a full yoga massage starting with your back?"

When she said yes, I spread on the towel on which she had been sunbathing onto the floor and asked her to lie down on it. To save my business trousers from creasing I took them off while Beth was settling on the towel. On the starting the first stage of her back massage the straps of her bikini top were in the way, so I asked her if I should undo them and was told O.K.. I now completed the 3 stages of her back massage and on the last relaxing part ran my fingers of each hand away from her spine, across her back and down each side of her body. With this she moaned in sensual pleasure. As a tease I took my fingers further down to caress the side of her exposed breasts that had been squashed out with laying on her front. After all this effort I was now hot so took off my shirt leaving me in just my jockey shorts.

After finishing with her back I suggested I could give her a "butterfly" massage on her buttocks. She agreed to this, so I pulled her bikini bottoms down to the top of her thighs to expose her bum cheeks and started the butterfly massage and by now I was feeling a little horny so I did it unevenly on alternating sides so that her cheeks rub her slit lips across themselves. I wanted this to give her a good feeling in her genitals. I then started massaging her legs from her feet to finish up at her bikini bottoms, making sure to keep clear of her cunt. I then asked her to turn over, she left her bikini tops on the floor exposing her breasts. I then started to massage her shoulders, stretching forward from kneeling by her knees so at that angle my wrists would sometimes contact her nipples with the massage movement of my hands. Nothing was said about this so I assumed this was O.K. Beth was finding this enjoyable by the occasional moan. This made her nipples stick up and harden as well as put a bulge in my shorts. While tempted I did not massage her breasts but after finishing with her body I pulled off her bikini bottoms while going down to her feet to continue her massage up the front of her legs. Beth's breathing became ragged as I was up to massaging her thighs and as I neared the hair at the top of her thighs she opened her legs wide opening her cunt lips. Looking at me was a bead of white fluid in the opening showing she was turned on.

I then took the massage up the inside of her thighs and each time as I reached the top flicked a finger on her lips near her clit. Beth opened her legs to almost a splits and I took that as an invitation I was wanted inside. As I was still between her knees, all I had to do was drop my shorts and drop forward to kiss her, this developed in to an intense kiss with our tongues circling each other, our breasts caressing together stirring our desire to a flame. With my cock rubbing on her slit, Beth snaked her hand to take hold of my cock and rub its head up and down her lips making my cock wet with our juices. When she put my cock at her opening I leaned forward to penetrate her vagina causing Beth to sigh as though she had been waiting a long for me to enter.

Gradually stroking in and out to fully moisten my cock I gained full entry into her vagina, at times riding high so that the top of my cock would rub on her clit, pushing hard all the way in to make my cock push on her cervix and other times short low strokes to contact her 'G' spot at the front of her vagina with the tip of my cock. Something must have been working as Beth was bouncing meeting my thrusting, gasping for breath and moaning when I rotated my cock pressed hard home. Beth locked her legs around my back pulling me deep inside as she wriggled rubbing my pubic bone on her clit. Her grunting was rising in pitch as she was nearing orgasm and when she went off it made me come too. I pushed as deep as I could to send pulse after pulse coming deep inside her.

After this mutual orgasm was ending, to take my weight off Beth I rolled us over to put Beth on top and luckily being half hard I stayed inside her cunt as we rolled. Beth feeling me still inside her while we were sensually kissing coming down from our orgasms, started exercising her cunt muscles making me come back to full stiffness. I started with short strokes to stir us both up. This started another bout of fucking with Beth moving all around intensifying her excitement. Eventually it came to a head with us both breathing heavily, Beth was moaning to come hard as my orgasm hit hard squirting more come deep up against her cervix. We lay gasping together leisurely kissing coming down from this intense fucking.

When we got our breath back we got up to have afternoon tea, the reason for my visit in the first place. Just after this Beth became serious about a guy she worked with, so this the only time we had fucked. Later whenever we met in a ballroom we still enjoyed dancing with each other although a slow dance often had some sensual rubbing with our bodies.

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