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This is about a couple's first time exploring some of their naughtier fantasies, enjoy!

Do you remember the first time that you tied me up? We were hanging out in your apartment on High St when I introduced you to the idea. As Sunday night football played on full blast and we reclined on the couch, I began to leisurely trace my fingers along your waistband. I lazily drew circles on your hips and slowly wandered to the edge of the outline of your cock, which strained against your jeans. Lightly, I caressed your cock and you emitted a gasp, your attention no longer on the game. Leaning over, I placed my lips over the outline of your cock and moved up and down its length, teasing you with my hot breath. Glancing up, I smirked at your frozen expression and winked. You pulled me up and kissed me as your hands explored my clothed body. You tongue wrestled with mine and we manage to stumble into your bedroom and collapse onto your bed. As one of my hands curled through your hair and the other ran down your body, you suddenly grabbed both and pinned them above my head with one hand, leaving me vulnerable to your hungry mouth as you lifted up my shirt with the other and kissed my breasts. I squirmed underneath you, anxious to push you to my pussy as you shimmed down my pants, revealing my lace panties. You released my hands to undress yourself and I instantly regretted my regained freedom.

"Hey babe…" I giggle in between kisses.


"Have you ever thought about tying me up?"

That caught your attention. You stopped and looked at me with excitement. "Damn, I didn’t know you were into that kinky shit."

Blushing, I bit my lower lip, "who isn't into kinky shit?"

Winking, you slip off the bed and began rummaging through your closet. Your body was perfect; athletic, muscular, tall, and lean. As you stretched to reach something, I saw the muscles in your back ripple. Turning around, you revealed a long leather belt.

"Flip over," you commanded. Rolling onto my stomach, my breath quickened as I felt the leather on my wrists. You pulled it tight, totally immobilizing my hands behind my back. Straddling me, I felt your tongue meander from the base of my spine up towards my neck. Feeling your body press into my back and your hot breath on my neck sent shivers through my body. Slowly, you traced a path to my ear with your tongue and nibbled on the lobe. Moaning, I gyrated my ass against your cock as you pulled my thick red hair roughly.

Suddenly, you grabbed me and flipped me onto my back. Caressing my tits, you pinched and twirled my nipples as you ducked between my legs. Breathing on my pussy, you flicked your tongue on my clit, making me arch my back. I pressed my hips into your mouth as you began sucking on my clit, your tongue hitting all the right spots. I moaned as I felt the pressure building towards a climax, but you felt it too and suddenly stopped. Growling in frustration, I struggled against my restraints as you teased me.

"Fuck, you’re mean," I pouted as you moved further away from my pussy. You just chuckled and pulled me off the bed until I was kneeling. Stroking your cock, you slowly guided it towards my mouth until it entered, stretching my lips wide. I ran my tongue on the underside of your cock and swirled it around the sensitive head, causing you to gasp. You gripped my hair and pumped my head up and down on your cock as my saliva coated your dick and dripped onto my thighs. Pushing hard, you forced me to deep throat your cock. My nose came in contact with your body and my tongue flicked out to lick your balls as I took you deep. Moaning, you pushed me away and threw me towards the bed, but this time you bent me over the edge.

Standing behind me, you ran the tip of your cock along my clit before roughly sliding into my wet pussy. Gasping at the sudden ecstasy, you slapped my ass as you began to fuck me. You grabbed my hips and thrust into me hard as your balls slammed against my clit, causing me to moan and struggle against the leather belt. I could feel my pussy grip your cock as it slid inside me, filling me. Tossing me over, you threw my legs over my shoulders and drove your cock into my pussy as you started to play with my clit. I could feel my climax nearing as your cock and fingers pushed me over the edge. Shuddering, my whole body tensed as waves of ecstasy washed over me, causing my pussy to massage your cock with orgasmic contractions. Relaxing from my organism, I felt you start to flex and I knew you were close as you pounded my pussy. Suddenly pulling out, you aimed and fired on my tits, covering them in strings of cum.

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