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"I wasn't aware that it was Kyle's birthday," I said. "He just turned eighteen the other day, I believe," my mother said. "Wait, just turned eighteen," I asked. "I thought he was in college," I asked. "He will be in the fall, from what his mother told me the other day when I ran into her," my mother explained. I had just had hot sex with a high school boy. I couldn't believe it.

I was half-pissed that he lied to me, but kind of turned on that a young stud had such skills. At least he was eighteen and legal. "You know Kyle," my mother continued. "I just met him, so not really," I said while looking at the cute white blouse my mother bought for me. "Sure you do, sweetie. You used to babysit him," my mother said while cutting into the pound cake she picked up during her day out. "That was little Kyle," I said with a surprised look on my face. "He's not so little anymore, is he," my mother innocently said. She had no idea how true those words were. "Oh, yeah, now I remember," I said while still shocked that the hot young stud that fucked me was a high school boy that I used to babysit back in the day.

I still couldn't believe that I got fucked by a boy that I used to babysit. I was more amazed that I couldn't stop thinking about his huge cock buried inside of me. I tried to put it out of mind. It was a one-time thing, so there was nothing to get worked up over. On Friday morning I was waiting at the bus stop. It was one of those weird days when the bus stop regulars weren't around. There was an odd calm as a light rain fell down. I was starring at the bank across the street from the bus stop when I heard the sound of rapid footsteps. I wasn't alarmed since I live in one of those small towns where nothing ever happens. I glanced up saw this boy jogging towards me from a distance. As he got closer, I realized it was Kyle. "Hey," he said as he stood in front of me in grey sweatpants and a matching hoody. "Hey, you liar," I said still kinda pissed that he didn't tell me he was still in high school.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd be up for some fun if you knew I was in high school," Kyle said in a calm voice that was kinda sexy. "Well, maybe not, but still you should have told me the truth." "Don't tell that's not the best fuck you had in a long time," Kyle said with a smile as the light rain glistened off his face in the light from the streetlight. "You also didn't tell me I used to babysit you," I said while playfully poking Kyle in the chest and ignoring his valid point. "I honestly didn't make the connection with that the other, but yeah I remember you," Kyle said. "So, you go around fucking all the ladies when you help out your grandfather," I said while glancing at my watch to see how much time we had before my bus came. "Not always," Kyle said. "Hey, I'm a horny Italian boy with some major sausage, what do you expect," he said with a cockiness that I actually found appealing.

"Too bad you don't have time now," Kyle said as I glanced down and noticed a pronounced bulge in his sweatpants. "Yeah," was all I managed to say while trying not let my mind drift. "Well, I have to get to work," I said. "I got a game tonight, but maybe we can hook up after that," Kyle said. "I don't know if we should do it again. It was a one-time thing," I said while involuntarily licking my lips thinking about that thick Italian sausage springing to life in his sweatpants. The bus was heading down the block to save me from saying anything else. "Have a good day at school," I said to Kyle while getting on the bus to work. As I sat in my seat, I thought about Kyle and his big cock. I tried not to dwell on it, but the fact is that he had a bigger cock than this pro football player I briefly dated last year. And he was about 8 1/2 inches, but not nearly as thick as Kyle. I tried to forget about it as my day went on.

It was Friday night and I was at the bar with some girls from the office. It wasn't long before the drinks were flowing and the talk got raunchy. April talked about this guy she literally ran into the other day. He's an EMT who apparently has a healthy sexual appetite. She said that they've been fucking almost non-stop since. "So, have you gotten any since the delivery guy in the elevator," Jean asked me while downing her third martini. "I got some on Monday," I confessed. "Oh yeah," the girls chimed in together. "Younger guy," Christine asked. "Yeah and pretty damn big," I said kinda bragging. "So big pencil dick," April said while asking the bartender for her fourth refill. "Huge Italian sausage," I said while polishing off my gin martini. "Is there enough to go around," Christine asked with fascination. "We don't share our guys," I said with a laugh. "Besides, it was a one-time thing," I added while trying to change the subject.

"How thick we talking," April said after downing yet another drink. "That's not important," I said seriously trying to change the subject. "Come on," the girls chimed in. "Coke can," I said while sipping the rest of my gin martini. "Holy shit," the girls chimed in again. "I haven't had a guy with massive girth in forever," Barb said. "Yeah, plus you said he's got the length thing going on too," Christine said while stuffing a napkin with the bartender's phone number on it into her purse. "Yeah, he was good," I said still trying to find a way to change the subject. The only thing I told them as far as his identity went was his first name. I didn't want everything to know that I got laid by a high school boy. I would never hear the end of the jokes.

Later that night, I was at home nursing a hangover. Fortunately, my mother was already in bed so I didn't have to go through the usual grilling or hear the usual lecture about being responsible or finally finding a man. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed playing the field. I think my job as a secretary at a law firm counts as being responsible. I found my mind drifting back to Kyle and his huge cock. It's not like I had an aversion to sex with younger guys - as long as they're legal. At eighteen, Kyle was certainly legal. He wasn't the youngest guy I ever fucked though. Last summer, I ended up fucking the young man who cuts our lawn. He told me he was eighteen, but it turned out he was sixteen. He was great and had a big enough cock to get the job done, but it was a one-time thing. I had been dating a pro football player who was 24 at the time. Now, he was a big boy. He had about 8 1/2 inches of dick, but he wasn't nearly as thick as Kyle. I drifted off to sleep when I got a text.

"Meet me by the backdoor," the text message from Kyle said. He can't be serious. I was ready to ignore him when I got another text from my friend Christine. "Just fucked the bartender. Huge mother fucker," the text message said as I put the phone down and went downstairs by the backdoor. It was probably just a joke. Kyle was probably bragging to his friends about scoring with his former babysitter. Still, I found myself getting excited when there was a knock on the backdoor. "Hey," Kyle said standing there in black sweatpants and an orange hoody. "Hey back at ya," I said trying to remain casual. "Want some more of this," Kyle said with a smile as grabbed his cock through his sweatpants. "My mother's asleep upstairs," I said. "You know how many fuckin times I've heard that. Just not from a woman your age," Kyle said with that cocky attitude that I kinda liked.

It wasn't long before Kyle was kissing me. I could taste the alcohol on his lips. "Had a good time tonight I take it," I said. "Yeah, but don't worry. I can still get this fucker up again," Kyle said as he pulled me closer to prove his point. "Again," I said. "Yeah, I fucked the shit out of my girlfriend. Came three times. Bitch loved it," Kyle said obviously still semi-drunk. My better judgement told me that it wasn't a good idea to fuck a drunk high school football player, but my mind flashed back to the first time he shoved his monster cock inside of me. I found myself pulled down his sweatpants and grabbing at his rigid cock through his jockstrap. Kyle pulled off his hoody and stood there in his well-stuffed jockstrap. He helped me out of my clothes and picked me up and put me on the kitchen table and climbed on top of me. I felt his huge cock pressing against me as I reached down to grab his ass cheeks. Kyle reached down and pulled his cock out of his jock and shoved it inside of my wet pussy.

"No, we shouldn't...." I started to say as I felt Kyle's massively thick and long cock slide inside of me. Even though I should have been repulsed by the fact that his breath smelled of alcohol, I found myself more turned on than ever as he shoved his cock in as deep as it could go. I tried not to make too much noise as Kyle eased his huge Italian cock inside of me over and over. I've fucked a few guys while they were drunk before and I knew it would be awhile before he came, but this time was different. Having a slight buzz seemed to make Kyle even hornier. He was so aggressive. I couldn't even speak as he shoved inch after inch of Italian cock inside of me. My mind told me to stop, but my body was in loving every thick inch of his hot young cock. I found myself digging my nails into Kyle's back just a few seconds before he finally blew his load inside of me. It was like a gush of warm water from a faucet on at full blast. "Fuck yeah," Kyle said as he jumped off the table and stuffed his cock back into his jock and put his clothes back on. "Don't tell me that wasn't fuckin worth it," Kyle said while reading a text from his girlfriend. "Bitch wants some more dick," Kyle said as he left out the backdoor.

I couldn't believe it. He comes over and fucks me and then goes out to fuck his girlfriend again. I tried to it out of my mind - even though I still find myself thinking about that huge cock of his. A few weeks went by. I had a few dates, both of which were more like one night things. Even when I found myself over my ex-boyfriend's house - you know, the pro football player - I found myself thinking about Kyle's big thick cock while he was plowing me. My mother went to visit her sister and I had the house to myself for the weekend. After hanging out with the girls after work for awhile, I found myself back at home and watching TV on a Friday night. This was pathetic. I don't know what came over me, but I texted Kyle and told him to get his ass over here as soon as he could. I got no response, so I figured he was busy with either a game or getting laid.

I was sound asleep around 1am when I heard a loud pounding on the backdoor. My first impulse was to call the police, but I raced downstairs to investigate. I grabbed a candlestick off the kitchen table. I peaked out the backdoor and it was Kyle. I opened the door and he stood there in basketball shorts and a tank top. "You're not cold," I said as Kyle grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat. "Nah, I'm good. You know, I had a crush on you when you used to babysit me," Kyle said as he stripped off his tank top to reveal huge pecs and washboard abs. "I just got done working out," Kyle said as he made his pecs dance, which I found incredibly sexy. "Is your mother home," Kyle asked as he pushed my robe to the floor. "No," I managed to say as Kyle pulled off his basketball shorts to reveal a huge cock stuffed into his jockstrap. "Good," Kyle said as he licked my neck and sucked on my nipples.

"Wait, where does your mom think you are," I asked Kyle as he picked me up and carried me upstairs. "She doesn't give a fuck, you should remember that," Kyle said as he plopped me down on the bed. "Sorry," I said as I felt the head of his engorged cock pressed against my dripping wet pussy. "It's all good," Kyle said as he eased his huge thick cock inside of me. Even though I knew how big and thick he was, I still let out a gasp as his thick cock pushed it's way inside of me. "I wanna fuck you all night baby," Kyle said as he drove his rigid shaft deep inside of me over and over.

Kyle had me laying down with my head at the bottom of the bed as he pulled my legs to his side and eased his cock inside of me. I wondered how an eighteen year old boy knew about such positions, but I didn't protest as Kyle fucked me in a variety of positions throughout the night. The hottest was when he held by my legs as he stood up and positioned me so that my mouth was right in front of his dick. I gave him head while he nibbled my pussy. It was so hot that I squirted in his mouth as he went to town on my pussy while I was sucking his cock. He held me in that position until he finally blew his load into my mouth. Cum was dripping over my forehead and into my hair when Kyle finally turned me right side up. We fell back onto the bed and Kyle wrapped up the night - more like early Saturday morning - on top of me.

The next morning, Kyle got a shower and came downstairs naked and asked "Where's my clothes." "I put them in the wash with my clothes since you were still sleeping when I got up," I said while starring at Kyle's naked body and soft cock hanging between his legs. "Want some breakfast while you wait for your clothes," I said while making some scrambled eggs. "Sure," Kyle said as he came around behind me and pressed his now semi-hard cock against me. Kyle got a call and said he had to leave soon. "What's up," I asked while watching Kyle scarf down his breakfast.

"That was my granddad. He wants me to help him out again today," Kyle said as I handed him his basketball shorts and tank top fresh out of the dryer. "Have a good day," I said. "Hey did you forget something," Kyle said as I tossed his jockstrap over to him. "Like how I fill it up," Kyle said as he stood up to put it on and have his cock a squeeze. "Yeah, you're a big boy," I said as he finished getting dressed. "Seriously, you're still fuckin hot," Kyle said as he left. Would this be it with Kyle or was it just the beginning? Later that day, the furnace just stopped working. It was going to be down to freezing overnight, so I called Mr. Martelli. I figured it would be the old man this time. I opened the door and there was Kyle in the work clothes he first had on when we first fucked.

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