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I could see the side of her face, half reflected in the light coming through the bedroom window. Eyes tight shut, as kneeling she rocks gently against the support of her locked arms agianst the bedstead foot.

I saw the sweat on her brow, short brown hair plastered to her forehead, eyes shut, mouth open, breathing hard.

She is naked. Her large, perfectly taut breasts swaying gently in counterbalance to the rythmic thrusting of her hips. The boy is behind her, holding on to her hips like he's drowning. The squelching noises evidence of her extreme arousal.

The youth begins to pant. Pulling her more firmly against his thrusting body, sinews standing out on his neck, eyes tight shut. She opens her eyes slowly as her orgasm hits, keening softly as the contractions begin. She sees me and gasps sharply, her attention rapidly switching from the groaning youth emptying himself inside her.

She orgasms a second time, as she feels his load fill her, backing up sharply against him, dropping her shoulders to the bed and squirming her hips. Watching me from under her fringe.

"You're home early" she states.

I waste no time undressing. The boy flees to the bathroom as I turn her over, still panting and slick with sweat. She tries to form words, but they're lost to a wistful "oh" as I slide inside her, still soaking from the boys efforts.

"Ummm, sloppy seconds is it?", she asks as we build into a familiar rythm. I don't answer, intent on my goal, oblivious of her needs. I needn't have bothered. I'm rewarded in less than a minute by a flood against my thighs and a wretched "unnngh" from her throat.

She gives up all pretence of equal participation, clinging to me as I ride her hard. Her head is thrown back, slitted eyes seeing nothing as she writhes below me, enduring the onslaught. I hear her rasping breath increase in pitch as she exclaims "not again, argggngh" coming hard on my cock as it becomes too much and I empty blindly into her, groaning.

I collapse onto her, gasping like a landed fish. I become acutely aware of just how much liquid has sprayed underneath us as I lay on her, feeling our breathing settle into a steadier rythm.
"I take it you enjoyed the show?" She asks, searching my face. In response, I lower my lips, seeking out a straining nipple. I suck, hearing a distant "bastard" as she arches her breast towards me, cradling my head.

I wait until her breathing quickens, before sliding down her body, nestling between the join of her thighs, nibbling and sucking. In minutes she is lost, straining against me, thrusting impotently until her back arches, hips rise, her leg muscles taught and she groans her orgasm "ungh, unghhh urrrrrgh" ; her chest heaving with the effort as she collapses like an unstrung marionette, eyes closed, mouth slack.

She has never looked so sexy. Her nipples straining for release. Bright flush staining her face, cleavage and inner thighs. Spunk matting her gaping pussy between her still splayed thighs, running from her like a stream and adding to the carnage the sheets had become.

"I think you may need to rescue the situation. You only have one bath. Who is the kid?" I ask.
She opens one eye. "Jealous?"
"Of course not. Quite an impressive fuck".
"I thought so. Teenagers are brilliant".
"Teen... " I started, then thought better of it. "Where did you pick him up?"
"Mary's School"
"Mary's? Isn't that a bit dodgy?".

She rose out of bed, sashaying towards me like a drunken Sailor with a mix of sperm and other juices running down her inner thigh. "Slightly less dodgy than banging my daughters boyfriend I'd have thought, sweetie" she purred, reaching for my rapidly hardening Cock.
"Go see to the teenager. I have all night. She thinks I'm out of town."

Without a word, she moved towards the bathroom. Knocking meekly, she let herself in.
I heard the shower turn on and went over to the couch, figuring they would be a while. It wasnt long before I heard the familar sound of Caz being fucked, so I turned on the TV to mask it.

Caz and I had been playing around for about two years. I'd known her for four and had been dating her daughter for three of those. She worked in my local pub, and I'd met her daughter through her.

She'd had Mary at sixteen and had confessed to having an extremly high sex drive. Unfortunately I shared this trait, but her daughter doesn't.
One night, I'd been drinking with friends and Caz joined us after her shift. Mary had left early and she'd promised to look after me. She' d had a word with the landlord and offered to lock up. We ended up drinking to the early hours and before I knew it, there was just the two of us left.

The conversation became raunchy fairly quickly, both of us being pretty drunk and she'd asked me about my sex life with her daughter. I'd admitted it was slow. She informed me that she'd thought as much when she saw me trying to chat up Andi, one of the local tarts.

I protested. In response she'd laid one finger on my lips, positioning her other hand heavily on my crotch. "As long as you never tell anyone, i'll give you some relief. It's been way too long since I've had a decent cock in my mouth and I've been dying to try yours".

I was dumstruck. And horny as hell. Caz took this as assent, and drew the zip of my trousers down, freeing my rock hard cock.

Making cooing noises, she lowered her head and got to work.

The feeling of being in Caz's mouth that first time was electric. The woman had skills. Despite the alcohol, there was no way I was going to last long inside that churning, pumping whirlwind. We hadnt discussed a conclusion and being a gentleman I attempted to warn her "Caz, youre going to make me cuuum".

She nodded her head and added her hand. Milking me furiously whilst applying more suction than a Dyson. I lost it. In one of the most intense oral orgasms I can remember. My back arched and I shot ropes of pent up cum into my girlfriends mothers mouth, hearing her swallow noisily.

She slowed her movements slightly, milking every last drop until I told her to stop.
Finally she released me with a sucking plop, turning to me and smiling she said "there you go. Couldnt risk any getting on the furniture. Just as well, you had loads!".
I couldnt speak. I was drained beyond belief.

The shower had long since shut off. Needing the bathroom I decided to investigate.
Opening the door, I saw the boy sat on the toilet with his eyes closed, groaning softly. Caz was kneeling on the floor, in a pose all too familar to me. She had the youths impressive cock in her mouth, bobbing her head and using her right hand like a manic music conductor, shuttling the straining shaft into her decending pumping receiver.

The boys hand tapped at her shoulder frantically. Caz reached over and guided it to the back of her head. He got the message immediately, pulling her in and frantically fucking her mouth. He made a tazan call as he lost his load. Caz swallowed noisily, slowing her movements in time with the slowing feed.

She looked up at him, still stroking his cock. "You'd best be off. Remember, tell no-one or this stops".

He mumbled a reply then left, dressing as he went.

She turned to me. "Sometimes, theres no substitue for a hands on education" she said, smiling.

Without a word, I pushed her back into the bathroom and into her generously propotioned shower. As we lathered up, she asked "are you trying to tell me I'm dirty?". I turned her round to face the wall and began to soap her breasts.

The water soaked her hair, so I moved it aside with my mouth and kissed her neck. I felt her sag in my arms, making contented noises. These became gasps as my hands moved down her body and explored between her legs.

With water cascading over us, she braced against the wall, raising her bum slightly in anticipation. I couldn't wait. Positioning my self, I thrust inside her, making her arch her back groaning. I steadied her and began forcefully fucking her.

She fumbled to shut off the water and began to push back to meet me. I reached around her and rummaged between her legs to find her clit. Five or six seconds of stimulation had her crashing into her first orgasm and duty done, I could throw my weight behind my thrusts to chase my own.

Her arms collapsed, so I pulled her away from the wall and dropped her shoulders. She groaned with the deepness of the penetration, backing against me and fumbling for her own clit.

"Oh god, fuck me harder. Cum inside me, make me taste it. Fuuuuckkk meeeeee" she wailed. I increased my speed and rammed into her as hard as I could, pulling her back against my thrusts. She was now grunting incoherently and I could feel my own orgasm approaching. She started chanting "Cum in me. Cum in me" over and over. I pulled her hard into me and came, grunting like the rutting wild beast I was. I felt her churning her hips to distribute my seed, as her vagina clamped hard down on my spewing cock, her stomach going crazy with the contractions.

As it subsided, I pulled her upright, massaging her breasts and finally kissing her neck. I towelled of a now very tired woman, and led her back to bed, pulling the sheets to one side and tucking the duvet over her. She was asleep in seconds.

I tidied up the apartment, turning lights and appliances off before joining her in bed. She snuggled into me without properly waking, then we were asleep.

My dreams that night were extremely torrid. I dreamed of horny teenage girls. I'd been visiting an American high school, when I'd been dragged into a locker room by a cheerleader with ash blonde hair and laid on my back. She then proceeded to give me a blowjob capable of bringing the dead back to life. It was so realistic it woke me, to find Caz knelt at my side, bobbing her head like an oil derrick with my cock tightly between her lips. She became aware I was awake and straddled me, guiding me inside her and grinding her hips tightly against me "sorry for the rape", she panted "I just had to have you inside me. Now"

I was enjoying the ride too much to care. She worked my penis furiously. I reached up and pulled her nipples with a soft force. Her mouth went slack and she started to squirt uncontrollably, groaning with release and slumping accross me.

Without pulling out, I rolled her over and raised her ankles to my shoulders. She grunted helplessly under my deep thrusts, bent nearly double as I plowed her. Her grunts increased in frequency until they matched my thrusts. I was now pulling fully out of her and rushing back in as far as I could. With a high pitched moan, she came loudly. With another two thrusts I followed her, unable to withstand her spasaming vagina, I thrust deeply and spurted heavily, grunting as I filled her.

She relaxed finally. I was still firmly trapped inside her, and hard as a rock. I began to thrust tentatively, unsure of how sensitive we may both have been. She threw her head back, raising her arms above her head and grasping the bedstead.

The move threw her gorgeous tits out, and I bent to her left one, taking the turgid nipple in my mouth and pulling on it, suckling gently. I felt her legs raise, tilting her pelvis as she locked r ankles behind my things, making little gasps as my slow gentle thrusts moved the air out of her.

I looked deeply into her eyes, seeing the pupils dilate. I started to thrust harder. She threw back her head and pleaded "bite me. Please. I need to feel owned!"
I bent forward and took the skin of her neck in my teeth, sucking gently.
"Harder! Haaarder! Mark me! Take me! Fuck me!"

I bit down and sucked hard, feeling the shuddering response as she came, shouting. And promptly paased out. Not wanting to suffocate her, I did what ny gentleman would. I turned her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed, entering her from behind. I fucked her hard, aiming to cum before she awoke.

Her unresponsive body moves around underneath me like a rag doll as I ravished her. Unused to the sensatiin of her vagina tightly gripping me, I felt the orgasm come without warning and held her tightly to me as I came in her.

I dismounted and checked her condition. Still out. I took my phone and took a number of photos of her passed out cold, doggystyle, with cum drooling down from her soaking pussy onto the floor, her arms splayed out to the sides, incapable of supporting her.

I wanted her again and got back behind her, guiding my aching cock into her unresponsive vagina. It was incredibly tight. After the third thrust she began to come round. She stretched and places her hands underneath her head, content just to let me have my way with her. I came again, leaning to gently cover her back as my cock still twitched inside her.
She groaned contentedly. "That was nice. I feel so full!".

I slapped her gently on the arse as I pulled out, eliciting a mild complaint.

"You ARE bloody full woman."

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