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I don’t really mean "tie to the bed" or "make me a sandwich" submissive though. What I mean is she will basically be a sex toy when I want her to be. Let me explain.

She and I have been together almost ten years, and I’m her first and she’s my first. I get turned on by the concept that my wife is a sexual slave to the point that she would do things I tell her even though she really doesn’t want to.

This is where it all started: she has a twin sister, we’ll call her Liz, who is also married. Both of these girls are fairly submissive and normally have no sex drive. Her twin sister’s husband, we’ll call him Bob has the same tastes I do. We were both horny, year and a half ago we have traded pictures, videos, and stories of our wives, and let me tell you there is NOTHING hotter than having one video per twin playing at the same time, listening to them both cumming. Bob and I haven’t done anything else yet, but we talk about "trading" wives by him trying to fool around or even fuck Carol, while I have a secret thing with Liz, and we tell each other about it but the girls would never know what was happening. It’d be nice to trade pictures and videos of that too!

The odd thing to me is that it turns me on more to know she would be fucked by another guy, than for me to get her sister’s pussy. But I know that Bob feels the same way, but he’s nowhere near as extreme as I am.

Things that I have made Carol do, I occasionally give her "assignments". This originally started with stuff like not wearing panties or a bra around some people. They get better though. She doesn’t really like to do this, but each time I give her an assignment she does go along with it:

-One of her first assignments, and best, less than a year ago was one time while at work wearing no panties, I told her to make sure one of her male coworkers notices, and then she pulls him to the side and tells him that she can’t have anyone know that she wasn’t wearing underwear, and will do anything to have him not mention it, then she had to say that they could go to the restroom and settle this now, and then it goes from there. Her instructions was that she had to go along with whatever happened with him, doing whatever this person wanted, period, and as proof she had to take a cellphone picture of his cum, wherever it may be.

She didn’t want to do this but I finally convinced her to, so she went to work without her panties on and her khaki skirt that goes up to her knees only. She had never done anything else sexually with another guy up to that point.

When she came home from work that evening, she was very shy but finally admitted to doing it. She had the picture, but first the story. As she tells it, she was lifting something off a higher shelf, showing her bubble butt, and her coworker Mark, a guy a few years younger than her, said "Nice ass". She told him she was really sleepy that morning and was in a rush and forgot to wear panties, and that she didn’t want to get in trouble. He was smug, so she said they could take a lunch at the same time and they could go to the restroom to work it out (this is her story). They both clocked out for lunch and went into the last stall of the men’s restroom, Carol stood there, Mark said "give me what you got", and Carol got really nervous and said "like what" and he said "how desperate are you to keep your job", so she proceeded and started rubbing the outside of his pants. He told her to take it out, she did, her description: he’s apparently got a cock that curves upward and is really veiny, but normal length, not very hairy, and big balls. She started jerking him, and he told her that he would cum faster if she would take the skirt off. She did, Carol was nervous and said she had never done this before, Mark said she looked like she was fun to fuck, made her turn around and spread her asscheeks, and made a comment about if she liked it up the ass. She didn’t say anything, (probably didn’t want to take it up the ass, she’s only done it a few times with me). She had to pee (she always has to pee when she gets nervous) and Mark said he wanted to watch her. While she went, he made her start stroking him again. After she wiped, he made her perch up her legs, spread eagle herself on the toilet, spread open her pussy, rub her clit. He asked if she was wet, she said yes, he told her to put her fingers inside her pussy and fuck herself, and then pull them out to show him. She did this while stroking his cock, showed her wet fingers, he made her switch hands to smear her pussy juice on his shaft. Mark said he wished he could fuck her but he had no condom, Carol said nothing and kept stroking, so instead he told her to shut her eyes and keep her legs spread open. She complied. She told me that she felt him use his fingers on her pussy, rubbing her clit, opening up her pussy, started fingerfucking her, wiping the juice on her small patch of pubic hair. Her eyes were still shut, he then took his cock and brushed the swollen head against her clit – she told me that she remembered before this he started dripping cum as soon as she started peeing, and at this moment while her eyes were shut she remembered that cum, and felt it on her clit and it drizzling down her pussy lips, she was only a little nervous and started trembling. Then he started beating that dick against her pussy on the outside, she kept her legs propped up with both hands and was getting aroused and nervous at the same time. She said to me that she thought he was going to fuck her, but instead he then told her that "it’s time to collect" and told her to quickly lift her shirt and bra, he lifted his shirt, made her stand up and push her body against his left side, her big Ds pushed against his skin and her pussy hair against his thigh, while jacking him off. She was jacking him with her left hand, she put her right hand on his ass. His hands were playing with her big asscheeks and breasts, she wanted to end it so she told him to "shoot it out", he grabbed her left breast and squeezed it while she worked the cum out of his cock, he came on the floor with his knees shaking. When he was done, he ran his hand along her curves. My wife let his dick go, had a bit of sperm on the top of her hand, she grabbed toilet paper and told him to go, that she would clean up the mess. Then he quickly left the restroom, she took her cellphone and took a picture of the cum splattered on the bland dirty tile floor, with her skirt on one side, the toilet on the other.

I believe that it happened, but I found it hard to believe at first. She was so nervous about it all, even telling me, I made her elaborate on the details, even showing me how she did it in our own bathroom. Carol thought she was going to get fucked or would be forced to do oral. I asked her if she would stop him if he started to fuck her and she said she didn’t know, and that she was getting so aroused at that point that she would want him to cum ASAP. She doesn’t want to disappoint me, she knows that this is what turns me on. This was her second guy, her second cock ever, his cum on her knuckles, his fingers grabbing her breasts, ass, and exploring her snatch…and I think she handled it like a champ. I made her masturbate while telling me all the details. This was awesome, I’ve been cumming for months about this one!

I have more to tell if you want to hear it, and definitely more assignments with her work and with this guy Mark, but I definitely want to hear of other instances out there with wives/spouses, male and female side stories, whatever yall have. I’m not a writer, and I’m not doctoring this up. This is how she told me, and at first I was surprised she went through with it. The pictures and videos, and the things I’ve seen or been a part of though, prove that she really will do it. I buy her expensive things and let her hog the TV all she wants in return so I think that’s fair.

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