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Though I wasn’t sure to myself why I would care what the wolf thought. Maybe it was a subconscious desire to give the wolf something nice before he died.

I sunk into the bath that I had made. Specific to making myself smell wonderful. Not to mention the effect on my fur. Made it super soft and as I sat in the warm liquid relaxing, I let my fingers delve between my swollen lips. I groaned as the stimulation of my sex radiated in my body. Soon I was beginning to moan audibly as I rubbed through my slit with two fingers. Then I froze as I heard the wolf.

"What the hell?" he called out. Shuddering frustration, I got out of the tub and grabbed a towel. After drying off, I discarded the thing and stood in the bathroom debating on how I should greet my prey. Deciding it to be fitting, I went naked.

I walked into the wolf straining with the restraints.

"You won’t break them," I said leaning up against the frame of the doorway.

"Who the hell are you?" he shouted at her, his voice breaking multiple times.

"Not why huh?" I asked with a giggle. "I am Jenny Tamehorn. Who are you?"

"Look, lady, I don’t want any trouble."

"It annoys me to no end when people don’t answer questions. Like who are you to ignore my question and ask your own. Right now, I have your ass strapped down and you have the gall to say that?" I asked him, putting emphasis on my anger in the last word.

"Sorry," he said subdued. "I’m Jack, but everyone calls me Luca."

"Hey there Jack," I said wondering why he had told me his nickname.

"Hi," he said. I thought it comical that he couldn’t look up to me or even see me with his current predicament. I tried to stay calm at the prospect of a predator being totally vulnerable.

"So Jack," I said to him. "What do you think is going on?"

I fluttered with the tease.

"I don’t know," he said with a sob. That made my mouth water listening to him whimper for a bit.

"I’ll tell ya," I said walking over to him, making sure my hooves clicked loudly as I approached. Walking up to him, I put a finger on his chest. It surprised me under his mane how fit he appeared to be. Now, something else was watering.

"I’m a feral," I said plainly. No letting the purpose of his capture simmer. "And I plan to eat you."

A whimper was my reply.

"Relax," I said a feeling of curiosity washing over me. "What were you doing out in the forest?"

"I uh," he hesitated to tell me. I dug a nail in his chest and he yelped. "I was looking for deer."

"Well, you found one," I said with amusement. "Why were you looking for deer?"

It was then that I noticed something strange. I had been studying his boy but where his pouch was, the red tip of his cock began to grow out.

"Oh you naughty wolf," I said with an exclamation of excitement. "To think that my prey also has a problem worth noting against our society."

What I spoke of was the Prey Fetish. It can go either way, but essentially a prey animal or predator animal has a sexual preference towards its opposite. Prey to predator or predator to prey. It was a shunned practice and many who partook did it underground. Looking at his red cock growing out I decided then that I liked the idea. Then my stomach growled.

"I don’t want to die," he sobbed. If he could hear the gurgles of my stomach, no doubt I must be famished for the taste of succulent meat.

"We all have to someday," I said amused with the set up here. "I need to get a knife."

At that, I turned away from him and headed over to a table I had set up in the room.

The room we were in was almost completely bare. Other than the table and bed, I had a dresser that had linens, a metal sink with running water, plastic wrap on the floor for obvious reasons and on the table sat six trays with various cutting objects. New to butchering I had no idea what to use, so I grabbed a small parrying knife. Something to easily slice flesh.

The steel felt cold in my hand. Something I hadn’t expected but then, at some point, my desires had to be sated. Looking over to the wolf, I almost felt sorry for his fate.

"I didn’t want to be like this you know?" I said to him as I walked back over. "My family force us to move to this world. Had a normal childhood and everything and once we got here, the cravings started."

"Oh," Jake responded to me. He seemed disinterested in what I had to say.

"But if you’re not interested in the story, then I’ll just go ahead and eat," I said. The problem was, even though my stomach growled, my crotch was still on fire. Especially seeing the beginnings of what looked like a wonderfully thick and long cock.

"Please, tell me," he blurted out. The panic was evident in his voice.

I walked up and put the knife down on his chest.

"See, the cravings are queer at first," I continued watching as his chest rose and fell at a normal pace once more. "My family kind of knew something was wrong with me. Young deer girl of my kind and we are supposed to be social. Well, my sociability was supposed to be curtailed on finding a suitable mate."

I began pacing with my tale. Relating to him how instead of being social, I shut down. Everyone thought I was depressed or even overwhelmed with everything new. The latter due to all the food I had been trying. What they should have been paying attention to was all the food I was trying.

One of the first indicators of being feral is the over-consumption of food variety. A craving the body wants and has to be identified. I found what I craved at a human butcher shop.

"The smell of meat was intoxicating," I said with gleeful excitement. "The taste was too and soon I found myself going every day, getting lunch meats at first. Then I discovered the raw taste of steaks and chops and I couldn’t get enough."

And man was I now even more worked up than before. My body was on fire with excitement even more now. Can I swear the room was spinning a bit?

"So what about you there wolf? What happened to make you desire prey for sex?" I asked now, wanting to know his story.

"My pack is small," he replied. "Small enough that the availability of males was only three. I’m the youngest and my father and older brother made it plainly clear I would never be able to stay in the pack."

"And so you were in the forest?"

"I left my home and have an apartment in town. I work at a coffee shop and am working on getting certified to be a park ranger," he said and the sighed. "I was out here practicing my tracking."

"And hoping to catch some deer pussy huh?" I said with a laugh. The vulgarity of humans amuses me.

"Well," he said with a pause. "I’m a virgin and there aren’t any human women that’ll have me."

His confession astounded me. A virgin wolf? Sure such things do exist but he was wolf enough to have played around. And now a pang of guilt set in me that I did not expect.

"A virgin huh?"

Just saying it made me cum. My body twitched in response and my stomach growled.

"What did you hope to accomplish when you captured an Earth deer? They run fast you know?"

"I don’t know," he replied.

"And then you were captured by one," I said. "One who is gonna eat you."

The sniffling started again.

"I’ll do anything," he replied.

To me, those words meant he would do anything to lose his virginity before he died. That prospect almost sickened me. If it hadn’t been for the fact I was hornier than hell and that I already had one taboo under my belt, I never would have considered it.

"Count your lucky stars then wolf," I said to him. "I’m gonna give you the full ride on losing your virginity."

He groaned and I moaned. Looking down at his red cock, I licked my lips anticipating the taste. I wasn’t a virgin, having done the deed a few times in my short span. Though looking at his semi-hard cock I worried about giving the wolf his feel.

"I’m tied up," he said.

"Of course and you will continue to be."

I picked the knife up off his chest.

"Relax," I told him. "I’m putting it back."

Putting the knife back was easy enough. Working up the courage to touch a predators cock wasn’t. Everything screamed at me how wrong it would be. My upraising told me to never do such a thing.

"So have you always had a fetish for prey?" I asked walking up to him.

"Yes," he said.

I was directing at his mid-level. I cursed seeing how much easier it would have been if I had bought an actual examination table. An opening between the legs would have made this easier.


"When I was younger, I watched a lot of porn and it was one of the things that stood out to me."

"So you like to devour your prey in a different way?"

I put a hand on his stomach, weaving fingers through the soft fur towards his crotch in slow motions.

"No," he said. As I got closer his cock grew suddenly to show its enormity.

"You want the reversal," I exclaimed in surprise as my hand wrapped wound the wolf’s cock. "I find that exciting."

He only groaned. I began gently jacking him.

"How do you imagine this?" I asked.

"Not like this, but as her taking on as a powerful lover."

"So you want to be played with?" I asked taking in every bit of information of the penis as I could.

The first thing to note was how red the thing was. The second is that it did not sport a bulbous head like. Instead, the cock had an angled look to it and flat. Lifting it up, I could see the dark hole where the thing would spurt out its purposes. Right now, I could see the clear liquid of arousal leaking out of the tip.

"This is a nice cock you have," I said in my own lustful way. So far my fingers couldn’t touch squeezing around it. Not that it mattered, but its size would be hard to handle.

"Thank you," Jack said with a moan.

"So is being jerked off all you fantasized about?" I asked keeping my hand moving.

"I," he said hesitating to tell me. I squeezed his cock hard. "I’ve wanted it to be sucked on."

I looked at it and without thinking, I pointed the cock straight up before licking the pre-cum off the tip. I’d tasted cum before and he wasn’t disagreeable at all. Continuing the plunge, I began licking the head of his cock in earnest. Before long, he was writhing in the restraints and moaning heavily.

I took his eagerness as a clue and kissed the tip of his cock. Opening up, I did my best to get the engorged organ into my mouth. A struggle for sure, and a foreshadowing of things to come, I managed to stuff a lot of it into my mouth.

Giving head wasn’t my strong suit. I like to bob up and down with long sucks, but his size made me go slowly, which did give me time to concentrate on what I was doing.

With suck and licks alternating, I soon had the hips of my prey bucking as desperation for release washed over him. On my end, I could feel his cock surging in sweltering throbs. Imagine my surprise when the molten explosion began in my mouth, the only warning being his sudden howl before.

I drank him down, trying not to gag or cough as he spurted. I figured I planned on eating him anyways, might as well get a fill. So I drank and drank each spurt down, barely tasting the saltiness, but enjoying my machinations nonetheless. By the time he finished and went limp in the restraints. His cock stayed hard but now I could see the knot forming at the base.

"Someone must have enjoyed that," I said, licking my lips and now shaking with delirious excitement. "I know I did."

He groaned and began panting. I was too apprehensive to get a view looking at him. There was going to be a moment that I wouldn’t be able to avoid it, but at this moment, I backed off for a second.

My stomach was gurgling in a weird way. Never before had I ingested so much male essence. The male seed though did do something. The craving for flesh was gone. This development was something that needed to be tested.

"Are you okay?" I asked, holding my stomach.

"Yeah," he replied. "I’m sorry I didn’t warn you."

That made me laugh.

"I plan on killing you and you ask me if I’m okay?"

"I wanted to make sure I didn’t make you angrier," he said.

I wanted to respond that he hadn’t and may have actually saved his own life by filling me up. Though when I opened my mouth to speak, I watched in horror as his cock deflated.

"Don’t go soft on me," I said. "I promised you a complete loss of virginity."

"Oh," he said.

"Don’t sound so disappointed," I told him. "You get to look forward to fawn pussy next."

The weird shifting in my stomach stopped. I felt energized now and the fog had been lifted. The hunger was gone completely for flesh for consumption. Now the hunger for sex took control.

"I still don’t plan on letting you have any leeway."

He didn’t respond and not that I expected him too. I went back up to the bed and grabbed his softening cock and realized I had been granted a gift.

"If I can get this in before you harden again, we can have some actual fun faster."

Climbing onto the bed, I straddled him allowing his cock to slap up between the crack of my ass. I really hope as I get older that my ass will become fuller. Right now, It was toned and fit, but lacked the bubble-like quality I would have liked. A curse given to me with the inevitable envy of human females. How did they get so lucky in sex appeal to have curves like a vixen?

Besides, I was really only upset as the cock didn’t have something more comfy to bounce off of. You can bet my ass right now, if I wasn’t bouncing a bit and feeling disappointed there wasn’t more rump to thump.

"Sorry about the lack of ass," I said to him.

"Its fine," he replied. "I’m not gonna complain about it or anything while I’m here in your clutches."

"So you’re saying you don’t want my tight little pussy to take you hard wolf cock into it?"

"I do," he said, but it wasn’t enough for me. Jeez, it wasn’t like I wasn’t offering it free up to him. He didn’t even have to do any work to fuck me.

"You what?" I said to him, raising my voice and flicking my ears back.

"Please let me fuck you," he begged. I dug my nails into his chest and he yelped in pain. "What was that for?"

"You’re not gonna fuck me," I said lifting up my ass. I grabbed his cock and let it rub against my swollen lips. "I’m gonna fuck you."

Pushing back I found out quickly how unprepared I was to take in such a massive sausage.

"Oh boy," I cried out almost in fear of the thing, but in utter apprehension at the same time. I moved and spread my ass cheeks. Hoping to help myself take him in, I only succeeded and honing the torpedo to its target with no luck into sinking it in.

"You’re too big," I said relaxing in defeat. The cock slid once again between my small cheeks. "I don’t think I can get you in if you’re fully hard."

"I’m not fully hard," he said.

"Is that a challenge?" I replied now feeling quite indignant with my failure.

"No, just meant that there is more," he said.

"Did you ever see a fawn take a wolf cock in the videos you watched?"

I only asked because what would be the point of continual trying if a thing wasn’t physically possible.

"Of course," he replied.

"Good," I said biting my lip. I formulated a plan to make it happen. One thing I knew I was to make this cock willingly go in. Lube happened to be the answer and as such, I adjusted so that my pussy lips now hugged the cock.

"Hold on, I have to lube you up," I spoke. I could have used spit, but that idea seemed to be disgusting in execution. As such, I began rubbing my swollen cunt across the shaft.

"That feeling really nice," I said after a few moments of friction and also feeling of smoldering heat against my womanhood.

Before long, and trust it didn’t take long, an audible sound of what can only be described as slick could be heard. I suppose that my hungry cunt slobbered heavily in impatience due to the teasing. I could now feel just how hard the cock was.

"You doing okay up there?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied and went silent. Maybe he struggled with the prospect but after a few more moments of slathering his cock up, I decided that it was time to try again.

Cheeks spread once more, I let out a gasp as the bulwark head of his cock began to break the barrier of my tight entrance. I sank down slowly, enjoying the feeling of fullness as I did.

Time had stopped as my pussy accepted each inch excitedly. By the time our inner thing met, I had spasmed into an orgasm that drenched his cock in my release.

"Praise the Vixens," I prayed out loud. "Who knew this would feel so good?"

"It's amazing," he added.

"I’m glad you think so," I said feeling proud in myself. "Not every day a fawn takes a wolf’s virginity."

"Thank you," he said.

Queerly, the utterance of gratitude made me feel warm inside.

"You’re welcome," I replied trying to keep myself steady on him. My pussy was adjusting well now to the size. Even though I had orgasmed, I felt as if my pussy would handle many more subsequent pleasurable overloads. Feeling curious, I decided to ask my prey what he thought.

"It feels like my cock is melting in heaven," he would tell me.

"I like the compliment," I replied. It also had the added benefit of encouraging me into more action. "So let’s actually fuck now."

I rode that wolf like his life depended on it.

"Yes," I screamed on the first stroke. I may like a cock deep, but the veiny and thickness of his made it so I took his dick in long stroked. An almost full pull out before sliding deliciously down the toy.

"I can do this all day," I screamed as I came once again. I couldn’t keep myself from destroying my own pussy with the cock. A few strokes are all it took and I bathed us both in my now milky like cum. Rarely and I have been able to do that and the intensity made me collapse onto him temporarily.

"I hope so," he said, which made me laugh.

"Why, so I don’t eat you?" I said between snorts of laughter.

"No, because it's really amazing," he said.

"Oh my," I exclaimed in surprise. I felt his cock grow thicker inside me and the experience was exquisite. "It got thicker."

"It will do that," he said. "Can you feel the knot yet?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked a little scared to what the answer was.

"I’ve never had sex, but apparently my kind has a knot at the base of our cocks. Its meant to keep the mating process going until the female is properly inseminated."

I started riding his cock again, but this time, I kept him buried deep and rode instead of taking long strokes. As on fire as my clit was, the grinding helped stimulate it wonderfully. Soon I was shaking.

"I’m cumming again," I cried out before erupting into a tsunami of moisture. After the orgasm faded, I tried to get up and found myself stuck.

"What’s going on?" I said trying to pull up.

"My knot has you locked."

Then I understood. A knot that kept the female from leaving before it was time.

"You have to cum huh?"

"Afraid so," he said almost sounding sad.

"Sounds like a fun challenge," I replied licking my lips. By now, the fir had begun to fade in my body, quenched by the flare-up of pleasure.

"What will help you cum?" I asked.

"You can just sit there, it’ll go away eventually," he said.

That annoyed me.

"Yeow," he yelled in pain. "What did you do that for?"

"I will continue to pull on you infuriating soft chest hair every time you deflect a question of mine."

"Oh," he said. "In that case, I don’t know how to answer the question. This is my first time."

I don’t know how long his cock was, but feeling suddenly confident in my abilities, I pulled up and sank back down. The base of his cock, of course, didn’t move in me, but the tip, it did. We both moaned in unison.

"I can do this," I said and began in earnest with bouncing up and down. I even put in some grinds, keeping myself well stimulated. Before long I was panting.

"I can do this," I said again. Repeating the phrase over and over to myself hoping it was true. I couldn’t really understand why he wouldn’t cum. Even as the flat tip of his cock hit the deepest parts of me, all it did was make me cream repeatedly. Thank the heavens too, because without that continuous supply of lubrication I would have gotten some friction burns on the inside. My selfish hole definitely did not wish for the sex to end. Unfortunately for my pussy, my body began to sore.

"Are you keeping yourself from cumming so that I can’t detach from you?" I said suddenly mid-stroke. The idea made sense and I stopped completely feeling embarrassed with my own inexperience. He screamed in utter pain as I tore out the fur in his chest this time.

"I swear it's not what I doing," he exclaimed.

"Too bad for you that I don’t believe you," I replied.

"Shit lady, just the threat of being killed is enough for anyone to be too scared to cum again."

"Cum again?" I said it and then got another piece of information. "You came once already. So you’re insensitive."

"That and too, being scared of you."

I sat on his cock and though for a minute to myself. On one hand, he was right. On the other, I no longer felt hungry and had no desire to kill him. In fact, as a sexual toy, he has exceeded all expectations in that matter. He was worth keeping around.

"Would it help if I let you look at me?" I asked. At this moment, it suddenly became important to me that trust was built. Now that I really thought of him as a valuable toy, mostly because it seemed he could keep the feral side of me sated by drinking his seed. It seemed that from now on, we were stuck together like it or not. Mostly because I wasn’t going to let him go. I wonder if I could get him to feel the same way.

"I would like to see you," he said meekly.

It made me smile and confident that everything would be okay for both of us.

"No biting at me," I said reaching up to his neck. The thick leather strap came undone and I sat back, anticipating an adverse reaction to the sudden freedom he had. Jack or rather Luca rolled his head. I heard a few pops as he did but then he looked up.

"You’re gorgeous," he said and the heat rose in me. Such unabated praise was not something I was used to bathing in.

"Thank you," I said slowly. Then I felt his cock get even bigger in me. It made me groan with the sudden stretching my cut.

"It’s tight," he said with a groan.

"Because you got such a big cock and it's bowing down the house," I cried out leaning up. Even though my legs burned, I started moving again.

While I rode my wolf, I looked down at him. His fur was wet with sweat. Right now, his piercing yellow wolf eyes were studying me as I was him. I liked his gaze and eventually, the burning began to fade away in my legs.

"You know," he said suddenly, interrupting me in my machinations. "You must be getting sore."

"I was," I replied picking up the pace once more.

"That’s too bad, I can help."

"I wouldn’t trust you yet not to do anything," I replied impaling myself on his cock as hard as I could.

"What do you expect me to do?" he said. "What you’re doing isn’t going to do it."

"Way to insult a lady," I said in mock offense. I knew he was right. Working his cock before with my mouth must have desensitized to the point of not being able to finish. Not that I was rushing him, so far the sex for me had been phenomenal.

"I didn’t mean it like that," he said with panic in his voice.

"Relax wolf, I was playing."

Then an idea occurred to me.

"You know how wrong this is right?"

"What is?"

"Having your cock buried in prey," I said continuing my ride. "You’re a predator and the whole thought of prey fucking you is what gets you off."


"And worse yet, I love it."

He closed his eyes.

"I love this wolf cock. Spreading me out so nicely. Bet you wish I’d let you free. What would you do?"

I reached up to a strap. It put me dangerously close to jaw snapping distance.

"I’d take you and really hammer it into you," he said with a groan.

"I’ll let you do it," I said locking eyes with him. "Seriously I would like it and my legs are getting really tired."

I tried to reason to myself how much of a bad idea this was. The problem really was, as long as he had me knotted, I was stuck as much as he. Giving him the power to fuck me would allow him to uncouple us.

"You’d let me be free?" he said with confusion evident in his voice. His yellow eyes locked onto mine.

"Free enough to fuck me, but I want to be honest with you now," I said taking a deep breath before I stopped grinding. The sudden cessation of pleasure allowed a sense of nervousness in. "I don’t plan on hurting you anymore."

"Why?" he said his bushy brows lifting up in surprise. I laughed as it made him look comical.

"The hunger has been gone since I swallowed your seed earlier."


"I want to continue this. We both are abnormalities and it is quite up here. I own the land."

He leaned his head back. I unclipped the strap holding his left wrist.

"If you don’t want I understand."

The wolf let out a roar at me. A sudden fear washed over me and I tried to get away from the suddenly changed behavior of my prey. His teeth snapped at me and then he tore the rest of the strap away.

"After all of this you want me to stay?" he yelled at me. "And worse yet continue fucking you here and now?"

Suddenly he was standing up and holding me up. I wrapped my legs around him by instinct but I shivered in fearful delight.

"What are you gonna do to me?" I whispered.

"I," he said turning around. I found myself facing up as he put me onto the medical table. "Intend to fuck you."

The raw power of his statement took my breath away or maybe that was how much deeper it seemed the knot had been forced into me.

"Oh wolfie boy," I exclaimed as he took me. The raw power of his thrusts had me screaming in no time, but unlike before where I would rest between my orgasms, Jack didn’t let up. It left a weird sounding wet squelching sounds as he literally forced violent convulsion in my sloppy cunt.

"This is what you get for doing this to me," he yelled. "I deserve better than to be bullied every day only to end up as a plaything to a deer."

"Watch what you say," I moaned.

"Fuck you, you whorish deer."

"Fuck you, you perverted wolf, but while you’re at it, fuck this deer’s naughty cunt and fill it up."

"You want it huh?" he screamed now. I looked up to see drool dripping from his tongue as it hung out. The whole scene was comical and I would have laughed if what he was doing didn’t leave me breathless.

"Yes," I hissed. "Fuck me more."

My vision was blurring and I closed my eyes to handle the motions better. Each thrust made me feel like his cock itself was sliding up my throat. While not physically possible, the explosive orgasms forced upon me eventually made it to where I could no longer keep myself tense. He reduced me to nothing more than a rag doll or a cock sleeve. Imagine my elation when he tensed up.

"That’s right, fill my naughty cunt up wolf," I hissed at him through gritted teeth. Heat spread inside me as he unloaded into me with a ferocity that made me worry he would blow me off his cock. When he finished expelling his pent up energy, he pulled away.

His cock came out. I barely had a moment to register the sudden emptiness when I felt the sputtering of my pussy as his seed spilled out.

"You creamed me," I said with a giggle.

He was breathing heavily and had moved till his back was against the wall. Sitting down, he brought his head into his lap.

"What have I done," he sobbed. "I’ve completely ruined my life."

"How so?" I asked loudly to him, enjoying the blissful end of the sex as a pleasant heat spread through me.

"Because we fucked. That smell will never come out," he cried.

"Insult a lady," I said feeling the moment passing. I could relate, but right now, I felt sticky and needed to bathe. I got up from the table. "When you're done, find me in the bath."

I left him in the room alone on purpose. While I could have taken the moment to re-secure him, I decided that I meant the offer. I would like him to stay and I rather that be of his own accord. Moving to the bathroom, I refilled the tub, this time, only putting in some rose smelling bubble bath.

Getting in, I covered up in bubbles and relaxed. My body felt amazingly relaxed. Surprisingly so being that I hadn’t fed off flesh. I have never before gone more than a day without eating something and now it had been over that. The hunger dissipated I began to feel groggy.

Minutes could have passed while I soaked. My bath today would be longer than normal. Had to clean the plumbing well and I rarely go to treat myself. As I sighed contently, I almost missed Jack walking into the bathroom.

"Enough room for two?" he asked.


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