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There is a long pause during which I imagined Bao's heart sinking like a rock as her last hope that I would not come is dashed. " Come in, it's open" her voice cracked as she bade me to enter.
I smile, pushing open the door to the hotel room, entering then turn to lock it. It is 9am of Bao Han's wedding day and I'm here to fuck her in every hole she has before my ex-lover is married. She is dressed, as I had instructed her, in her bridal white lingerie and she looks magnificent. Her pert 41 year old body looking perfect in the white lace bra, panties and stockings, her skin perfectly tanned. Her shoulder length straight black hair is to be styled later that morning but is perfect and best of all her dark eyes glisten with just the merest hint of a tear. It is a erotic sight for a former billionaire lover such as myself.

" You look beautiful Bao. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful bride." " Fuck you." " Hmm. No I think I'd rather fuck you. Now let's not delay I know you've got a busy day ahead of you." Her angry glare is worth the comment and I just return my biggest, cheesiest grin to her. " Turn around and bend over the bed, I want to get a good look at what I'm getting for the next hour." I got the glare again, though this time with a doe eyed pout as she turns and did as I said. I came up close reaching my hands out caressing her silky smooth ass cheeks, they feel like heaven itself. I pull my right hand back and slap her ass hard, it makes her give a little yelp and jump and I enjoy the sight of a red hand print come up on her ass cheek. I see she is biting her lip and I smile as I reach my hand between her legs and manuvering the thin gusset of her panties to one side and begin to probe her cunt with two fingers. I rub and play for a few minutes until Bao is wet despite herself and then I sharply spin her around so she is facing me and shove her down onto the top of the bed on her back.

Bao glowers and growls at me. Bao didn't seem to understand the more she shows her reluctance and annoyance at having to do this the more it fucking turns me on! I put my legs between her slightly spread legs pushing them out so that her wet, hairless pussy is clearly exposed to me. I casually unzipped my trousers pulling out my hard, nine inch, fat cock pointing it at her. " Think I'll have a go at that nice, tight pussy of yours, see what that lucky bastard's letting himself in for. Kinda nice knowing he won't ever have it again quite as tight as I had it!" She wanted to feel me in her hot pussy. It is so wet it is dripping and screaming out, as she could not, that it needed to be filled one last time with my monster cock.

I reach my hand down to spread her legs and insert three fingers. I almost lost it then, when I feel how juicy and tight she is. I suddenly mount her without foreplay shoving myself in all the way to the hilt. She feels my balls smack her ass and feels my cock hit her cervix and sigh. This is what she has been missing. How wonderful this is and she has missed. She is angry, first at herself and then at me for allowing her to break off our relationship. " I'm sure that all his whores let him do this to them." Bao almost lost the pleasure to the anger. When I see the shift in her demeanor and the anger returning in her eyes I decid to switch it up. I suddenly withdraw, bringing her back into the now with a little whimper. " Went away did you? Naughty, naughty. I think that you need to be fucked rough and hard." I push her down deeper onto the mattress and slowly, very slowly begin to insert myself into her. " Wait, wait!!" She thought. " Wrong area! That isn't supposed to go there!" She begins to struggle as I begin to push my cock into her tight ass. She is so wet with her own juices that I didn't need any lubrication. I held her down and told her to be a good girl as I slowly filled her tight virgin ass with my cock. When I'm all the way in, I pause to let her adjust to the strange fullness. She wiggles a bit, and I let her. She is adjusting to the new sensation and realizes that it isn't bad. In fact, it feels good!

She had never envisioned herself as one of those women that liked things rough until she met me. She never would take it up the ass and like it. Yet, here she is enjoying every minute of it. I begin to work in and out of her, slowly, so as not to stretch anything that shouldn't be pushed to the limit until eventually she relaxes and the thrusting starts. She writhes and moans and climaxes twice before my thrusts begin to become more urgent. I begin to growl and hold onto her, digging my fingers into her back. My urgency becomes her pleasure as she eagerly moves her ass up to meet my thrusts until one final time she came as I withdrew and came over her back and hips. She feels my cum slide down her legs and had the crazy idea that she wanted to reach her hand down and taste it. " Cancel your wedding and leave with me." She nods and went to take a shower.

I thought she was going to slap me for that, her scowling face and glare. She didn't so I drop my trousers completely, stepping out of them. Bao is small and tight, which is nice, especially as I force my monster cock inside, the inside walls of her pussy gripping the sides of my cock. I start to thrust in and out of her, my hands roaming over her expensive lingerie, forcing their way below the lace, fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples. " Enjoying yourself Bao? Remembering me fucking you three or four times a day. Making you so wet!" I goaded her and received a good sized mouthful of spit to my face for my trouble. Nice!

I continue slamming rough, hard and deep into fuck her, I reach to my face, wiping her saliva from my face and then push my fingers into her open mouth. " Let's put that back where it belongs." I push my hand further into her mouth until my thumb and four fingers were all in her mouth, pressing down on her tongue. " And don't think of using those nice, white, gleaming teeth. Not if you want to be smiling in any of your wedding photos." She could tell I wasn't kidding about that and I feel her jaw slacken almost immediately. Eventually I remove my slimy hand from her mouth and wipe it in her perfect hair before pulling her bra cups down and exposing her perky little breasts. While I continue to slamming into her I wiggle up, fix my mouth onto her right nipple and begin to chew on it. She squirms and I grin up at her.

" Not like that? Guess you won't like where I'm going next then, will you. Time for that sweet ass of yours to get a test drive. I know you never enjoyed taken it in your tight ass?" I pull my hard cock from her then roughly turn her over so she is face down on the large bed. Again I'm between her legs and I shove her forward so I can kneel on the bed as I press my slick cock tip against her tight, puckered asshole. Oh the sensation as I enter her, the shudders from her as she is invaded by my monster cock plus the tightness against my cock, sliding my foreskin back. I grab her hair in one hand and wrench on it, pulling it up.She moans as I press forward at the crotch, filling her full until I feel my balls bounce against her soft ass cheeks. Then I pull back slowly before lunging forward and beginning a hard ass fucking the likes of which Bao has experienced before.

Bao is squealing and groaning like a stuck pig beneath me, desperate not to make too much noise, after all her family and friends are in hotel rooms not very far from where we are. That excited me more and I slam into her harder and harder, my balls slapping hard on her ass. Hard and noisily. This is so dirty, nasty, rough sex just the type I love. I'm conscious of the time and a deal is a deal, even with a cheating ex-lover. So I pull my throbbing cock from Bao's ass and drag her off the bed with me and onto her knees.

The acceptance in those beautiful, wide faux innocent eyes is a sight to see, as is her cherry red lips. My veiny cock is throbbing and beginning to grow hard again. " Have a good wedding Bao, I'm sure as Pham reaches over to kiss you he won't taste my cum in his bride's mouth will he? I'm sure his small cock won't satisfy you." " Fuck you, you bastard!" I smirk and left, giving the blushing bride plenty of time to get ready for her great day. As I exited her room I phoned my driver to drive the car round to collect me at the entrance to the hotel and asking him to remind me which hen party I'm targeting tonight. As I walk through the corridors I pass a young lady the spitting image of Bao who I had just finished thoroughly fucked, it could only be her younger sister, the bridesmaid. God, I wondered if she was engaged!

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