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That weekend I went to the beach with her and her boyfriend. It was like nothing had happened between Amy and I, she acted completely normal whenever her boyfriend was around. Every time I looked at her body though, her huge tits wrapped in her bikini, my cock got hard and I had to really shift to keep it hidden from her boyfriend. I knew she saw me doing this, and she kept making a point of giving me good views of her cleavage and her ass throughout the day.

The following day her boyfriend had to work at the hospital, and like normal we decided to hang out. I picked her up from their apartment and we headed off to the beach. Halfway there she made me change direction, she said there was another beach she wanted to check out but that her boyfriend never wanted to drive that far. Just like that we headed off to this new beach.

Upon arrival at the beach I noticed a sign clearly warning that the beach was clothing optional. I hesitated and asked Amy what was going on. "My boyfriend would never go to a nude beach with me, but I think you'll enjoy it. Come on", she said. She took me by the hand and lead me down the trail to the small beach a couple hundred yards from where we parked. There were only a dozen people on the beach, three couples, Amy, me, and single men.

Our entrance got looks all around, the eyes of all the men were fixed on Amy. We found a spot and threw down our towels, I was setting up the umbrella when Amy started stripping. She pulled her shirt up over her head, and dropped her shorts, underneath she was wearing one of her typical bikinis. I started stripping down to my swim trunks and got distracted as Amy took off her bikini. The bottoms hit the sand easily falling away from her ass, but the top clung to her tits for a moment concealing her nipples before it finally fell away.

Everyone on the beach was staring at her. Amy sat down and started rubbing suntan lotion all over herself. I got down to my swim trunks and watched as she started massaging the lotion in. The whole beach was riveted. Amy ran her hands up and down between her huge tits, rubbing the lotion into the white patches of skin on her chest. Her hands caused her tits to bounce slightly when she rubbed her the lotion in between and underneath them. My cock was already hard, watching her get completely naked on the warm beach was more than enough, but as she started rubbing the lotion on her breasts I almost came right there.

Her nipples got hard as her hands glided over her tits, the lotion and her sweat making her hands move smoothly and easily. She spent minutes running her hands over her tits, circling her areolas, just barely tweaking her nipples to keep them hard, but everyone on the beach caught their breath when Amy slid her hands down her stomach and toward her bare pussy. I noticed she had recently shaved her pussy, the whole area where her bikini bottoms normally were was bare and white. Amy spread her legs and started running her hands over the pale flesh around her pussy, between her legs, and down the insides of her thighs. Everyone at the beach had a good view of her spread legs, her bare pussy, and her hands moving playfully over the area between her legs.

"Aren't you going to take your shorts off?", she asked looking over at me. I was reluctant, given my raging hard-on, but she kept rubbing herself, distracting me, not even waiting for an answer. She was leaning back on one hand and still rubbing her other hand between her legs, all while looking back at me with this pouty look on her face. The other men on the beach were all hard, their stiff cocks sticking out into the warm beach air. The women on the beach were all looking hatefully at Amy, their own naked bodies failing to attract attention anymore.

As Amy finished rubbing her suntan lotion into her thighs and pussy she turned to me, now intent to get my shorts off, and I watched stunned as she reached over and undid the string holding them up. She tugged them over my hard cock and pulled them down, letting them drop to the sand, my cock bounced in front of me just inches from her face; she smiled up at me. There was a moment where she paused, and I was certain she was going to put her mouth on my cock, I think everyone on the beach was sure of it. The moment passed and she sat back, moving away from me. I sat down under the umbrella, trying to hide my erection from everyone else on the beach. It didn't matter, as I soon realized, everyone was watching Amy finish rubbing lotion down her legs and over her feet.

After a minute she asked me to help her rub lotion on her back. I eagerly complied, I couldn't wait to get both my hands on her body, even if it was just her back. She sat down in front of me, between my legs, and leaned forward to give me full access to her back. For a few minutes I completely enjoyed running my hands over her back, I even started to massage her muscles a bit. It was obvious that she was enjoying it, her eyes were closed and her nipples were still hard, both of which did nothing to help calm down my erection.

"Okay, we have to get some lotion on you. You don't want to burn", Amy said to me as she turned around. Grabbing up the bottle of suntan lotion she spread her legs, and tucked them under mine, moving in closer. The way she was sitting blocked everyone else at the beach from seeing her tits or my cock. "Put out your hands", she told me. I did and she squeezed some lotion into my hands. "Okay, you better start on your arms and chest. I'll help so we can get to relaxing".

I was rubbing the lotion into my arms and chest when Amy reached her hands down, both covered in lotion, and grabbed onto my cock. Surprised I asked her what she was doing. "You'll never be able to relax if we don't do something about this", she wiggled my cock as she finished her sentence. "So I'm going to help you relax", she said as she started running her hand up and down my cock. Her other hand reached down and cupped my balls, softly massaging them.

Amy's motions got more vigorous, her hand jerking up and down my cock faster. I was transfixed watching Amy's hands on my cock, everyone else on the beach may not have been able to see what was happening, but they probably had a good idea. It didn't take long, in less than a minute I started shooting cum. Amy skillfully directed my cock so that my entire load landed on her thighs, cunt, and chest. After I finished spewing my cum on her, she rubbed it into her skin, moving back and forth over her legs and pussy until my cum all but disappeared.

She turned back away from me, leaving me to finish applying my own suntan lotion. We spent a few hours on the beach enjoying the sun and wind, Amy enjoying all the stares that she was getting from the men. Everyone else on the beach tried pretending not to look, but it was obvious that Amy was the center of attention that day. Thankfully I was able to relax a bit and avoided getting hard again, but Amy spent the day shifting and changing positions to keep the rest of the men on the beach hard. Shortly before it was time to leave Amy suggested we get in the water. The cool water against my skin was a nice change from the hot beach.

Shortly after we got into the water Amy swam up next to me. She was whispering in my ear, it was a ruse for the people on the beach. I'm sure from the shore it looked like she was just swimming next to me and whispering to me, but in reality she was rubbing her body against mine under the water. We were up to our shoulders in the water, and she had positioned herself with one leg wrapped around one of mine her tits rubbing up against my arm. As she whispered to me I could feel her grinding her pussy against my leg, "You like the feel of my body against yours?"

"The feel of my tits against you makes me so wet", she continued whispering while grinding against me. I felt one of her hands on my cock, she was fondling it slowly bringing it back to life. "I should make you cum again, right here in front of everyone", she teased me. It was obvious she was getting more aroused by rubbing her cunt against me and talking dirty to me. "Maybe we should go back to my place and you can rub your cock between my tits again, we should enough time before my boyfriend comes home and finds us. Maybe you want to get caught though". I looked at her shocked, but she was teasing.

She grabbed my hands and moved them to her sides, then I felt her other hand slide between my leg and her body, she was now fingering herself while grinding against my leg. I couldn't help myself, my hands moved to her tits and I started massaging them under the water. Her grinding intensified, the speed of her hand on my cock increased, and I knew she was getting closer to cumming. "Make me cum", she told me, "and I will make you cum". She removed her hand from her pussy and grabbed one of my hands then guided it down her chest to her cunt. I slipped two fingers inside her and she started grinding again, rubbing against my hand hard.

One of her hands was still holding onto my cock, keeping just enough pressure on me to keep me hard, but it was obvious she wasn't interested in getting me off. Instead she just continued rocking her hips back and forth, my fingers wiggling inside her, her clit rubbing against my palm. She had moved closer to me to get my fingers deeper inside her pussy, and I glanced back to see what kind of attention we were getting from the beach. Sure enough everyone was watching us intently and all the cocks on the beach were still at attention.

"I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum...", she whispered to me frantically. Amy thrust her hips against me hard a couple times as she came, her pussy grinding down against my hand. I squeezed her tits against my chest with her hand as she orgasmed, I loved the feel of her huge tits against me. She moaning softly in my ear, her grinding slowing down. When she finished cumming she kissed my neck, just below my ear, and then said, "We should go. We can head back to my place and take a shower to get all this sand off".

We got back to our blanket and umbrella on the beach, my hard-on bobbing from side to side the whole way as I walked. I put my swim trunks back on and my shirt, Amy didn't even bother with her swim suit though, she bent over to pick up her shorts and shirt giving the whole beach a perfect view of her bare ass and pussy. To the disappointment of all the guys on the beach she slipped her shirt over her head and pulled her shorts on. The water on her chest soaked her white shirt through and her huge tits might as well have been uncovered. We made our way back to her place like that.

When we got back to Amy's place she called her boyfriend to see if he was going to be home for dinner; she acted disappointed when he said no. She was right to suggest that we shower to get the sand off, I had sand in the most uncomfortable places. "Go ahead and shower, I'll order some dinner", she said still holding the phone, waving me toward the bathroom. I started the shower and got in, I was just finishing washing the sand off my body when Amy came into the bathroom. "I ordered some pizza, I hope that's alright", she said peeking over the shower door.

Amy pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped her shorts to the floor. Naked, she climbed into the shower with me, again it was a really tight fit. As soon as her body rubbed up against mine I got hard. She'd spent the whole ride home teasing me, playing with her tits, and adjusting her shorts, supposedly to get sand out, but she and I both knew she was teasing me.

In the shower she started teasing me again. She pushed me to the side of the shower and got under the water, letting it run over her face, around her tits, and down her chest and legs. The water was washing some of the sand away but not a lot, so she started using her hands to get the sand off of her. I spent a few minutes watching her run her hands over her wet body, lifting her tits, kneading them, pushing them apart, spreading open her pussy lips, massaging her thighs and arms. Amy never took her eyes off me the whole time. I finally lost control when she lifted one of her tits and sucked her nipple into her mouth.

Our bodies had only been inches apart, and multiple times she had brushed against my cock or her tits had rubbed against me. I couldn't take anymore teasing so I stepped the half step between us and pushed her against the wall of the shower, pinning her body with mine. We kissed, our tongues wildly lashing at each other as I grabbed two handfuls of her tits. I pinched and teased her nipples and she moaned softly into my mouth. She was obviously getting worked up also so I moved one of my hands from her tit down her side, heading slowly toward her dripping pussy.

My hand was an inch away from her clit when she grabbed my wrist and stopped my hand. "Get me off with your mouth, eat my pussy and suck on my clit", she ordered me. It was obvious that she liked being in control. She brushed my hands aside, put her hands on my shoulders, and pushed me down gently. I eagerly dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch, my tongue immediately going to her clit. Her hips started bucking back and forth, grinding her pussy against my face as I kneeled in front of her in the shower. I moved lower and stuck my tongue between her pussy lips and into her cunt, digging as deep as I could.

Amy was moaning louder now and I looked up to see her pinching her nipples while squeezing her tits against her chest. She was looking down at me with lust in her eyes. I returned to her clit and sucked it into my mouth, pinching it between my lips while rubbing it with my tongue. That was enough, she came right then, her hips pushed against my face and she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy hard. "OH. OH. OH. Ooohhh...", her body convulsed with each moan causing her huge tits to bounce over my head.

"You want to fuck me?", she asked me teasingly. I was getting up from my knees, and she stepped back as far as she could to give me room. "Your cock is so hard", she rubbed my cock gently as she said it. "You want to fuck me?", she asked again. She must have seen the lust in my eyes and taken that as a yes because she turned her back toward me and stuck out her ass. I hesitated for a moment but Amy said smiling, "Don't worry, I'm on the pill. My boyfriend is a doctor after all". That was all I needed to hear, I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and guided my cock toward her waiting cunt.

Entering her was absolute heaven. Tit fucking Amy was amazing, but her pussy was unbelievable. Amy's cunt was tight as I entered her, but she reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me into her. Her hands gripped tight, pulling me into her so fast I'm sure it hurt her, but she just moaned deep and long as I plunged the last of my cock into her. Immediately she started pushing back against me, fucking herself on my cock, it was obvious that she didn't care I was there, I was just a tool for her to use.

Amy was bouncing her ass back and forth, rubbing her pussy up and down my cock. My balls were slapping against her with each thrust and she was moaning constantly. I was trying hard not to cum, she had worked me up so much with her teasing through the day, but the feel of her cunt lips rubbing up against the sides of my throbbing cock was amazing. Her speed and moaning intensified, her ass slapping against me making a loud smacking noise with each thrust. "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...", she was chanting.

I reached up from behind her and grabbed her tits, she had moved her hands up to brace herself against the wall so that she could increase her speed. We were timing our movements perfectly, my cock plunging into her willing cunt as she pushed back at me, and we were positioned so that we had as much room in the shower to piston as possible. "I'm cumming... oh Fuck!", Amy practically shouted, and then her moans got so loud that she was screaming. I knew for sure the people in the other apartments in the building heard her.

She finished cumming, changed her rhythm, and moved slightly to bring her legs together. As soon as she did the sensation changed, her cunt became really tight against my cock, it was practically sucking me into her as if her pussy didn't want to let me go. I couldn't resist cumming anymore, I started shoving my cock deep into her, my thrusts shorter and harder. Amy was practically pinned against the wall of the shower I was pushing against her that hard. She reached back with one of her hands and grabbed hold of my balls, massaging them gently, and that pushed me over the edge.

Pushing deep into her cunt I started cumming. As I spewed my load deep into her I pushed hard against her, not moving, just keeping my cock deep inside her. Amy pushed back against me, holding me as deep as I could get, her one hand massaging my balls and her other holding my ass. I thought I was going to pass out I came so hard. Amy held me inside her for a minute, turning her body a bit so that she could kiss me, digging her tongue into my mouth. We spent another minute in the shower, cleaning each other off. "I should go get the pizza", Amy said. She got out of the shower and toweled off before wrapping herself in a bath robe and leaving the bathroom. I spent a few more minutes in the shower, cleaning off and enjoying the feel of the water, before I also got out of the shower and went out to have some dinner with Amy... wondering how long before her boyfriend got home.

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