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Work was busy and it was a very long day that never felt like it was going to end; now the topper on the cake is rain as I walk home. The rain has made the streets darker than usual. The light seemed dimmer, the shadows deeper, more ominous, like one wrong move and they could swallow you whole, I should have taken the bus.

I hurry along tucked into my jacket. I hear footsteps behind me. I think nothing of it; I live in a big city after all. I keep up my brisk pace but hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. Suddenly I feel a strong tug and I’m pulled back and thrown to the ground. My jacket pulled from my shoulders.

Sitting exposed on the sidewalk the rain starts to soak through my sweater. A shady figure grabs me and pulls me towards the black shadows of the alley way. I kick and yell for help, my voice can’t carry under the heavy rain. I struggle to try to get away.

Hidden away from sight in the alley I feel hands start to rip at my clothes, my jacket pulled away. I feel my skirt starting to be lifted. I scream into the rain only to feel like it is dampening my efforts, kicking as hard as I can. I’m helpless to fight against an attacker of his size.

A hand starts to slide up my leg and I close my eyes knowing what’s going to come next. Suddenly the hand wasn't there. I hear scuffling followed by a loud thump of a body hitting the ground. I open my eyes to see my attacker tied up lying bloodied on the ground.

Stunned I don't move for a short time. I just sat trying to catch my breath. Out of the shadows a hand reaches towards me, a voice softly asks, "Are you ok? Don't be scared we're here to help."

I lift my hand and place it into his. The moment my hand touches his I’m taken aback for a moment, it feels cold and wet, I know it’s raining but it just feels off. I ignore my reaction and fully place my hand in his. Three fingers, but feels like a full hand. He helps me to my feet. My eyes having time to adjust to the darkness I see a figure in front of me. It's tall and the voice of a man but his body is built different.

Through the rain I see a figure in the shadows, "Thank you for saving me from that guy. If you didn't come along I would have been in serious trouble. I guess this makes you my guardian, something." I say, still trying to catch my breath.

"We couldn't just sit by and watch someone hurt an innocent person" The voice from the shadow says.

"We, there's more than just you?" In all the commotion I couldn’t tell.

"My brothers and I, I’m Donatello." He says.

Unusual name I thought to myself but who am I to judge.

"My names Aimee, thanks again."

"Did you wish to have an escort home, my brothers and I can make sure you get home safe?" I hear whispers of protest from the shadows and arguments but can’t make out what they’re saying.

"Knights in shining armor are you? Thanks but I don't know if that’s a good idea since I’m talking to a group strangers in a obscure alley that I have no idea who you are or how many of you there are." I am still unsure of these guys at this point, but they did rescue me, they can’t be all bad.

"Technically you're talking to just one of us and nothing personal we're not that into being seen by people, they don't usually react to well to seeing us, also for the record there’s four of us." Donatello says.

I shrug my shoulders; "Fair enough" I walk forward and lift my hand. I reach out to touch the torso of my savior. Gently he grabs my hand. "Don't be afraid" Donatello says, "we're not here to hurt you, we're here to help. Before I let you proceed I should warn you..."

Before Donatello could say anything further I hear a voice from behind him say, "Donnie, we need to go, this is dangerous, you remember what Master Splinter said, don't let anyone see us, it’s dangerous."

"I know what he said Leo but this feels different. She's different." Donnie says.

"Please Donatello" I ask, "Let me see the face of the man who saved me."

I hear a snort from the shadows "Man is kind of a loose term there." Another voice says.

"Shut up Raph!" Donatello says, "Ok Aimee, but I can't go out onto the street. I will show you but I need to take you somewhere we will be out of view."

"That’s not concerning at all to a woman who was just attacked by a stranger and rescued by another stranger and now taking off with that stranger to an unknown location." I joke.

"Trust me." he says in a quiet and confident voice.

I surrender to him; he pulls me towards him and scoops me up in his arms. His arms are strong, solid muscle. His body feels hard and smooth but not like a normal torso. Hang on and don't be scared. With ease he jumps, I hold tight to his arms. He leaps jumps and flips with ease like I’m nothing more than a doll to him. We reach the roof top, still hidden by the shadows he gently lets me down.

"Are you ready?" He asks.

"As I’ll ever be." I say quietly.

"Promise you won't run away, you don't need to be scared." Donnie says.

"I'm on a rooftop I couldn't run very far if I wanted." I joke.

I watch as his figure moves towards the light. My eyes grow wide with disbelief and excitement as his form becomes clear.

"You’re turtles? Oh my god, you're fucking turtles. But how, is this possible, this is so cool, how did this happen? I was saved by Turtles!" I say with absolute excitement, I jump up and down not believing how cool this is.

All four are now standing in the light; they look at each other with confusion, though I can’t help but notice their eyes when I was jumping. Feeling self-conscious, I stop jumping and try to regain composure.

The turtle in blue steps forward, "You're not scared of us? Not exactly the reaction we were expecting."

"No way would I be scared, you very well may have saved my life, thank you so much." I am so excited nothing this weird or cool has ever happened to me before."

The one in blue responded," I'm Leonardo or Leo for short; you've already met Donnie, or Donatello. He gestures to the one in red, that's Raphael or Raph for short. This is the youngest Michelangelo."

"By like 30 minutes dude, I’m still 19 like the rest of you." Michelangelo says in a frustrated tone, he then turns to me, "And Aimee you can call me Mikey." He says with a smirk and thumbs up.

"Technically 38 minutes, to be exact." Donatello says.

"NOT NOW DONNIE!" The three others yell in unison.

I laugh, it felt good to have some of the tension eased, "So, Donnie, Leo, Raph and Mikey, got it." It’s at that point I notice they have weapons. "So what's with the weapons?"

"We're trained in the sacred art of Ninjutsu. We help defend the people of this city, prevent crimes like we did tonight." Raph says.

I feel hot tears form in my eyes. The gravity of what almost happened finally hit me. I rush forward and put my arms around Donnie’s shoulders and kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you so much, thank you guys. If you didn't come to my rescue…" The words catch in my throat.

Donnie puts his arms around me, I'm glad we made it in time, you're very welcome.

I was surprised at how tender his touch was despite his build, I felt protected in his arms, I wanted to stay there. After a few moments I could feel his blood starting to flow and his he started to blush. I finally let go of him.

It’s only when I pull back from him, I realize I’m cold and my sweater is soaked completely through from the rain. This was the wrong day to wear a thin white sweater and thin bra. I'm completely visible and nipples hard. I realize now my jacket is still pulled off my shoulders from earlier. Leo tenderly slides my jacket back onto my shoulders, I feel a rush of warmth through my body as our eyes meet and his hand touches my shoulder.

"We, uh, better get you home." Leo says, quickly looking away.

Donnie scooped me back into his arms and I direct them to where my apartment is, for once grateful I’m on a top floor.

With ease he leaps from building to building silently moving through the night. Before I knew it we were outside my apartment on the fire escape. I slide my window open and slip into my apartment.

"Did you want to stay for a while?" I ask, hoping they would want to stay, I’m still feeling uneasy from earlier.

Donnie, about to say something, is quickly interrupted by Leo, "Sorry Aimee we have a mission tonight."

"Oh, ok. Well, you're welcome to stop by any time." I insist.

"We will, good night Aimee it was nice meeting you." Leo says and silently, as though they were shadows themselves they disappear.

I search the rooftops hoping to catch just one last glimpse of my knights in shining, shells against the reflections from the lights, nothing. As quickly as they had appeared and saved me they were gone.

The cold hits me again. I strip down. I am about to step into a hot shower when I sense something behind me. I turn as Donatello taps on my window. Wearing only my towel I rush over to open the window.

Caught off guard by seeing me in only a towel he becomes almost too nervous to speak "I… didn't have a chance to ask this… um earlier but I wanted to know if you'd like to hang out some time, maybe?"

"You mean like a date?" I tease and give him a smile.

Even more nervous he places his hand behind his head and stumbles on his words, "Well, um.. well, yea kind of, if you're ok with that or don't think it too weird."

I touch my fingers to his lips and put my arms around his shoulders again." Donatello, I’d love to hang out. I'm home tomorrow night if you'd like."

As he turns to leave I grab his hand and pull him back to me. I put my lips against his. I wrap both my arms around his neck and push my body to his. I could feel his body getting hot and I could feel him getting hard against my body.

"What, what was that for?" He asks with a smile, blushing.

"For saving me and giving me a lift home, come by tomorrow night if you can. I look forward to seeing you again."

With that he slips back into the night.

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