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A very curious community & spiritual leader, substance abuse counselor, and former addict. I wanna be free to be honest and ask questions. In my over 20 years of work in the field, I have always believed that the reports on cannabis/noids has been incredibly biased, while the science based research has been anything but conclusive in either direction. So, I have decided to just jump back in, and do more practical research myself. I need to be somewhat undercover, because all of the religious people I know would make my life miserable. But, I also know that marijuana is not a "gateway" drug for me, and if there is any medicinal value or just different experiences with different strains now, I want to know about them and be able to ask questions. I have unpacked by 30 year old 3 &1/2 foot Ken Griffey Jr. bong, and I am going to do some experimenting. God bless you all.
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