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“The Finest Flowers Grown in the Sweetest Soil”
We are a state licensed caregiver growing small batch, artisan, MOFGA certified clean, organic cannabis. Grown in hand-made soil with clean water, our craft cannabis is of the highest quality (no waxy fillers or bottled flavor additives). With an emphasis on trichome preservation and Terpenes (essential oils), the quality of our product is never compromised. Cured on the stalk and always hand trimmed, our cannabis is crafted by a local husband and wife team who are dedicated and have years of experience in plant-medicine. With a “less is more approach” you will find a different experience with our flowers. Our patients experience more relief, and the oil content of our plants are sure to please any concentrate enthusiast. We offer free delivery in York County and the greater Portland area. Because patient experience is our #1 priority, we are always available for consults and happy to answer any questions. In addition to a wide variety of premium flower strains, we offer topicals, edibles and extracts. All of our products are tested by ProVerde Laboratories.
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