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we are dealers of medical mj was wondering if you are interested in any of our strains we grow and sell top

quality medical grade hybrid, sativa and indica strains, indoor and 100% organic. I Supply To Both

Patients And Stoners. my strains help for treatment of terminal cancer, diabetes, pain, depression, anxiety,

and many other conditions.

indoor Prices only on units $1600 per Pound

But if you tryna grab more than a pound then i can cut down my prices on weight from 2 Pounds ima give you for $1500

each a pound, from 3 to 5 ima give you for $1200 each a pound, from 5 to 9 ima give you for $1100 each a pound, from 10

pounds an above ima give you for a $1000 each bro

Smaller amounts available in what I have open. Usually top indoor.

Distillates cartridges, $25 per full gram

I am safe to work with looking for the same.

More pics available.Whats App me @

+1(530)839-3119 if you are serious we dont trade by text but Whats App cos its all about discreetness 100%
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