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CannaStore is the definitive online market-place for Cannabis and related goods, products and merchandise.

We give businesses low-cost access to an E-commerce platform where they can market and sell products, simplifying operations. Its goal is to help legal cannabis companies gain access to an increasingly wide target audience and grow as much as possible.
E-commerce has revolutionized retailing and product distribution in general. No market, niche or otherwise, will survive without a strong presence in E-commerce. Whether it’s business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), E-commerce must be a part of any business and marketing strategy. If only this tool was as accessible to the Cannabis industry as it is to any other…

Today digital channels are mostly unavailable to legal marijuana businesses due to censorship, unclear legislation, and the persistent negative stigma they still have. This changes with CannaStore, the digital market-place tailored for the needs of the Cannabis Industry and the Cannabis Enthusiast alike.

CannaStore addresses the limitations businesses are facing by establishing a highly efficient digital marketplace. Here businesses can legally sell their cannabis-related products taking full advantage of the powerful tools made available thanks to digital and mobile technologies.

CannaStore provides consumers with a much wider variety of products to choose from, each rated and vetted by fellow consumers. Thus, lowering barriers to entry, increasing competition, and hence improving prices and the quality of the products on offer.

On CannaStore the Marijuana enthusiast can find the best products offered by the best companies from all around the world, at the best prices.
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