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Looking for your B2B Los Angeles Cannabis partner that can help you build your brand with distribution, white label cultivation & processing?

Hybrid LA is a team of experienced growers, processors and technologists who take the artisanal, “farm-to-table” methodologies of small-batch producers and apply them to serve larger markets.

We offer wholesale cannabis distribution, white label cannabis cultivation, cannabis manufacturing & processing, cannabis packaging and expert cannabis digital marketing services for our partner brands and also as a stand alone service.

Our flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals are sourced from only the finest products and materials, and we pay close attention to the little details that are often overlooked or neglected by mass production.

Hybrid LA makes starting and operating your cannabis brand more simple. Contact us today.

3495 Union Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90023
1 (833) 349-2743
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