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Talking to Yourself When You Are High? Does Cannabis Cause More Internal Conversations in the Mind?
Of course, these benefits seem to be a trend but it isn’t a given that if you harbor positive self-talk that you’ll receive these benefits. It only shows that the majority of the people who engage in this type of thinking seem to exhibit these benefits. Negative Self-Talk on the other hand can lead to depression, increased stress, which increases cortisol, which has a negative effect on immune function, and a plethora of other potential negative side effects.
Malawi Gold - The Gold Standard Strain for Sativa Lovers?
This strain has an intense therapeutic quality. Its rarity prevents it's from being as mainstream as it ought to be. Malawi gold is a classic Sativa strain which when used can provide relief from stress, depression, and chronic fatigue. Medical personnel prescribes Malawi gold strains for patients suffering from pains including headaches and intense migraines. Mental disorders like ADHD can be managed effectively with this strain. Malawian weed helps the user to retain focus in stressful moments.
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Can Cannabis Keep Your Brain Young?
In 2021, we know this is not true considering that almost half of all US adults have tried cannabis at one point in time. While this harmful stereotype was used to deter people from smoking under the assumption that “cannabis negatively impacts the brain” – science is shedding new light on this topic.
Why Dutchie Matters
Dutchie has come a long way since it was founded. The company has gone on to reach a valuation of $3.75 billion after raising a total of $350 million in series D of its second large round of funding. This new valuation more than doubles what was announced early this year.
Himalayan Weed - Nepal Introduces Cannabis Legalization Legislation
Exactly 44 years later, the idea of legalizing marijuana has grown to be popular in Nepal. Campaigners and supporters are now looking to legalize the use, farming, and export of cannabis once again. Campaigners have submitted a bill in the parliament that would see to the organization of cannabis. However, there's been a delay in debate as squabbles continue between political parties for power.
Are You High or Are You Stoned? Wait? What? Is There a Difference?
You are now better equipped with information about the differences between the concept of being stoned and being high. However, if you want to know if you are couch-locked or if you are energetic the next time you enjoy a smoke, then you should observe the Chemovar profile in your chosen strain. 
The Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry Debate - Does Branding Really Matter in the Future for Cannabis Products?
On one side of the fence, many MSOs and invested VC’s are telling the world branding matters and brands are the future of cannabis. On the other side of the argument are digital tech guys and analytics guys saying that every survey ever done on consumer habits in Canada and North America shows that branding doesn’t matter to  cannabis consumers that much.  The most famous survey of Canadian consumers found out that most consumers can’t remember what they bought, what color package they bought, or how much they used.  They do remember the price point and if the product achieved the results, they wanted for the price paid, ie, see the Budweiser example above.
Massachusetts Awards Exclusive 3-Year Weed Delivery Licenses Solely to Social Equity Applicants
Officials of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission have defined the goal of the equity program as a means for creating a sustainable cannabis industry. The industry must have a significant impact on people who have been out at a disadvantage by the disproportionate arrests and high incarceration rates.
How to Make Your CBD Packaging Stand Out from the Crowd
The CBD market is full of high-quality products from many different manufacturers. As a result, you may not be able to stand out on quality alone. Put time, effort, and money into packaging products and design to help your products capture people’s eyes both online and in-store. The more you prioritize this part of your business, the happier you may be with the results.
Are There Different Ways to Legalize Cannabis, Now?
In 2015, a group of Drug Policy Experts put together a guide that outlines 12 different potential ways that governments could legalize weed. A recent Vox article spoke about this making the argument that while prohibition is not the ideal – full scale commercialization might also not be the right solution.
Marijuana State of Emergency - Oregon County Declares State of Emergency over Illegal Pot Grows
Bootleg cannabis farmers pretend to be legal hemp farmers when they first set up shop in the state. The majority of these operations use Josephine and Jackson counties as a base for their illegal black market activities. They grow high THC amounts of marijuana, harvest, and sometimes process the buds, after which they sell within and outside the state. The illegal operations are money-grabbing schemes focused on earning higher profits while working around the payment of taxes to the state.

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