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Arkansas Sells $33 Million in Medical Marijuana in Just the Last 6 Weeks
Arkansas' legal medical cannabis market made a total of $33 million in sales from mid-July till the last day in August. The number of Arkansans spending their dollars at legal dispensaries in the state increases each passing day. Making $33 million in sales in just six weeks is record-breaking in the state. This figure means there was at least an increase of $6 million additional sales throughout the time frame when compared to sales in earlier months.
Marijuana for Motion Sickness?
The symptoms of motion sickness are usually not too serious but can cause great uneasiness. The common symptoms of motion sickness include sweating, shortness of breath, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, pale skin, and yawning. While the symptoms of motion sickness are not serious, regular occurrence of this condition results in more serious issues like a phobia of travel.
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Crain Publishing Snaps up Deb Borchardt's Green Market Report as Cannabis Media Gets Even Hotter
If you are not familiar with Deb’s work on CNBC and as a financial analyst, she is a female news media pioneer in the cannabis space. Deb, and Cynthia Salarizadeh, started Green Market Report over 5 years ago and have built the marijuana financial news website into a powerhouse. While nothing in the cannabis space has been easy over the last 5 years, Deb not only had to overcome the usual obstacles in the cannabis media space such as ad regulations, social media account shutdowns, no paid advertising allowed, and “getting the cold shoulder” from mainstream media sites, but also had to battle the “bro-culture” and bullying that exists in the cannabis space for female-lead startups.
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The 7 Key Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow
Cannabis cultivators will agree that the best experience with planting cannabis is planted and monitored outdoors. This is an excellent time to prepare your plants for the outdoor experience and to do that successfully, you will need the most fail-proof tips and strategies. Here are the top seven ways through which you can have a flourishing outdoor marijuana garden. 
Why This 'No Smoking' Sign Got 87,000 Upvotes on Reddit
A No Smoking Sign posted on Reddit garnered more than 87,000 up votes because it included a “no vaping” and a “no marijuana” symbol on it. There was a time when the idea of putting up a “no smoking weed sign” would have been laughed at or seen as a joke – however in this case, it’s a real sign in a real hotel.
Marijuana Odor During a Traffic Stop is Not Probable Cause for Arrest Says Delaware Supreme Court
The established grounds for the case were drawn from a 2019 traffic stop which resulted in a marijuana-related arrest. In this case, the court has previously ruled that the smell of alcohol under the driver’s breath doesn’t stand as enough probable cause for a DUI arrest. This established premise helped to stand the ground for the same application to the case of the 15-year-old who was arrested in similar circumstances.
The Volcanic Nation of Ghana Wants to Legalize Cannabis Farming
Ghana rethinking its cannabis cultivation laws is one of the best decisions this administration could have made. It joins the list of African countries, like Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia, and Uganda, that grant administrative licenses to farmers for the commercial cultivation of cannabis hemp for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes.
Why Don't Canadians Like to Buy Legal Weed? 20% of Legally Produced Marijuana Actually Get Sold to Consumers in Canada
The Canadian corporate cannabis company reported that the licensed companies in the Canadian industry are actively destroying legally grown products. This is surprising as the recreational cannabis legislation is merely a few years old and the industry should not be partaking in such a level of destruction.
Cannabis and Existentialism - The Epiphanies of the Stoned
We are under the illusion of the static self. “I am” is a fallacy because it indicates permanence.  It’s true that the “core self” – the being that wears you (the personality) like a mask – remains consistent. However, the self (ego) is in constant flux and is merely a projection of past and present experience. Thus, when you begin to alter experience and how you respond to these experiences – you begin to morph the ego into a different reflection.
Doobies for Boobies - Arizona Dispensary Trading Joints for Bras to Help Fight Breast Cancer
In anticipation of the upcoming breast cancer awareness month, October, A Phoenix-area cannabis dispensary chain has begun a campaign with an Arizona nonprofit group. The dispensary chain is giving out pre-rolled joints for free to Arizona customers who give a bra or more to the campaign. The campaign is commendable because breast cancer is one of, if not the major form of cancer that cuts the lives of many Arizona women short. Awareness campaigns like this help residents know the do's and don't require to prevent breast cancer.
The Top Reasons Why Cannabis Users Distrust the Government
By 1980, only 26% of Americans trusted the government. Then during the Raegan era, under the guise of the drug war – the government “went tough on crime” while waging a Cold War with Russia that was winding down into its last decade. By the mid-1990s, the overall trust in the government was in the low 20%.

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