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Bonsaiajuana - How to Make Your Marijuana Plant a Bonsai Tree
In the quest to develop the best buds with potent cannabinoids, the practice of growing and maintaining cannabis bonsai trees came to be. These plants are usually no longer than a few centimeters and are often used as a source of clone clippings, then planted outdoors or indoors. These mother plants are not genetically different from the full-grown mother plants, and the yield clippings have similar genetic and physical features.
What is Psilocybin and Why are People Taking It? (2022 Legal Edition)
Psilocybin’s therapeutic benefits have been recognized by the medical industry too. The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research has invested in a psychedelic and psilocybin therapy and research center, thanks to $17 million in funding, so that researchers can learn more about psychedelics, how they can help treat illness, and develop new treatments for behavioral disorders.
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What to Purge and What to Keep as a Stoner in 2022 - Weedscraft Part 4
What I am about to suggest many people might know as “Spring Cleaning”, in where you go through your house and scrub it down in Spring Time. Getting rid of the old and unused stuff. In essence, with this ritual you are doing the same – however, you are also energetically untying yourself from the “things” in your life that has gone stagnant.
The LA Dilemma - Los Angeles Has 900 Legal Dispensaries and 2,800 Illegal Trap Shop Dispensaries
As much as LA has one of the highest populations of legal cannabis operators in the United States, it also has an even more alarming number of illegal cannabis stores. For every legal cannabis dispensary in the city, there are at least two more illegal ones. More and more illegal cannabis dispensaries are setting up shops around LA cities and selling marijuana to unsuspecting customers.
The Perfect CBD to THC Ratio? New Study Says 1 to 1 is the Best Ratio for Therapeutic Effects
The study’s subjects were tasked to smoke cannabis flower with various ratios, which were randomly assigned. These included 24% THC and 1% CBD, 23% CBD and 1% THC, as well as flowers that had almost equal ratios of each, 10% THC and 9% CBD. After an hour, the researchers measured their effects. They found that the patients who smoked the THC dominant cannabis and those who smoked nearly equal ratios and those who smoked the flowers with almost equal ratios experienced similar positive benefits. The difference was that the participants who consumed samples with nearly equal ratios reported less negative side effects including paranoia and anxiety.
Psilocybin Mushrooms May Be Rescheduled in UN Drug Treaties Before Marijuana? Wait, What?
Could a worldwide policy change be the best way to kickstart research into the medicinal potential of psilocybin? A new movement for international psychedelic reform has been put in motion. A global coalition consisting of the Beckley Foundation, the Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Drug Science and Open Foundation, and the Mind Medicine Australia agency launched this Push last Tuesday.
Ganja Theories - Are Vampire Thoughtforms Siphoning Your Energy and Life Force?
I once read this book called “The Book of Atem” which talks about the existence of “memetic entities”. In essence, the concept explains that memetic entities are thoughtforms that live in multiple people’s minds. For example, Superman is a comic book character that has been interpreted in film, television, comics, mentioned in songs, and so forth. Superman has a backstory and heavy influence on pop culture and if you were to die tomorrow, Superman would continue to live on in the minds of millions of people.
Do You Know the Difference Between Cannabis Strains, Phenotypes, and Cultivars?
Botanically speaking, strains and cultivars refer to plants that were sexually breeded by seed propagation. Selected plant seeds, such as those chosen because they express certain characteristics, are used to create another generation. During sexual reproduction of cannabis plants,  mutations can occur though they usually affect just one plant which the breeder can usually remove from the rest of the population.
Smoking Cannabis and Drinking Alcohol Makes You Have Better Orgasms and Sexual Function Says New Medical Study
In other words, the found a correlation between being drunk or high and performing better sexually than their non-drinking /smoking peers as noted here; Participants at high risk had higher arousal and orgasm scores than those who were not at risk for cannabis problems. Improvements in sexual function were found between people who were at high risk of having alcohol problems and those who were not at risk. Of course, this doesn’t mean that smoking weed or drinking alcohol will make you better in the sack. Far from it, what the paper is eluding to is that people lose their “fear” of engaging with the opposite sex and thereby have higher sexual function.
A Cannabis Miracle in Asia - Thailand FDA Recommends Removal of Cannabis from Controlled Substance List
Just this week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand stated they were going to propose to remove cannabis from the controlled substances list, reports Bloomberg. If the board agrees, the next step would require approval from the Health Minister Anutin Charnivirakul, before the law is active in Thailand. Should this go to plan, it would mean that Thai citizens could enjoy easier access to cannabis without worrying about going to jail or having to pay big fines.
The US Federal Government Just Bought a Ton of Marijuana for Medical Research for the First Time Ever
Since 1971, a single facility at the University of Mississippi has been in charge of producing cannabis plants for research purposes at the federal level. This monopoly prevented other facilities (public and private-owned) from growing marijuana for experimental reasons. In 2016, the DEA began to remove the monopoly on marijuana for medical research. Finally, they achieved what they set out to do in May 2021. The applications of several cannabis companies were approved by mid-2021. Groff Hemplex and the Biopharmaceutical Research Company revealed that they have been fully registered in the DEA database and have started cultivating cannabis plants. The first phase of harvest, which started about a month ago, will be forwarded to research facilities. Marijuana researchers across the country have commended this development.

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