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Das Bong! Germany Legalizes Recreational Cannabis as Europe's Green Wave Officially Kicks Off!
Germany has made a groundbreaking move by giving the go-ahead for personal use of recreational cannabis, signaling a notable change in the nation's drug policy. The federal parliament of Germany, the Bundestag, finalized this historic decision today. A substantial 407 MPs rallied behind the legislation; 226 stood in opposition, and four opted to abstain.
8 Things To Know Before You Try Your First Cannabis Products
More regions are also legalizing cultivation and consumption, giving people confidence when trying it out. Whether you’re seeking cannabis products for recreational enjoyment or medical purposes, there is basic information you need to understand, and here is the breakdown.
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Go Ahead and Swipe or Tap Your Card to Pay for Those Pre-Rolls and Gummies - First Citizens Bank Jumps into Marijuana Banking
In a statement published on the company website on January 12, 2024, First Citizens firm revealed the news. The bank said it planned to expand into the broader cannabis sector using its robust hemp/CBD platform in the remark. With the cannabis sector emerging from the shadows and into the sunlight in reputable business endeavors, the bank's grasp of the industry's bright economic future is demonstrated by this smart decision.
Canada Admits Why the Illicit Cannabis Market is Crushing Their Legal Market -Lower Prices, Better Selection, and Convenience!
Despite Canada's legalization of marijuana for adult use more than five years ago, according to a recent analysis from Deloitte Canada, sales of cannabis remain mostly concentrated in the illegal market, accounting for anything between 25% and 50% of the entire market.
Guess Which Country Just Imported Marijuana from Jamaica for DEA-Approved Medical Research? - The United States of America
Since 2021, researchers with DEA licenses have had the option to procure cannabis from a limited selection of marijuana cultivation companies endorsed by the agency. Previously, researchers were restricted to sourcing research cannabis either from the University of Mississippi or by obtaining DEA authorization to import cannabis from foreign firms like Canada's Tilray.
How is the US Government Studying the Health Benefits of Cannabis? Your Instagram and Facebook Posts, No Joke!
In navigating the multifaceted landscape of marijuana policy reform, the FDA's exhaustive examination of cannabis, supplemented by insights from social media analysis, illuminates the intricate dynamics at play. Despite the agency's recommendation for rescheduling, political pressures from congressional figures and stakeholders present hurdles towards a definitive decision.
A $420 Fine for 420 in the Park? - Idaho May Hate Cannabis but They Set Marijuana Fines to Match a Weed Holiday
A recently proposed measure, as reported by the Idaho Capital Sun, aims to impose a required minimum punishment of $420 for possessing less than three ounces of cannabis, rather than promoting cannabis reform.
Buy Weed from Women, But Do Your Due Diligence Too So You Don't Get Scammed - SHE Beverages Was a Complete Fraud
According to the SEC, on or around September 9, 2018, SHE Beverage purportedly acquired Elite Green Solutions, a company dealing in cannabis-related products, using a mix of cash and stock. The company underwent a facelift, transforming into The Pink Leaf, with enthusiastic promotion to investors.
5 Years After Legalization, Canada Hits CA$5 Billion in Recreational Marijuana Sales (And That is Just the Legal Side)
As the Canadian cannabis business advances, players are proactively preparing to overcome obstacles and capitalize on the potential for future growth. Forecasts predict that cannabis sales might increase by roughly 10% in the next year, driven by a variety of reasons like as the continuous migration of customers toward legal channels and the growth of approved cannabis retail stores in previously underserved areas.
The Billion Dollar Psilocybin Patent Race - Can One Company Actually Patent the Psilocybin Molecule?
The release of fresh information from a nonprofit dedicated to furthering our knowledge of psilocybin has provoked a dispute between corporations hoping to profit from new discoveries by obtaining patent protection and traditionalists who oppose psilocybin's patenting.
Your Dream Smoke Sesh Partner? Senator Warren Picked The Rock, Who Do You Got, Snoop? Musk? Rogen?
Warren's enthusiasm was palpable when The Rock was proposed as a potential addition to her hypothetical "dream blunt rotation." "Oh, The Rock! Oh, I’m stopping there," Warren exclaimed. "I’m just choosing The Rock four times." In opting for the former wrestler turned Hollywood star, Warren passed over a slew of notable figures including President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Bernie Sanders, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Senator Ed Markey, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Chuck Schumer. She also declined the company of pop sensation Taylor Swift and rapper Snoop Dogg.

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