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Tripping Balls in Color for the First Time - Is Psilocybin Helping to Cure Color Blindness One Dose at a Time?
A case report authored by researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Behavioral Health, Neurological Institute in Ohio, looks into the potential benefits of psilocybin for color blindness.
I Vote with My Bong - Survey Says Cannabis Fans Don't Care If You Are A Republican or Democrat , They Vote on Pot Legalization
A fascinating new poll conducted by NuggMD, a medical marijuana telehealth company, suggests cannabis consumers are growing wise to these panderous tricks. The survey of likely voters who regularly use marijuana found that party affiliation takes a back seat for this voting bloc. A solid majority - 59% - said they would vote for a pro-cannabis candidate regardless of party. Only 14% were locked into voting along party lines.
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America Can't Defend Its Border Because Border Patrol Agents Are Smoking Too Much Weed? - GOP Senator Lashes Out!
A Republican senator is pushing back against a recent policy change by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that reduced the term of ineligibility for work due to past marijuana use from two years to three months. The senator doubts the trustworthiness of recruits who have used cannabis and believes that this move jeopardizes the safety and integrity of Border Patrol agents.
If Your Teen Smoked Weed a Few Times, No, He or She Will Not Be Dumber for It - New Study Dispells Medical Reefer Madness
"Many adolescents partake in sporadic cannabis use, with non-problematic usage being significantly more common than instances of Cannabis Use Disorder," the authors emphasize. "Hence, it's imperative to scrutinize the neurocognitive and psychological ramifications among adolescents escalating to heavier cannabis use and those maintaining minimal consumption."
Can Florida Pull 60% of the Votes Needed on Election Night to Pass Legal Weed? - Desantis Says No but Ohio Says Otherwise
The cannabis industry may have a secret "ace card" up their sleeve if Ohio is any indication off liberal voter turnout.  You may remember that Ohio voted on cannabis legalization and abortion rights on the same ballot and voting night last year.  This dual liberal ballot caused a swell or women and liberals to hit the voting booths, passing both measures in the same night.  Florida finds itself in the same situation this November, with abortion rights on the same ballot.  A "two birds, one stone" voting night may happen again as more liberals and women come out to vote.
The Scrooge of Cannabis Takes on VP Harris with Reefer Madness - Kevin Sabet Doesn't Like What Kamala Harris Said about Weed!
For years, one of the loudest voices on the prohibition side has been Kevin Sabet and his organization SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana). Sabet recently co-authored an opinion piece in The Hill arguing against rescheduling cannabis and painting a dire picture of the supposed harms of legalization. But do his arguments hold up to scrutiny?
Sorry, We Don't Serve Alcohol, Just THC-Infused Beverages - Is the Miami Music Festival the Canary in the Coal Mine for Booze?
A groundbreaking moment occurred within the walls of Club Space's Factory Town as Milonga Yerba Mate launched. It became the first cannabis-infused beverage to grace Florida's club scene, ushering in a new era of social enjoyment and wellness.
The US Cannabis Industry is Booming If You Don't Count the $3,800,000,000 Owed in Back Taxes and IOUs
Total delinquent payments by U.S. cannabis operators have exceeded $3.8 billion and could balloon to $4.2 billion in 2024 without some intervention. The problem stems, in part, from poor cash-flow management and the heavy tax burden of Section 280E, according to a report by Oregon-based Whitney Economics.
Ban All High-THC Cannabis Strains and Products! - Wait, What is Considered High-THC? Does It Vary from State-to-State?
Determining what constitutes high THC potency in the context of cannabis use is a complex process that depends on several factors. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and is what gives the plant its well-known euphoric effects. High potency cannabis strains have historically been defined as those with THC contents above 20%.
Germany Legalizes Cannabis - What Will Other European Countries Do Now?
Do other European countries want to see massive amounts of Euro tax benefits go to the already economically powerful Germany? Like cannabis-bordering state in America, most EU countries will have to join the Green Wave or watch precious tax dollars cross borders and have their neighbor reap the benefits of marijuana legalization.
Emergency Stoner Snacks - You're High, Can't Drive, No DoorDash or Delivery, What Do You Do?
In this article, we'll be sharing some emergency stoner snacks that are quick, easy, and satisfying. These recipes are designed for those moments when you need something to munch on ASAP, without requiring too much brain power or culinary skill.

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