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Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison, Deana Martin, the Marijuana Mom, Tells Her Side of the Story (Unedited)
Deana Martin, the Marijuana Mom, and founder of Northern Herb, recently pleaded with the US Federal government and received a 4-year Federal prison sentence for income tax evasion, money laundering, payroll tax evasion, and selling marijuana without a license.
Dispensaries on Tribal Lands? - Where Are the Opportunities for Native Americans in the Marijuana Industry Today?
Indigenous communities are bound to abide by federal and state U.S. laws despite their status as independent communities. It is not unusual for these tribes to find themselves in controversial situations with the local, state, and even federal authorities. Complex policies, like gaming and cannabis, are usually the main source of controversies between the tribes and the government. Oregon, Washington, and Nevada have a standing agreement with the indigenous nations within their borders on critical compacts containing varying rules on cannabis issues. Tribes outside these regions are still contemplating whether or not to launch due to the varying state and national legislation on cannabis policies.
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The Surprising Reason Some Cannabis Smells Skunky - And It's Good for Your Health!
A new study conducted by researchers in Abstrax Tech in California, published on November 12th, 2021 in the ACS Omega journal, revealed that the notoriously pungent smell of skunky cannabis share molecular structure similarities as those in garlic – and the actual skunk! Garlic is an herb famous for its tremendous benefits particularly when it comes to inflammation, cancer, bacteria, and viruses. They also discovered new compounds, called “prenylated volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs)” which are also found in the aerosol defensive sprays of skunks.
Latest CDC Employer Guidance Suggests Marijuana Legalization May Be Coming Soon
The CDC argued that employers should at the very minimal prohibit workers from consuming “on the job site” or showing up to work impaired. This of course is common sense, but officially this is the recommendation. The CDC also suggested that companies employ a lawyer to check over their cannabis policy so that it’s in line with state legislation. Another suggestion that the CDC offered was to provide workers with “access to support” to employees with a substance abuse problem with “in-house solutions” or recommending people to local resources. This is an interesting approach and is counter the typical approach of just firing someone if they struggle with drug use.
What Is Your Favorite Thing to Do While High on Marijuana? (Reddit Voted!)
There are an infinite number of activities one can do while being high and by no means is this article based on any real science. You’ll quickly learn this from the very first answer we’ll be covering. Rather, the inspiration for this article comes from a Reddit Post that asked the simple question; “What is your favorite thing to do while High on Marijuana?”
Is Growing Marijuana Really That Bad for the Environment?
Most farming techniques use natural resources but cannabis cultivation requires much more resources than other types of horticulture. The farming techniques used in growing marijuana require an excessive quantity of natural resources and electricity while simultaneously emitting injurious wastes into the environment. If this is not put in check, it may result in a grossly negative impact on the environment and climate.
Mexico May Now Vote on Marijuana Legalization by the End of the Year
The new Mexican law would allow businesses to implement vertical integration – meaning that a single company would be able to create products and control the entire supply chain. However, there is a cap on how many licenses a single person can hold – placing a limit on monopolizing the marketplace. An individual can hold licenses for up to three establishments.
Can You Give Cannabis to Cats and Dogs? - US Veterinarians Now Have Their Own Medical Cannabis Portal
A website that doubles as an educational portal was launched recently by the Veterinary Cannabis Society (VCS) for veterinarians as well as pet owners, and cannabis product businesses. This follows years of the exploding popularity of cannabidiol use for pets, as it’s shown promise in helping treat many ailments naturally: from cancer to anxiety in pets, while helping relieve arthritis, pains, and other illnesses that affect them in old age. But despite this, there are still many questionable claims, uses, and products out there.
Did the US Just Have Its First Real Case of Fentanyl Laced Marijuana?
Mixing weed with other drugs is not atypical. Many people have sprinkled some cocaine on their weed to give it a different feeling. This is commonly known as a “snow cap”. However, even when “snow-capping” your weed, you lose out on any perceived benefits since cocaine is difficult to vaporize and most of the effects are burnt off. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get some of the effects, which typically are more “spacey” as some people describe.
Who is Kika Keith? - The First Black Woman to Open a Dispensary in Los Angeles
It was a hard and long battle from the day Kika Keith began processing the files for her store to the day she finally opened the doors of Gorilla Rx Wellness Centre to the public. Like Kika said, seeing a black business thrive in the cannabis sector would be a source of motivation, hope, and positive stories for the younger generation in the community. The fight for inclusion and social equity is a long way from being won, but with more success stories like Kika Keith's, victory would be a step closer.
New Mexico is Legalizing Weed the Right Way
As the federal government lags behind the curb, states like New Mexico is about to create a new cannabis framework and by the looks of it, one of the more ‘freedom-focused’ structures to date. It seems that some of the lawmakers in New Mexico may have been reading my work as they are creating a scheme for “micro-groweries” as I outlined in this article.

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