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How is Hemp Helping to Fight Climate Change?
Not only does it produce the versatile healing compound cannabidiol (CBD) in larger doses than cannabis, but it also has several eco-friendly uses. Scientists around the world already recognize its potential in helping fight the seemingly uphill battle against climate change. It can be used to make a wide variety of things from construction materials to paper, cotton, food, and more but it has such a high value for both the economy as well as the ecosystem.
5 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Weed Manufacturing and Distribution
Weed manufacturing refers to the process of yielding, reproducing, deriving or preparing, manufactured weed products. This process of weed manufacturing can be done either indirectly or directly, using extraction techniques, chemical synthesis, or a combination of both. The industry continues to grow rapidly as more consumers are beginning to understand the benefits of taking weed products in health and fitness, medicine, and even beauty.
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Germany's Medical Marijuana Program is Booming Despite the Massive Legal Obstacles Suppliers and Doctors Face Each Day
The German medical cannabis market has leaped beyond expectations since it was established in 2017. It has gone on to become the largest medical cannabis market in Europe. The strategies utilized by the German federal government and other stakeholders have created one of the most appealing markets for investors and other large-scale medical cannabis companies. International cannabis companies have flocked to the German cannabis market because of its favorable policies and heavy demand.
Frequency Infused Cannabis and Marijuana Tarot Cards - Hollywood's Psychic Mary Talks Healing and Readings
I believe the less psychic training the better! This deck is made to be used with your own intuition. And we all have a natural intuition and we are all psychic whether you recognize it or not. When using The Psychic Mary Tarot Deck, whatever you believe that card means to you, then that is the answer.
Marijuana Arrests in New York City Drop 95% After Legalization
Cannabis-related arrests have dwindled to less than 90% in New York. During the second quarter of 2021, New York City's police department recorded only eight cannabis-related arrests. Six of which were for illegal possession of cannabis and the other two for illegal sales.
Tripping without Shrooms? - Can Virtual Reality Simulate a Psychedelic Experience?
Replacing psychedelic drugs by immersing users into interactive 3D worlds might be the best way to takes users off the potent compounds present in psychedelics. Over the years the FDA has been looking for ways to bring relief to medical patients without the use of approved medications like psychedelics. This is because patients have come to abuse the drugs while also selling them indiscriminately in the streets.
Legalization Questions - Should Public Cannabis Consumption be Permitted?
However, the issue of public cannabis consumption isn’t limited to New York City, it’s a question that will most definitely come up within every future legalization debate from now until cannabis is completely integrated into society. Today, we’ll be addressing this question, the potential fears people expect would happen, and whether this would also apply to tobacco smoke.
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Should You Mulch Your Cannabis Plants?
Yes, you can use just about any tree bark, but this doesn’t mean there are a few exceptions. For example, tree barks from walnut and cedar trees are not ideal for indoor planting or containers. The resin and terpenes in the cedar bark are too powerful for the plant, but you can also try cedar tree bark outdoors. Walnut barks, twigs, nuts, and leaves are not ideal because their pH levels are too high.
The Illinois Marijuana Market Gets Even Hotter with $4.20 Cannabis Consumption Lounges
The rate at which cannabis consumption lounges in Illinois are raking in good money is serving as an inspiration to other states that have plans to establish these cool spots. After Illinois approved cannabis legislation, the government acted on the need to provide safe spaces for cannabis users. Smoking weed In public remains illegal, but thankfully cannabis lounges have opened up and smokers have been visiting these spaces at a record rate.
New York Cannabis Control Board Gets Appointed in a Hurry by New York's New Governor
Tremaine Wright is a former assemblywoman who represented Brooklyn. Currently, she works in the New York State Department of Financial Services as the first director of the office of financial inclusion and empowerment. The former assemblywoman was sworn into office in January 2017. She served for a term at the 56th Assembly district of Brooklyn, New York. She represented her immediate communities, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights. During her term, she was appointed to serve as the chairperson of the Assembly Subcommittee on Foster care. In addition to this, she also chaired the Legislative Caucus of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian lawmakers.
CannaDating- The Dos and Don'ts of Cannabis Relationships
I was inspired writing this article when seeing a few Reddit posts talking about “issues” they were having due to a partner smoking, and in one case – a plea from a son who was concerned about the cannabis consumption of his dad. Obviously, familial relationships will not be included in this particular piece – but for some future article I’ll definitely elaborate on that topic. For now, we look at the Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis Dating – whether couples can exist with one person smoking and the other not, when cannabis consumption becomes the center of your relationship, and much more.

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