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How Do Cannabis and CBD Affect Your Liver - What the Latest Studies are Telling Us
There are limited CB1 and CB2 receptors in the liver, but there are higher amounts in diseased livers than in healthy ones. Scientists suggest that these receptors are vital to the regeneration process of scarred tissues in the organ. Parfieniuk and Flisaik explained this complex process in a 2008 study. The scientists proposed that the receptors have opposing roles. CB1 functions as a profibrogenic and proinflammatory compound, while CB2 opposes these functions.
Vegan CBD - What You Need to Know About This New CBD Niche
While CBD in itself is vegan, because it’s derived from the hemp plant, which is rich in amino acids. Vegans can enjoy a range of health benefits from consuming vegan CBD products because they can help increase energy, improve brain function, contribute to overall emotional and mental wellbeing, aid in metabolism, and much more. In addition, it’s also rich in antioxidant contents. However, not all forms of CBD in the market are vegan.
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New Hampshire House Approves Marijuana Legalization, Will the Senate Agree?
Could this be the start of the same cycle in which a cannabis bill gets approved by the house and then dumped by the Senate? Last week, the resilient New Hampshire House again voted to support marijuana legalization. The approved bill permits the personal use and cultivation of marijuana by residents above the age of 21.
What is Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and Is It Legal?
The newest cannabinoid and, I must say, "another worthy addition" swaying the market right, left, front, and back is Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). Rising to prominence after regulations banned the sales and use of Delta-8, this compound has been referred to as an intriguing analog of THC. Whether or not to agree with this description cannot be decided now, as there are several misconceptions about HHC cannabinoids.
A Social Media Exodus Due to Big Tech Censorship? How Cannabis Brands Can Lead the Charge!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no WiFi lately, it turns out that Social Media Giants such as Facebook and Twitter are censoring people’s right to speak. Several high profile people have had their twitter accounts suspended and one that has sparked international debate was the account of Dr Robert Malone MD, who was one of the major attributors to the discovery and invention of mRNA vaccines and recently appeared on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.
South Carolina Lawmakers File Bill to Make It Illegal to Search a Car Just Because It Smells Like Weed
Representative Deon Tedder (D-Charleston) has filed a bill to put an end to stop, search, seizure, and arrests based on cannabis scent. South Carolina lawmakers believed that the smell of marijuana alone on a person or within a vehicle does not give law enforcement officers the go-ahead to search a person. Especially in a state like South Carolina with approved legislation for hemp production.
CBD Water - Big Market Opportunity or Just the Next Crazy CBD-Infused Product Out There?
The CBD water market is sinking at a fast rate right now. The questionable product design, the volatile nature of cannabidiol, and the hefty price tags all contributed to this massive downfall. The product has several utilities, but the downsides surrounding it are guaranteed to put people off. This does not mean you should not try the product. If you prefer convenience without worrying about the cost, you can carry on with these products. You would do well to exercise caution by purchasing only the recently produced bottles from licensed dispensaries. For people that care about the impact of this product on their wallets, it is better to avoid CBD water now until the manufacturers are ready to do what's right. For its market to start swimming, CBD water has to live up to its hype.
The Israeli Cannabis News Report - Marijuana Studies on Cancer, Autism, and an Online Weed Marketplace
Israel has been long dominating the cannabis industry in terms of breakthrough research and developing innovative medicinal products to treat the sick. They are light years ahead compared to other countries, and are home to numerous startups that are dedicated to cannabis innovation. Here are some of the latest cannabis news to come out of Israel:
Cannabis Cures COVID - The Elusive Holy Grail Headline the Marijuana Industry Needs for Fast Federal Legalization
The news broke this week that cannabis can help with fighting COVID-19 and almost the entire non-cannabis world picked up the headline from the Oregon State University study on cannabis and cellular pathways used by the COVID virus to invade the body.  Luckily, almost everyone in the cannabis industry kept a level head and said that no, marijuana does not stop or cure the COVID virus, but it does have potential to help in a few ways. One, it can reduce the spread of the virus by binding with receptors the virus uses to spread throughout the body.  Two, it can reduce the symptoms associated with the virus, since cannabis has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Marijuana, up until the point, cannot cure COVID or keep you from getting the virus.
Inflammation and Marijuana - What's the Relationship between Cannabis and Swelling Relief?
Cannabis helps control inflammation, which reduces the pain in these patients. The drug has shown no visible side effects in people who have used it, but this doesn't excuse the fact that more research is definitely needed before a person can begin using cannabis as a medication for inflammation.
Want More Happiness in Your Life? Grow Some Plants!
This is where the beauty of plants lies! The greatest happiness does not come with buying a plant but comes from taking care of it. You watch them grow, bring forth flowers while you invest in their leafy future. There's a simple virtue at the foundation of taking care of a plant. You're taking care of a life and yes that's one of the best and lasting feelings of happiness.

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