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How About a 20,000mg THC Pot Brownie for National Brownie Day? (Yes, It's Real!)
Who doesn’t love a space cake on National Brownie Day, but be careful, MeriMed in Norwood, MA may have created the monster of all pot brownies? Weighing in at a beastly 850 lbs., this massive hunk of chocolate mix has 20,000mgs of THC.
Just Because the Police Smell Marijuana in Your Car Does Not Mean They Can Search It Rules Illinois Judge
Thanks to a ruling by Judge Daniel P. Dalton of the Whiteside Country, patients registered under the state's medical cannabis program can now make a case for themselves when the police pull them over for cannabis-related searches. They cannot also be arrested if their immediate surroundings, such as their car, rooms, clothes, and so on, smell like marijuana.
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Should Hemp CBD Biomass Be Used as Feed for Farm Animals?
Many livestock farms are located in Oregon, and if this works, many of this livestock can be fed hemp biomass. The best way to repurpose the hemp industry is to create a new avenue for the unused materials of the plant. This way, more value will be attached to the plant. Jacob Crabtree, CEO of Columbia Hemp Trading Company, also agreed that this would effectively establish a sustainable marketplace for hemp plants and their byproducts.
How's Your Brain After Prolonged Cannabis Smoking?
This user hits the nail on the head. What happens with most people who smoke, even heavy smokers during their more formative years – their use tends to wane over the years. This is because you simply have more stuff to do. Then, when you are smoking – you can thoroughly enjoy the high because you do so as a means of relaxation and enjoyment. Cannabis becomes the “icing” to life. I personally have a similar experience with cannabis.
How Can the South Dakota Supreme Court Strike Down the Voter-Approved Marijuana Legalization Initiative?
In November 2020, South Dakota voters came out in large droves to vote for the cannabis legalization initiative. Barely a year later, after being dragged on for so long, the state's Supreme Court has kicked out the initiative. The organizers of the initiatives and other cannabis advocates in the state have no other choice but to start afresh. The Court argued that the ballot initiative went against the "single object" rule required for amending contents of a constitution.
Is the UK Medical Cannabis Program Really Worth £1.2 Billion?
The medical cannabis market will soar significantly if the government considers the recommendations penned down in the Volteface report. By 2024, the total number of patients registered under the legal cannabis program will surpass 200 thousand. The market has a lot of potentials to be the biggest or second-biggest in Europe, behind Germany. The current medical cannabis industry needs relevant regulations and a better management system. To reach and surpass the £1.2 billion mark, the medical industry needs a more comprehensive and modified legislation that would benefit thousands, if not millions of people medically and financially.
Should Big Tobacco and Alcohol Companies be Barred from the Marijuana Industry Going Forward?
By delegating a certain percentage of available licenses to a certain group of people creates a problem; the most qualified people don’t always get the businesses. Additionally, when you limit the amount of licenses that people can get based on scarcity, you increase the value of the license. Usually, this is where the “Big Boys” win, because people from affected communities can’t pay $50,000 for a license without even thinking about running costs.
Personal Story
MMA Fighter Daniel Rodriguez Says Cannabis is the Key to His Recent Fighting Success
Many athletes have to go through a struggle before they peak in their career, during which they usually find cannabis to be a helpful tool in recovery and even success. MMA fighter Daniel Rodriguez is one of them, and he’s also one of those who credits cannabis with helping him get to the top of his game even though he started his career at 28, which is when most athletes reach their peak.
The Curious Case of a Cocaine Derivative Called [18F] FP-CIT and the DEA Rescheduling It Before Cannabis
Very few people would have guessed that the "cocaine versus cannabis"  discussion would come to light this year, and fewer still would have guessed that it would be the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) working tirelessly to see that a cocaine-derived drug is rescheduled before cannabis on a federal level.
Toke and Binge - What are the Best Shows of the Winter Season to Toke Up to and Binge Watch?
Fortunately for everyone reading – I have impeccable taste. My wife and I often play a game of “who can find the better content” to consume and I have been consistently winning for a few years. My wife definitely finds some awesome content, however – I know how to find things that simply stick with you for years. Therefore, if you’re looking for your next digital obsession, toke up and stick around to find out my top choice for binge-worthy content to smoke to.
Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison, Deana Martin, the Marijuana Mom, Tells Her Side of the Story (Unedited)
Deana Martin, the Marijuana Mom, and founder of Northern Herb, recently pleaded with the US Federal government and received a 4-year Federal prison sentence for income tax evasion, money laundering, payroll tax evasion, and selling marijuana without a license.

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