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Marijuana Apps 101 - Weed Delivery, Social Networks, Canna-Dating, Growing Tips, and More!
While these are the best cannabis apps available presently, there is still a great deal of wonderful marijuana centric apps and socializing apps out there helping users everywhere. Be sure to make the most of these apps while still finding different ways to enjoy the numerous medicinal and recreational benefits of the natural herb. Do you use any of these apps on a regular basis, let us know in the comment section below.
Gauging Dankness - A General Guide to Testing and Dosing Marijuana Edibles
This is why it’s important to always take it slow when you are consuming edibles because the moment you overdose – you’re in for a trip. Fortunately, the odds of you dying is slim to none. In most cases, finding a quiet place, drinking some coffee and going to sleep will get you through the Green Out.
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You Took a Tolerance Break from Cannabis But Still Can't Get High, Now What?
T-break is short for tolerance break which is a special time a cannabis user sets aside to deliberately cease from consuming cannabis or cannabis products. The aim of this cessation is to help such users to condition their body and prevent it from developing tolerance and insensitivity to the cannabinoid. THC is a strong and effective cannabinoid that gives a euphoric effect to its users. However, chronic use of cannabinoid and cannabis products helps users to develop increased tolerance. When this tolerance racks up, the natural drug ultimately becomes ineffective and unable to achieve its desired result.
Remembering The Marijuana Massacre of '88 - Never Forget! (And Bring the Cranberry)
Terry just wanted a "toke" at Thanksgiving, but what he bargained for was so much more deadly. Happy cannabis Thanksgiving!
Does Prenatal Cannabis Use Make Angry Babies? - Debunking the Latest Medical Study
This isn’t to say that there may be biological concerns about consuming cannabis, this most certainly needs to be studied clinically. However, the study that was cited - as with many of the studies where there are scathing views on cannabis – was not clinical in nature. Additionally, the phrase “Some of the mothers said they had used cannabis only after giving birth,” makes the claim of the article seem more dubious.
Weedmaps Fought Hard to Keep Unlicensed Retailers on Their Site as Long as They Could, Now We Know Why
Weedmaps, or now known as WM Technologies on Wall Street, had a horrendous stretch of bad news and dismal financial reporting over the past few weeks.  Their stock price is down almost 58% since the end of June, and they gave weak forward guidance on the next quarter. Chris Beals, a former SPAC attorney who is now the CEO of Weedmaps, explained that it is the illegal cannabis market that is just killing their financial numbers. Beals said on his 3rd quarter earnings call:
What are the Top 5 CBD Salve Products Headed into 2022 (Sponsored)
The best way to figure out whether your brand is legitimate is to check if they submit their products to third party lab tests for both potency and purity. This way, you’ll know that if a salve says it has 300 mg of CBD, this is a true statement. Anyone can make a claim, but unless they back  it up by science, you could just be buying an overpriced lotion. Third party lab tests also test for toxins and artificial ingredients you may not want in your cream. 
The Hemp-Derived Delta THC Business is Booming Right Now, But What Is It?
The next boom in the industry involves hemp-derived THCs, or Delta-8,9,10 THCs, and there are a number of major things that anyone who wishes to be a beneficiary should know before it arrives. Read on as we look into where the industry came from, where it is now and where it is headed with the next boom on the horizon.
Uber Eats Starts Taking Cannabis Orders in Canada, But Can You Order Weed Through Uber in the US?
Before Americans get too excited about marijuana through Uber, there are a few problems to that fantasy agreement of marijuana delivery on-demand to your door.  One, recreational cannabis is Federally legal in Canada, unlike US. While Provinces may bicker over the rules and details in the same way US states do, the Federal government of Canada has legalized recreational marijuana so no threat of Federal authorities following your order in Canada and barging through your door.
What Cannabis Brands and Organizations are Supporting Veterans Right Now?
Unfortunately, assess to medical marijuana programs is not that simple for veterans as it is for civilians in states where cannabis use is legal for adult use or medical use. The illegality of cannabis at the federal level following its classification as a Schedule I drug means that veterans are barred from having access to it. Several studies have shown the effect of cannabis in dealing with PTSD, insomnia, and other mental health issues common to such a line of work. Nonetheless, the FDA is still not budging anytime soon meaning veterans will have to find a safe and legal way to have access to the natural product for their medicinal needs.
True or False : Americans Spent More on Marijuana This Past Halloween Than Candy, Chocolates, and Costumes Combined?
According to Akerna's report, cannabis stores and dispensaries nationwide made bountiful sales during this period. About $180 million was obtained in total from the sales of recreational and medical cannabis. This is an 8.2 per cent increase from last year's sales. The highest sales volume was recorded on Friday, October 29. Of that, a total of $81 million was spent on cannabis and its delivery products. This is the ninth most significant sales day in history for the cannabis industry.

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