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The Top 10 Reasons People Smoke Weed According to a Few New Studies
Psychology Today recently published a blog that dealt with this very issue. They took data from four different studies attempting to solve this riddle and published some of the findings.  In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the studies as well as the conclusions made by the researchers. This will allow us to reflect on the data and compare our own motivations for consuming cannabis. While you may not agree with what will be discussed – bare in mind that these papers are typically based on secondary research. In other words, they rely on surveys and data collected from other sources which they use to build a “picture” of the average consumer.
Where's My Manly Discount? Man Sues Dispensary over Ladies' Night Promotion and Discounts
Mr. Frye is an ex-member of the National Coalition for Men. He identifies as an Orange County Men's activist and he has taken it upon himself to be the voice against the wrongs he feels are perpetrated against men. From the report published by San Luis Obispo Tribune, Frye took action against the cannabis store because he felt it was wrong for only women to be offered a 16% discount on purchases made every Monday night. He visited the store on a promo night, he saw women being offered discounts and felt wronged when the same wasn't offered to him.
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Need to Grow Weed Fast? The 6 Fastest Growing Autoflower Strains on the Cannabis Market Today
Marijuana goes through several stages, from when it is planted to harvest time. One of the stages entails the flowering stage, and this is when the plant moves from its vegetative state and begins to develop buds while increasing in size and height. The growth process will happen for about 8-11 weeks in summer months when it can get 12 hours of light and hours without sunlight.  With the autoflowering strain, the flowering level is not about exposure to light: instead, it is about the plant's age, and this is why it has the name tag, "Auto." It can be harvested at ten weeks.
The IRS Goes Super Weed Friendly....Wait, What?
The IRS has made the announcement of its new initiative to help cannabis owners navigate the troubling waters of the US tax code. The major issues that have plagued the relationship of the IRS and cannabis companies in the past have always been on compliance and non-compliance and this new initiative looks set to address that. The expected effect of this is to foster proper filing and payment by all firms in the industry involved in the production, sales, and distribution of cannabis products.
Will Smith Trips Balls on Psychedelics in Peru and Dishes on It in His New Book 'Will'
Will gave a series of stories about how he had used psychedelics in Peru. According to the in-depth cover story in GQ magazine, the actor's memoir will reveal more about these encounters. Like you, a whole lot of fans can't wait to get one of these memoirs in November. The book, which is titled 'Will', has all the details about Will's personal life away from the stage. He's about to tell it all.
Cannabis and Celebrity-ism, Good or Bad for Cannabis?
That’s the justification I suppose. I’m certain there’s also a decent amount of money for licensing his name to be used on a product. I’m sure he’ll make a sweet mint on the deal. According to the statement, some of the money will be diverted to good causes such as the Last Prisoner Project and Veterans Walk and Talk. Both noble causes. While all of this is great for Bieber and the charities it will undoubtedly help – the larger question should revolve around Celebrity-ism and the Cannabis industry.
CannaShrooms - A Closer Look at the Ever-Increasing Cannabis-Mushroom Products Hitting the Market Soon
Within the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of products churned out from the cannabis industry. In fact, if you have been following the trends, you will find that more products are a mix of cannabis and wellness substances that have become customers-favorite. If you are keen on experimenting with these new marijuana trends, you should try cannabis-mushroom products.
What are CBD Cigarettes or Hempettes? A Guide to the Smokable Hemp Out There Today!
Have you noticed the uptick in CBD products sold at many businesses such as small coffee stands and even your local convenience store? CBD has skyrocketed in popularity as people are being introduced to its range of potential benefits. You might like to try hempettes for their relaxation properties or to help you stop smoking tobacco. Either way, we've got you covered on all things CBD cigarettes. Keep reading to find out about the best CBD cigarettes, and what they're all about.
Ordered CBD Drops, Got THC Drops Instead, Now Customer is Suing Curaleaf
The experience by Mr. Crawforth after using the mislabeled products left a very sour taste in his mouth. This was evident when he stated that he began to disconnect from reality when he used the product. This reaction is not unexpected considering that he has not been privy to the use of THC in times past. First-time users of THC who do not pace and prepare themselves before using the product are bound to have such experiences. He explained that after taking the product while camping in Nevada, he began to see that he couldn’t stop his legs and hands from quivering and his mind seem to have been disappearing.
From Canning to Cannabis -Thailand Embraces Medical Marijuana as Patient List Explodes
The government is on a mission to ensure patients, farmers, researchers, tourists, and other domestic businesses benefit from the medical cannabis industry. While this has sprung up different controversies, the authorities are focused on protecting the medical cannabis market from big pharmaceutical companies, and theft of intellectual property.
Seeds or Clones - What is the Best Way to Start Growing Weed?
Growers who choose to use seeds prefer to go the long way. They wait for germination to occur through to the vegetative and flowering phases. Those who use clones go through a shortened method, as the clones are cuttings from a mother plant's stem. These cuttings only have to take root in the soil and pick up growing stages. New cannabis cultivators, as well as seasoned growers, learn and utilize both methods for future experimental purposes. All these help them get maximized results on their farm plots.

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