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Autism Dad, looking for answers & better ways to treat my sons debilitating behavior issues, which keep him from progressing and/or moving forward. We are almost through our first 100ml bottle of Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil & really haven't seen any improvements, most likely we will something with a THC factor in it. Unfortunately we live in Illinois & Autism was shot down recently for an add-on to the Medicinal Marijuana Program, hopefully it will go through next time. In the mean time I will keep doing my research & reach out to others (parents & caregivers) who have experience with treating autism/behavior issues with medicinal marijuana.

My son is 16 years old, has low functioning autism, low verbal skills, behavior issues, but when behavior is in check he has an awesome sense of humor, very fun & sociable. We feel that we are so close to a break through if we could just get the behavior issues in check.
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