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She opened her mouth to talk but he placed his hand on her cheek, his other flicking the light on in the apartment as he leaned in, kissing her full lips, passionate and desperate, his foot catching the door, swinging it shut behind them as he started to urge her once more onwards.

She stepped carefully backwards, dropping her handbag on the floor with a clatter as she turned her body to the side, Michael following as she began to step back towards her bedroom, her fingers at his chest, trying to undo the buttons of his shirt.

By the time they reached the door his shirt was hanging limply on his shoulders, her heels kicked off and discarded somewhere she’d have to find in the morning.

With a bump she was pressed into her closed bedroom door, his firm toned chest pressing to the softness of her figure through her dress and he broke the kiss, looking down at her, breathing hard, her hair a little more dishevelled, her glasses a little skewed on her face.

"Fuck, you’re so hot…" he grinned as he looked down at her, much shorter now without her three-inch heels.

She blushed and moved her hand down towards the door handle but he grabbed her wrists, pulling them above her head while she gasped and he grinned, leaning down to kiss her again, deep and with passion, their tongues mingling as he pinned her to her door, one hand holding both her wrists above her head and while she could have probably broken the grip, she really didn’t want to.

Biting her lip as he pulled back slightly she looked at him with a sultry gaze, his spare hand pulling her dress up, his hand gliding over the silky smoothness of her stocking-clad thigh to squeeze at her hip and around to her bubbly ass, his thigh pressing between her own, finding her hard against him.

He grinned and looked down at her, pressing himself forward so she could feel his own hardness against her thigh, which she pressed up slightly to greet, the two of them taking in the fact that he was bigger than she was.

"D-don’t keep me waiting…" she said softly and, like a gentleman, he didn’t.

He released her hand and took a half step back, beckoning with a hand towards the handle to her bedroom door.

She half turned towards the door, then hesitated, her lips pursed as she drank in the view of his bare chest and abs through the parting in his unbuttoned shirt, his body toned and strong, his hands resting on his hips before, with a blush she turned the rest of the way, pushing open the door and moving to step inside the dark room.

She didn’t get more than a step before she felt his hands on her, again under her dress, but this time lifting it up much higher.

She let out a soft, "Ah," as she lifted her hands up over her head, letting him lift her dress up and off, casting it aside on the floor where it was, after a second, joined by his shirt.

Standing behind her he traced both his hands around his waist to her stomach, pausing briefly as he kissed her neck, sweeping his hands up to slip eagerly under the cups of her bra, feeling the warm softness of her heavy breasts between his fingers, finally feeling them skin to skin.

Faith let out a soft little moan as she pressed back, her own hands moving to rest on his hips behind her as she felt her panty-clad ass press against his bulge, still torturously trapped in his jeans.

With a gasp she felt as his splayed fingers purposefully trapped her hard nipples between his fingers, lifting and squeezing her breasts tighter against her chest as he bit harder at her neck, maybe even leaving a love bite as he ground his hard cock forward against the swell of her ass.

After a moment he pulled his hands free from her now ill-adjusted bra, his hands moving to quickly unhook it, Faith quickly discarding it to the floor.

He moved his hands back to her hips, thumbs hooking under the band of her panties, but she turned in his grip, smirking up at him as pressed the swell of her bare breasts to his chest, his hands instead slipping down inside her panties to hold onto her sizable butt.

"You like these?" she asked a little teasing as she pressed her chest forward further, feeling his contrasting fit body against her soft supple one. She was by no means a big girl, but she would never get away being called any sort of slender or lithe. She was full figured, something Michael seemed to appreciate.

In response he squeezed her close and leaned down, kissing her deeply for a moment before grinning, able to make out her features in the darkness of the room as they’d neglected to fully shut the door from her lip apartment, "You know I do."

He leaned in again to kiss her but she placed a finger to his lips, reaching up to remove her glasses before leaning over to place them on a dresser, then reaching back to pull her bobble free, letting her long auburn hair cascade free like a waterfall of firey gold.

She shook her head slightly, helping to fan it out and then she paused, blushing as she blinking up at him, practically seeing the stars in his eyes as she did so, then he grinned.

"I thought girls typically put their hair in a bobble before going down on a guy…" He said, reaching up to run a hand through the lush silkiness of her now free hair.

She laughed a little, looking up at him with a naughty little smirk, her hands unconsciously moving back to his sides just under his arms, tracing down over his strong figure towards his waist.

"Ooh? You think I’m going to give you head, hm?" She said, trying to be coy and teasing, but he merely grinned as her hands met at the button to his bulging jeans.

"Yup," he said confidently, grinning and she found herself biting her lip.

"...Okay, but only because I want to," she admitted with a smirk.

Holding him by the front of his pants she turned, pushing him back towards the bed as they kissed again, one of his hands on her waist as they moved, the other kneading her full breast eagerly, at least until the back of his legs bumped against her mattress and he was pushed down into a seated position.

She began to move to kneel but he slid his hands under her arms and pulled her forward, off balance. She let out a squeak as she fell forward and he laughed laying on his back as he pulled her down on top of him, Michael loving the feeling of her soft breasts as they pressed tight to his chest, her weight atop of him, her hair splaying messily around him as she leaned up, blushing brightly.

"H-hey," she stammered as she rolled onto her side beside him, looking to complain but being quieted by another deep kiss, one of his arms around her body, caressing her hair, his other down at his own jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, finally freeing his hard cock to the coolness of the air in her room.

As they kissed she lifted a thigh up over his legs, feeling it bump against the underside of his bare shaft. She moaned into the kiss as she realised what it was she felt, her hand moving down without needing to be prompted by him.

He moaned back as he felt her hand wrap around his hard cock, which she squeezed testingly, figuring out its size as she stroked it, long slow motions up and down.

After a few long moments she broke the kiss, letting out a shy little laugh, "Oh god, Michael, it’s huge…"

He grinned a little, he would’ve said big, but he wasn’t going to correct her, "Yeah?"

"Mm!" she said, looking up into his eyes, "So uh… Can I now?"

Smirking, the hand he had been caressing her hair now more firmly gripped the back of her head, pushing her down.

"Oh," she purred softly as she was pushed down, her cheek brushing against the definition of his abs before her lips bumped against the hot tip of his cock, which she held by the base still in her hand.

She didn’t wait, as eager as they both were she parted her lips and let him push her down further…

He let out a soft little moan and arched his back, lifting his ass up off the bed slightly, in part to push his cock deeper between her lips and in part so his other hand could shuffle his jeans and boxers down his body, allowing him to kick them, along with his shoes off onto the floor, leaving him in his socks as she started to suck on his cock.

"Oh, oh fuck, wow," he groaned as he looked down at her, able only to see the mess of beautiful auburn hair as it bobbed up and down, Faith, with her eyes closed, was showing him just what a woman fifteen to twenty years his senior could do. It might have been a while, but it turned out she hadn’t forgotten what to do.

"Oh, fuck." He said again, to emphasize just how good it felt, his fingers tightening a little in her hair, letting her know just how good of a job she was doing as she rolled her full lips up and down his cock leaving little streaks of red from her lipstick, her tongue swirling and dancing across his tip, her cheeks caved in around it as she sucked hard, able to take him much deeper and with much less effort than the other girls Michael had been with.

Faith moved her hand from his cock down between her own thighs where her own cock was sticking out above the top of her panties which now only held her sizable balls. She wrapped a fist around herself and began to stroke, enhancing the pleasure that she already felt as she went down on this gorgeous guy, his moans and soft whispered directions for more this or more of that pushing her into a state of bliss.

After only a few minutes he was biting his lip, urging his hips up and down in rhythm with the movement of her lips, slowly fucking her face with his sizable cock, her red lips almost making it to the base of the cock by the time he felt his pleasure starting to build her cock easily slipping into her throat with each stroke, threatening to push him over the edge.

He held off as long as he could, then with a gasp of pleasure pulled her free of his cock, staving off his climax at the last second, leaving him a little breathless "A-ah, wait, wait I was gonna cum…"

"Good, you’re young, you can get it up again in a few…" she said smirking a little as she turned her head to look up at him.

"Yeah, yeah I know," he grinned back, confident, "but I don’t want to have to wait a few, got any lube?"

"If I say no will you have to eat my ass?" she said, a playful note to her voice, teasing.

"If you want I can eat your ass anyway?" He asked, genuinely.

"Wait, you’d actually..?"

"Sure, let me show you." He grinned and moved into a kneeling position on the bed, taking a second to cast off his socks, letting them join the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor.

he moved his hands to get her to move, crawling up the bed on all fours until her head rested on one of her plush pillows, lowered, her weighty breasts resting on the bed as she arched her back downwards as if presenting herself to him, which effectively she was.

He smirked as he moved behind her, his spit lubed hard cock bobbing between his thighs as he moved up behind her, fingers grabbing her panties and stockings, dragging both down and off her body, leaving her as nude as he himself was.

She closed her eyes and hugged the pillow to herself as she felt his hands grope and squeeze the softness of her equally plush cheeks, caressing and exploring the half globes.

"Damn Faith, you got one hell of an ass." He complimented

She blushed and let out a sudden gasp as he slapped one of her bubbly cheeks, admiring how it bounced to his action, pausing only a second before repeating it on the other cheek, to keep the hue even.

"A-ah, careful back there, I thought you were going to, a-ah! Ooh!" Her words broke off into a moan as she felt his hands on her cheeks, parting them as his face pressed forward, his tongue quickly finding her star.

She felt her eyes roll back in her head as his tongue probed and worked over her sensitive little hole, squeezing the pillow ever tighter to herself as she did.

"O-oh god Michael, yes, oooh fuck…" she gasped, her voice breathy as she hugged the pillows tight to her, her ass raised high, his hands kneading the fullness of her ass, his breath hot against her skin as his tongue ran in long slow strokes deep between her cheeks.

With her ass presented she couldn’t help but squeeze her legs together, grinding her hard cock between her plush thighs, just enough to drive her a little wild as he went down on her ass.

They both let out muffled moans, hers by the pillow in her arms, him by her ass as his tongue worked over her, probing and teasing, each moment testing her patience as, as much as she loved it, she wanted far more, needing more urgently to feel him within properly.

"That’s so good, but, ah, ah, please, fuck me?" She panted, her head tilted to the side so her words weren’t muffled, glancing back towards where Michael was with half-lidded eyes, her red hair splayed messily across the cushions.

He leaned up and nodded, though, without her glasses, she couldn’t really make him out, "Where’s the lube?" he asked, kneeling on the bed, his hands on her cheeks, holding them possessively.

"Oh, one sec…" She bit her lip as she leaned over to the side of the bed, sliding open a drawer on her bedside table, her hand rummaging around under both a fleshlight and a vibrator until she came out with a little sachet.

As she leaned back up she let out a little gasp as she felt his thick cock move to rest between her cheeks, which he squeezed around his length, hugging his cock, "O-oh, it’s a little sachet, is that fine?"

"Sure, if you want more lube just say so," he smirked, tearing open the little packet and squeezing the clear slippery liquid out onto the top of his throbbing cock, "Ah!"

Faith let out a little giggle at his gasp, her tone a little sarcastic, "Yeah, it’ll be a little cold…" she teased.

"No shit," he grinned, shifting his cock so it rested against one cheek, squeezing out the last few drops of the lube directly onto her exposed star, eliciting a gasp from her as she arched her back, "Oh, is it cold?"

"A-ah, fuck you," she said, though she couldn’t hide the obvious smile in her voice.

He bit his lip, using a hand to rub the lube into the length of his cock before bumping the tip against her ass, "You first…"

She parted her full lips to respond, but her mind blanked as she felt him push forward, the tip of his cock slipping with ease thanks to the lube into the tight welcoming embrace of her hot ass.

"Oh, fuck." He said emphatically as he felt her close around him, his hands pushing up her ass to grip tightly at her hips, pulling her back onto his cock which sank deeper and deeper into her.

Faith let out a long low groan, her hands clawing into the bedsheets as she felt herself fill up with something other than a vibrator for the first time in a long time. The real thing was so much different, so much better, superior in every single way.

He continued his conquest forward, his lips parted as he looked down at her in the dim light, her body pressed down low with her ass held up high for him, her eager body pressing back to meet his, both as desperate as the other to experience each other.

She felt his body press against her bubbly cheeks, his balls pressing softly against her own as he bottomed out after a single long stroke.

"Oh, oh my god… Michael that feels so good," She moaned, writhing her hips slightly back against him, a movement he didn’t discourage.

"Y-yeah? You like my cock?" he grinned, slowly withdrawing himself, watching as her tight little hole clung to his veined poll as it pulled almost all the way, only leaving the crown inside her ring.

"Yea-ah!" She gasped as he suddenly pushed the entire length back inside, driving the air from her lungs as he started up a rhythm, her whole body shaking to the force of his thrusts as he settled into a hard if not a fast pace, putting his strength to use in the way he pulled her hips back and drove his own forward to meet in a powerful clash, the slap of their bodies colliding echoing throughout the room.

Almost immediately she wanted to ask him to go harder and faster, but it felt so good she was unable to arrange her thoughts and words into anything more legible than the high pitched gasps and moans that his thrusts were already pulling from her.

With effort she placed her hands firmly under herself and pushed up, letting her body rise into a more conventional doggy position, though after only a second a demanding hand pushed on her lower back, persuaded her to arch it downwards again, the position emphasizing the curves of her ass better for his viewing pleasure.

He leaned forward, one hand still on her hip as he fucked her, hard and controlling, his lips kissing between her shoulder blades, his spare hand sneaking under her body to cup and support one of the full breasts hanging down from her body.

She moaned as he lifted it, squeezing it tight to her chest as he lay into her, the sensation of heat and tightness massaging his cock better than anything he’d ever experienced.

He pounded her ass, half bent over her back for several minutes before, after driving himself particularly hard into her he slid both his hands down her arms, gripping her wrists and pulling them up off the bed.

She let out a surprised gasp as, for a second, she fell forward once again, no longer supported by her hands, but as he pulled her arms back, his hands gripping her wrists, her hands gripping his she caught herself and was pulled level again, her hair falling about her face as he again picked up the pace, pushing the thick length of his cock in and out of her, bouncing her forward with each powerful slam of his body into hers.

Being held up like this was by no means as comfortable as she had been with her arms and face buried in the pillows, but the domination and strength he exuded with every minute action of his drove her wild.

"You fucking love this, you fucking love getting it in the ass don’t you?" he panted hot and low as her plush cheeks rippled with the force of each impact, her own cock, rock solid, dripped clear pre onto her bedding as he hammered her prostate time and time again, her heavy breasts bouncing and swaying beneath her body, barely grazing the fabric of her bedding.

"Yeessss!" she cried in a sing-song voice, pitch fluctuating with each sharp thrust of his hips, his body seemingly untiring, his stamina incredible as he held her up with ease, not even breaking out into a sweat as he kept up the increasingly powerful pace, though maybe it just felt like that to Faith, whose entire world was being shaken by just how amazing this all felt.

Biting his lip and holding both her hands in one of his own he moved his hand under her, lifting her so they were both knelt on the bed, his hands releasing her wrists, both of his slipping around her body to hold her breasts, gripping them hard as he continued to rapidly drive his length in and out of her.

She gasped as she was lifted up, tilting her head back to rest it on his shoulder, her hands moving back to grip his thighs for a little support as he sent waves of pleasure crashing through her mind and body with each thrust into her soft ass, his hands roughly kneading and squeezing, her thick hard nipples caught between his fingers which he rolled and pinched, clearly loving how big and soft her tits were in his hands.

She felt his face nuzzling through the long strands of her hair so his lips could press into her neck unimpeded, his teeth once again biting playfully at her as she panted and moaned, doubtless this time leaving love bites, but she didn’t care, she couldn’t think far enough ahead to worry about any consequences.

He moved one hand to wrap around her body just under her breasts letting them rest on his forearm, hugging her to him, his other hand still roughly squeezing one of her breasts and she felt she just wanted this moment to last an eternity.

"Fuck," he whispered, breathing hard against her neck, his voice a little shaky, "I’m getting close, where do you, uh, where you do want it?"

Faith opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling as her body was rocked forward and back with the continued unyielding force of his hard cock into her soft hot hole, slick and wet with lube and his pre, she felt her own cock twitch and throb, lines of pre dripping down onto her sheets, "I-in me, in me!"

He grinned and doubled down his on the power of his thrusts, more grateful than ever before for his powerful frame and stamina, feeling the pleasure build and build, already past the point of no return.

She felt both his hand on her breast and the arm around her body hug her tighter, embracing her soft curvy figure tight to his toned muscular one, his hips doing virtually all of the work as they clapped time and time again into her ass before, suddenly, he thrust in and held it deep, a gasp emanating from his lips before he pulled out just for a second before slamming it home again, holding it deep and for longer each time.

Faith gasped with each sudden hard thrust as she felt his cock throb and pulse deep within her, knowing that each time he bottomed out in her thick ass, he was leaving behind a hot sticky mess, filling her up with his virile cum.

They panted hard, their eyes closed and they simply lived in the moment, one of her arms moving to lay across his on her body, squeezing the tensed muscle of his arm, her other hand lingering on his thigh, caressing him as he finished within her.

His thrusts slowed to a stop, his breaths coming softer as his climax began to dwindle and he held himself deep within her, gyrating his hips slightly to draw all the pleasure he could from her tight bubbly ass.

"Ooh fuck, Faith, that was amazing, the best I’ve ever fucking had…" He laughed a little, the satisfaction in his voice more than obvious.

Faith blushed brightly and tilted her head, seeking a kiss from him, which he gave happily.

Slowly they fell forward together onto the bed, uncaring about the light still bleeding in from the living room, embracing the coolness of the sheets beneath them as they continued to kiss, his softening cock slipping free from her now cum filled hole.

"O-oh, oh god," she whispered softly as they broke the kiss, their foreheads pressed lightly to each others as they lay draped across one another, "Michael, that was… I haven’t felt like that in so long…"

He smiled and kissed her again, holding her close, feeling her breasts pressed to his chest, "It doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, you know?" he said, voice full of promises.

"W-well, you know where I live, and I live alone…" She said opening her eyes to gaze into his.

"Is that an open invitation for me to drop by whenever I want?" he grinned.

"I think it’s called a booty call?" She said cutely.

He laughed softly and reached around to squeeze the very booty in question, "Mm, sounds good…" There was a lull in the conversation, though it didn’t feel awkward, the two of them slowly drifting off, tangled in each others arms.

"I er, I have to leave quite early in the morning, but, I’ll drop by again soon, maybe Monday, alright?" he said softly, holding Faith, who was by now on the verge of falling into a deeply satisfied sleep, held close to him.

"P-promise?" She asked, voice heavy with the need to sleep.

"You’ll be seeing a lot of me, I promise…" he said in an almost whisper, his soft voice and strong arms luring her closer to sleep.

With her eyes closed she half murmured a response, but in a moment she was fast asleep, dreaming about the Saturday night she wouldn’t forget in a long, long time.


As he had promised he was gone when she awoke, and while she had a little bit of a hangover she didn't regret the fun she had had in the least. On the contrary, she couldn't wait to see him again. Although Monday seemed so far away she persevered, albeit with the help of her fleshlight and vibrator.

As Monday rolled around and she went to work wearing a brand new turtleneck sweater she'd bought on Sunday she had had to undergo the fifty questions interrogation from the three friend's she'd essentially ditched to run off with the handsome young lover Michael they hadn't seen, but she was purposely vague in giving her answers to the three curious assistants, much to their disappointment.

As her classes came and went she found herself getting increasingly distracted thinking about the night ahead. Would he show? Would she actually ever see him again?

She was sat at her desk mentally chastising herself for not getting his number as one class filed out and a new one filed in, ignoring them for the most part as they got settled in their preferred spots, though, one walked up to her.

"Miss?" The voice asked, curious.

"Mm, yes, Michael?" She said casually, looking up into the familiar face of her student. And her lover.

"Remember me now?" He asked with that dangerously attractive smirk of his.

"I..." she said, terror and panic blanking her thoughts, the connection so instant and obvious she couldn't believe she hadn't made it until right this second. She'd fucked a student. Was that hot? She would be fired for sure.

"Are you okay?" he asked, tilting his head.

"I..." She gripped the edge of her desk, her breath caught in her throat. It was pretty hot. But she was fucked.

He pursed his lips and glanced around, no one was watching them.

"...Still up for tonight?" He raised his eyebrow inquisitively.

"......." She nodded meekly at Michael, her student, her boy-toy.

He smiled broadly, "See you then..."

As Faith watched him find his seat and she tried to hide the play of emotions she felt she realised, with a sudden, tenting certainty as she watched him smirk knowingly at her, that she would have to teach this class sitting today.

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