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"Shut your fucking hole, slut," he snapped at her, continuing with his rhythmical, painful thrusts.
Regret bubbled in Su’s chest, currently covered by a transparent lace bra, at least for now. The man was a friend of her first attempted captor, and much more successful. The first’s attempt gave Su a small feeling of happiness, recalling the loud wail of pain when she sank her teeth into the soft end of his long, thick dick, fingers digging into his balls.
It was much more satisfactory than the current situation she was in, and diverted her attention for a small bit of time:
She had been walking home peacefully, whistling softly, when a man had ran up behind her, wrapped his arms around her neck, and dragged her to the ground. She pretended to be winded as she gasped for breath, and the man, thinking he had succeeded, grinned wickedly and zipped down his pants, allowing his dick to wiggle out. He then grabbed her pants roughly, yanked them down to her ankles, and prepared to thrust his cock into her pussy while massaging his hard-on, lifting her off the ground and kissing her, licking all over her face and in her mouth. She had kicked him in the balls defiantly, causing him to drop her in surprise, and she bit him hard.
Su jerked backed to the present as the man grabbed her hair. "We’re gonna put you through the three fun activities, now," referring to the three tortures: enema, diaper humiliation, and fucking. There was spanking, vibrators, breast-whipping, nipple-sucking, finger fucking, cum-urine-liquefied-shit-drinking, and anus-and-pussy-parting, too, but they were referred to as bonuses.
He pulled out his cock, dripping with cum, and forced Su to suck it before stripping completely. Su muffled a groan as he pulled off her bra to reveal sensitive nipples and large, round breasts.
He took out his dildo and masking tape, then stuffed the dildo in her mouth, taping it at the edges to secure it. "If you do well, you get only finger fucking and anus parting; or else, you get an extra spanking along with all bonuses. Now nod for me."
Su nodded, gagging on the dildo in her mouth, afraid to displease him.
"Alright." He strapped her onto the ceiling restraints, spread her anus, filled the enema bag with freezing water and pushed the bulb into her tight ass, sliding a large bowl underneath her to catch the watery contents that came spurting out after he had shot all the water into her bladder and removed the bulb.
He slapped her breasts. "Hold it for a minute." Her master taped a tight diaper around her, and eyeing it disapprovingly, taped on three more so she probably wouldn’t be able to walk and had to crawl.
"Let it out now." Su sighed as he said this, since she knew what was coming.
As she released a huge load, and then three more, she closed her eyes as she saw the camera he held, zoomed in on the huge lump of shit in her diapers. He unstrapped her soon after and lay her across his knees, slapping her butt and smearing the shit around her butt crack, anus, pussy, and mound, then smeared some on her face. He mashed the rest into the bowl that held the urine, and covered that in plastic wrap. "Okay. Now leave that diaper on while I get some better clothes for you."
He left the camera on the bed, still filming her distress as she wiggled uncomfortably until her master returned with a stack of forty-eight Goodnites, a pair of plastic diapers, an onesie, bib, and pacifier. He stuck the pacifier in her mouth, changed her diapers, put on the plastic ones, bib, and onesie that had holes in the breasts and pussy.
However, he didn’t throw the messy diapers away, instead shaped them into a mask and wrapped them around her mouth, where the dildo was still secured. He made sure the camera was still on, then walked away to eat his dinner.
An hour later, Su was squirming uncomfortably and gagging at the terrible smell. Her master spotted the movement, and immediately his face contorted into an angry sneer. Pushing his chair back from the table, he stood up and walked over to Su. "For that movement, you’ll get a good fun bonus time tonight. Until then, stay." He walked away again, finished his dinner, and then disappeared into the bathroom to shower.
Three hours passed until her master untied her and took of the mask, Su gasping for fresh air. Now her master took out his huge vibrators. "Since we’ve spanked you already, let’s do this." He stuck one in her wet pussy and another in her anus, and turned them both to "ultra-high". Su moaned as the vibrators drilled at her holes. Her master, however, clicked his tongue and then stuck a bigger one in her pussy, but not taking any out.
Minutes later, Su was ready to collapse when her master turned the vibrators off but left them inside. He started to vigorously whip one breast while biting her other nipple, then switched. He began to fuck her using a finger, too, and then sticking in another and finally fisting her deeply. "You’re tight," he growled, and immediately unclenched his hands, spreading her pussy so wide that Su gasped.
Grinning evilly, her master took out his hand and made Su lick off all of her cum. He left to take out the disgusting shit and cum blend, and poured it all over Su, ordering, "Eat it up! Or I’ll fuck you harder again." She reluctantly obliged.
"Last bonus." Her master smirked. "But there’s something special this time. My friends are coming in half a minute, and you need to display your ass and wet fucking hole for them like a proper little slut whore. If they ask to fuck, beg them to."
The doorbell rang, Su hurriedly ripping off her bra and running after her master, where she lay on her stomach on the cold table, huge tits bouncing as she reached back, prying her holes open with her hands. The gazes of his friends, lustful for fucking, were immediately drawn to her.
"Feel free to punish her and touch her any way you want," her master told them. They nodded, and immediately the first one stalked over, slapped her in the face, and immediately began to fuck her anus. The others came over, too, and began fucking her other holes, some of them fucking the same ones as they slapped her, kicked her, stepped on her, and whipped her.
Remembering her master’s instructions, Su moaned, "Oh, please, fuck me harder, please! I beg you, fuck me…" Her master’s friends did as she begged, leaving her pussy and ass raw and painful when they finished. Her boobs hurt, too, because they had slapped her so much.
The days that followed were the same.

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