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What the fuck, I thought, what the hell is that woman doing up there?
" Come on, come on," I hear a soft voice say. I glance behind me and see an attractive blonde dressed in a sleek black power suit. Her hair in a page boy, her eyes had a gleam in them. I quickly look back to the front so she wouldn't catch me staring. I check out and check off another one of my errands that I had to do instead of eating. My last run, which as soon as I could complete would leave me a fast and furious fifteen minutes to eat my food, then to the office. I caught a flash of honey blonde and it is the blonde again, right behind me. " I've never been stalked before," I said before my brain processed the entire thought and mapped out any consequences, like being slapped or publicly humiliated.

Instead, Ellen gave me one of those dazzling smiles that you see on toothpaste commercials. " Well, I've never stalked anyone before," she said. She arches a perfect eye brow. " So I guess we're even, aren't we?" " I guess," I said. I couldn't stop staring at her. My eyes are doing their own thing by doing a quick up-down-up while she isn't looking. She isn't too tall and she isn't too short, she is a perfect five-seven, five-eight, and looks drop-dead gorgeous in her suit. The jacket dipped low and I can see the crisp immaculate white of her blouse, framed in the V of the collar is a perfect crease of cleavage. I guessed she is a 38B. My eyes went on and processed everything and by the time I hit those feet, looking perfect on shiny leather stiletto heels that are about three inches high, I had to stuff a hand in my pocket to try and discretely adjust my growing cock. It didn't help when I see what is in her hands. Condoms, two boxes of Trojans, the pleasure mesh and one of the her pleasure ones. And a bottle of KY lube. Along with an innocent packet of stockings. My head steamed.

" See anything you like?" she asks with a hint of smile. " I ... um," I managed, tongue-tied. She juggled the two boxes of condoms, the bottle of lube, and the packet of stockings expertly in one perfectly manicured hand. Her hand is soft but her grasp is strong. Ellen's hand lingers in mine for a bit and when she drew her hand away, she brushes her fingers along my palm, scraping ever-so-lightly with her nails. " On your lunch hour?" she asks. " What's left of it," I told her. She gives me another one of those smiles. " Well, I live nearby," Ellen said. " I have a condo a couple blocks down. Would you like to come up for a bite to eat?" My brain processes the offer: beautiful blonde who I have fucked three times and is definitely into sex inviting me to her condo no less to have a bite to eat. She is a beautiful stalker, the promise of possible sex ... hmmm ..." Sure," I said.

" Perfect," Ellen said. She looks over my shoulder. " Your turn," she said. I hastily paid for my stuff and she did the same. Outside, she links her arm around mine, laying her hand lightly on my sleeve. I smell her perfume, soft, sweet, but powerful enough to get into my head in that good way. It isn't making hiding my erection any easier as we cross the street. " So, John, I'm happy I ran into you." she said. We neared the posh looking apartment building and the doorman smiles when he saw us. " Good afternoon, Miss Bryan and Mr Malone," the doorman said, " Home early?" Ellen gave a laugh. " No, I'm just here to have lunch," she said.
" Ah, a home cooked meal to fuel one through the day," the man said. " Enjoy your lunch, Miss Bryan, you, too, sir!" He tipped his hat and held open the door for us. Inside, the air conditioning ran thick and cool over us and it was a relief, cooling my heated skin but it didn't do much to diminish the erection I'm hiding in my pants.

Ellen led me to the elevators and up to the condo, silent and smiling all the way. We rode up in the elevator, her eyes had a glint. When the doors dinged open, she steps inside. " Welcome to my humble abode," she said. Humble, I thought, right. White painted walls with scarlet carpets, stylish expensive new-age kind of furniture, chrome and black marble and stark white and bold colored paintings. She drops her purse on the red sofa and shrugs out of her business jacket to reveal a very nice and slightly sheer blouse underneath. I definitely see the curves of her breasts through the material but she can't be wearing a bra underneath, could she? I mean, the way that it looks, with the hint of nipple, it had to be more of a tank top or something? But who was I to say? I just a man, who was I to question the wonders of female silky clothing bits?

" So, John, what do you like to eat?" she asks, walking into the kitchen. Her heels clicking nicely on the classy black and white tiled floor. " Are you the sandwich type of man?" Ellen purrs as she opens up the fridge, bending at the waist to peer at the food items on lower shelves. I admire her ass, her black skirt stretched tight over it. " Or," Ellen said, glancing over her shoulder, " Do you prefer something more appetizing?" I swallow, my brain not thinking much about food as I wander over to sit at the breakfast bar. " Um, whatever you're having," I said, shrugging out of my jacket and draping it over my lap, hiding the erection that didn't want to be hidden anymore. " Well," Ellen said, straightening. She smoothed one hand over the curve of her hip. " I was going to have some left over food, I hope that you don't mind."

" No, no that's fine," I said. " I have some chicken and asparagus simmered in wine, oysters in champagne sauce, or a nice vegetable soup that we can eat with some of this perfect Italian bread that I bought this morning," she said. " Which would you like?" I'm lacking in intelligent answers as I watch her hand on her hip, making small little circles. " Um, I'm good with anything."

 " I think we should eat healthy," Ellen said. " We'll have the soup and bread." She pulls out a plastic container full of the thick chunky soup and set it on the counter. Next, she got out a pot from the cupboard to heat up the soup in. Then she got out the bread from one of those bread container things and cut a few slices. I watch her in silent fascination as she made each one of her movements, even stirring the damn soup, a sensual act. My hunger for food is fading fast and my hunger for something else is demanding to be fed. If she is just going to feed me, I'm not going to be able to just sit here and eat.

I got up abruptly, knocking my stool over. It hit the floor with a clang and Ellen looks up. " I just realized that I have a ... a meeting," I said. " I should get back to the office." " Are you sure, John?" Ellen asks, her voice soft. " I mean, I did have other things planned for us." I watch her turn off the stove and she walks around the breakfast bar, those heels of hers clicking, and she came over to me. Ellen gazes up at me resting a palm on my chest, right over my racing heart. " Are you sure that you don't have time to stay?" I stare at her. Her hand slides lower till her manicured fingers hook into my belt. " Are you sure?" she purrs.
Okay, I'm sure now that she is going to have sex with me. " I guess I have time," I said, my voice a low growl. Her lips curves into a smile. " Good." With her fingers hooked in my belt, she tugs me along through the living room, down a hallway, and into the bedroom. The main piece of furniture in the room is the bed; big and spacious with maroon sheets and covers. Guiding me to the foot of the bed, Ellen pushes me down until I'm sitting then she steps away from me and I sat there as she got out of her skirt, tossing it aside with a sexy kick of her leg. Next, she plucks open the buttons on her blouse and shrugs it off, leaving her dressed in her sexy black stiletto heels and a beautiful, sexy, delicious looking white bra and panty set. Ahh, so it was a bra, a magnificently crafted one. I see the tops of her tits swelling above the cups of the bra and the white panties didn't hide much and

I stare at her bald pussy. My cock aches in pain, straining against the front of my pants. I watch Ellen walk back to me, her hips swaying, until she stood in front of me. Gracefully, she kneels between my legs, pushing me onto my back, then her slender fingers undid my belt, undid the button, undid the zipper, then she is in, fishing out my cock. When her fingers wrap around my shaft, I groan out loud, and when I feel her hot wet mouth close around the head of my cock, I nearly blow my load. Ellen quickly got my cock all wet with her tongue before gobbling it up hungrily. My monster cock is throbbing, as her lips press against my body, tight around the base of my cock, my primal animal lust is raging when I feel Ellen's throat pulsating around my cock. She is doing magical things with her lips, her tongue, and her teeth, her hands getting rid of my shoes and tugging my pants off.

Her tongue swirls around the head of my cock, her tongue undulating to create waves of suction, and when she had my pants off Ellen's nails scrape along the insides of my thighs before they find my balls. She cups them in her hands, pulling her mouth off my cock long enough to suck them in, rolling them over her tongue. I groan, my hips pushing up off the bed and Ellen chuckles, a sound that vibrates my balls. My head, both of them, are about to explode when Ellen stops, pulling away. I sat up. She has a smile on her face as she got up, wriggled out of her panties to reveal a delicious wet slit, and then she kneels down again, this time facing away from me, then getting on all fours, she reaches back with one hand spreading her pussy. " Fuck me?" she asks in a little girl pleading voice. I stand up walking over to her, pulling her up to her feet. I take her to the bed pushing down on her back.

Her legs spread wide, pausing to put on a condom, I position myself above her sinking my long, thick cock into her with a single, hard, powerful thrust. " Ohhhh fuck, yesssss!" She cries as my cock fills her, her pussy stretching around my shaft. My thrusts are hard and rough exactly what she wanted, I know why Ellen enjoys being with me. My cock slamming her pussy as she clutches and claws at my back, digging her nails deep into my skin as my cock fills and stretches her. " Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me, John! Fuck me hard!" She cries as I slam into her. " Ellen! Oh fuck, Ellen!" I groan as I spear her with my cock, " Your cunt is so tight!"
" Your big cock feels so good in my cunt," She murmurs contentedly in response as she rocks her hips to meet my thrusts. She feels her womb begin to contract. Ellen came hard under the onslaught of my fucking. Moaning loudly, her body shaking uncontrollably as I pin her to the bed with my cock, she lets her climax posse her. " Yessssss! Oh God, yessss!" She cries as waves of pleasure washes over her. She grips me tightly, her fingers around my arms and her pussy around my cock.

I continue my abuse of her pussy; thrusting, harder and deeper. Her pussy gripping me tight inside her. " I'm going to cum!" I groan. She feels my cock swelling inside her, smiling, she closes her eyes as she prepares for the last convulsive thrust as I release. Suddenly, my cock is no longer inside her; that final heave never came. She opens her eyes to see my twitching cock in front of her face, pre cum oozing from its slit. She smiles, I press the head of my cock against her lips. She opens her mouth taking me inside. Ellen sucks hard as I fuck her mouth. She feels my cock jerking as my orgasm approaches then, suddenly, I'm filling her mouth with my rich, creamy, hot cum. As I pump my thick, creamy load into her mouth, she swallows it down hungrily with her usual relish, not wasting a single drop. After the initial outburst subsides, I stroke my cock, milking my cum on to her tongue. She lets it pool there, savoring its rich taste before sending it on its way.

Ellen is exhausted from my attention so, as I had recovered, I treat her to a relaxing massage. It is what her climax wracked body needed and the tension melts away under my strong gentle hands. My touch is so soothing that she almost drifted off to sleep but she is still highly aroused and her arousal keeps her awake. Being the greedy little slut that she is, one fuck, however good, is never going to be enough for her. Once she feels strong enough, she decides, just in case I needed persuading to give her what she wanted, and as a way of thanking me for the way I had already made her feel, to unleash the powers of her mouth on me. She starts off stroking my cock and licking the length of my thick shaft, bringing it back to life. I groan when her tongue teases my knob and my cock grows thicker and harder. She always gets a buzz from the way using her mouth has such an effect on my cock, knowing that what she is doing is making me hard; making me want to fuck her again.

Ellen took her time, slowly teasing me as my cock grows harder and thicker. I murmur soft, appreciative noises, letting her know that I'm enjoying her attentions. My cock is completely hard, she takes me into her mouth beginning to suck. Sliding her lips up and down my length, she is rewarded with moans and gasps of pleasure. After a few minutes, she takes a deep breath sliding me fully into her mouth, my knob slipping into her throat as her lips wrap around the base of my cock. She is rewarded with a gasp " Oh fuck!" for her efforts. As she deep throats me, she swung round moving into a 69 and I begin to lick her pussy again. This time, the fact that she has my cock rammed firmly down her throat as my tongue expertly delves between her moist folds only adds to her arousal. She wants to cry out with pleasure as my tongue laps up her juices, with her mouth stuffed full of cock, all she manages is the occasional, " Ungh, mmmm, ungh!"

The sensations quickly intensify, causing her to suck harder. I reach forward to squeeze her tits tugging on her nipples as my tongue probes her warm, wet depths. Her mind begins to wander. My tongue flicks over her clit. The sensations she is experiencing, suddenly, she is cumming again. As her body heaves, my cock slips from her mouth, allowing her to give voice to her pleasure. " Fuck! Oh fuck! I'm c... cumming, John! I... I'm cumming!" She cries. I didn't stop. My tongue drives her on as she surrenders to the feelings it is providing. She rides my face for as long as she can endure, moaning and crying out until she can take no more. Rolling away from me, she allows herself a few moments to regain a measure of composure. As soon as she has recovered, she decides she is ready to be fucked again. She slowly impales herself on me without a condom. It feels so good as she slides slowly down my length, feeling me filling her completely, her pussy stretching around my shaft as she receives it.

Ellen rides me hard, increasing her pace, slamming her hips back to collide with me as I move to lick and suck her tits. Her body is on fire. Her nipples, hard and wet with my saliva, tingling as I squash her tits together sucking them both between my lips. She rotates herself to face away from me, giving me a view of my cock disappearing up inside her. My hands are on her ass cheeks, lifting her up and pulling her down. My cock thrusting up as she pushes her hips back. As she slides up and down, impaling herself on my cock, she reaches down to play with her clit. The result is immediate. Bolts of electricity surging through her. " Oh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming again!" She sobs as she grinds herself against me, the walls of her cunt tightening rhythmically around my shaft. She lets her orgasm subside and I got out from beneath her. Positioning her on all-fours, I sink my cock into her quivering pussy with a single squelching thrust, slamming inside her from behind. " Harder!" She urges as I lay my body on her back reaching round grabbing her tits, " Fuck me harder like a bitch!"

Ellen is in heaven as I slam her pussy, squeezing her tits as my cock drives in and out. I'm fucking her hard, deep and rough, abusing her sore cunt with my cock. Once again, she has become nothing more than a bitch with no other purpose than to take my cock however and wherever I see fit. Ellen is loving every second, every moist, squelching, pussy-stretching stroke of my cock. In that moment, she is my slut, enduring my rough onslaught and wanting more. As if I had read her thoughts, I announce, " I'm going to fuck your ass, Ellen. I'm going to stick my cock in your tight little asshole and fuck it hard." " Mmmmm, yes," She responds dreamily, " Fuck my slutty little ass, John. Fuck it good and hard." With my cock still in her pussy, she feels me apply lube to her asshole and slowly inserting one, then two fingers inside her tight hole. I work my fingers in and out and twisting them around inside her tight back-passage, opening her up, readying her to receive me.

When her ass is relaxed and slippery with the lubricant, I pull my cock from her pussy. " Fuck me!" She sighs as she braces herself, knowing what is coming next, " Do it, John! Fuck my ass!" The head of my cock presses against her asshole, well lubricated as it is, it slowly stretches to accommodate me as I slowly sink inside her. " Yesss! Ohhhhh yesss!" She cries as, inch by delicious inch I slide my long thick cock past the resistance of her tight hole until I'm buried up to the root in her back-passage.
I begin to thrust, spearing her rear entrance with my cock. Ellen fingers her pussy rubbing her clit, urging me to fuck her harder. I respond, thrusting into her with increasing force. " Pull my hair! Treat me like a slut!" She demands as my body collides with hers.
I did as she demanded, alternating between tugging on her hair, and slapping her ass cheeks. " You little slut," I groan, " You love having a cock in your ass, don't you?" " Y... Yesssss," She replied, " I... I love having a big, thick c... cock in m... my ass."

" Whose cock?" I demand, slapping her hard. " Yours, John, yours." " My what?" I slap her again. " Your cock, John. I... I love your cock!" " What about my cock?" Slap! Slap! " I... I love it in my ass, John! I love it in my ass!" Her ass cheeks stung. Her eyes watering as I pull her hair. " You're a dirty little slut, aren't you, Ellen?" " Ohhhhhh, I am... I am," I admitted, "I'm a slut, John, I'm your dirty little slut!" I decide we should switch positions. I pull out and lay back on the bed. " Don't just sit there," I said, " Get that sweet, slutty little asshole back on my cock!" She move into position lowering herself on to me. Soon she is riding me cowgirl fashion, taking my cock deep into her back passage. I keep tugging her hair as she rode me hard with increasing abandonment. She begins rubbing her clit furiously as she impales her ass on my cock.

She came at once, screaming as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over her. I'm breathing hard. She glances back over her shoulder and, from the look on my face, she sees I'm getting close too. She turns to face me, rotating on my cock. " Cum for me," she tells me as her tender asshole slides up and down my shaft. " Cum for me John," She purrs. Seconds later, I did, she feels my cock pulsing inside her as I emptied my load inside her ass. She feels my cum being shot deep inside her ass. Exhausted, she collapses on top of me. My cock slipping from her battered asshole. We lay together, just holding each other and occasionally kissing for quite a while after that. Eventually, we got up, showering and I left; but not before letting her know that we would definitely be doing this again tonight. Later that night, as we lay in bed, having already feasted on her sweet pussy until I reduced her to a whimpering, quivering wreck.

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