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Chatting about our sexual fantasies, giving and gaining great pleasure from detailing every sordid detail.

After several chats, we know every detail of each others sexual tastes, while holding onto some secrecy with only knowing each others screen names… both secretly wanting more. You get brave and ask my name… I reply without hesitation, feeling excited, as our conversation continues. You feel the urge, and feel brave once again… you post your mobile number… not really expecting me to reply. I sit there, feeling very sexually excited looking at your mobile number on screen. I type your number into my mobile and toy with the idea of should I call? What do you sound like? After several minutes of silence between us, you type in ‘You gone all shy on me honey??’ Fuck it… I press dial…

You look at the screen of your mobile as it lights up, not recognising the number, but not for a second thinking it could be me… You answer it, ‘Hello?’ you question. ‘Hello sexy’ the unfamiliar voice says, instantly you look at your computer screen looking at my screen name, you shyly type in, ‘is this you?’ You listen to me giggle sweetly… ‘Have I caught you off guard?? Have you gone shy on me??’ I giggle softly, teasingly. ‘Have I made you blush??’ We chat for a few minutes and both become as flirty as we are online. We hang up our mobiles and continue our conversation online for a short time, you teasingly call me a bitch for catching you off guard and making you blush, I giggle, wondering how can I make you blush again…??

I playfully suggest we should meet for drinks… to catch you off guard again. But you manage to get your own back and jump at the chance, ‘it’s my turn to make you blush, I guess, hehehe’ you tease. We make arrangements to meet in a wine bar half way between where we both live.

I pull into the wine bar car park, already tingling with excitement. I see a car pull up beside mine. The driver looks at me, with a cute, cheeky smile looking hot and sexy. I send you a text ‘is that you?’ A few seconds later I watch you answer your mobile; you look at me, smile and nod. My eyes light up at the hot sexy figure in the car next to me, my whole body tingles, finally putting a face to a sexy voice and very naughty chats.

We get out of our cars and look at each other. Your eyes wide as I walk towards the back of my car, studying my figure, high heels, smooth sexy legs, cute figure, sexy little dress, long red hair. You step towards me and hold your hand out, I take it and you pull me gently towards you, sliding your hand round my waist and your other hand through my hair. I lean forward and press my lips to yours, letting our lips touch, savouring the moment of our first kiss, you can smell the intoxicating fragrance of my perfume.

After several seconds, we’re aware of the security lights of the car park light up as people walk past. We stop kissing, look up and giggle a little as we see the couple shaking their heads as they pass. You take my hand and lead me into the wine bar. You hold the door open for me and take a cheeky look at my ass as I walk past. You buy the drinks and we sit opposite each other making small talk, I tease you on how shy you sounded when I phoned you…

You’re mesmerized with my slim fingers, my perfectly manicured red nails, provocatively stroking up and down the stem of my wine glass, circling the rim of the glass. You look up and see my biting my red glossy lips, smiling at you, looking so sexy and such a tease. You’re desperate to touch me and play, but in the busy wine bar it’s to risky, all you can do is watch, and I can tell perfectly well its driving you crazy.

I slip my foot out of my high heel stiletto and slide it up your leg, catching by surprise. You take a deep breath in, quickly looking round, checking if anyone is watching. You can see the barman watching us, I watch you blush a little but I don’t stop and continue stroking between your legs with my petite foot while still playing with my glass. You can feel my toes massaging your groin, mmmmmm. I can feel your cock stirring in your trousers, twitching.

We stay there for a while, sipping our drinks. Teasing you subtly so sexy you can’t take your eyes off me, wanting to tease you till you explode… I finish my drink and slip my foot back into my stiletto. I stand and walk towards you; your hands grip your pint, nervously. I lean towards you and whisper in your ear ‘let’s go play…’ I take your hand; you’re a little reluctant to stand up because of the obvious bulge in your trousers. You move close behind me, wrapping your arm round my shoulder and down my front from behind, ‘you honry little bitch!’ you giggle into my ear. I giggle back as we move to the door. I step out of the door, then step back inside, playfully blowing a kiss at the watching barman, who’s polishing glasses, it flusters him and he drops the glass. I grab your hand and run outside, giggling.

I reach my car, playing with my hair, tucking it behind my ears. You step forward, pushing against the car. You run your fingers through my hair, pulling me closer. You kiss me softly, listening to me moan, kissing me full-on, hard and passionately, our tongues exploring each other. Our hands roam over each others bodies, your hands massaging and caressing my breasts. My hands resting on your ass squeezing it gently before moving round your hips and expertly finding the zip on your trousers, I start to undo it. Feeling the cool night air on your cock, you grab my hand and stop me, very aware that we’re still out in the wine bar car park. I playfully bite your lip and giggle softly, my fingers continue to play with your zip, and I watch you looking round the car park cautiously. You moan out loud, quickly silencing yourself as your feel my fingers slip into your underwear ‘oh fuck…. You’re a sexy minx…’ you sigh. My fingers expertly wrap round your shaft and I start to wank you slowly, kissing you passionately.

Without warning, I break from our kiss and kneel down in front of you. Our new positions only slightly protected between our cars but none-the-less not far from the main door to the busy wine bar. You find yourself pinned to the side of your car, with a sexy, horny, red-head kneeling in front of you. You look down just in time to see the tip of your now fully erect cock resting on my lips. I look up at you, keeping eye contact, you watch my mouth open and feel my breath on the tip, I smile. Moving slowly, my lips, surrounding your shaft, you feel and watch your cock glide between my lips, being engulfed into my willing mouth. You watch my lips close round your girth and I suck you slowly in and out, enjoying the feeling of your solid meat sliding over my tongue to the back of my mouth. My fingers stroking across your balls and playing with the base of your shaft as I deep throat you.

I feel your hand on the back of my head, gripping my hair, security lights go on again as another car pulls into the car park, startling you. you look down and see me completely overcome with lust. I don’t stop, don’t ease up on the pressure and don’t slow down; I want to taste you so badly. Even though you can see people walking across the car park, all you can think of is that you want to explode. You have to bite your lip hard to stop yourself moaning out loud and altering people to our compromising position. My tongue massages your dick; my lips squeezing your length. I Alternate licking the tip before plunging you deep into my throat, sucking slowly your full length then playfully biting and sucking the head before sucking you hard and fast. You feel your balls welling up and tighten; as your juices throb into your shaft. After several more thrusts into my mouth, you finally explode; you can’t help but cry out in ecstasy. I hold you deep in my mouth, swallowing your creamy-gooey cum, licking your shaft clean, before finally standing up and kissing you full on the lips.

Then without a word, you watch me get into my car and drive away, leaving you fumbling with concealing your cock back in your trousers. You scramble into your car, hoping no-one saw, you catch your breath. Your mobile bleeps, a message from me… ‘will there be a 2nd rendezvous?? Oh p.s. the wine bar has CCTV of the car park J’.

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