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Taking off his sandals, he crossed the hallway into the bedroom, stopping as he saw a woman standing in front of the bed. "They told me I had a present waiting. What's your name?" he asked.

Her reply was soft, and she did not look up. She wore only a bronze link bikini top and a matching belt that was two inches wide and positioned perfectly to cover her shaved womanhood. She stood, arms at her sides, shoulders squared to give her breasts the best posture, feet together with one knee forward and a little to the side as if to hide as much as she could in her present state. He told her to turn so he could see her, and she obeyed reluctantly, letting him gaze upon her nearly-naked body, feeling his eyes upon her smooth, shaved legs, her strong, beautiful back, and most of all her ass, which she felt was too big but nevertheless when he saw it his eyes grew wide and he smiled.

"Take off your clothes," he commanded her. Obediently she reached back and unclasped her top and let it fall as she tried to cover herself with one arm. Then she untied her belt and let it, too, fall to the ground, feeling even more vulnerable and trying more than ever to cover herself without appearing to do so. "Lay back," he commanded her, and she drew in a breath sharply and sat down on the bed. Sliding up, she rested her feet together on the edge of the bed and slowly reclined until her shoulders lay flat on the silken sheets, letting her knees fall to one side as she tried to cover her breasts with her arms. Closing her eyes, she laid her head to one side and waited for the inevitable.

He was already bare-chested from fighting in the arena, and all he wore was his sword in its sheath and a bronze metal knee-length fighting skirt, which he promptly removed. Drawing his sword, he now stood completely naked at the edge of the bed, his penis standing tall, rock-hard already, betraying how taken he was with this sexy woman lying before him on his bed. She felt the edge of the sword between her legs, and started slightly before understanding his meaning and slowly, reluctantly moving her knees apart. The touch of the sword continued until her legs were spread open as far as they would go, feet flat on the sheets at the corners and knees up in the air, completely exposed to this victorious gladiator to whom she had been presented.

Then she felt the tip of the sword on her arms, and she obediently opened her arms as well, placing them above her head on the silk. To tell the truth, she felt warm and comfortable, somehow sensing he would be gentile. Still, she had never been with a man before, and now she could feel bronze anklets being put on her and fastened. Presently bracelets were fastened around her wrists as well, and when she tried to move she found she was securely chained and completely helpless, even more than before.

Then she felt a hand on her ankle, caressing her skin as it moved up her calf, around her knee, and began to rise up her thigh. She felt it slowly meandering, making sure to grope every inch of her smooth, bare legs until it reached her hips, where it turned northward, gently brushing her pussy lips as it passed, which sent shivers of pleasure up her spine. "Wow, that felt really nice. Maybe this won't be so bad after all," she thought to herself.

She felt two hands, now, caressing her hips, then her stomach, and cresting her breasts as they lay completely unprotected in the open air. She felt palms on her nipples and fingers gripping her and massaging her tits in a way that was altogether unfamiliar to her; and despite herself, she liked it. She felt a soft moan parting her lips and escaping through her open mouth. "Maybe I should at least see him," she thought to herself. "There can't be much harm in that." The hands had stopped touching her, and she opened her eyes just a little to peek out of the corner at this strong, handsome gladiator.

He had witnessed the obvious pleasure on her face, and when she looked she saw him standing at the foot of the bed with his hands on his hips and a smug grin on his face. Her eyes ran down his muscular body, of which she wholeheartedly approved, and rested on his erect penis. Her eyes widened and she heard him chuckle slightly as she drew in a short breath. She had never seen a cock before, and the sight of his large silky head, rock-hard shaft, and smooth-shaved balls caught her eyes as if in a trance of sexual energy. Her eyes followed his lustful member as he walked it around the bed and held it right next to her face. "Kiss it," he commanded her.

She nodded a little, and still unsure of herself, parted her lips for the penis that was now barely a centimeter away from her face and placed a long, careful kiss on the tip of that silky head. The sight of it was starting to make her heart beat faster and fill her with an electric warmth she had never felt before. Then, withdrawing, she looked up inquisitively at him, who grinned and with a half step forward commanded her, "Lick it."

Turning back to the shaft in front of her face, she reached out her tongue and began running it up and down the long, hard dick that filled her lips even with its girth. Now she was starting to enjoy herself, and even though her arms and legs still felt paralyzed, she was moving her head and mouth back and forth to be able to lick the whole length, and even went down to gently caress his balls and lick his shaved ball sack with her tongue. As she moved back up to the head and licked the underside where it met the shaft, it jumped and swelled.

It hit her mouth again and she felt the sexual energy surge through her body, down to her tits making the nipples stand up hard, and like a lightning bolt strike right for her bare pussy. She arched her back in pleasure and her clit started to get hard as she turned her head to the side and took his whole engorged head hungrily into her mouth. Bobbing slowly, she stroked its underside with her tongue and crested her lips around the ridge that his head made with the shaft. Just as she started to taste pre-cum, she felt him pull out of her mouth and she looked up at him longingly.

Now that she had tasted a strong, manly cock, she was committed and wanted nothing more than to feel him throbbing inside of her, wanting her and taking her forcefully. Her eyes never left his stiff, swollen manhood as he paced back to the foot of the bed and stood between her legs. Coyly, she reached out her foot and began slowly, softly stroking his enlarged member with her foot, blushing as it pulsed and swelled at her touch. He, in turn, reached down with his hand and began running his fingers up and down her now-wet pussy, parting the lips slightly and constantly brushing her clit as he stroked.

She rolled her head back and closed her eyes, arching her back again in the throes of sexual pleasure. Imagining him thrusting into her, shoving his big, fat cock into her pussy and pummeling her exposed womanhood intensified her desire and drove her toward a climax. She felt him pulling away, and she found herself softly begging him not to stop. She felt the anklets being unfastened, and she thought in horror that she had somehow offended this ruthless warrior. But then she felt strong hands on her ankles and felt them flipping her over onto her belly and the manacles being replaced.

Pushing her chest low to the bed, she thrust her round, soft ass as high into the air as she could, and with her ankles already pulled apart, her pussy stuck its pouted lips out toward her owner in a plea for sexual gratification. But instead, she felt his powerful hands groping the smooth, exposed skin of her ass and running up and down her legs. "Please," she pleaded, "please fuck my pussy." The hands moved back up to her ass and she felt his thumbs massaging all around her waiting sex organ.

This only exasperated her need to be filled, and she started pleading frantically. "Oh please, please fuck my pussy! Please! I want your dick so badly. I want to feel your cock inside of me. Oh please, I need to have your rock hard cock ravaging my helpless pussy. I'm so wet. My pussy needs to grip a strong, throbbing cock more than anything, and its so powerless right now. Please!" She felt him hesitate, then remove his hands from her ass and grab her hips.

"Yes! Please! Please!" she cried out as she felt the head of his penis gently touch the outermost lips of her vagina. But then she felt a pause, and the cock started running up and down her crack, rubbing its length and balls against her dripping slit. "Oh! Please, please," she whined, "Drive your long, stiff shaft into me. My pussy is so helpless, it's just waiting for you. I'm dripping, I'm so wet!" She felt the penis pull off of her and she tingled with anticipation as she waited expectantly to be ravaged by the swollen member.

Then she felt a tongue on her clit as he kissed and licked her cunt, flicking her love button with the tip of his tongue as he ate her out. She hovered on the brink of an orgasm and knew the only cure was to be ridden hard by a strong cock, so she cried out again in a pouty, longing whine. "Oh. I'm so close. Please, just once, take your huge, rock-hard cock and force apart my pussy lips with your giant head. Oh please, please drive your shaft down deep into my pussy. It's so hungry for your cock."

Finally, her pleas were answered. She felt a huge cock spreading the lips of her pussy and all at once ramming its length down her soaking wet hole and bottoming out with soft, smooth balls slapping hard against her clit. The suddenness of it and her intense suspense made her climax almost instantly and her pussy tightened around her engorged invader as it rammed her again and again.

She screamed out in ecstasy as her rolling climax rumbled on and sent rivers of sexuality rolling over her whole body. The enlarged, throbbing cock quickened its pace and she came again as it thrust itself in as far as it would go, swelled to its maximum, and climaxed in spurts of warm, white cum. He filled her pussy til it couldn't hold any more and flowed out over the edges onto this thick, invading cock and ran down the inside of her thighs.

She collapsed in the bed and felt her arms and legs being released, and wrapped herself up in the silken sheets. He came over and kissed her on the cheek, which sent a crimson blush across her face and she buried her smile in the covers. "I am going to take a bath now," she heard him say. "You may stay in my house as long as you like." As he left, she felt a thrill and relief; she had finally found a place she could call home.

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