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As they shared the cum in her mouth, it came to her and she pulled away in surprise, "You! I know you," She gasped.

Alec threw back his head and laughed. He laughed for what seemed forever before he finally pushed her off his lap. Next he pounced on her. Pushing her down on to her back, he pinned her arms above her head. Then he spoke, "Do you know me? Really you little whore, who am I?"

Silk struggled a little till he spoke then she met his eyes. Once he was done speaking she searched his eyes but they remained unreadable, "Yes, your that male slave from my first party at Baron’s house. Your Mistress made me suck you off then share it with you. Then later we wrestled and you beat me," Silk told him, leaving out a lot of details.

These details are what made Alec hate her so, "Yes I am, but you left out the fact we shared a kiss that I know touched us both. A kiss like this," He said and then kissed her again. Once more the kiss spoke volumes to them both. Then breaking the kiss, "And you seemed to forget that when we wrestled, we turned each other on and that we both shared at stolen orgasm and later a stolen fuck," He reminded.

Silk remembered it all too well. She just tried to forget because she loved Michael and didn’t like that this slave… no correct that now… this Dom had affected her like that. She remembered the kiss and the look on his face and his eyes when they parted. Later they had wrestled in the lube tub and during it; he had accidentally slid inside her. This caused her to cum. They both hid it well but later in the bathroom when they were cleaning up he brought it up.

He told her he knew she came when he entered her but that he wouldn’t tell. Being slaves they both knew they would get punished for such a thing, Silk for cumming without permission and him for giving her the pleasure. To seal the deal they kissed again and somehow that led to him fucking her. This caused them both to cum and afterwards they promised never to tell anyone. He helped her clean up and finally with one more kiss, they went back to their respective others, no one the wiser.

They had both never spoken of it again. Silk had seen him a few times at a party or at the clubs but then he just disappeared. She didn’t really think any thing of it because she was very devoted to Michael. Later when she was reintroduced to him as Sir Alec, he didn’t look like that slave she knew so she didn’t recognize him. Till now that is…

As Silk remembered Alec watched her. He could see that she remembered it all right down to the stolen time in the bathroom. It pissed him off that she didn’t seem to remember him at first, and then he thought she was just being a bitch. This fueled his hatred for her even more. He thought it had meant something to them both and she acted like it never happened.

When he came to Michael for training, he found Michael still had Silk as a slave. At first he thought about telling Michael thanks but no thanks. Then he found out about her punishment and all that had happened. To him she was a whore but he knew that Michael didn’t feel the same way; however the punishment would give him a chance to work out his anger on her. To his surprise thought, he discovered she didn’t seem to recognize him. Then Michael gave him the chance he needed. He finally got to spend a night alone with her and now he was going to show her the hell she put him through because of a few stolen moments.

Silk watched the anger in his eyes and wondered why, she pulled her hand free to touch his hair, "It was blond then," she said gently.

Her gentleness touched Alec deep but he didn’t let it show instead he said, "Yes it was. My Mistress liked it like that. I hated it though," He told her coldly, "So did you ever tell Michael about our stolen moments?"

Silk felt the ice in his tone, "No. I never told him. Did you ever tell your Mistress?" She asked.

Alec stared at her once more not believing she never told, "Why?" Was all he could say?

"Because I knew it would cause trouble for both of us. Also you were like my little secret lover," She told him. Now both hands were free and she was touching him freely. She still couldn’t believe this was that male slave. He had changed so much.

Alec still wanted to punish her, "Do you know what hell you put me through?"

Silk wasn’t sure what he meant. How did she put him through hell? "What do you mean?" She asked.

Alec was getting distracted by her hands touching his body. Finally he grabbed them and forced them above her head again before he spoke, "Because that kiss, that time we shared touched me, touched us both and you walked away afterwards like it was nothing. I longed for you forever and you never tried to find me, you never spoke to me or even acknowledged me at parties. You acted like it never happened. I dreamed of you night after night and now I find out that all the while you were here with Michael. So close and yet so far…" He told her, the icy tone back again, "Tell me, did you even think about me. Did you even think about finding me, doing more with me?"

Silk was touched by his words but she knew her next ones would surely kill him, "Alec I did think of you. You’re who I thought of when I zoned out during punishment or play. I did think of you but not like you want me to. You have to understand, I love Michael. He is more then my Master. I love him with all my heart," She watched her words sink in and hoped they didn’t incur his wrath. "The reason however I never acknowledged you at parties or tired to find you was because my love for Michael. Also I didn’t even know where to find you or who you belonged to. Remember I was new to the lifestyle that day. I had only been in it a week at that point. Hell I didn’t really even know what I was doing."

Alec softened some at her last few words but he still felt some anger and because of this he had to finish what he started tonight. He felt inclined to explain to her though, "Fine I will accept this. I guess at least you’re loyal to Michael. I only wish I can find a slave like you. However much to your dismay, I will have you tonight. My satisfaction will be your punishment," and with that he kissed her again.

Silk lost all fear now but she still didn’t want this. Now it felt like cheating on Michael, something she didn’t want to do but she knew she had no choice. She went cold and unresponsive.

Alec felt her go cold. Suddenly he couldn’t go on. All his anger was centered on the simple fact that he thought her the whore that he called her and in all reality she was just a confused slave who got caught up in lust at her first party. Alec felt bad for taking advantage of her. He knew she didn’t want him because she loved Michael also and this loyalty was something he admired greatly.

Silk looked up to find him studying her. She was sure he was going to get rough at any moment. She wished he would just get it over with. Then she saw his eyes go soft.

He watched her watching him, groaning he rolled off her. Laying next to her he asked as he took her hand in his, "What now?"

Silk sighed and said, "I don’t know Alec, I don’t know."

They lay there for a while in silence then Alec spoke and they began to talk. They talked of how this past year had been. They both talked of their lives as slaves comparing stories. He told Silk of how he spent his switch training in England with a new Mistress before coming back to train as a Dom with Michael. He told her about England and how they were different in their ways.

Silk told him about all that had happened over her time since meeting Michael. She also filled him in the Reed situation and even gave him little tidbits about her family. She told him about the island that Michael took her and the other girls to and how wonderful it was.

They lay and talked for hours before Alec noticed that Michael was due home soon. He knew what he had to do but he dreaded it as much as Silk had dreaded spending the evening with him. When he heard Michael pull into the driveway, he told Silk to kneel. While she assumed the position, he thought quickly then striped off his shirt and knelt next to her hands behind his back and eyes down.

Silk was surprised to see Alec next to her on his knees. Then she noticed he was naked too, but before she could say anything Michael walked in from the garage.

Michael was shocked to find both Silk and Alec kneeling before him on the floor. "What is this," He asked?

Alec spoke before Silk could even think. He told Michael about the how he and Silk had already known each other from her first party. He told Michael about the kiss and the stolen moments. He told Michael everything.

Silk looked up to see Michael’s expression. She watched what Alec said sink in and then she saw Michael look at her. Their eyes met, Silk knew she should look down but she couldn’t. She had to know what he was feeling, what he was thinking.

"So you’re telling me that you knew Silk already and had sex with her also," Michael asked with a little anger in his voice. Next he looked to Silk, "Is this true slave?"

Silk could hear the anger in his voice but his eyes showed hurt. She carefully chose her words, "Yes Master, but it was before we were together," She knew he would know what she meant.

Michael thought on this and while it pissed him off greatly, he knew it was true. He didn’t have a claim on her that night except as her Master. While he could be upset that she shared what was his without his permission, he could not think of it as cheating. He simply had to get over that fact and press on with the issues at hand. Looking down at Alec, he though about what to do next. Finally he decided.

"So tell me Alec, what was your plan tonight? You obviously knew who she was all this time," Michael asked addressing Alec first.

Alec swallowed hard before speaking knowing what he had to say would really piss Michael off, "Well I thought to make her pay for the pain I felt she caused me."

Nodding Michael said, "And how did you plan to go about that?"

"I was going to take her in all her holes for my pleasure," He started scared a bit to finish, "And I was going to take her like a lover would, like you would, not rough."

Michael thought on this some and as he did he also watched Silk’s reaction. When she dropped her gaze after a slight roll of her eyes, Michael knew what he would do.

"Are you over your problem with her then?"

Alec looked up and said, "Yes I am now."

"Well in that case I feel its best to get lust out of the way," Michael began. "So with that I mean you will take her just like you planned. This will satisfy your lust and it’s also punishes her for not telling me," He finished with a sadist grin.

Silk glanced up at him to see if he was kidding. When she saw he wasn’t she dropped her head. She wasn’t happy with his answer but she knew that it was right.

Michael watched her reaction as well as Alec’s. He knew she would be pissed but again he just didn’t care. Finding out about this on top of the mess they were just in was really pushing his limits. He didn’t consider this cheating but it still felt that way. At this point he was rather raw and so he didn’t really care what she thought.

Seeing that Alec thought he was kidding, he lifted his foot and pushed Silk forward onto her hands, "Down whore," He said as he did this, then to Alec, "Boy you better get busy before I change my mind."

Alec jumped to do his bidding. Now he didn’t feel right about this but Michael was the boss when it came to this. Alec was still learning. He could stop this with one word but he knew he’d lose respect.

Silk moved to assume the position Michael had ordered. Once down with her ass in the air she turned her face to Michael and looked him in the eyes. She couldn’t read his eyes except for a small bit of hurt. A hurt she knew she’s caused.

Michael starred at her eye to eye as Alec mounted her from behind. As he watched her with emotionless eyes, he saw much emotion in hers. Not caring he just watched.

Alec couldn’t take her like he planned because he just couldn’t make love to her with Michael watching and her not wanting it. So he decided to take her just like she was and mounted her doggie style. She was wet so entry was smooth; he thanked her slave nature for that much.

After a few minutes of stroking Alec thought about just cumming and getting it over with but when he looked up at Michael he saw that it wouldn’t work.

Michael read his thoughts and shook his head no, "Not so fast boy. You haven’t had all her holes."

Alec kept up till Michael stood up and grabbed some lube from the end table. Tossing it to him, he said, "Now her ass."

Alec pulled out and lubed his cock. Next he put some on his finger and lubed her ass. When he did this she moaned and pressed back against him.

Michael watched this and when she moaned it felt like she gave the knife in his heart a twist. Thinking of being cruel he told her as he opened his slacks, "Come suck me whore while you get your ass reamed."

Silk lifted up and crawled to him to do as ordered. He wasn’t as clean as she was used to but still it wasn’t bad. As she sucked him Alec entered her ass gently. When he hit that certain spot she moaned deeply and pressed back again.

Alec started out slowly but soon built up force in his thrusts. He hoped that Silk wouldn’t cum and cause herself more punishment because he could tell by her moans and they way she was thrusting her hips, she liked it very much. Soon he was near orgasm himself. A few more thrusts and he went over the edge.

After he was done he just backed off and crawled over to the couch. Laying there he gasp for breath. Wow he thought to himself. That was intense. After a few moments he looked up at Michael.

Michael watched the whole thing even noting that Silk was about to cum considering this and all that had happened spurred his next moves. "Looking over to Alec, he said, "Leave now."

Alec jumped up and retrieved his clothing. Putting it on as fast as he could he went for the door. Once there he grabbed his coat and keys and left without a word.

When he was gone, Michael looked down at Silk who was still sucking him obediently. He pushed her back and practically jumped on top of her. Pressing her arms above her head he entered her. Savagely he began to thrust into her.

With barred teeth he asked, "Did you like it when he fucked you whore? Did he make you want to cum?"

Silk was shocked at Michael’s actions. He was almost crazed in his motions. She didn’t know what to think and then he asked her about enjoying Alec and cumming. She didn’t know why he would think this so she said, "No Master, I didn’t enjoy it. I would rather it be you. As for cumming you know how sensitive my ass is, but I didn’t cum."

Michael thought on that, "You wanted to though, didn’t you?"

Silk was even closer to letting go now as Michael thrust into her roughly, "Not as much as I want to right now," She said with venom in her voice. She was tired of this off again on again that Michael was playing. Sure she screwed up but hadn’t she been punished enough?

"Oh really," Michael said shocked at her tone and words. Thinking on that he got up and jerked her to her feet by her arm. Turning her, he slapped her ass and growled, "Go to the dungeon and be there on the bed waiting."

Silk practically ran to the dungeon when he let go of her arm. She knew he was pissed so she didn’t want to risk his wrath. She wanted to fight him but knew she’d lose so she just obeyed plain and simple.

Michael gave her a head start as he grabbed a chain leash from her bag. As he walked down the hallway he planned things in his mind. Once in the room he also grabbed a bit gag and some reins. Next he approached the bed, "Down," he growled.

Silk was sitting on the edge of the bed as he entered. She turned and did as he ordered facing her bottom toward him. Before she could place her arms over her head, he grabbed one of them.

"No hands behind your back whore," He ordered as he hooked the leash to her cuff. When she put the other one back he did the same and then hooked them to her collar. Normally he gave slack in the line but this time he pulled them up higher and clipped it so she had no slack to move with. He knew this would hurt some.

Next he lifted her up and back on her knees. Taking the bit gag he pressed it against her lips, when she didn’t open right away he pinched her nipple till she yelped. He slipped the bit into her mouth and gave her a sadistic look that spoke volumes to her. Once in place he shoved her back down.

Silk bit down on the gag and gave a whimper. Michael didn’t usually use this gag because it hurt the mouth. Silk also noticed that her arms were pinned high and she had no slack. What was Michael up to?

Michael grabbed some lube and greased his cock, and then he got on the bed. Grabbing up the reins in one hand he pointed his cock at her asshole. Pulling the reins back to him he entered her already abused asshole. Silk groaned at the intrusion.

"Be glad I used lube," He told her as he started thrusting into her.

He started fucking her savagely like before. If he was too rough he didn’t seem to notice. After a dozen of so thrusts, he pulled the reins up so he could talk to her, "Do you still want to cum now whore?"

"Yes Master," she got out around the bit.

Michael surprised at that fact that she still wanted to cum even thought he was being so rough. This was his undoing. He gentled his thrusts and eased up on the reins, "How bad do you need it?"

"Very bad, Master." She got out.

Michael thought on this, "Bad enough to do anything?"

"Yes Master," then," Please Master."

Michael laughed holding her off, "Please what slave."

Silk was out of her mind, "Please Master may I cum?"

Michael jerked up on the reins again till she was close enough to feel his breath, "Cum now," he ordered.

Silk jerked in response to his voice and the orgasm. It slammed into her full force, so strong she thought she’s pass out. It kept rolling through her like thunder. She had never cum like this before. Just when it eased up Michael jerked up on her reins and said, "Again," Silk had no choice but to obey and so she let herself cum again. This time she did pass out.

Michael noted when she passed out and pulled out to let her come to. While she was out he removed her restrains. When she came to he told her to get up and follow him. He took her into the bathroom and after removing her collar and cuffs, helped her into shower. First he cleaned her and then himself.

Touching her turned him on more so he turned her and pushed her onto the fold down seat. Using his finger, he felt her asshole, seeing it was still pretty well lubed inside he pressed into her once again and started thrusting into her hot depths roughly.

Silk wasn’t sure what was up. Michael had her confused. Sometimes he was rough, sometimes he seemed loving. She decided to just give into him and come what may. When he started taking her ass once again she wanted to beg him to be gentle as her ass was starting to get sore but decided against it when he reached a hand around to play with her clit.

Michael had decided to see just how much Silk could take. He was going to fuck her ass till she begged him to stop. He knew that she must be sore already from Alec and then him in the dungeon, but when he started rubbing her clit she responded like she wanted to cum so he kept it up.

Rubbing her clit was making her want to cum all over again. The pressure from Michael’s thrust was making her head swim. Soon she reached at point, leaning her head back to look at him she asked, "Please Master, I need to cum."


About to cum, Silk could only pant the next words, "Yes Master."

"And if I say no?" He asked cruelly.

This sobered Silk, "Then I will obey," she answered forcing the orgasm down.

Pulling away from her, he said, "Then no you may not cum." Turning he pulled out and shut off the shower and got out. Taking a towel he began to dry off. Next he helped her out and handed her a towel. He then left the bathroom and went toward the dinning room. Grabbing her cuffs and collar, Silk followed after she was dry.

Michael watched her as she dried her hair and put on her cuffs and collar, once she was done he told her, "Get your butterfly, your nipple clamps and your flogger and meet me at my chair." He then turned and when down to the living room.

Silk retrieved the items he asked for and met him in the living room. He was sitting in his chair. She wondered what he was up to as he turned her and pulled her onto his lap with her back facing toward him. Before she could even asked, he slipped her butterfly vibrator on her clit and snapped the straps around her thighs. Next he clamped her nipples in the clamps.

Without a word to her, he applied to toys to her body. Once he was happy with their placement, he reached down the side of the chair and reclined it back. Reaching over on the table, he grabbed the lube and handed it to her, "Put it on my cock," He told her when she turned to look at him.

Silk did as he ordered hoping he wasn’t going to take her ass again. It was getting sore. She handed the tube back to him after putting a generous amount in her hand. When he took it from her, she turned and stroked her hand up his hard cock. Before she could do much else, Michael grabbed under her thighs and picked her up.

"Put it in your ass whore," He growled.

Silk did as ordered even though she was sore. After putting the head in, he let go and she slid down his cock, impaling her ass. Before she could think, he pushed his chair back farther then grabbed her legs and spread them, placing one on each arm. Silk felt very impaled at this point.

Michael grabbed the remote to her butterfly and as he turned it on he asked, "You like?"

The vibrations shot straight through her, "Yes Master," She moaned. The pleasure overrode the pain and this made Silk ready to do anything he commanded.

Michael knew this also so grabbing the flogger, he slapped her breasts and said, "Then show me," thrusting his hips up he added, "Ride me."

Silk put her hands back and began to ride him as ordered. Her ass burned but her pussy was humming. The pleasure overrode the pain and this made her eager to please. As she rode him, he would slash at her chest and thighs with the flogger giving orders.

"Faster," He would order then, "Slower," he would say just to tease punctuating each command with a slash from the flogger.

Michael knew with the vibrator on her pussy, she would cum so he waited for her to near orgasm. This didn’t take to long. When she begged for it, he told her to stop.

When Michael stopped her, she was ready to cum. She didn’t understand why he stopped her.

"I’m going to just sit here and flex my cock, let’s see if you can cum from just that and your butterfly," He told her.

Knowing she was very close, she said, "Yes Master."

Michael did as promised while Silk sat there. It only took a few moments for her to explode. As she did she pressed her ass down and ground it on his cock. Michael waited and when she came down from her orgasm, he slashed her again with the flogger and ordered her to ride again.

Michael played with her like this for over thirty minutes allowing her to cum a few times. Finally he tired of this and ordered her off his lap. Putting the chair down he ordered her to the bedroom.

Silk jumped up and ran to the bedroom. Michael followed and as he walked by the computer he got a naughty idea after seeing the web cam. Why not broadcast this, he thought to himself. So he sat down and signed himself into a BDSM video chat room. After explaining what he was going to do he said if anyone wanted to see, just click on his cam and then he sat his cam to allow anyone who asked.

Silk watched him at the computer wondering what he was up to. She didn’t have to wonder long as he called her over.

"Come here whore. We going to take this live," He told her.

Silk got up and walked over there, "Please no," she said. She didn’t like to show off online because she was afraid someone she knew would see her.

Michael ignored her protests and sat his chair and the cam so she could ride him while he typed. "Get on," he ordered.

Silk protested again, "Please Michael you know I don’t like this."

"First off you promised to do anything if I let you come. I held up my end of the deal, now it’s your turn. Also I promise all they will see is your pussy and ass. No face shots, but that’s only if you get over here now," He told her.

Silk knew that she couldn’t fight him so she obeyed. Coming closer she looked at the screen and saw that it would indeed only show what Michael said. "How would you like me," she said giving in.

"Same as before," He said, "Reverse cowgirl."

Silk turned her back to him and allowed him to enter her ass. Once he was in, she leaned back and allowed him to pull her legs over his. Next he turned on the butterfly and Silk felt the pain subside to a bearable point. She then looked up at the screen and saw what 23 other people were seeing and she decided that it looked hot. Knowing that no one could see her face made it even better so leaned back and begged Michael to fuck her.

Michael knew she would obey but when he saw her look at the screen and then begged him to fuck her, he really got into it also. Sending off an IM that told everyone to just watch, he then lifted her up and down by her legs, using her to stoke himself off. The whole idea of people watching them was making him hot too.

Soon they got a private IM from some other couple who offer Michael to view their web cam. They also were going to show off. Silk shook her head yes so Michael clicked on it. As Michael fucked Silk’s ass for all to see, they watched this couple do the same. The whole thing was driving them both over the edge. Michael typed in that he was about to cum and someone said pullout. Just as he was there he did pull out and Silk knowing what was up grabbed his cock and aimed it so it shot all over her ass and pussy.

Once it was over Michael typed a thank you to all that watched and a special thank you to the couple and then logged off. Once he was done he helped Silk to her feet and said, "I think a shower is in order."

Silk agreed and off they went to shower. In the shower Michael was all business, he gave Silk her stuff to wash and then washed himself. Once they were done he turned on the little hose and help Silk to wash herself out. Once that was over, they both got out and dried off. Silk put her collar and cuffs back on and followed Michael to the bedroom.

There he told her to get in bed and went to shut all the lights out. This done he headed to bed also. Once in bed he turned out the last light and pulled Silk close to cuddle. Silk sighed and settled into his embrace. Neither noticed that it was just past three in the morning.

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