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The steady stream of arrivals though the gate had grown, I nodded to the few that I should show respect to, a number that got smaller and smaller as I rose in the ranks of my own gang, now the where maybe a handful of lads still at school from any gang who held a higher rank than me and most of those I acknowledged where young thugs that I knew where good in a scrap, it did no harm of them to think we had a bond and a code of our own.

Dee was guarding the bathroom door, I made a mental note to slip him a little more next pay day, that was another reason I was going to do something to Helen she acted as if my crew didn’t need ‘over time’. I pushed open the door and let Alyssa walk in front into the room. Helen stood in the middle of the tiled floor looking perfect as always, that is until you realised that the smile on her faces wasn’t one of warmth or happiness but pure sadistic pleasure, it was far nicer to know Helen before you knew Helen. Sam hung around as always, she wasn’t as nice to look at but at least I knew when she smiled at me it was vaguely in a nice way. Helen gave me a look that said what kept me but she knew better than to talk to me that way now. I threw Alyssa panties at her and she snatched them out of the air. She held them at arm’s length with a look of distain on her face.

"If I ever let you wear underwear again slut you are going to have to learn a new word, it is call thong" she sneered at Alyssa.

"I don’t know" said Sam "I have some like that, I know a few lads that like white cotton, makes them feel as if they are taking something innocent. But after what we did I don’t think you can pass yourself of as innocent anymore." If Helen had said it I would have been sure she was having a go but it wasn’t like that with Sam. She said it as if the assault on Alyssa had been nothing more than a normal sexual encounter maybe to Sam there wasn’t a difference anymore. She walked over and kissed Alyssa gently on the lips like it was nothing, Alyssa’s whole body was shaking, Sam stroked her face tenderly making soothing noises in the back of her throat.

"Let’s get this over with" Helen said breaking up the moment "take of your skirt slut, Now!" Alyssa was too far gone to question the order she just started to unzip her skirt. It slipped from her hips billowing out around her legs as it fell into a crumpled heap at her feet. Her school shirt was just long enough to cover most of her arse but that lovely little curve as her arse met her thigh was clearly visible along with those great legs. The vivid browns and purples of the fresh brushing stripped the back of her thighs, a memento of the last time she was Helen’s play thing.

"Pull up your shirt and show me your cunt" Alyssa moved slowly to Helen’s barked orders. "No this simply won’t do" Helen stepped forwards and pinched hold of the thin covering of blonde hair around Alyssa’s slit pulling it painfully "Rule two, no slut of mine can walk around with fuzz like this, it has to go." She pulled out a shaver and passed it to Sam "clean up this girl would you."

I know this makes me sound strange but watching Sam gently manipulate the buzzing shaver around Alyssa’s delicate slit at the time I was more interested in the practical application of how a girl shaves herself than the deep sexual tension it provoked in the room. Thinking back on it now it is a very arousing memory but at the time I had enough trouble shaving my face without catching skin and that seems a far easier task. Still Sam knew what she was doing, I am not sure if Sam ever had pubic hair or had just been shaving from the second she started to hit puberty. The slight vibration made by the shaver as it buzzed near Alyssa’s clit forced and involuntary little moan to escape her lips.

As this was going on Helen continued to issue her rules, Alyssa would dress in what Helen want as soon as Helen go around to getting her something slutty enough, she MUST masturbate at least once a day but after see came she must say Helen name, she would fuck anyone the Helen wanted her to, she was going to have to come to lessons where Sam would teach her how to be a good slut, she would sleep nude, the list went on and got into silly things that could never be enforced but somehow the fear in Alyssa’s eyes told me they would never have to, but it was basically Alyssa would do anything she was told by Helen or she would be punish and if she ever told the gang would come after her. The new command ended just before Sam turned off the shaver and examined her work. When Sam was done she lent in and ran her tongue along Alyssa’s now bald slit making the girl shudder.

Helen pushed Sam away roughly before she could do more, she ran her fingers hard over the shaved area "It will do for now, but you just wait until I introduce you to hot wax slut" I was not sure if that was a threat of bondage or a hair removal suggestion.

In the background the bell rung for first lesson, I really didn’t give a fuck about showing up and most of my teacher where glad if I wasn’t in class and the show was quite enjoyable, I could have watched Helen and Alyssa for a long time, but I was bored with taking orders for Helen. "Why the hell am I still here?" I asked.

"You can’t go" Sam said a little shocked.

"Why not?" I asked, looking at Helen not Sam.

"Well I was thinking" Helen purred not taking her eyes off the other girl "that my slut here has never really been fuck, not properly. She has been fucked by a horse and by me and defiantly by Sam but she never taken a good stiff cock, never had some spunk into her nasty cunt, she needs to get fucked by a real man" at last she looks my way "and I was thinking that you could use a reward for all your efforts."

I looked Alyssa up and down slowly and was very tempted to just take her but what I said is "I do not rape" and it was true, it was one of my few rules.

"It is not rape, she can say no if she wants, can say stop any time, I will just have to come up with new things to do to her" Helen shot back.

"No, that is not good enough she has to want to fuck me. Do you want to have sex with me Alyssa?" I asked her. Alyssa looked panic her eyes swinging from me to Helen and back again.

"Go on tell him you want to fu..." Helen started but never finished.

"Shut your dog mouth Harpy" I roared, rounding on her. If nothing else this whole thing was worth it for the look of terror in that bitch’s eyes she was almost as pale as Alyssa.

"Well?" I said to Alyssa.

"Yes" it wasn’t even a whisper, it was barely above a squeak but it was there.

"I couldn’t hear that, do you want to have sex with me here and now?" I pushed.

"Yes" she breathed deeply "I want to have sex with you"

"That is all I needed to hear, take off your clothes I want to see you naked" I started to pull off my own. I am not sure why I did that, I did want to see her naked but sex in a bathroom was always a semi clothed frantic affair. I heard the tiny gasp from the girl as I took off my shirt, I was used to it the first time someone saw my scared skin covering the muscles of my torso, and exposing my chest. I looked at Alyssa expectantly as her fingers began to fumble with the buttons of her own shirt, one by one they came undone showing off more of her upper body, even with her breast still covered by her bra what was revealed as she slipped her shirt from her shoulders was very nice, pale skin as ever the soft curves of her hips and pelvis move up to her trim waist and stomach which was flat even if it had very little muscle tone, with a cute little indent for a belly button. Without her shirt her arse was exposed in all its glory and my hunger eyes lingered on it as I took in her feminine form.

I let my pants drop as she reached behind herself to undo her bra. It feel from her chest and down her arms reviling her breasts, they where good breasts, on the big side, more than a handful, but still a little too small for her hips when you looked close the was still a little bit of puffiness to her nipples that suggested more development was on the way, her nipple where darker than you would expect from her pale skin tone but it worked well with the flush of red that was now on her checks from embarrassment and arousal. Speaking of arousal her nipples where already stiff and where getting harder as she stood there, whatever else she was feeling the girl was clearly turned on. I slipped of my boxers and walked towards her.

My hands felt very big and rough as I ran them over her soft, warm skin. She was beginning to shake again, shake isn’t the right word for it, tremble is closer to it as I let my hands roam her body. I ran my thumbs in small circles over her breast making light contact with her nipples, she whimpered a little with each touch. I leaned in so our faces where almost touching but I left a little room so she had to commit, breathing heavily she move forwards letting me taste her lips. As I kissed her I ran one hand down her body letting it move slowly toward her slit. I ran my fingers along it feeling how wet she was, I slid my middle finger all the way into her dripping cunt without any resistant, she gave a small grunt of discomfort as she was still sour, the walls of her cunt clamped around it, her juices dripping down onto my hand, Alyssa was really getting off. I pulled my finger out and made a show of licking it clean, she tasted great and any other time I would have loved to eat her out but by now I was too far gone.

My need to fuck her was almost a physical thing now, I may have said that I do not rape but if she had begged me to stop at that point I don’t think I could, my cock was pressed hard into her stomach and needed to be in her. I move my hands around to her arse getting another grunt of displeasure as the brushed over the abused flesh, I lifted her as if she weigh nothing pushing her up against the wall. My hands on the underside of her thigh spread her as I pushed myself forward letting her legs rap around my hips. I lined myself up and thrust my hips forwards penetrating her deeply.

The look on her face was far closer to pain the pleasure with that first thrust, her teeth bared and her nose crumpled up in quit cute way, but that didn’t stop me. I thrust again and again and soon the look of pain was gone replaced by a sense of desperation. She was warm and wet and hot and very thigh, she felt so very good around my cock. I tried to resist the desire to speed up, I wanted to make this last for a bit but it was a losing battle as my body took over. Her moans took on a new pitch as she began to get close, her eyes drifted closed, beads of sweat dripped from the point of her chin running down between her breasts that bounced and jiggled with ever thrust, she was biting her bottom lip trying to keep the noise down but it wasn’t really working. Gods she felt good, I was fighting down the urge to cum.

Suddenly her eyes flew open, those baby blues staring intensely at me, and that posh little voice began franticly "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK". She peaked, her climax hitting in waves, now her body was really shaking even with me pressing her hard against the wall. The contraction in her cunt nearly push me over, it took a lot of will not to give in a climax right then but I kept thrusting. It was just as her orgasm had finish that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

My cock jumped inside her, my cum spurting into her, the sensation push her out of her post orgasmic glow a look of shock forming on her face. I held her there for a long time as my cock began to go soft inside her. I tried to set her down on the floor but her legs wouldn’t hold her and she fell crashing down onto her knees. I looked down at her patting her head affectionately she look up at me with something approaching a smile on her face. Cum, both mine and her, dipped out from in between her slightly spread legs.

"Clean me up" I said in a heavy spent voice, she didn’t seem to know what I meant but soon figger it out, her mouth going to work sucking and licking the mess from my spent cock. I looked around the room, Helen was trying hard to hide the arousal she was feeling but the telltale signs covered her body, Sam looked at me in open lust one hand playing with her breasts the other up under her skirt.

When Alyssa was done with me I got dressed slowly, she didn’t try to move from her place on the floor, no word where spoken but it was clear she was far from finished for the day. I slipped out of the bath room to the leering face of Dee, I took an half step towards him making him flinch like he had been hit, and promised that if they weren’t done by break I would send Gibby down to take over and went about my day.

That was eight days ago, eight day of watching Helen and Sam work on Alyssa making her more and more into the slut that Helen wanted her to be. It wasn’t an unpleasant thing to watch as she wore fewer clothes and did dirty things but all that time I was making my own plans. Tonight was a Friday, it was the night Helen planned to introduce her new slut to the gang, she had quit a night planned, but it wasn’t going to happen. Tonight was not just a Friday it was also a full moon and Alyssa might be the main event at a party but it wasn’t the one that Helen planned, she would be rolling the dice and taking her number and becoming a gang member and then Helen would have no claim on her. I had called in a few favours to do it but it was going to be worth it, I hadn’t done it for Alyssa sake I had done it to piss of Helen, but still it look like a nice thing.

I was walking in the rain across the estate, rain kept most people inside or underground but I did like the peace of the estate like this, almost dead. Aaron was waiting for me when I got to the flat I was heading for, Aaron was good at waiting he didn’t have the imagination to get distracted. Helen and Sam weren’t there yet, I put another black mark against Helen’s name in my head and wondered if I would let it go after what happened tonight or if I would keep going after her. They showed up in the end and we walk towards Alyssa flat and knocked on the door.

The woman who answered the door was mid to late 40’s, she was tall and blonde, there was something about Alyssa to her face but it was thinner and longer and her eyes had more green than the pure blue, but her skin tone was the same. Her clothes and makeup were of a better quality than what you got used to on the estate, she had somewhere between mutton dress up as lamb and posh totty feel about her. The look I was use to, a mixture of fear and distain, appeared in her eyes and she looked at the rough looking estate kids on her doorstep. "Is your daughter home please?"

I knew have to use my body language, I never touch her, but later I am sure she would have described it as we pushed our way in. The flat was the same lay out as hundreds all over the estate, as thousands all over England, and we found ourselves in the front room. The furniture was good but worn-out instead of the new but crap stuff you found in most flats like this. The woman was getting upset but could do very little about us. I was in a bad mood and the look of disgust on her face was starting to annoy me, I hated people that thought they were better than me, most of them were but that was beside the point, I lived by my code and in that I was top of the game, what right did other have to judge me. I know I was a bad person but I hated their weakness and their fear and that they still thought they were better than me.

"Alyssa get that sweet arse of yours in here right now!" I yelled down the hall enjoying the look of shock from the woman. Alyssa walked into the room sheepishly, embarrassed by what she was wearing, the shock on the woman face only got worse as she looked at her daughter. The skirt she was wearing was lacy and tutuish and was very, very short covering about as much of her lower body and her shirt had in the bathroom. It hung low on her hips so you could see her abdomen where her top failed to meet it and you would have been able to see her panties if she had been wearing any. Her top was strappy and barely covered her push up bra that forced her breast up under her chin. Her hair was in to long pigtails down her back, to be blunt I had seen street walkers more classily dressed, but she really did to very attractive.

"Can I at least put a coat on it is rain" she wined at Helen.

"Aye you can" I said before Helen could answer and then "What, you want her to catch her death? Anyway the reveal is better that way."

That finally pulled the woman out of her shock "You are not going out of the house dressed like that! Who the hell are these people!?"

"They are the friends you wanted me to make" the bitterness in Alyssa voice was almost painful "please mummy can you just leave it alone?"

"Aye mummy just can’t you just leave it alone" Aaron mocked trying to do a girl voice, I couldn’t help but laughed that was the best his jokes ever got.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she scream at him.

"Awww you made mummy mad" I said to him moving forward just to make sure the lad did hit her, he didn’t like it went people didn’t like his jokes. He snorted with laughter at my own humour. I took hold of Alyssa arm and started to move her towards the door.

"Where do you think you are taking my daughter?" she scream at my back.

"Well" I turned "I was thinking of her spending a night being violated and degraded by several large men, you know just to start off the weekend" Alyssa was bright red and then her mother did something that surprised me, she slapped me, not that I didn’t deserve it but still slapping me was asking for a kicking. An evil grin covered my face hiding the building rage that threaten to turn the world red, I forced it back down but left it burning in my guts I was going to do bad things. I let go of Alyssa and inch forwards.

"You know your eyes look real pretty when you are pissed mummy" I spat at her through clench teeth. I lifted my right hand bringing back, an arm wrapped around it trying to keep it still. I looked death Alyssa on the end of my arm, she could have held me if I hadn’t let her but I did.

"Please Rave, please she my mother." She begged, I let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding and turn to go.

"Get out of here at once or I will call the police" her mother said at my back and Alyssa face feel, I wasn’t going to let that one go.

"Go ahead call the pigs" I laughed "they don’t come around here or haven’t you got that yet. You are one of the unwashed scum that they don’t give a fuck about and even if they do show up I could take beat them to death in the street and no one around here would see a thing. You live in gang land now princess, we rule this place."

She still grabbed the phone and started to dial, I almost let her just to prove the point but I needed to break something. I ripped the phone off the wall and sent it across the room smashing it into the wall opposite sending a shower of tiny pieces over the room. That finale got the look of abject terror from the woman I was used to getting when I raised my voice. I bullied her up against the wall, edging closer as she backpedalled away from me in fear. She was push up tight to the wall, my arms ever side of her head my face inches from her as she tried to look anywhere but at me and I still had yet to put a hand on her. A growl was coming from the back of my throat as I wonder what to do next, I have to admit that thing would have gone very badly if it hadn’t for Helen’s vindictive streak.

"Slut come over here and show your mummy what a great little pussy licker you have become" she said.

"What... god no, you can’t want me to do that... please" Alyssa said.

"Haven’t we been through what happens when you say no to me?" Helen shot back. With a little whimper I felt Alyssa begin to move behind me, I had to wonder idly how badly she had been fucked up before Helen got her hooks into her to be broken this badly so quickly. She crawled between my legs her hand lifting the hem of her mother long floral paten skirt until her head and shoulder disappeared beneath it.

"No, no, stop it at once, no stop, Stop! Please... stop" her begging stopped as her mouth changed into a startled O as her draughter found what she was looking for. Looks of shame, embarrassment and disgust warred on her face, eyes turned downward, hands desperately trying to push the shape under her dress away to stop the unwanted attention, but the looks on her face slowly gave way to one the look of repressed pleasure. Her hands fell to her side, her lips parted ever so slightly, her breathing became shape and ragged, her check flushed, her eyes briefly flutter up to look into my own as she gave more and more of herself to the sensation. She began to unconsciously rock her hips back and forward ever so slightly screwing her eyes closed, she may have been more than twice my age but she looked almost innocent then, I was very turn on and she look very attractive.

"stop" it was barely a whisper, my throat was so dry "Stop!" I shouted. The moan she gave out could have been mistaken for relief but as close as I was there was no mistaking the note of disappointment as Alyssa pulled back, she was all worked up with nowhere to go. She jumped as I grabbed hold of her chin forcing it up so she had to make eye contact with me.

"Do you want to have sex with me mummy?" The where little gasps from the women in the room, as normal it went over Aaron’s head.


"Do. You. Want. To. Fuck. Me?" she tried to look down but I held her head still. She bit her bottom lip, she needed this, she wanted it, now all she had to do was admit it to herself. I began a slow count in my head, looking deep into her eyes, I had got to seven before she broke.

"I... I... yes I do." She said.

"That is all I needed to hear" I winked at Alyssa as I said it "Aaron, Aaron! Yes you lad. See that the girls make it to the YM would you they have a party to get to, I have other things in mind and mummy here needs to be taught never to call the pigs" I was already was already taking the woman by the hand and letting her lead me to the bedroom. Aaron would do as I said, he couldn’t think of not doing, and shortly after I left the room I heard the front door slam. I was regretting not being there to see the look on Helen’s face but right now I had better things to do.

I pulled her around to face me as we entered the bedroom, I took a handful of her hair and pull her face into mine, our lips meeting, our tongues intertwining, teasing each other, gods this woman knew how to kiss. This woman, now that I point I was about to fuck her and I had no idea what her name was. I broke off.

"What should I call you or do you get off on being call mummy?" I asked

"A little but my name is Elizabeth"

"Well Ar’Lizzy I am going to fuck your brains out so how about you take off your clothes" I slipped my top over my head, again the little noise of shock upon see my body. She move quickly to undo her blouse, it was properly fear at seeing the scars but at the time I figured it for lust, and it slipped from her shoulders. Her bra was emerald green lace, her stomach was flat, her waist was thinner than her daughters and she had her own scar above her appendix. The skirt came next as I was taking off my pants and boxers. You could see where Alyssa had gotten that backside, there was a little more sag in it but hers was still something to be reckoned with. She was wearing a thong the match her bra which had been push to the side by Alyssa so that her slit was on show as was the glistening dampness there and on the inside of her leg.

"You have better tasted in underwear than your kid but it would look better on the floor" she reached behind herself and the bra came off. Her breast where good for some her age, although I had little to compare them to, hell they where good for any age they had filled out so they matched her arse giving her a sweet hourglass figure, like her arse the was some sag to them but not as much as I had expected at that age, her nipples where still pointing forwards and pointing they were. In the centre of her large auroras where rock hard nipples that seemed to be getting larger and harder the more I look at them. She dipped down to take off her thong making her breast jiggle in a very sexy way. I pushed her back and bent her over the bed with that pretty arse in her air.

I was on top of her strait away, I was in her moments later, her daughter tongue had done all the needed prep work but I would have took her dry, this was going to be rough. She wasn’t as tight as her daughter but she was just as hot and wet. I started to hammer her from behind pulling my cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in, she grunted with every downward stroke, ripples moving in the flesh of her arse as my hips slapped into it. I gadded a handful of her hair pulling her up off the bed making her arch her back as her body came up towards me. I reached around and grabbed hold of her breast, pinching and twisting the nipple as I used it to pull her closer to my body. Once she was up I put my arm around her neck holding her in place, in this position my thrust when nowhere near as deep but each on pushed the head of my cock up and down the front wall of her cunt stimulating her g-stop, she cried out in one constant wail as I kept pounding her.

Her hands came up above her head wrapped around mine play with my hair as she pulled my down to kiss and bite her neck. I moved my free hand down slowly over her stomach towards her slit. My finger found her swollen clit and began to play with it and she exploded. I hadn’t been expecting it when her climax came but it was big, she thrashed against my grip and the waves of pleasure racked her body, her scream going up in volume. I felt the warm wetness cover my fingers as the last shudders passed through her. I kept up the pace but moved my damp hand away from her clit and brought it up to her mouth where she happily licked and sucked her own cum from my finger.

I wasn’t close yet but I wanted to be, I let her go her body and she flopped back onto the bed face down, I grabbed her hips with both hands and went all out my muscle straining. I kept it up for some time, I could feel her getting close again, screaming into the sheets, I could feel myself getting close, but I didn’t want her to cum again yet and I didn’t want to cum in her cunt. I pulled out of her fast and dragged her from the bed forcing her to kneel before my. I used my thumb to force open her mouth and push my wet cock passed her lips and down her throat and began to fuck her face. She was gagging on my cock but didn’t try to shut her mouth as I fuck it, I didn’t last long. Just before I came I pulled out of her mouth sending spurt after spurt of my cum over her hair and face. She looked at me shocked for the last time that night, cum dripping down her face and chin onto her breasts. She absently lick her upper lip tasting the cum and began to move her hand to wipe some away.

"Leave it" I said "I know you are close, finish yourself of" she did as I said her hand moving down to her used cunt and began to play with it and I got dressed. I had just finished when she brought herself off shuddering on the floor. She stared hate at me as she came but if I had wanted round to she would have been mine, she was mine whenever I wanted her now. The hate may have been very real but it was covering something other than her lust, a deep sham and self-loathing emotion I was use to.

"Don’t worry about it" I said "this place is hell, it crushes of kills you, you and your daughter are just really part of it now, you just have to get use to hating yourself." I turned and walked out, I didn’t make it to the front door before I heard her break down into sobs. I crush the rising self-loathing in myself, I had places to be and I wondered how pissed Helen would be.

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