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I snuggled on the couch and started thinking about what all had happened. My mind drifted back to when Wendy and I first met.

* This wife dreams about what she wanted to happen between her new girlfriend, her and a guy. The new girlfriend was a farm girl, who now lives next door, still with her parents. Very naïve, no experience, home schooled, no contact with guys or girls, she had never seen porn, but after one video Jan showed her, now she wants to try things. Jan had wanted something too, for a very long time……

Wendy was the daughter of the people who moved in next door. She was very pretty with a hot body. I wished I had looked like that at her age. We became friends instantly. They had all lived on a farm, and Wendy was home schooled. She had no contact with kids her age.

I had one fantasy that kept coming back and never left my mind, wanting it more and more for a long time. Wendy was just right to at least try and get her to help me fulfill my fantasy.

I slowly began manipulating her eagerness to lean about sex to possibly make my fantasy come true. She was so willing to please me as I got real close to her,…… real close.

She came over one day when everyone else was at work. I slowly got her to sit on my bed and we talked about our favorite subject…sex. I eased up and lay on my side and she did to. I got real warm and excited inside as I started.

I explained how girls ’try’ out things on another girl first, before they get with a guy. She got all excited about that and I led her to the next thing. Feeling tits.

I started by feeling my own tits and had her feel hers. Next, feeling each others tits. I put her hand on my tits as I felt hers. Her tits felt so good, I tried to be calm but I was getting really turned on doing this for the first time. I watched her get aroused too. I talked about good feelings in girls pussy and how to get them. I talked about how to kiss a guy so he will like you. I said young girls practice by kissing each others tits, and using their tongue to arouse a guy like it was his mouth. I didn’t have to say anymore and up her shirt came and off her bra came. I joined her ……of course.

I started first by licking her nipples and using my tongue all around her nipples. She started breathing hard and was getting real hot and squirming. She rubbed the outside of her shorts on her pussy. "I got some Jan…she gasp…I feel kinda wet down there. I sneakily said: "Let me feel, Wendy." …only I went inside her shorts to feel. I massaged her small patch of pubic hair and ran my finger up and down her slit. "Oh yes Jan!….I got big tingles now." She rolled to me and now she just had to try licking my nipples. (just what I wanted). She went on her own from there. She slipped her hand inside my robe and felt my full pubic hair, all damp. She did with her fingers, what ever I did to her with mine.

I gently massaged her clit and getting it all wet. I eased a finger in her pussy. She did the same to me. I ask her if she had ever had ’finger sex’ before. She said she had played with her pussy a few times, but it was nothing like how I do it. We continued….

I eased in a second finger and started massaging her G spot. She squirmed and moaned as I did it. I guided her fingers in me and showed her how to do the same to me. It continued until I had her shuddering with her first ever orgasm. Now she went fully after my tits, kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. I worked her fingers in me until I felt a huge orgasm starting to peak. It hit me like the earth moved. I moaned long while my body jumped and I had to squirm. All this while I sucked and squeezed her tits. "Oh my god", was all I could moan out as the longest orgasm I‘d ever had, kept going and going…...

Part one of my fantasy was happening.

We lay exhausted and trembling. Our hands glided over our bodies as the feelings took our minds to utopia and stayed there a while….

Two days went by before we had another session. This time she had a sweater on with no bra, and a full skirt with no panties. I had my robe on again, and that’s all. Our lips and fingers wasted no time in getting to the good stuff. I started talking about oral sex, and how ’guys’ like to lick a girl pussy, and how girls like to lick a guys hardon. I explained about what a ’69’ was and how guys and girls like it.

Wendy got this big grin and said: "Let’s do that". I reached in my headboard and got my pink double penis dildo. She was all curious and felt it all over. I opened my robe up and put one head in my wet pussy, leaving the other head sticking out. She went right for it as I turned around to 69, and I went for her pussy.

This would be my first time to lick a girls pussy. I was so excited my heart was throbbing. I lifted her one leg and got in close. She began to lick the dildo all over and then slowly began to take it in her mouth. I was shaky but now I was going to let my tongue have the pleasure I always wondered about. I slowly licked her slit from top to bottom. The feel of a warm pussy squirming was awesome. I licked her clit slowly and then she twitched and moaned. I slipped two fingers in her wet pussy to hear more moans. She pushed her pussy to me as I stroked inside her warm wet pussy. I reached down and worked the other head of the dildo in and out inside me. She caught on quick and took over doing it. I held her head with that hand and it felt like she had a 6 inch tongue in me. I was in my own heaven. She kept it up as I began to build an orgasm. Now we both moaned and squirmed as I fucked the dildo and sucked her clit. My fingers massaged her G spot firmer and firmer as she started to shake.

The timing was perfect. I began to moan loud as my orgasm was about to peak. Two shaking bodies and two moaning girls and we both bucked at the peak, with hot shaking orgasms. She kept fucking me with the dildo and then began to lick my clit. I jumped, squirmed, and shuddered as a second orgasm hit me. I kept my fingers going on her G spot until she yell something loud, and had another orgasm herself.

I had waited so long for this to ‘maybe’ happen. I knew it would be good, but I never even dreamed my ultimate desire would take me so high. I lay there floating in euphoria as we kept feeling our bodies with our finger tips….

Now things changed between us. We snuck feels any chance we got. At my house with my husband watching TV, or any place we were out of site, our hands went for our tits to feel, and a pussy rub. It was exciting to sneak feels as she and I loved to ease or fingers inside our panties and feel each others damp pussy’s real quick. At her house her older parents were oblivious to our ’trying on clothes’ in her bedroom. I would quick get on my knees, pull her panties down and lick her pussy as she held my head and led me to her clit. She liked to get me from behind and reach inside my panties and feel my pubic hair and quick rub my clit.

Another part of my fantasy was now happening.

To feel another girl and have her feel me. This I never got as a young girl, nor did she. We enjoyed each other and the thrill was sneaky awesome every time we did it. Each time we both got that special tingle in our bodies and it kept us very wet. (we traded and wore each others wet panties and no one ever knew it.)

About more of my fantasy……

When I was young, my older sister thought I was asleep. I slept by myself in the far corner of our big bedroom. I heard noises. My older brother and his girlfriend quietly slipped in the room and got in my sisters big bed. It was a hot night and they all got naked. I didn’t move or make any sounds. I was just coming of age, they call it and my interest in sex was very curious. I carefully peeked at them. My older brother and his girlfriend started in feeling my sister up. He felt her tits and even kissed her a lot. His girlfriend did the same, kissing her all over and feeling her private parts. They all got out of breath and even I did too. I had never seen people do this and it was exciting. The girlfriend moved down and put her face in my sisters private parts. She moved her legs apart and started licking her down there. My brother got on his knees over my sister and was rubbing his hardon on my sisters lips. She licked it and then started sucking the end of it as he put it in and out of her mouth.

This caused exciting feeling for me to watch. I slowly put my finger in my pussy as I watched. I rubbed my favorite spot above my little hole. It made me feel good. The girlfriend turned around and put her pussy up by my sister head too. My sister took turns sucking my brother and licking his girlfriend. I got very warm watching this and I rubbed my favorite spot even more.

Then she turned and the girls took turns sucking on my brother. He then started stroking his hardon steady. I didn’t know what was going on but I saw the girls licking him and holding their mouths open. Soon a stream of white stuff squirted out of my brothers hardon. I heard him groan slightly. The girls both had him squirt the stuff right in their mouths. For some reason I got a sex thrill by watching all this. My finger felt so good rubbing my clit on my pussy. I rubbed it more and more as they licked the white stuff up in their mouths. They kept licking and swallowing until it was all gone.

They all held still for a little while and then my brother moved down and put his hard on in my sisters pussy. I couldn’t see it happening but then his girlfriend got on her knees and put her pussy up to my sisters mouth and started rocking it on her. I could see my brother moving his butt up and down on my sister at the same time. They all tried not to rock the bed, but it rocked some. My sisters legs came up high as the rocked more. I could sure hear three people breathing hard then.

My pussy was feeling so good now I wished I could rock on my finger. I also wished I was my sister and was getting all the sex stuff done to me. I had to rub my pussy harder and faster to get an even better feeling. I had to be quiet as my breathing was panting a little. I heard little groans from them all as they all began to squirm and kiss each other. The girlfriend kissed my sister a long kiss. I had never seen girls do that before. I felt hot in my pussy and something good throbbed in it I had never felt before. It made me take a breath and then feel so good.

I never forgot that night and wished it would happen again, but it never did. I wanted to do what they did. I made up excuses to sleep in my sisters bed, but she never did want to play sex with me. I tried to find a girlfriend to play sex, but I never did. I tried to get my brother to feel me up, but I was to young, and he never even felt me up. I developed a fantasy of a guy and a girl and we would all have sex together.

Next, I two choices for a guy to join Wendy and I. My husband or my brother. Both excited me just to imagine them joining us in the ultimate three way sex.

I talked to Wendy more and put the idea in her head of having a ’real’ guy for us to play with. She was all for that.

I picked my brother. I had him come over and told him everything that was going on. Now, he had an very high interest in me and wanted to set up a session for us all to have a 3some. I just had to give him a preview and put his hands on my tits. We were standing up as he felt me up and pushed his hardon up against my pussy. I teased it with my pussy and let him feel up my dress, down my panties and finger my pussy. I stopped us and led him to the door. He looked at me so differently now, a sexy smile as I squeezed and felt his hardon.

I had always wanted to do that…..

I told Wendy that I had found a guy for us to play with, my brother. She gulped and took a big breath. "Will he like me?" she asked. I told her he already did. We will wait until my husband goes out of town soon and you can do a sleepover with me. She laid her head on my tits as she felt them and said: "Oh wow, I’m gonna like that."

Our ’foreplay’ now went sky high. I now had a girl to play sex with. I even licked her to orgasm on the hood of my car in the garage once. She walked in on me in my shower and we went wild feeling and licking our slick bodies in the warm water. She snuck my dildo home and played with it at night, sucking it and putting it in her pussy. I’m sure my husband wondered why I was so extra horny now, but he sure didn’t complain.

I kept him tired with my 69 full cum blow jobs in my mouth. (I thought of my brother as I felt the hot cum fill my mouth.) I felt wonderfully horny all the time now. Wendy and I had some wild afternoons while we waited for my husband to go out of town for 3 days. My brother came over twice just to molest me as we teased each other. One time Wendy was there and I introduced them. In minutes they were doing feel ups on each other. He gave her, her first tongue kiss that almost made her pass out. I enjoyed watching them as it was a preview of what was coming. We did a 3 way feel up before he had to leave, it was awesome…..

The evening came. I watched my husband drive off. Soon here came Wendy with her backpack. She came in and we did our usual feel ups. Her heart, and mine to, were beating with excitement. We went to my bedroom and she put on a very sexy nightgown, with nothing on underneath. I wore my favorite black shear robe which I knew my brother liked. We brushed each others hair and put on lots of smell good, even on our pussy’s and nipples. We waited.

The house was dark and only a little sexy blue light in my bedroom. I heard the front door open. "Honey, are you in bed already?" …it was my brother playing a trick on us pretending to be my husband. I said: "Oh oh! It’s you back….I….I…just went to bed ‘alone’ dear. I hear my brother chuckle. "I got horny for you and had to come back to have some hot sex with you, sweetie pie." "I’m just not in the mood honey, maybe when you get back." I said.

There he stood in the doorway….completely naked with a big hardon. Wendy and I giggled as I said: "Oh…ok dear, but make it quick I want to go to sleep." We all chuckled. Brother got on top of me and pulled Wendy to us. He started kissing Wendy as I felt his hardon firm against my pussy.

Play time was on now.

Wendy and I attack him and both felt his rock hardon. Down we went to start licking it. He pull our clothes off, pulled our pussy’s to him and alternated licking us. Wendy whispered to me: ("…he’s huge! Yummy!") We moaned as he knew just how to eat a pussy. My mind drifted back to that night I watched him lick my sister and his girlfriend. Now it was my turn and I was in heaven. I had to go first. I turned and got on top of him. I eased his hardon in my awaiting pussy…..ahhhh…finally. Wendy came up for more of his tongue kisses. She felt my tits as I began to rock on my brother. He felt us both and squeezed my butt cheeks. He slid his finger down my butt crack which made me pucker my back hole and moan. He toyed with it and got me all hyper and moaning.

An orgasm came out of no where and jolted me hard. His other hand had fingers in Wendy’s pussy as she moaned in his mouth. Wendy and I kissed his face and rubbed our tits on him. He began to breathe hard and move firm with my rocking on his hardon. He pushed it all the way in me as I trembled and pushed my clit down on him. I felt Wendy’s fingers rubbing my clit now as I fucked deeper on him.

I think he was going to cum now as his little groans increased. Wendy squeezed my tits as he fingered her faster. We were all trying to cum together as the tension was getting to it’s peak. We all started to shake as it took us higher and higher. Wendy let out a squeal as her big orgasm shook thru her body. Wendy and I both tongue kissed my brother as I orgasmed so hard, I saw fireworks in my head. My hips and pussy went on fucking him by themselves as I left this world for a few seconds. My brother strained and I felt a hot load of cum being pumped in me. Wendy was feeling it happen as her hand felt the hot cum come flowing out me.

"….oh my god.." was all we could manage to get out between moans.

This was what I had been missing out on all this time. I finally got to feel my brother all over his body. He was so warm and panting for air. Wendy was trembling with us and feeling us too.

Now comes the strange ‘twilight zone’ part.

I was so content, spent and weak… I think…I was somewhere between passing out and dreaming. The next thing I remember was to try and keep my brother hardon in me as he lifted me off. I sank into the bed. Next, I remember Wendy and him fucking like wild dogs. I managed a smile and went out again. Next, I remember sucking on my brothers hardon and hot cum blasting in my mouth….surely I was in heaven...as I drifted out again….I then remember a finger going in my back hole. I was to weak to even pucker it.

Now it wasn’t a finger but my brothers hardon going in back there. Oh god new feelings as my head was being lifted up and Wendy’s pussy was being placed on my mouth. I licked as best I could for the pure pleasure. I guess it was my brother fingering my pussy as he fucked me hard from behind. Again I felt hot cum being squirted in me…I climaxed and went out again. I next came to with two tongues licking my pussy and four hands feeling my tits….that’s the last thing I remembered for a long time. This all went on for the three days. My mind was a blur of ecstatically good feelings. My brother held me up in the shower and we fucked one last time before he left. I watched him and Wendy fuck as she moaned and then she sucked him until I saw his cum running down the sides of her mouth….

* Wendy and my brother live together now.

I fantasize about those nights, and just wait for my husbands next trip…out of town.

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