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I called Jean and told her I would be at her house by 6:20 am. I left the house looking at what was going to be a great day for riding and the sun was coming up over the horizon. I pulled into her driveway and shut off the bike so as not to awaken her children. She came outside and walked toward me with a big smile and a set of breast that would slay any man. She was braless and proud. We mounted the bike and I rolled it out to the street and fired it up.
We left town and headed northeast on highway 79. The further east we went, the more the clouds began to fill the sky. We were on the outskirts of the city of Earl at noon and had been watching the black clouds gather for some time. I had left our rainsuits at home so we knew we were going to get wet. I was on a farm road when it started to rain. It was warm at first then as the rain got harder, it got cold. I started looking for a place to pull off the road but found nothing for three miles. I saw a house up a head and pulled into the driveway almost loosing the bike in the muddy driveway. I coasted up to the house and into the empty carport. Water was pouring off my head and into my eyes as I stopped the bike. I turned and looked at Jean and her hair was a mess and her make up was too.. We laughed and I dismounted the bike. We were soaked! Jean leaned back to ring her hair and the tee shirt clung to her chest. Wow! I looked at her and she looked down at what I was looking at. She pulled on the shirt but there was no hiding the large nipples that were staring at me.
I opened a saddlebag and offered her a small rag to wipe her face. I then looked around at the house we were at and wondered if anyone was inside. A loud clap of thunder cracked above us and she leaned toward me. I hugged her and patted her back. It was also soaked. I heard a car coming down the road and looked up to see it had it's blinker on. It was a truck and it was turning into the driveway that I had just turned into. Ut-oh, I said. Jean turned and looked as the truck slowly turned in the drive and made it's way toward us. The headlights were on and I couldn't tell what was behind the wheel. The truck stopped just outside the edge of the carport and turned off the engine. We stood there waiting for the lights to go out so we could see who or what we were dealing with. The light went out and an older man was sitting behind the wheel. I could see that he was focused on Jean. I looked at her and realized why. Her nipples looked like the headlights that I had just been looking into on his truck. Just then his door opened and he stepped out and hurried into the carport. He had a bag of groceries in his hand and handed them to me as he said, "Ya got caught, didn't ya!" I said, "Caught?" He looked at me and said,"In the rain." Oh, yes we did. We wern't expecting this when we left this morning. He looked at Jean and smiled and said to come on in and get a towel or two. We headed for the back door and slipped into the house. He said his name was Jared and told me to put the bag on the table. He went and got a couple of towels and handed them to us. Jean's tits were a site! Mine were cold and hard also but no one paid any attention to them. Jean thanked him for the towel and started drying her hair with it. As she moved her arms, her tits swayed and Jared kept his eyes on them. He asked her if she would like a dry shirt to put on. She said that would be nice. He stepped away to his room and returned with a button up shirt. She asked where the bathroom was and he pointed down the hall. I asked if he had a dryer and he told me I was leaning on it. Oh, ya, I told jean to take off her pants and bring her tee shirt and we would dry the cloths while we waited. A moment later she returned in his shirt and her socks. She was a site. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my pants and slipped the into the dryer. There I stood in my black Hanes and socks and a towel. Jared was a nice guy. His demeaner was clean and we didn't feel at all threatened by him.
Jean shivered and he asked her if she wanted some coffee or chocolate. She said yes and he started toward the kitchen. She stopped him and said she would get it. He said ok and sat down at the table. She asked where the chocolate was and he told her it was in the top cabinet. She reached up to get it and showed us a clear picture of her ass. There was a hint of a thong as it came out of her cheeks and ran betwwen her legs. My cold little dick jumped at the site. Jared leaned forward and took a deep breath. She pulled down the cannister and got the packages out and filled three cups with water and added the mix and stuck it in the microwave. Her ass had lit a spark in my mind and shorts. Jared looked at her and I knew what he was thinking. I was thinking the same thing but wasn't sure what Jean had on her mind. A bell sounded on the microwave and she opened the door. Jared got his first and then me. Jean leaned up against the counter and we were sitting across from her. I wanted to see inside that shirt. Jared just looked at her. She asked Jared if he would mind if she sat on his counter. He told her she could sit on anything he had. She smiled and placed her hands on the counter beside her hips and tried to raise herself up to the counter top. Her hand slipped and she almost fell. He stood up and stepped over to assist her and placed his hands firmly on her waist and lifted her up and sat her down. The bottom of the shirt came up and when she sat down and I caught a glimps of her panties. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her if she was comfortable and she said yes. Jared sat down across from her legs. Jean sipped on the cup of chocolate. We were trying to make small talk but talk wasn't on my mind. A big clap of thunder hit again and startled Jean just as she was about to take a drink and she spilled the cup on her shirt. I looked at her and said you messed his shirt up! Take it off and rinse it out. She looked at me and I motioned for her to do it. Jared stood up Jean started unbuttoning the shirt. She slipped off the shirt and reached for my towel. As she reached, she came off the counter top and Jared caught her before she hit the floor. His hand cupped her left breast and he moaned as he released it when she had regained her balance. I was hiding my erection with the towel but she wanted to hide her tits. In a quick moment she stood there in topless. Augh! I had a boner! Jared put the shirt in the sink and ran water over it. Jean wrapped the towel around her breast but we could still see her panties, or the front of the thong.
I looked at her and said, "Great tan lines!" Jared looked at her and and didn't make a comment. Just his eyes scanning her body said it all. She looked at me and said,"Nice boner!" My dick was rock hard and Jared turned and looked at it. I reached over and jerked the towel away from her which left her topless before us. She looked at me and said she didn't care. Jared looked at her breast and she crossed her arms and stood there before us almost in defiance. Jared looked at me and then again at her and then rubbed her left arm. She did not react. He stroked the upper part of her breast and she stood there. He hand slid down to her nipple and she stood there looking at me. I licked my lips and wandered how far we were going with this. He unfolder her arms and carressed both nipples with his fingers. I saw him look toward me out of the corner of his eye to see what my reaction was. My dick was like a nail! A railroad spike nail! He bent down and put his mouth on her right nipple and began to suck. Her left hand went to the back of his head and began to press him in on her. She had her eyes on me as if for my approaval. My erection was all the approval she needed. He leaned her back on the counter and opened her legs and put his torso between them and moved from breast to breast with his mouth and hands. I pulled my pants down and released my hard prick into the air. Jareds mouth was all over Jeans chest. He was squeezing her breast and sucking every inch of tit he could get into his mouth. The he shifted his attention to her pussy. The thong came off like a bolt of lightning and he buried his face in side of her.
He raised her legs up over his shoulders and acted like an animal eating after days of starvation. I reached over and took her feet in my hands and raised them up and spread them out so that he wouls have better access. She was moaning as his tongue delved inside of her. I stepped over to the edge of the counter near her face and put my dick within sucking distance of her mouth. She reached for it and slid it inside her mouth. She was having an orgasm and screamed and started jrking on the counter. I pulled her legs as wide appart as I could as Jared licked her to four orgasms. I told him it was time to fuck her. He motioned for me to step up between her legs. Istepped in and thrust my cock inside of her wet pussy. It had her juices and his salava all over and in it. I started pumping her as he stepped aside. I looked into her eyes as she lay there before us. Then Jared surprised me when he knelt down behind me. I felt his finger slip into my crack and go right to my anus. He rubbed it and I leaned forward so he could have better access. He spread my cheeks and moved in face first. His tongue was very firm and I tried to relaz so he could enter me. My dick was still in Jean but my knew sensation was pulling it out. I tried to lay on Jean and stay inside of her but the counter top would not allow it. I positioned myself so that he could lick anything he wanted to. He fingered me and tongued me for what seemed forever. Then he took my dick in his mouth and sucked it hard till I came. He didn't stop after I quit spirting. He just sucked on me. Jean was watching and had moved of the counter. Suddenly the buzzer on the dryer went off and broght us out of the trance and back to reality. Jared sat on the floor. He was still and quiet. Jean stepped over to the sing and wiped off the fluids on her thighs and cunt. Jared sat still. Jean stepped over to the dryer and retrieved our cloths. We put them on as Jared sat on the floor. The rain had stopped and we slipped out the door and walked over to the bike. I manuvered it around the truck and we rode away. Neither of us said a word till we got home. I dropped Jean off and came to the house and wrote about this day. It was exciting and adventurous.

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