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"Hmmmmm ok, I dare you to……..uh kiss Ashley for two minutes straight, and it has to be a real good kiss.", she blurted out.

"Ok, really Alexis, what do you want me to do ?", I laughed.

"I told you.", she replied, smiling.

"Alexis, I mean really…………….", I started.

"It’s not like you two haven’t kissed before, what’s the big deal ? Unless Ash says no, you have to do it.", she instructed.

I looked over at Ashley, I needed some help here, big time. Ashley was looking at Alexis, then looked back at me, I could see she was nervous. She finally looked back at Alexis, her head slightly tilted downwards, her eyes looking up.

"You really want us to passionately kiss each other in front of you ?", Ashley said, softly.

"Um, yes…I do.", she replied.

I looked over at Alexis, I just couldn’t figure this out to save my soul. She knows how much I was in love with Ashley at one time, now here she was , asking me to kiss her, and to top it off, neither of us were clothed.

"I think it’s time to call it a night.", I stated.

"Ooh, the big bad football player is scared…………. You want to go nighty night, baby ?’, Alexis laughed.

For some reason, the tone of her voice really dug deep, it was like a dagger to the heart. I don’t think I had ever heard Alexis talk to me in that tone, it was almost condescending to a point. I gave her a really long hard stare, she immediately sensed my displeasure, I could tell my the look on her face. I swam over in Ashley’s direction, stopping right in front of her, my hands on the steps, one on each side of her. I looked at Alexis one last time, then laid it all out on the line.

""Let’s put the women and children to bed, then go look for dinner.", I answered Alexis.

Before she could reply, I turned and moved against Ashley, leaning into her slowly. Her eyes were wide open, I saw her tongue wet her lips quickly, as I moved towards her. I gently placed my lips on hers, applying slight pressure, tasting her for the first time in a long while. Within seconds I felt her arms around my neck, her tongue pushing past my lips. It’s really strange just how long two minutes is when you’re doing something that feels really uncomfortable. But halfway through our kiss, I felt those long buried feelings rising up in my chest. By the time Alexis stated time was up, my cock was standing straight up against my stomach, rock hard and throbbing. My tongue was deep inside Ashley’s mouth, my body was tingling from head to toe. In fact, I completely ignored Alexis when she first told us the time was up and continued to kiss Ashley passionately.

"Uh guys………… It’s time.", Alexis stated for a second time.

This time I pulled my lips from Ashley, our eyes just inches apart, looking at each other. I could sense she felt it too, it had been such a long time. I finally sank down into the pool, still hanging out on the steps, then turned and looked at Alexis.

"Was that good enough ?", I asked.

"Um, yea….that was good.", she replied, looking somewhat confused.

There was a slight few moments of awkward silence, then Ashley spoke up trying to relieve the tension.

"Whose um….turn is it ?", she asked.

"Actually mine.", I answered.

"Oh ok.", she replied.

It was time to end this game, things had already gotten way out of hand. I was thinking if I pushed my challenge way over the top, both of the women would decide to end the game. Since I could only direct the question or challenge to Ashley, I decided to put Alexis’ theory on the line once and for all. How Ashley reacted to this next move would leave any doubt how she felt. I was going to ask if she chose a question, would she feel weird about getting in bed with Alexis and I. If she chose dare, I was going to dare her to make out with Alexis for a few minutes. Either way, this situation was going to be resolved.

"Ashley, Truth or Dare ?", I offered.

Ashley looked at Alexis, then back at me, she seemed really reluctant to answer.

"I’m almost afraid to choose.", she replied softly.

She thought for a couple of moments, still having a hard time making up her mind. She kept looking at Alexis like perhaps she was going to let her off the hook, but for some reason Alexis was enthralled with this game. She finally looked back at me, took a sip of wine, then answered.

"I really not sure what to do here, but I guess I’ll take a dare.", she stated.

I was already prepared, as the two women looked at me, I guess I had a smile on my face.

"He looks like he was ready for that Ashley.", Alexis interjected.

"Oh yea, I am.", I replied.

"I’m almost afraid to hear the dare.", Ashley laughed.

Once again, both women looked at me, awaiting my answer. I glanced quickly at Alexis, then over to Ashley.

"I want you to make out with her for two minutes.", I told Ashley, pointing to Alexis.

"Do what ?", Ashley answered , surprised.

"You heard me, if I had to, you two have to.", I responded.

Ashley looked over at Alexis, their eyes held and met for a long while, as if they were trying to come to a decision. I had brought the game to a head, either they did what I asked, or the game was over. Either way, it was put up or shut up time. Ashley moved over towards Alexis, they leaned in together very closely, then began to whisper to each other. After well over a minute of conversation, I finally had to interject.

"What’s up with all the talk. I was told I had to do it period, I didn’t get to hold a discussion on the matter.", I complained.

"Wait, just a second.", Alexis instructed, waving her hand at me.

The women went back to whispering to each other, neither of them appeared to be distraught however. It continued for several minutes, then finally then both of them turned to me at once.

"The game has been suspended for a while, it will resume in maybe an hour.", Alexis informed me.

"Wait, what the heck are you two up to ? That’s not the rules, You can’t change them midway through. Since you two failed to comply, the game is over.", I stated.

"Just go get the suits.", Alexis instructed.

I swam over to where the towels were, pulling myself up on the side of the pool, then out. I had my back to the women, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I walked over to where their two swim suits were and tossed them into the pool towards them. I turned and entered the house, grabbed some dry clothes then took a shower immediately. By the time I came out of the bedroom both of the women were in different bathrooms, I could hear water running. I got a drink of iced tea, then went to the master bedroom, and climbed into bed. I had been laying there for maybe five minutes when Alexis appeared in the room. She was wearing a short top with small straps and matching lace panties. She slid into bed, placing her cell phone on the night stand beside her. She leaned over to me and immediately put her mouth on mine, her lips and tongue hungry with desire. After she pulled her lips from mine, she looked at me with those beautiful jade green eyes.

"I want you so bad right now.", she whispered.

"You do ?", I replied.

"Oh yea, but first Ashley has to finish her dare.", she answered.

"Forget it, the game is over.", I answered, reaching for her.

"No wait, I’m serious.", she insisted.

"Ok, what are you serious about ?", I said giving in for the moment.

"Well when you dared Ashley, we started talking, and…….we decided we would do it, but only if……..you uh….join us.", she confessed.

"Wait, wait. You’re telling me that you and Ashley want to have….. I mean all three of us…..at one time, together ?", I stuttered.

"That’s what I’m saying.", she responded.

"Well I know you were kind of thinking of this, but Ashley, my Ash……is really on board with this ?", I whispered.

"Very much so.", Alexis assured me.

"I still find it hard to believe Ash is ok with this, but even if she is, have you really thought this through Alexis ? Do you realize the emotions that may come into play ? I mean, if something goes even a bit wrong, things will never be the same between the three of us. Is that something that you have thought about ?", I asked.

"Look, I love you, you know that. I know how you feel about me. The one underlying fact that neither you nor Ashley will admit to is that you still love each other. I have come to love Ashley as well, more than you know. Since we all love each other, how can it be wrong ?" she insisted.

"Alexis, it’s not that simple. This is the woman that raised me. I know she’s not my mother, in fact she wasn’t even my step mother for that long of a period of time. But I was head over heels in love with her at one time, have you thought of that ? I mean, what happens if old feelings start to come back.", I insisted.

"You’re over analyzing everthing, relax, it will be fine. Do you trust me ?", she asked.

"Alexis, you know I trust you, it’s me I’m worried about.", I warned.

"Then it’s settled.", she said, reaching for her phone.

She scrolled down her contacts, found one, then sent a quick text message. Within thirty seconds the chime on her phone went off, she looked at the screen and smiled, setting the phone back on the night stand. She rolled over and faced me, pulling me into her arms. I was softly kissing her lips, when the silence was broken by a soft voice.

"You guys have room for one more in there ?", asked Ashley, who was standing in the doorway.

Through the dim light, I could see she was wearing a pink top, with pink laced panties, her hair pulled back in a pony tail.

"We sure do.", Alexis replied, sliding towards me, patting the bed where she had been lying.

Ashley walked over slowly, then gently climbed into the large bed, laying next to Alexis. My mind was spinning out of control, I knew I was awake, but this could not be real, it had to be a dream, one that I would wake up from very shortly. I could feel the blood running through my veins, it felt like it was boiling. My cock was rock hard, even though I had not yet been touched.

Ashley was leaning her upper body up on one elbow, as Alexis laid flat between the two of us. Ashley looked down at Alexis, then back up at me and smiled.

"Well I guess this is where I pay off on my dare.", she whispered.

Alexis reached up with one arm, placing her hand on Ashley’s shoulder, pulling her down softly. I was mesmerized as I watched the distance between their mouths close, until finally their lips were pressed together in a soft kiss. After several seconds, it was apparent, their tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. I laid there not making a sound, just watching these two gorgeous women kiss each other less than a foot away from me. Finally after what appeared to be an eternity, they lips parted, there eyes lock in a lustful gaze.

"So was that good enough ?", whispered Ashley.

I didn’t know who she was talking to, I thought maybe Alexis, since they were still staring at each other. I felt Alexis’ right hand travel down my body to my hard cock, squeezing it firmly through my shorts.

"From what I feel here Ash, I would say it was more than good enough.", Alexis giggled.

Ashley looked down at Alexis’ hand and smiled, then back up at me seductively. Alexis leaned over and whispered in my ear, her warm breath caressing my face.

"I want to watch you and Ashley, please make love to her.", she pleaded.

I looked into her eyes for something, I’m not sure what, but she only nodded twice, then reached over and pulled Ashley over her body so that she was between us. Ashley was now lying flat on her back, her eyes looking up at me, as if she knew what I was expected to do. I leaned down over her, pressing my lips to hers, my tongue easing into her mouth. I felt her arms around me, holding me tight, as she pushed her body against mine. I moved my hand down her body, past her flat stomach until my fingers were inching there way into her panties. I pulled my lips from hers looking down her body, pushing my hand inside of her underwear until I felt her hot, soaking wet pussy. She moaned softly as my finger slid between the two thick folds for the first time. I could feel Alexis’ eyes on me, almost as if they were burning a hole right through me. I slid my body down the bed, until my mouth was softly kissing Ashley’s smooth flat stomach. Both women’s eyes were locked on mine as my tongue traced it way down the outside of Ashley’s panties, finally pushing the damp cloth between the lips of her pussy. She responded by gently squeezing her thighs around my face, one hand softly stroking the top of my head. I reached down and pulled the fabric of her panties aside, quickly driving my tongue deep inside of her.

"Oh Goddddddddddddddd.", she moaned, her entire body arching up from the bed.

I eased my tongue from inside of her, slowly licking her slit from top to bottom in one slow, long stroke, pausing to gently flick her swollen clit. I pushed both of my hands between her ass and the bed, pulling her deep into my mouth. As I pushed my tongue in and out of Ashley’s steaming pussy, I watched Alexis extend her tongue and softly begin to lick Ashley’s lips. Soon the two of them were locked deep into a passionate kiss, their tongues plunging in and out of each other’s mouths. In less than five minutes, Ashley was beyond the point of no return, her body was trembling with desire. The feel of two pair of lips simultaneously caressing her body sent Ashley over the top, her pleasure being very evident.

"Oh…oh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd.", she cried out, as I gripped her ass tightly, pushing my tongue as deep inside of her as I could.

I felt her secretions thicken, as she emptied her orgasm down my throat, her body heaving in desire. I slowly worked her pussy with my tongue, bringing her down slowly, as the two women softly exchanged quick, soft kisses with each other. It took a few moments but finally Ashley’s breathing started to return to normal, her hips falling back to the bed completely. She gently pushed Alexis to her back, then rolled over towards her, their lips once again touching in desire. I simply slid over to my left and reached up, sliding Alexis’ panties down her long firm legs. In just a few seconds, my tongue was deep inside of Alexis, her thighs over my shoulders. I knew from experience, Alexis was already well on her way, her juices were pouring from her pussy, I couldn’t swallow them fast enough. Ashley slowly slid her hand down Alexis’ smooth flat stomach, her finger finding her friend’s clit. As slowly pushed my tongue in and out of my wife, Ashley began to work her clit in small, rapid circles, as I’m sure she had done her own, many times.
Soon Alexis’ hand was covering Ashley’s urging her on, as her other reached for the back of my head. I looked up to see the two women’s faces just inches apart, their eyes locked in a lustful gaze.

"Cum for me Alexis, cum all over my hand baby.", Ashley whispered.

That was all it took, as Alexis screamed out in ecstasy, her pussy spraying my face in orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I’m cumming.", she screamed.

Alexis’ body shook violently as her orgasm surged through her, Ashley’s finger was still flying over her clit. I lifted my head and watched as Ashley brought my wife down from her orgasm with just her hand, slowly working her pussy with several fingers, intently watching Alexis’ reactions. Soon they were once again softly kissing each other, as I moved back up the bed to the place I originally had been in.

Finally the two women broke their kiss, Ashley turned her head in my direction, then leaned over and softly kissed me. I eased my tongue into her mouth, she responded with passion and desire. I pulled her over to me, my hand sliding down her back grabbing her ass. I felt Alexis begin to move beside us, then felt her body move across my legs. She reached up and slowly pulled my shorts down, then off of my legs completely. Just seconds after Ashley pulled her lips from mine, Alexis lowered her mouth around my cock, taking the entire head in at once. The feeling was absolutely incredible, never had I been this excited in my life, my heart was about to jump from my chest.

Ashley turned her head and looked down at Alexis, who by now was working my cock in and out of her mouth, as she had many times before. Ashley looked back up at me, her eyes were wide and bright, she leaned back over and kissed me quickly on the lips. I felt Alexis move from between my legs, sliding up the opposite side of my body from Ashley. I turned just in time to meet her lips, her tongue forcing it’s way inside of my mouth. Ashley’s hand had replaced Alexis’ mouth and was now stroking my cock with long, slow movements. Alexis pulled her lips from mine, her eyes opening, looking deep into my own.

"Fuck Ashley for me baby, make her cum again.", Alexis urged.

I turned towards Ashley, my hands reaching for her, pulling her to me. She pushed her panties down her legs, tossing them to the floor beside the bed. She threw one leg across my hips, quickly positioning herself over my cock. She reached down and guided me to her opening, then slowly lowered herself down, my cock easing inside of her. As she steadied herself with her hands, both flat on my chest, she began to rock back and forth with her hips, looking right into my eyes.

"Mmmmmmmm, does her pussy feel good baby ?", Alexis asked, in my ear.

"Oh yea.", I answered, my hands on Ashley’s hips.

Alexis leaned over me, pressing her lips to mine as Ashley continued to grind her clit against my pubic bone, her breathing becoming more shallow. I was having a tough time maintaining control, my cock was aching for release. Alexis pulled her mouth from mine, moving her lips to my ear, whispering softly.

"I think she’s ready to cum again.", she informed me, "She just needs a little help."

With that said, Alexis got up and moved behind Ashley, straddling my thighs. She pressed the front of her body into Ashley’s back, her arms encircling her, both hands going to her pussy. Ashley leaned back slightly into Alexis giving her better access, tilting her head sideways. Alexis’ fingers found Ashley’s clit, as her lips found the soft side of her neck. I could feel Alexis’ fingers manipulating Ashley’s clit as they danced on the top side of my cock. I felt Ashley lean back even further, then both of her hands went between her legs, covering Alexis’.

"Im gonna cum.", she announced.

Alexis reached around a little further, then began to rub Ashley’s clit as quickly as she possibly could. It took several seconds, then Ash once again erupted in a mind numbing orgasm. She quickly pushed Alexis’ hands off of her now sensitive clit, leaning forward, her hands once again on my chest. My cock was still throbbing, deep inside of her pussy.

"Oh my God. That was incredible.", she panted.

She fell into my arms, her face buried in my neck, her hot breath warming me. I felt Alexis slid back on my legs just a bit, her hands sliding up my thighs. Ashley moved her lips to my ear, kissing me softly, blowing her hot breath over me. She eased her hips up, allowing my cock to slip from inside of her, snapping it against my stomach. She moved over and fell to the mattress beside me, letting out a deep sigh as she did. Before I could move Alexis had my cock in her hand and was rapidly stroking me up and down. I was so ready to cum, my balls were actually beginning to ache from the tension.

"Come on baby, shoot your load for us.", Alexis urged as her fist pumped my cock rapidly.

Ashley leaned over and whispered in my ear, very softly, very seductively.

"Mmmmm, I still remember when you licked your own cum from inside of my pussy.", she whispered, so only I could hear.

I felt the first contraction of my cock, then the cum racing up the shaft. The first spurt painted a thick white stripe across my belly and on to Ashley’s left breast. The next two were even more intense, covering my stomach and belly, as Alexis continued to work my shaft in her fist. I know I felt at least six or seven intense contractions as the cum flowed from cock, now coating Alexis’ fist. I have never in all of my life, experienced an orgasm this intense, it felt as if my soul was being milked from my body.

After a few minutes of silence, I jumped up and made my way to the shower. Before the water was hot, both women joined me. Within minutes we were back in bed again, this time, the pace was slower, more passionate. Ashley was laying on her side watching as I was above Alexis, slowly pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. Ashley’s right hand was between us, her finger softly stroking Alexis’ clit, as I eased in and out of her slit. Ashley’s eyes were glued to Alexis’ pussy, as my cock continued to piston in and out of her wet opening. I had this intense feeling both women wanted the same thing, but neither of them was going to be the first to admit it. I pushed my cock deep into Alexis’ pussy, my face leaning down right above hers.

"I want you to taste Ashley’s pussy baby. Then I want her to taste yours.", I whispered.

"You do ?", she asked.

"Uh huh.", I admitted.

I knew both women had thought about it, how could they have not ? I just thought neither of them would bring it up, so I did. I eased my cock from out of Alexis’ pussy, and moved from over her, then to my left.

"It’s good baby, trust me.", I whispered softly.

I watched as Alexis nervously moved over Ashley once more, this time, a veil of uncertainess between them. Alexis leaned over and began to softly kiss Ashley’s stomach, inching her lips ever so slowly down her body. I watched as my wife extended her tongue and for the first time, tasted another woman’s pussy. My eyes were glued on Alexis as she slowly, but steadily began to work over Ashely’s pussy with her tongue and lips. Ashley’s hips were rising slightly from the bed, pressing her pussy against Alexis’ mouth, her eyes closed in ecstasy. I moved up so that I was over Ashley, I softly touched her cheek, her eyes opening, looking right into mine.

"How does it feel ?", I whispered.

"Like nothing I have ever felt before in my life.", she answered.

I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, my tongue probing her mouth once again. With our mouths together, Ashley continue to moan into my mouth, another pending orgasm around the corner. I pulled my lips from hers, moving down to softly kiss her smooth, silky neck. She turned so that her lips were in my ear, then almost inaudibly, I heard those three words.

"I love you.", she whispered.

I moved up from her neck, my lips in her ear now as well. I kissed her once softly, then replied to her.

"I love you too, Ash.", I answered.

I pulled back from her and looked down, only to find Alexis’ eyes closed as she continued to greedily lap at Ashley’s pussy. By now, her own hips were bucking against the mattress, she was lost in her own desires. Ashley suddenly reached down and placed both hands on Alexis’ head, arching her back, exploding in a violent orgasm. Alexis continued to work Ashley’s clit as the waves of pleasure coarsed through her friend’s body. She waited until Ashley’s body went limp under her tongue, before she lifted her mouth from her. She then moved up Ashley’s body until their lips met again, in a long passionate kiss, both of them sharing Ashley’s orgasm.

After a few moments, Ashley pushed Alexis off of her and to her side. She quickly moved down Alexis’ body, her tongue finding her hot, soaking wet slit. Alexis had already worked herself up into quite a state, now the thought of Ashley’s lips were going to make her insane.

"Oh my fucking Godddddddddd.", she moaned.

Ashley drove her tongue into Alexis, both of her hands holding the top’s of her thighs. Alexis’ hips were bucking against Ashley’s mouth, I knew she wasn’t going to last long.

"Come here, I want you in my mouth.", Alexis said, pulling me towards her.

By now my cock was rock hard again, I didn’t have to be asked twice. I slowly worked my way next to Alexis’ head, kneeling beside her gently. I grabbed my cock and pushed it down, holding it steady as Alexis wrapped her lips around the head. I looked down to see Ashley’s eyes locked on us, now one hand between her own legs, moving back and forth. I knew Alexis was about to go off any minute, she was panting with desire.

"Cum in Ash’s mouth baby, cum for me.", I urged.

Alexis’ body jerked suddenly, her back arching up high from the mattress, her lips releasing my cock, snapping it against my stomach. Her mouth was open, her eyes closed tightly, the veins in her neck were buldging out.

"Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk…..Yes……That’s so fucking gooddddddddd," she screamed out.

I looked down to see Ashley’s eyes open wide, not ready for the torrent of cum Alexis was pushing into her mouth. Ashley lifted her mouth from Alexis, her tongue still rapidly flicking across her clit. Alexis continued to bucked her hips up and down, her hands gripping the sheets in sweet agony.

Finally Alexis collapsed on the bed, she was spent. Ashley slowly moved up towards me, I knew exactly what she wanted. I met her mouth with mine, my lips open for her tongue. I held her tight as she coated my mouth with Alexis’ thick cum, her tongue probing every inch of my mouth. Finally she released me, then pushed me down on my back, moving her head down. In one quick movement, she pushed my cock, deep into her throat. I could still hear Alexis panting next to me, trying to catch her breath. It took maybe thirty seconds for Ashley’s mouth to finish me off.

"I’m gonna cum.", I warned her.

"Mmmmmm,", she replied, pushing me deeper into her mouth.

My first spurt, hit the back of Ashley’s throat, causing her to gag slightly. She quickly moved up, keeping only the head of my cock in her mouth, her fist jerking my cock up and down. The next four or five ropes of cum were now running from between her lips and on to my body, but she continued to suck on me with as much force as she could. My orgasm finally subsided, as Ashley continued to lick me clean, my cock shrinking between her lips.

I’m not quit sure how many times anyone came that night, I know we were at it for hours. When I finally laid down to sleep between these two beautiful women, I was worried, worried that tomorrow, these wonderful feelings, would prove to be too much to handle.

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