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I was at my desk when Sharp got in. He went straight through to his office and then after a few minutes he buzzed for me.I went in and he asked me to take a letter. He started dictating and got up to walk around the desk. He leaned down and kissed me full on the lips. I almost gagged as he went further and his fat tongue pressed betwen my lips. I tried to pull away. He leaned back and hissed
"Dont do that. Open your mouth"!
He started kissing me deeply,his tongue sliding ,flicking and exploring. He carried on for maybe two minutes then came up for air. He looked at me and suddenly said
"You have a 4 year old boy dont you"?
I nodded ,tears suddenly springing to my eyes.
I did not want to talk to this horrible man about my loved ones. He said I know you want more. I remembered him asking me at the interview and at the time thought he was wondering if I was going to go off on maternity. I had answered that we wanted more eventually and he had left it there.
Sharp said
" Are you actively trying for a baby now"?
I said
" I am catholic and its against my faith to use artificial contraception"
Sharp said
" So Dave is not getting much then" ?
I said
" We use the rythmn method and have sex when its the safest time".
He said
"Well you are not going to do that with me Katey. I am going to fuck you when I want,anytime I want".
I said
" No. Thats too much. I am not doing that".
He said menacingly
"Ok lets call the police. You are going down for a long stretch. Your boy will be half grown when you get out"
Sharp reached for the phone pressed buttons, I heard the the police switchboard reply.
Suddenly I blurted
"No, no wait. Stop" !
An evil grin swept over Sharps features. He said
"Thats good Katie. You are learning. Now get your knickers off now".
I stood up and slowly pulled my underwear down. Sharp stared licking his lips.
He said
"You are going home in lunch break and you are coming back dressed sexy. Short skirt , no bra, make up".
Then he said
"How old are you Katie" ?
"Twenty five" I told him.
" Hmmm.You look younger. I am fifty nine, more than twice your age".
He patted his ample belly and said
" I am not in bad shape though.Still like alot of sex"
As he spoke he walked in front of me,dropped to his knees and lifted my skirt. Sharp buried his face in my crotch and sniffed my vagina,then began to lick my labia. I braced myself. I did'nt want him to think he could give me any pleasure. I thought about the situation and how disgusting he was and then Sharp moved his hands up and parted my labia and began to lick directly onto my clitoris. I felt a surge of pleasure and fought it by will power for a time.Sharp kept on licking ,flicking, probing, with his stubby ,fat,tongue and to my shame I became sexually aroused. I did not want it and I felt self loathing praying he would stop before he realized,but he kept on and he as licking my juices as I lubricated profusely. My involuntary arousal excited Sharp. He took hold of my wrists and pulled me down to my knees then onto my back on the floor. He hastily pulled his buttons and dropped his pants. His penis was sticking out and as his foreskin folde back,his shiny purple,red, glans slid out like a big plum,a drop of shiny fluid on the tip.Sharp pushed my legs apart and a moment later was on top of me on the carpet. I felt his penis jabbing urgently as he sought my opening and then he was inside me. My vagina was slick and he penetrated fully with a strong push. He began thrusting quicklyhis mouth against my ear nibbling and biting. Again I tried with all my will to resist arousal,but Sharps wirey hair on his pubic bone rubbed against mine pressing my labia apart so that my clitoris was roughly rubbed and stimulated. I felt my orgasm building and I bit my lip,hoping the sharp pain would help me to stay focused,then it broke through spontaneously and I could feel the contractions coursing through me.Sharp was aware and obviously my arousal excited him. He grunted and then was jerking rapidly up and down ,eagerly releasing his semen into me. He laid on top of me getting his breath back,then rolled off me onto his back.
He said
"Beautiful.Oh God that was hot. I am good are'nt I ? I know you got off on it,so dont even pretend".
I said nothing,just got up and pulled my underwear up. He said
"Ok now get some work done and home to change at lunch break.
I left work and when I got home went upstairs and started looking through wardrobes and drawers, I had really been wearing very ordinary clothes since Peter was born. I found a skirt I had worn at college in my teens and held it up. It surprised me how short it was and realized how quickly I had settled into the respectable young mother role. I put it on and pulled out a suspender belt and stocking Dave had once bought me for Valentines. I took off my brassiere and my still pert,full breasts came under my inspection and they still looked pretty good,even saying so myself. I quickly chose a top, pale pink,with buttons and put it on. Some lipstick,make up, a pair of shoes with heels and I was done.
When I got back to the office Sharp must have heard me come in because he immediately buzzed the intercom. I walked through feeling very self concious.
As I walked in Sharp stood up,his eyes moving over me. He came very close and reaching,took hold of the waist of my skirt and tugged,pulling it upwards so that my knickers were showing.
He stood back and said gruffly
"Thats better. Now get me that green file from the top shelf"
I walked over to the document shelves and had to stand on tiptoe to reach. I mmediatel Sharp was there behind me,one hand between my legs,the other groping for my left breast.He started pulling my knickers down I could hear his breath,almost panting like a dog.
He hissed,
You need fucking Katie. you did'nt know but I watched you at the golf club dinners.You were so fresh looking.When you got pregnant I was jealous of Dave. I could not believe it when I got your job application.It was like fate had brought you to me.We are going to fuck lots and lots. I am going to fuck you full of my baby Katie Dixon".
Sharp took hold of the thin material attaching the sides of my panties and literally ripped them from me. Despite him being overweight,he was powerful.This was nothing like what had happened yesterday or this morning. He did not try in any way to be considerate. He pushed me up against the shelving ,penetrated me from behind and raped me very forcefully. It was all over in 30 seconds. He thrust his penis in hard and quickly,then putting his arms around me pulled me hard against his body and ejaculated deep inside me.
It was painful and I felt completely powerless knowing I had two choices submit or have him send me to jail. As he finished and I felt his body leave mine,not waiting to retrieve the knickers discarded on the floor I ran from his office and went to wash myself in the rest room

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