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My reward is to read the comments from readers. Particularly I like to know if the reader is a woman – and if she enjoyed it !!

In the early 1980’s I had finished school and dropped out of University at 19. I I was looking for work that I would find interesting – and through a friend stumbled into working in professional theatre as stage crew. This developed into the opportunity to go out on tour as Assistant Stage Manager with a children’s show – somewhat like a British pantomime – which toured week by week around English provincial theatres.

It was hard work but great fun. We would arrive in a town on a Sunday – start unloading all the scenery and props – prepare the sets and stage and then open on the Monday night. We would then run one show a night through to the Saturday – then after the last show – pack everything back into the wagon – and move on to the next place.

In this particular show there was a short dance piece which needed children to perform. So the show management had made arrangements with dance schools in each town for groups of about a dozen six and seven year old little girls to be part of the show. (Don’t worry this isn’t one of those type of stories !!) Their dance mistresses would have been sent all the dance instructions and script weeks before – and then they would have a rehearsal with us – on the stage on the Monday afternoon – ready for curtain up that night. It all worked very well – but because it was all a bit strange to the little girls – they would have chaperones or minders with them – most of whom were mums or aunties.

The mum’s and aunties would look after the girls, keep them quiet back stage whilst the show was going on, make sure they had their costumes and props – and generally looked after them.

Three of four weeks into the tour – we turned up in a new town. It was one of the oldest provincial theatres in the country – rather dark, very old fashioned – but friendly and historic. The dance troupe arrived and were accommodated – and the show got underway.

On the second night – I had been handling some scenery – when I got a vicious splinter in my hand. It hurt like hell – and was difficult to dislodge. One of the mums told me to let her have a look. Because it is always so dark back stage we went to a quiet corner at the back of the stage area where there was some light. I sat down on the edge of a prop box – and she took my hand to see how she could help. Plenty of other mum’s were around – and some of the stage crew – going about there business.

"What’s up ?" one of them asked.

"Splinter" I replied and showed him.

"Fuck that looks nasty" he said "You’ll need some help with that. I’ll go and tell the SM you’re out of action for a few minutes" and off he went to let the Stage Manager know.

In order to see properly - my "nurse" took both my hand and forearm – and gripped it across her chest – whilst with the other hand and some tweezers from her handbag – she probed the splinter. As she worked I gradually became aware – that my upper fore arm was directly across her left breast. In fact it was firmly pressing into that soft flesh – and I could feel the rise and fall of her nicely rounded tit pushing rhythmically against me.

Being 19, under experienced and horny – the sexual tension began to strike me. The lady holding me firmly to her bust – was in her late thirties, blonde (dyed) – bobbed hair – a little over-weight – but only to the advantage of the very large rounded bust against which my arm was now resting. She was attractive – but not stunning. She smelt nice, smiled a lot and I was beginning to like her a lot !

It was early summer – and of course back stage it gets very warm. So my new friend was wearing just a light, flowery cotton dress – like mums used to wear then – straight and simple fastened all the way down the front by a zipper. If anything it was perhaps a little too tight for her – so it stretched a bit over her large bust and those other curvy parts of her that boys like to look at and imagine grappling with. This also allowed for a clear impression of where her underwear lay beneath the thin material. The knickers were clearly quite small and tight on the panty-line – and the bra bravely held those big jugs up and forward. The zip on the dress was done up nearly as high as it could go – but it still allowed a glimpse of cleavage at this range. All in all this had the potential to become a turn on !

As the lady in question continued to talk to me – "tutting" at the mess the splinter had made of my hand – I considered what I could do to move this innocent situation to one of higher interest. So I gently started to move my fore arm up – and down – just by an inch or so against her left breast. The movement allowed me to feel the material of her bra through the thin cotton of the dress. I moved my arm again – this time trying to introduce an element of rotation – whilst keeping my hand still in her grasp over her right tit. The sensation of her tit-flesh yielding gently to my movements was a real turn on. My cock started to stir. I repeated the movement – this was make or break. The first stroke – could have been accidental – this second and then a third were quite obvious, deliberate and intentional.

"So where are you from" she asked as she still worked at my injury.

"Manchester" I said – as my elbow circled her left tit more deliberately for the fourth time.

"Mmmmm nice. "She replied matter of factly.

With my heart absolutely pounding I asked "Is that "Nice – Manchester" or j"Nice – what you’re doing ?"

I swallowed hard and rotated my arm again.

" Oh – just nice !" she said – grinning slightly – but never taking her eye of the splinter.

This looked like it was getting somewhere – I thought. Maybe I’d get to grope those tits a bit and have a bit of a snog with this mature woman before the week was out. (I told you I was inexperienced). Little did I know what was to come !!

At that moment – she had finally seized the splinter – and yanked it out. Shit that hurt ! But it was over – and the pain was partially abated by the fact that my elbow was still kneading and pressing the fleshy orb beneath it –which if anything now seemed somewhat firmer than earlier.

Then my saviour nurse raised my finger up – and stuck it into her mouth ! She sucked hard on the wound – making it smart. For the first time she then looked me straight in the eye and said " That’ll help get any dirt out of it. You wouldn’t want to get dirty – would you ?"

I gulped at the double innuendo – wondering what I was hearing – but the message came crystal clear to me an instant later as she plunged my finger back into her mouth – and started running her tongue over it and round it in her mouth.

"I bet it’s throbbing a bit now" she said as she removed my finger from between those lips.

"It certainly is !" I said – continuing with the innuendo.

"You’ll need something on that" she continued – as she let my randy hand and arm go and turned away to her bag beside he. She rummaged inside and pulled out a box of sticking plasters. As she turned back to me – she said – "Gosh isn’t it warm !"

With that she raised her hand to the zip on her dress – and slowly pulled it downwards around eight inches. With a delicious sound it passed over the thrust of her chest and revealed her deep cleavage and revealed the join of her tight white, lacy bra between her tits. It was low enough for me to see the full shape of those milky jugs – but not so low that the attention of any one walking past would be particularly drawn to what was going on.

My dick in my jeans – leapt from gently warmed and interested to a stiff rod – painfully caught in my pants it thrust down the leg of my jeans – straining the denim and forming a flattering ridge for my seven or so inches.

As I gazed into that cleft of pale white flesh now exposed to my view – my saviour looked down at her own spreading flesh – then with a quick move of her hand – reached inside her dress and deftly cupping her breast by sliding her hand inside her bra on the left – she tipped it out of the cup – but still behind the material of her dress. I got a quick glimpse of the dark brown nipple – a good inch across.

She then took my hand again – and returned it to its place to apply the plaster. As I came close again – she whispered to me "Go on – get your hands on it !"

In some form of contortion I managed to twist my other hand and arm around and under the one she was applying the plaster to – and placed my palm against her tit. The nipple was now pushing hard through the material and between my fingers. I started to gently grip and knead this mountain of flesh and tease the teat to the size of a strawberry. She then stepped forward a little so that her crotch was pressing against my knee as I sat. Whilst still attending to my finger – she started to grind her self imperceptibly against my leg. I applied greater attention to her breast – our positioning would not allow me to slip my hand inside the dress – but the material was so thin – it hardly mattered as I pushed and stroked at the full roundness – cupping it, tweaking the nipple between thumb and finger.

The pressure on my knee increased – and a warmth spread against it. She started to rock her hips and push – and I endeavoured to match her masturbation on me with a corresponding motion. Both our breathing had now increased in depth and pace. Still clutching my hand – her eyes began to close and she started to whisper "Make me come – make me come !". I pushed harder with my knee and started caressing her tit with greater force. Her eyes opened intermittently and looked over my shoulder to check no one could see us as we increased the speed of our joint motion – her cunt grinding away and my hand thrusting and yanking for my life on that beautiful tit – the nipple pushing like a pebble into my hot sweaty hand.

Then she gave a stifled grunt – and her head and shoulders dropped and then shot back. She let go my injured hand and grabbed my shoulders and dragged herself onto me in one last thrust as she came. I felt her body quiver and strain against me – and her knees gave way a little as she savoured the sensation of this secret, stolen public sex .

Meanwhile my dick in my jeans had leaked down my leg. Still looking around she dropped her hand to it and grabbed it hard. Riding her palm up and down it through my jeans - she whispered again – still breathless "You dirty bastard – I’m going to have that – and you’re going to do that to me again and again ! Oh my God !!"

We broke apart reluctantly and looked at one another. "I’ve got to go and do things" I said "but I’ll see you later ?". "Dead right you will" – she grinned – "That was just fantastic – I’ve never …. I’ve never ….." - but she couldn’t finish the sentence. So I backed away with another "See you later" – and went off to do the job I was paid to do – which certainly wasn’t frigging off a middle aged woman and grasping at her tits and nipples back stage in the middle of a show !

I went to the SM and said I was back – and then went on to prepare for the next scene change – my mind hardly on the task in hand !. My new sex companion passed me several times backstage as we went about our work –our eyes catching and holding one another every time – and an electric frisson rising in my cock every time. What more was to come ! When was I going to cum !! It was to be sooner than I thought !!

The interval in the show came. This is when stage crew are often at their busiest – and I nipped around setting new props – changing and checking the set and ensuring everything was in its place. In particular this meant positioning a plate on a shelf on the set that was to be "shot" with a pistol in the second half. The way we achieved this was for me to stand behind the set with a six inch nail and a hammer. When I heard the blank from the gun being fired – I would strike the nail sharply against the plate – through a small hole in the scenery and it would shatter and fall.

Early in the second half I went round behind the set and took up position. It was very dark back there – but as I waited – my new found friend suddenly sidled up beside me. As I smiled at her she winked and said "Hello naughty boy!" and immediately turned towards me and put her hand on my cock through my jeans. Within just a few long strokes up and down the denim she had me painfully hard again. "That’s good!" I groaned – "but I’m going to have to do this in a minute" – holding up the nail and the hammer. "You just carry on" she whispered in my ear – and then dropped to her knees in front of me.

Hidden between the back of the set – amongst the black cloths that shrouded everything back stage – no one could see us. I started to listen for my cue – when I felt first my belt being undone and then my zipper. Then a hot hand cupped inside my boxers and flicked my cock out and upwards. By now I was stiff and hard as I felt soft fingers start to stroke up and down my length – lingering around the tip and causing me to twitch with each stroke. I still tried to listen for the line – and the shot – as I felt her breath on my dick – quickly followed by the hot, wet, slippery warmth of her mouth as she closed her lips around the end of it and started to suck and push down with her head. The sensation had my knees go weak as I tried to stand there with the hammer and nail poised and the gyrations of her mouth, lips and tongue taking all of my attention to my groin – and the rising surge in my balls. I was getting out of control – and my hips started to push forward in time to her strokes and fingering – she was letting more and more of me in as I felt my tip sliding against the back of her throat with each gobbling stroke.

Then came the shot – I managed to strike the nail only a split second too late – and the effect was not spoilt – but she never flinched working her magic on my dick. My immediate job over, I could now concentrate on what she was doing – and as I looked down in the gloom – I could see for the first time that as she had knelt down she had unzipped and undone her dress from top to bottom – and had clearly taken the opportunity during the interval to remove her bra !

So effectively she was knelt virtually stark naked in front of me – her breasts swinging in time to her attention to my cock – and her left hand down between her legs inside her panties. It was too much – I came in floods – my arse clenched and my balls sang as I started to cum. My increasing thrusts warned of the first blast and she released me from her mouth – and knelt back on her heels. She still kept me gripped in her right hand however and kept the magic motion going as my cum launched on to her chest. She gasped as the second and third stream smacked home on her breast and her belly. With her still holding me – I dropped to my knees in front of her – my legs giving way completely. She kept pumping me for several more strokes as my cock spasmed a few more times – echoing the ejaculation that now covered her flesh.

"Rub it in" she whispered in my ear (remember the show was still being performed on the other side of canvas set !) – "I can’t zip myself back up until it’s all gone – or it’ll soak through my dress !" Still kneeling – she lowered herself backwards onto her hands – and her dress fell fully apart baring those beautiful breasts – with stiff nipples and wide brown aureolae – her legs were spread wide open because of her position. As I placed my hands on to her skin her – she brought a hand round to her panties top edge and pulled down. As I looked down to see my ultimate goal I could see that she was totally shaved below. As I massaged my liberal dose of come into her breasts and her belly – I reached down to her thighs and gently stroked my wet hand down into her crotch. She grunted as I reached her pussy – and I quickly stroked a finger up and down the crack making sure it slipped wetly over her clit and back down again. She thrust her hips up to meet my pressure and I gently circled her button with the tip of my finger – whilst still sliding my spunk around her belly up to her breasts with my other hand. I finally closed my lips around one of her nipples and drew on it hard as it puckered and filled my mouth. I also slipped a finger inside her to feel the burning hot wet flesh that I knew I was certain to get wrapped round my cock sooner or later.

None of this latest activity was slow and deliberate – it was frantic, rushed, hot and sweaty – and probably didn’t last more than three minutes from start to finish. Both of us had work to do – so we scrambled back to our feet. I put my wet slimy cock back in to my jeans – and she looked down over her still damp tits – connected the sides of her dress zipper and drew it slowly up past her crotch and over the bulge of those fantastic white milky orbs – still teasing me with their pert nakedness as they disappeared behind the material. As she raised her head to look at me – she whispered "You can’t believe what I’m going to do with you later" and in a final gesture – took my hand again and thrust it up her dress to her soaking panties. Almost involuntarily – I slid my two fingers passed the thin material and once again slipped one and then two of them inside her velvet sex and thrust and finger fucked her for a few more seconds. Finally she pushed against me but then broke away, smoothed down her dress and walked off – looking back over her shoulder with a look that I can only describe as hot ! Hot ! HOT !

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