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She had had a late start from sleeping in then more time was used up doing that unscheduled exercise with her Trainer. By the time she got her errands run it was almost twilight and she had not eaten all day. The large amount of cum she had swallowed last night had helped stave of the munchies for most of the day and would surely be of some nourishment but it had suddenly seemed to her some fresh bread and coffee from Copperpot’s Bakery in North Qeynos would hit the spot.

As she entered North Qeynos and saw the bakery just ahead she surmised she must have missed a Fair or something. A large group of people seemed to be ambling off as if a performance has just concluded. Some folks where chatting and laughing others sauntering off in small groups or alone. A few remained talking. Several pairs were discreetly withdrawn into crevices of buildings quietly having poorly concealed sex. A handful of couples were screwing in the open not caring who saw.

"What did I miss?" she asked a Barbarian as she came up beside where he was standing. These Barbarians were big. She came up eye level to his navel. He was watching all the others fucking and she would not have disturbed his entertainment but for her curiosity.

"A couple elves were screwing up on the second floor in front of that window" he replied "...ruttin’ like a coupl’a Gnolls in heat for everyone to see. They finished and closed the curtains so you missed all the fun, Lassie. The show was a real good one and as you can see has inspired a bunch of onlookers to copy the act." he waved his hand in a gesture to indicate the uninhibited sex around them. "I’m just going to have a good look at everyone having fun and maybe I’ll jerk off since everyone who wants to have sex has already partnered up."

"Oh, I see" Cadwarra was a little shocked at all that but wanted to sound sophisticated. "So was it that good a show?"

He looked at Cadwarra and chuckled loudly. "Well, it was fun to see him do a bad job, if that’s what yer mean. Har Har! And she looked pretty good with her titties so firm they could poke a feller’s eyes out. Plus the entertainment from the comments from the crowd was worth the price of free admission. Har!"

Cadwarra was so worn out both physically and mentally from screwing so much recently that she was fairly glad she had missed the show. Nonetheless, as her eyes studied the Barbarian’s massive body she realized he was fully erect under his leggings and it made her tingle between the legs.

The Barbarian noticed her gaze fix momentarily on his bulge before she quickly swept her eyes up to politely look him in the face.

A mere dozen paces away two mostly unclad Half Elves were screwing on the ground. He was on top bare ass humping her in a nonstop pistoning motion in broad daylight while she squirmed and panted, legs spread wide under him. "Yes, that feels so good! Like that!" She murmured.

The Barbarian looked at them. They aroused him and he needed something wet and tight right now. He appraised Cadwarra’s small elfen frame. This tiny thing would not do, he thought ruefully. But he had caught her looking at his crotch.

"I see yer lookin’’ He challenged her. "You ever had a Barbarian cock, Miss?"

Cadwarra confessed she had not even seen one. She wondered out loud was there anything unique about them beyond the presumed size.

"Yeah....Our things got some size! Har Har! I doubt you can take me with that tiny body." He boasted and added crudely. "Otherwise I would be stickin’ it in you right here, right now, Elfy."

"I bet I COULD take you" she retorted. "I had a huge Human sticking it into me last night. I took his full girth easily." That was a bit of a lie, she silently chastised herself. It was not that easy to take those hard thrusts, especially after the third time.

"He had girth, did he?" He laughed again. "I bet once I’m done with you you’ll be running back to him due to how small he really is. Har Har!"

The Half Elf on top of his girl looked up at them but did not stop fucking. "Are you going to pound it into her, Barbarian or are you just going to talk crap about your prick?"

"You just make sure your own bitch cums, Halfie!" He good-naturedly snapped back "Try doing it properly; that might help. Har Har! Yer gotta do it right, Boy!"

"What do you know about pleasing a woman, Barbarian?" The Half Elf boy went back to screwing the willing girl writhing under him.

"He’s doing it perfect" the Half Elf girl told Cadwarra as if sharing a moment between two females. Her face was flushed red with her mounting orgasm as her whole body moved under each driving thrust. Her breasts rolled around in sympathy with the motions of his lovemaking.

Cadwarra found the sight of those two doing it right there in public quite titillating. He had a lovely firm ass and muscular thighs that tensed and stiffened erotically as he rammed her. She could see his penis as he pulled out then buried it once again into her. It wasn’t very long but it was thick and he had her legs spread as wide as she could for him. The two lovers were so beautiful locked together on the ground that Cadwarra had a silly urge to offer herself to the Half Elf boy next. So much for having a rest, she ruefully thought.

The Barbarian watched the copulating couple alongside Cadwarra. "You know why they are called ‘Half Elves’, Elfy? Their cocks are only half elf sized! Har Har Har!"

He reached to his belt buckle. "Here! I’ll show you a full size one!" He pulled out his dick and balls right there for Cadwarra’s inspection. His thing hung there soft and immense. Even soft she had no doubt it would not fit into her. The sergeant’s son was the biggest she had ever had and she instantly decided his magnificence was her limit.

The Half Elf girl looked up from under her man and giggled at Cadwarra’s reaction. "Yeah" she warned Cadwarra "that’s not for you!" She giggled again but maybe it was from that series of small orgasms she was experiencing rather than the look of fear on Cadwarra’s face.

"It’s big!" Cadwarra pronounced, not knowing what else to say.

"No. It’s NOT big; it’s still soft" The Barbarian retorted. "It needs you to play with it some. Har Har!. THEN it’s big. Har Har Har!" He laughed hilariously at his own joke and gripped his member by the base. The limp thing was eight inches long and three inches in diameter. He swung it around like a whip. His balls swung around in sympathy to the cock.

She reached over and cupped his swinging testicles tentatively and rolled them around in her fingers. They were the size of vulrich eggs. Within his sack they rolled heavily off each side of her palm and dangled there in the air. She studied them. How much semen did these big balls make in, say, a day, she wondered? As they are emptied during a climax, how long would it take to fill their huge volume back up to the point of being chock full again?

"I bet these are packed full of sperm." she said, excited at the thought. It was a silly thing to say but she said it because she found that revelation arousing.

"I’ll tell yer what’s packed fulla sperm, Elfy" He guffawed proudly "Yer stomach after you gobble down all my pecker puke! Har, har!"

Ignoring such crass talk, Cadwarra bent down and kissed one big ball as it hung there in his scrotum. Then she kissed its partner. She sucked the second one into her mouth and rolled it around, surprised she got it all in. He grunted approvingly then pushed her forehead head away. His ball stayed in her mouth as the bag stretched painfully but he pushed her head away even more so he could watch it stretch to the maximum while she held that ball firmly in her jaws.

The Half Elf started to thrust rapidly. "I’m coming, Baby!" he grunted to his sex partner.

"Yes! Fill me!" She gripped his body with her legs and pulled him into her. His body shook as if his entire frame was orgasming. She lay there taking his ejaculant, eyes closed.

Still licking the huge testicle in her mouth, Cadwarra gave them a polite round of applause. The Barbarian gave them a big cheer. "I knew you could do it, Halfy! Good Man, Har Har!"

The Half Elf boy stood, his semi-erect dick shining with her wetness. Ignoring the Barbarian’s good natured jibes he helped his girl to her feet. She rearranged her clothes and, ignoring everyone, wandered off with neither a parting word nor asking the Half Elf his name. She seemed a bit weak in the knees as she walked. Instead of going after her, the Half Elf boy turned to watch Cadwarra giving the Barbarian a hummer.

The Barbarian did not seem to mind the Half Elf. "Grab my penis and pull on it, Elfy." he commanded Cadwarra as if he had never learned how to say please. "Back and forth."

Cadwarra opened her mouth and let the ball drop out. It swung pendulously. She watched it swung around as she contemplated his instruction to perform a handjob, enjoying having yet another male ordering her around.

Nevertheless, Cadwarra hesitated to do as she was told. The size of the Barbarian’s langer daunted her. Sensing her reluctance he lifted his manhood up and laid it in her hand. Two thirds of it fell over the edge of her palm and dangled down in the air. What meat she did hold in her hand was hot and firm. It felt like she was holding an uncircumcised sausage. She curled her fingers around the immense phallus and pumped him back and forth as he had told her to, the unsupported portion of the soft cock flying around chaotically. After all the sex she had had today and last night she wasn’t especially horny but this was...interesting. Or maybe she was horny. A little bit.

As she worked the shaft, the Barbarian’s lovely huge schlong began to grow hard. She kept working the monster, her eyes widened at the immensity of what her ministrations were producing. It stuck out from his body like a spear.

It was well over a foot in length. She gripped it at full salute. The knob had popped out from the foreskin and shone beautifully in the golden rays of the late afternoon sun. It was round and smooth; skin stretched taut by its tumescence.

Cadwarra jacked and stared, amazed by it. It was the biggest she had seen by far. It put last night’s Human lovers to shame. Its girth was the size of her upper arm. She continued to run her gripping fist up and down the now fully rigid length, relieved that her new friend had not fainted on top of her from the amount of blood he would be needing to pump into his man-sword to keep it so hard.

"Can you take all of me, Elfy?" he asked, grinning because he knew by the look on her face she knew she could not. "Yer wanna let me fuck you?"

"No" she responded. "You would rip me open."

She was afraid the Barbarian would insist on screwing her anyway. Thankfully, he laughed good naturedly and placed a huge hand on her shoulder, gently pulling her forward to him."Don’t worry. I don’t wanna break that tiny pelvis of yers."

He pushed her to her knees. "Open that pretty mouth of yers! Suck on my big cock, Elfy." Again, he did not say please. She sucked anyway.

The knob of the barbarian’s penis barely got past her lips. Only a fifth of his shaft entered her mouth and even then it poked her tonsils. She choked on it, gasping for a gulp of air as he pushed it deep. She liked that. She liked when a male took charge.

The Half Elf boy, still horny and only partially dressed, moved close by Cadwarra. Without so much as a by-your-leave he began feeling her up while she sucked off the Barbarian. His hands ran all over her chest, exploring her flesh; squeezing her tits and juggling them. "Suck that Barbarian prick, Cutie!" he urged her. His voice quavered in the excitement at watching the act.

A second onlooker, a Human, also now joined to watch but took no part. He just stared at Cadwarra’s pretty face while it was being fucked.

Cadwarra decided she liked having an audience. She pulled the hugeness out from her sucking lips and began to enthusiastically lick the full length. Before long it was slathered with Cadwarra’s saliva as the bulbous knob hovered there above her forehead. She kissed it in several places up the shaft then tongued the head. Finally she shoved it back into her mouth and resumed her hungry devouring. The audience cheered approvingly.

Over by a small shed, Ellister was sucking off a strapping young fag but looking Cadwarra’s way. The kid he was sucking was eighteen; a good looking Human and his cock was lovely enough. But even so, he wanted to finish up pretty soon because of the Barbarian cock that he was seeing whipped out several yards over there in the middle of everything.

He had a thing for Barbarian cocks and experienced a mild resentment towards the pretty Wood Elf girl who was presently enjoying such a lovely specimen of wang instead of him. With her face full of penis it took him a few minutes to recognize her as the Wood Elf that was breaking Falco’s tiny heart. By Erollisi, was she taking on every male in Qeynos? How many men was she going to service? That little Feir’Dal was insatiable.

Ellister’s young man started his orgasm, incredibly aroused at having public sex for the first time. In his rising arousal he suddenly gripped the back of Ellister’s scalp roughly. He pulled and began madly jerking his hips into Ellister’s face as if unable to control his lusting needs.

In his approaching ejaculation the kid began talking dirty. "You like that twink cock of mine, Bitch?" he taunted. Ellister’s mouth was crammed completely full of manliness and too busy sucking to answer. "You like it as much you liked that young cock that that handsome Wood Elf showed off up in the window!!!??" He was sexually agitated by that very memory himself. "Suck harder, Fag!" he ordered and he rammed several more times. "Do you like to watch handsome Wood Elves fuck their women in the window? Huh?" His young strong hands gripped Ellister by his long locks and shook hard like an abusive schoolmaster trying to get a foolish student’s attention. "Huh? Do ya?" He was whipping Ellister’s skull up and down as he face-fucked him and screamed. "Answer me, you cocksucking Bastard!"

He rammed his hips hard as he could as if trying to bruise Ellister’s throat. He suddenly stopped in full thrust and held his position, cock fully buried. A nice load of sweet cum flooded into Ellister’s mouth and he swallowed. The boy ground his pelvis into Ellister’s face as he emptied his heavy balls into Ellister’s stomach.

His perverted urges subsided with his orgasm. As his dick slipped out of Ellister’s mouth the kid began to feel guilty about the errand he had not yet completed. He did not want his folks to know he had stopped in his chores to dally with some pervert. If he did not return home soon with the task done his parents would be furious.

"Thanks, ya Fag Elf." The kid sneered at Ellister. "Next time we’ll do it up your ass." He did up the fastenings of his leggings and abruptly ran off to get his work done, leaving Ellister kneeling there. Normally, Ellister would have considered running after the kid and beating the shit out of him for that insolence but he suspected it may have just been the kid’s idea of role-play and anyway he was glad to see him go. He was now free to join that cocksucking Wood Elf with her Barbarian over there.

He sauntered over to The Wood Elf and the Barbarian. Up close, the spit-glistening Barbarian cock looked so inviting in her mouth. Maybe, she would need help with such a huge specimen of male flesh.

"Mind if I have a suck on it?"

The Barbarian gave him a non-committal look and shrugged. He grinned down at his fellatiating Wood Elf and asked "You okay with the faggot High Elf enjoying some of my schlong, Elfy? Plenty for everyone, ya know! Har Har!"

Cadwarra indicated her assent by nodding her head as best she could given that he was really force feeding that massive penis into her with increasing enthusiasm. Already she was tasting the tell tale drops of cum that heralded an upcoming spurt of man pleasure.

She assumed this would be an immense load. She was now used to having huge gobs of man-goo being frequently pumped out of these beautiful pricks. That first time, the night she lost her virginity, she was so embarrassed to have made Fayt shoot his cum. Now, she reveled when she succeeded in making it happen.

The Barbarian pulled his cock out of her mouth. She was enjoying the taste of him and was disappointed he did not continue but it did give her jaw muscles a rest.

He rubbed himself all over her face for a short while. Ellister watched that big hard magnificence rolled around on her pretty face; across her cheeks, over the bridge of her cute nose, up around under her chin. While holding it like a club the Barbarian gave her an erotic whack with his dick, hitting her face three or four times with loud "smacks". "Bad Elfy!" he said.

Then he swung his monstrous prick to aim it right at Ellister. "The little Elfy, here, probably needs a break from lookin’ after my big hard dick, ya Fudge-packer. Har! Har! Wanna take over while she has a rest?"

Ellister answered by getting down beside Cadwarra. He looked at her quickly to ensure she was okay with sharing. She gave him a friendly smile to let him know he was welcome. He looked familiar and anyway, seemed harmless. She pushed the back of his head encouragingly forward toward the cock he so seemed to want to suck. She had never seen a male suck cock before and wanted to watch.

She wasn’t sure if Tunare would approve of men sucking men’s cocks and wondered if this fellow would be punished by the Goddess at some future time for this unnatural behaviour. She decided to worry about that later.

He and Cadwarra shared the fellatiating duties while everyone else in the small group watched. She giggled a little at the silliness of passing a Barbarian’s cock back and forth between them while waiting to see whose mouth he would explode into. At one point, Cadwarra playfully rubbed the huge penis all over Ellister’s face then guided it back into his eager mouth, aroused to do that.

"I’m gonna cum, Arseholes!" The Barbarian at last told his two kneeling cocksuckers as he withdrew his knob from Ellister's expertly sucking lips. "Take a deep breath, Folks. Har Har!"

Cadwarra wasn’t wrong about the load. Huge spasms of Barbarian jam spewed from the penis. If he hadn’t been aiming right at her it would have flown three feet in several spasms and landed onto the grass behind her. Instead, 90 percent of it splashed onto her face. Some fell in her hair. She closed her eyes to keep it from stinging and raised her hands to wipe it away so she could see.

The Half Elf was still feeling her up and got hit by some of the splash. He just kept having a feel, though.

The Barbarian swung his now soft prick over to Ellister. "Suck the rest out, Gimp! There’s plenty in there left for you! Har Har Har!"

As Ellister sucked a second Barbarian joined the group and stood beside the Half Elf. No one had noticed where he came from. "It’s my turn, Lassie" the he gruffly told her and pulled out his own size large. "Open up, you little Sperm Gobbler!"

As Cadwarra began to suck off the second Barbarian Ellister sucked on the first. His cock was growing again, returning to its previous immensity.

Busy stuffing the new cock in her mouth it took her a while to figure out where she had seen this High Elf before. The Baubleshire, she finally remembered now. Fishing. He had tried to greet Falco and her but Falco had been so rude.

The second Barbarian orgasmed quickly. His prick popped out of her mouth just as his spunk jetted out of his cock and flooded out all over Cadwarra and Ellister’s faces. The first Barbarian came soon thereafter. His second load, while still adding to the huge amount of the face-coating deluge, was diminished compared to his previous blast.

By the time Cadwarra had wiped away the cum in her eyes and opened them she was surprised to see the Queen’s Guard was standing over them. About half a dozen troopers were lead by Captain Penley.

The Barbarians were sheepishly putting their cocks back in their trousers while the small audience appeared apprehensive as to whether they had been breaking any laws by watching the show. All the other groups and couples had wisely slunk away leaving Cadwarra’s group alone to endure Penley’s obvious wrath.

"I trust all you sex maniacs had a good time." Captain Penley remarked coldly. "But hardly useful activity, don’t you think, should Qeynos suddenly be attacked by Gnolls or by Freeport or by any ill-trained bandit with more armor than you all are presently wearing."

After a short awkward silence, Ellister answered diplomatically "I am afraid we got carried away. We must, of course, remember our base needs do not take precedence over the defense of our good city."

Unmollified by his words, Penley barked back "This whole orgy has been going on since my last patrol passed here, Ellister, two hours ago. This should never have been permitted to go on so long. As a long standing citizen of Qeynos I had expected a better example be set by you for all these newcomers". She swept her sword arm in a gesture to also include everyone else slinking away. Despite her anger she was having a hard time keeping a straight face at the sight of that poofter High Elf kneeling there with jizz dripping off his chin while trying to smooth things over.

Trying not to look at Ellister in case she started to giggle like a schoolgirl she looked around the group and unfortunately settled her eyes on Cadwarra’s equally cum-covered face. "Who are you under all that gloop, Wood Elf?"

"Umm...Cadwarra, Captain. Training to be a Paladin."

"That sperm all over you will be real intimidating leading a group of adventurers into the Commonlands to fight Lucan D’Lere, Paladin."

Cadwarra blushed.

"Anyway, this is timely. I have been looking for a certain Cadwarra for several hours. You are ordered to report to Marshall Vishra without delay. He has been waiting all afternoon to speak to you."

Oh Tunare! She thought. Was this about not being available to assist the Dwarves this morning? She had really messed up. "I will head there immediately."

"...Well, do NOT go like THAT!" Penley snapped. "Someone clean up her face! Anyone have a towel?"

One of her younger guards moved toward Cadwarra. "I will do it, Captain." he said, a little too eagerly. He leaned down and before anyone could think of what he intended to do he began licking the cum off Cadwarra’s pretty face. He licked it with definite alacrity and was clearly gulping it down his throat like a true cum-slurper. Cadwarra, as surprised as any, let him.

Penley registered a look of surprise. This was one of her new recruits and she had not been very happy with him. Oh, certainly, he had been respectful and done his duties well, but he had not taken her up on her invitations to stay and do some ‘paper work’ after hours. Penley had no use for a male who would not whip out his manhood to help her unwind after a long day on patrol.

Seeing him now so exuberantly lick all that man-soup off Cadwarra clearly explained to Penley why he did not jump to service her after-hour needs.

Well, Penley did not keep any useless faggot queers under her command. He would either be transferred to Gnollslayer’s Keep or Thundering Steppes where he could suck all the tiny little cocks he wanted to as far as she was concerned. A big-cocked woman-fucking replacement to meet her desires would need to be found.

Seeing the look on Penley’s face, the first Barbarian read her thoughts and spoke his mind to the cum licking guard. "I know being a homo in Qeynos is legal and all but, even so, back in my village licking the cum offa Wood Elf in front of yer Cap’n is what we would call a C.L.M.! That’s short for ‘Career Limiting Move’! Har Har Har!"

Perhaps thinking "in for a copper, in for a plat" the recruit made things even worse for himself by moving over to clean up Ellister.

Penley ignored him for now. She had to deal with Cadwarra. "You look fine now...once all that spit dries. Get moving, Wood Elf!"

Cadwarra got off her knees and thanked the group for the fun time. She hurried off hoping Copperpot’s would still be open, not realizing there was a good couple of tablespoons of cum drying in her hair. When the server Voleen handed her a small loaf of warm Copperpot bread and a coffee she did wonder how does a pretty Wood Elf end up with cum so far from where it ought to be deposited.

With bread and coffee in hand she hurried off to the Marshall’s office. If Penley had told her where it actually was, she could have gotten there faster. By the time she found the place, Vishra had long gone home for the evening.

Cadwarra went home as well, vowing to get a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted by huge penises keeping her horny all night or men sucking on her big boobs til dawn.

(Fun fact: the Half Elf girl being fucked by the Half Elf boy was the same Half Elf girl that the Sergeant and Sentry referred to in Part One; the one that Falco had been with the day before he met Cadwarra; the one that wanted nothing further to do with him)

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