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I scrambled some eggs and made toast for my breakfast, wondering when Becky would show up. As I chased down the last bit of egg with the last bit of toast, Becky breezed in through the front door, carrying a gym bag. She got a cup of coffee for herself, cocking an eyebrow at me. I nodded and she poured a second cup for me. Becky knew my habits well, sitting quietly across the table from me while we sipped our coffee. About half way through my coffee as I was finally awake, she pulled out her phone and punched a number, handing the phone to me. Peter's voice answered.

"Peter?" I asked, "it's John, Becky's here."

"Oh, yeah," he came back, "that girl is a little crazy, not that I mind. She told me she was going to have you do her ass."

"And you're okay with this?" I replied doubtfully.

"I guess so," he said, "she has some kind of plan."

"Okay," I said, "I guess we'll find out soon enough." I said, "See you later."

I ended the call, handing her phone back across the table. She watched my face looking for some reaction.

"Well," she said, "you didn't run off screaming,"

"I get the feeling it wouldn't have made much difference." I said, swallowing the last of my coffee.

She jumped out of her chair, grabbed my hand and pulled me along, upstairs to my room. Once inside, she kicked off her sandals and pulled off her baggy shirt and shorts. She stood there, naked while I just looked at her. Her breasts were large and firm. She had an improbably narrow waist and wide hips. She hopped onto the bed, sitting cross legged, totally at home in her skin. She held out a hand in invitation. With a sigh, I dropped my pajama pants and sat facing her while my prick rose, having a mind of it's own.

"I'm glad to see you like what you see." she said, nodding down at my prick, "The first thing we need to do is get you out of the friend zone."

She hitched herself closer until our knees touched. She took my hands, placing them on her breasts and sighed, leaning slightly into my hands. My fingers started kneading her soft flesh, and brushing over her nipples. She reached for my prick, stroking it slowly.

"John," she said softly, "I would have jumped you years ago if we hadn't been friends. I was worried about messing that up because I didn't, and still don't, have many friends."

"But . . ." I trailed off.

"Something clicked between Pete and I," she continued, "the other night up on the hill. Before I knew it we were fucking like rabbits. I like sex, John, but I've been very careful. With the right clothes and makeup I can easily pass for twenty one or better. I go to the next town over and let myself get picked up in a bar. I'm picky about who I let pick me up and, so far, have been pretty lucky. None of them had any serious kinks, some were actually pretty sweet to me. I never spent the night and never went with the same guy twice. I made them use condoms, got myself checked regularly, and, as I said, I've been lucky."

While she talked she slowly crawled into my lap, pushing my prick down so it slid past her pussy to nestle under her ass. Her breasts were flattened against my chest and she pulled my head down to kiss me. I was speechless.

"I'm a girl, John," she whispered, "a girl who wants you. But if you don't get off the dime, we'll sit here like this until you're late for work You have to decide."

Speechless or not, there was a limit to my resistance. I pushed her onto her back, moving up slightly to kiss her. My prick entered her pussy without any guidance, plunging balls deep into her. She gave a happy gasp, wrapping her legs around me to hold me in and clenching her muscles around my prick. We rolled our hips together, trying to get my prick even deeper into her. She set the pace, moving faster and faster. I stopped for a second, pulling her legs up, holding them wide spread and started to pound into her to the tune of our slapping flesh and and her ascending cries of passion. Her pussy clamped down even tighter, the muscles rippling along my prick. She was squeezing her own breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples. I could feel that familiar tightness in my balls telling me I had only seconds before I came. I slammed into her pussy as hard and fast as I could, forcing grunts out of her between her cries in rhythm with my own grunts of effort. Her own cries became a full throated scream as she arched under me simultaneously with my own release. I buried my prick in her pussy, shooting my cum deep into her. We both went limp at the same moment. I was just able to catch myself and roll to her side, jerking my prick out and causing her to spasm again. We lay there for long moments, getting our breathing under control.

"And we could have been doing this years ago?" I gasped out.

"If we had," she gasped in reply, "Peter wouldn't be our friend now."

"Huh?" I managed.

"Peter has had a crush on me for years," she said, "but if I had gone with him, or you, it would have broken up our happy gang."

I thought about that for a while, playing the scenarios in my head. If either of us had scored with Becky, the other would have been hurt to much to be friends anymore.

"That's why you were so careful about your nights out." I said.

"Right the first time." she agreed. "You might take a while, but you can think things through when you want to."

I realized that Sandi had been the catalyst that had moved us forward. If I hadn't chosen to fuck her that first day, I wouldn't have given Peter and Becky the push that had them together. I was so lucky that Sandi was agreeable to our little private orgies. I had a feeling that most girls wanted exclusive, private relationships. Or was I lucky? I had asked for Sandi to be 'adjusted'.

"Beyond the initial attraction to you, as an individual, she has been acting according to her own wishes." said the quiet voice in my head.

We cleaned ourselves up in the bathroom, with a lot of touching, and quick hugs, and not a little laughter. Soon we were back on the bed.

"The key to anal sex is control," said Becky, "you can't just pound away in a girl's ass. Doing that will hurt her, a lot, and probably injure her as well. You can rub her raw, damage her sphincter, or even rupture her bowel leading to a life threatening infection."

"Okay, I can see that, I replied, "it sounds like anal sex should be avoided."

"Not really," she said, "With proper preparation and lubrication, and a guy who can control himself, anal sex can be fairly safe and for many girls, enjoyable. It goes without saying that most guys like it, the ass is usually tighter than the pussy. There are several factors to consider. Most girls who don't like anal are afraid it might hurt. A lot of girls have had a bad first experience with it and wont try again."

"I think I see what you mean," I said, "if I were too rough with Sandi, she might not want to try again."

"Exactly, she said, "You may not know it yet, but eventually you and Sandi are, most likely, going to try anal. When you do, how well it works for you guys will be entirely up to you, the guy. Reach my bag, there on the floor."

I snagged the gym bag she'd brought, handing it to her. She rummaged briefly, pulling out a plastic tube, like lotion might come in, labeled 'Anal Joy'. She launched into a brief lecture about the different kinds of lubes, oils, and gels that could be used. This was a water based gel. She squeezed a little onto a finger, having me feel the consistency and slipperiness. She spent a moment looking at my hands, pulling out a clipper and trimming my nails slightly and filing away a few rough spots, explaining as she did the problems that could result from sharp corners and edges.

Becky got on her hands and knees with her ass facing me, talking me through spreading some lube around her hole then lubing one finger and slowly pressing that finger into her ass.

With a sigh and a little wiggle of her ass she continued the lesson.

"Some guys are a little squeamish and like to use a latex glove for this part." she said, over her shoulder, "but in the long run, it doesn't make much difference. I'm used to this and don't need as much stretching as Sandi will. Just push that finger in to the first knuckle and stop there."

"Got it," I said, feeling her ass holding me like a tight rubber band.

"What you feel around your finger is my sphincter," she said, " the ring of muscle that holds your ass closed. You need to stretch that to loosen my hole for your dick. Move your finger in a circle, going in and out a half inch or so."

I followed her directions, moving my finger in and out of her ass, while I traced a small circle.

"Slower," she said, "and not so much pressure on the sides. I could take this a lot faster, but Sandi wouldn't be able to. You should feel my ass relaxing and stretching, this is a sign to go a little further in, to the second knuckle."

I felt her ass loosen a even more, barely resisting my probing finger. She was wiggling her ass pushing back on my finger trying to get me even deeper into her.

"Oh, that feels good." she whispered, "Sandi might not feel that way at this point, but I do. Now, pull your finger almost all the way out, add more lube and a second finger. Go slow, just like before. Feel the tension, don't force it, just let it stretch. Ease up a little, better . . . that's it."

I worked my fingers into her ass, slowly stretching her while she started humming and moaning.

"When it starts to feel loose," she gasped, "put more lube on my ass and lube your dick without pulling your fingers out, it should feel kind of sloppy. There is no such thing as too much lube. When you, and she, are ready, slowly pull your fingers out and push just the head of your dick in. You might have to use your thumb to push it in, sort of sideways at first."

I tried to follow her instructions, fumbling with the tube. I squirted lube on her ass where mi fingers drew some of it into her ass. Lubing my prick was a clumsy process. My fingers were sliding in and out of her easily. When I pulled them out of her I noticed her hole didn't close right away. I pressed the head of my prick into her ass. Even with the stretching her ass was tight around my prick.

"Go slow." she commanded, this is the really important part. This is where a lot of girls decide they don't like anal. Very slowly push into my ass, just a little at a time. Hold still for a few seconds after each little push, feel the pressure, wait for it to relax, then push in a little more."

Her ass was quivering as I slowly worked my prick in. I had to fight every instant not to slam my prick into her. I realized she was fighting for control as well, wanting my prick deep in her ass.

"After," she gasped, "you get a couple of inches in, stop and hold still for a moment to let her get used to the feeling. Then slowly pull back until only the head is in. Slower. Slow and easy. That's right. Just like that. Now in again, just as slow. Go a little deeper."

She coached me through two more slow strokes be fore her control broke, pressing her ass back at me until I was buried balls deep in her ass. She pulled away and drover ass onto my prick again.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried, "Fuck my ass! Harder! Faster!"

She bounced her hips off my at a faster and faster pace. The tight ring of her sphincter even more arousing than the more even pressure of a pussy. I matched her pace, feeling her clench her ass as I drew back and relaxing as my prick burred itself in her ass. I felt my balls tighten, surprised at how quickly her tight ass had brought me to the brink. I grabbed her hips, driving into her as deep as I could. As my cum boiled out of my balls she started keening, a high pitched sound from deep in her throat, not as loud as her screams earlier, but just as intense. I held myself in her while her hips shook uncontrollably until she collapsed onto the bed, pulling me down with her. As she lay under me gasping for breath, I started to pull back.

"Stop!" she gasped, "Don't pull out yet!"

I froze in place, holding most of my weight on my arms. Her sphincter clamped around my prick while her ass flexed and quivered. Her ass had felt so good while I was fucking her, I wanted more, a lot more.

"If you pull out wrong," she gasped out, "you could, literally, turn me inside out."

I waited while she caught her breath. My prick still felt painfully hard, but at the same time a little like it did when it went soft after I'd cum. She explained that, sometimes, the sphincter acted like a cock ring. Then had to explain what a cock ring was and how it worked. She finally had me pull out slowly, even more slowly than I went in. Her ass clamped down a little just before I could pull the head out, holding me in place for a moment before it popped out.

"That was . . . amazing!" I said, "I've never felt anything like that."

"You were pretty good, yourself," she said, "but hold that thought a moment."

She carefully got up, heading for the bathroom. I followed her in to find her sitting on the toilet. She grinned at me as I washed myself in the sink. When I had dried myself, she turned me around to face her.

"There are a few down checks for anal," she said, "for guys, you end up with shit on your dick. For girls, we get a minor touch of diarrhea, cum being a liquid. Best to have a bathroom close at hand. Also, you can end up with some really nasty diseases. A condom can help with that last, but most condoms aren't up to the demands of anal and will fail. Best to be picky about your partners."

I nodded, thinking I should lay in a supply of condoms.

"No organisms, inimical to your health have been detected. If such are detected, we shall deal with them." said Searcher.

"I take it that I shouldn't do Sandi the way we finished?" I asked.

"You do and I'll rip your balls off and feed then to you, raw." she replied

"I'll make a note." I said dryly.

"Seriously, John," she said, "up to the point I lost it, you were doing great. Sandi will probably feel a little discomfort the first few times. Listen to her, if you think she's in pain back off. Let her set the pace and you should be okay. I'd also advise that you don't go in more than a couple of inches the first time unless she really, really wants more."

I nodded again, this was a lot to take in all at once. Becky pulled me a little closer and took my prick in her mouth, sucking strongly, bring my prick back to life in no time at all. She looked up at me, winked and pulled me into her throat. Her throat squeezed me harder than her pussy had, rippling muscles milked my prick. She held me in her throat for a long moment, then pulled back to catch a breath, then pulled me back into her throat again. My balls tightened and before I could do anything I was shooting my cum down her throat. She pulled back swallowing spasmodically as she released my prick. I almost fell down. I turned back to the sink rinsing and drying my prick.

"I'm going back to my room," I said, "I don't think I'd survive much longer in here."

She laughed, calling the surprise blow job a reward for my performance and that she'd join me in a minute. I was laying on my bed, still trying to come to grips with this morning, absently noticing I had well over an hour yet before I had to leave for work. Becky walked in and stretched out beside me.

"Did you let Peter do your ass?" I asked, half joking.

"Not yet," she replied,seriously, "I don't know if you know, but while he's a little shorter than you, he's a lot bigger around. He's pretty strong too. If he lost control, he could rip me up pretty bad."

"I didn't know that, I said.

"One more bit of business, then I have to go." she said, I've talked to Sandi and Peter, separately. She wants to try Peter, he wants to try her, especially after the ride home last night. She also thinks it would be hot to watch you fuck me. I, on the other hand, want to do you both at once, you in my ass and Peter in my pussy."

"What?"I yelped.

"Think about it," she said, "talk to Sandi, she's a kinky little vixen. I'll talk to Peter. Maybe we can get together up on the hill tonight to talk it through.

"Okay," I said slowly, "I'll think about it."

"By the way," she said, as she dressed, "Sandi was the one who asked me to show you the ropes."

With that she was out the door.

I picked up Sandi early so we would have a chance to talk privately. We went to a little coffee shop that would have few customers before the bars let out. I chose a booth in a back corner where we were unlikely to be disturbed.

"Becky came by this morning." I said, tossing her the conversational ball.

"Oh, Good," she replied, "did you two, uh, do it?"

"She showed me a few things," I temporized, "it was . . . educational."

"John," she said after a longish pause, " can we just talk about it without playing twenty questions?"

"Okay," I said taking a breath, "she tells me that you asked her to teach me about anal sex."

"That's right," she responded, "you seemed pretty unsure of yourself about it at the lake yesterday. I don't know much about it besides your penis would go into my butt."

"Yeah," I said, "she gave me quite a lecture and a mind blowing practical demonstration."

"So you . . ." she trailed off.

"Fucked her ass?" I finished for her, "Yes. She taught me quite a bit, but I didn't want to talk about it because I thought it might upset you. You're still reluctant to talk openly about it."

She bit her lip, looking down. I could tell she was embarrassed.

"I thought I could talk about it," she said softly, not looking up, "but you're right, it is hard for me to talk about it. I know the words, but from the time I could talk, daddy would not let me use those words."

I reached across the table, taking her hand. She looked at me with a tentative smile. I heard the waitress approaching behind me. We ordered cokes and a large order of french fries, to split.

"How about I talk and you can nod?" I asked, "will that work?"

Her smile brightened a little and she giggled

"That might be best," she said, "but I get to talk if I want to."

"Okay," I said, "First off, do you love me?"

Her eyes flew open wide, "I . . . I don't know," she stammered, "I know I like you, a lot, and I like what we've been doing, a lot and I like being with you, but 'love'? I'm not sure I know what that means."

"Fair enough," I said, "I feel the same way about you."

"Do you know what love means, John?" she asked,suddenly serious.

"I read somewhere," I started, "that love was having your own happiness dependent on the happiness of another. It's a little fuzzy, most people could probably find a bunch of loopholes, if they tried, but I do know that I wouldn't be happy if you were unhappy."

She nodded thoughtfully, turning the words over in her mind. "So, if you do something to make me happy that makes you unhappy, then I would be unhappy . . ."

"Let's leave the deep philosophy for another time," I said, "we could chase that fish around the lake for months."

She nodded again. The waitress brought our drinks and fries, dropped the check on the table and left us alone again. She took a sip of her drink while I nibbled a fry.

"Back to why I wanted to talk to you alone," I said, "Becky tells me you want to have sex with Peter."

She nodded

"She also said that you wanted to see me have sex with her."

She nodded again, biting her lip.

"You think I won't like all that happening?"

She nodded again, looking down.

"Okay, get that," I said, "but I want you to know something. Last night I was surprised, mostly by Becky trying to crawl into my pants while I was driving. I was curious about you and Peter, wondering if you were going to jump his bones there in the car."

She looked up again.

"I learned a long time ago that jealousy is a waste of time. My dad always said that if I was jealous about someone, I couldn't love them. Recent events have brought that lesson home."

"So, it wouldn't bother you?" she asked.

"If you fuck Peter I stand on the sidelines an cheer you on, probably while I'm fucking Becky."

"So, its okay if I f..f..fuck Peter? She asked again.

I tonight goes the way I think it will, you will have fucked Peter before you get home."

She was practically bouncing on her seat, excited about tonight.

"You're getting wet, aren't you?" I asked.

She nodded and grinned at me. I glanced at the check and threw money on the table to cover it and the tip as we walked out to the car.

Peter and Becky were waiting for us when we walked up the hill. Becky looked smug. Peter looked excited and eager. I told Becky that the immediate issues were settled. She nodded and winked at Peter. I spread our blanket next to theirs and sat Sandi down next to Peter and moved Becky to sit with me. We talked about who would be fucking who tonight. I started unbuttoning Becky's blouse, exposing her breasts in the fading light. Sandi turned to Peter raising her arms so he could pull off her top. Neither of the girls had bothered with a bra. All four of us were soon naked.

Becky suggested that Sandi straddle Peter's face so he could eat her pussy while she watched Becky and I. Becky coached Sandi into position while she arranged me on my back at a slight angle so I could watch them while she mounted me in a reverse cowgirl. I guided my prick into her moist pussy. Becky started rocking her hips on my prick and leaned back so I could reach her breasts, Sandi watched us fucking with her mouth hanging open while she ground her pussy against Peter's mouth and mauled her own breasts, rapidly approaching her first orgasm of the night. Becky was taking it easy on my prick, obviously trying to make me last as long as possible. Sandy let out a squeal as she arched her back and shuddered. As soon as she relaxed, Peter twisted around under her, mirroring my position and gently urged Sandi over his prick.

"Just like them." he said to her.

He guiding her down, letting her control the insertion. I watched her slowly descend on Peter's massive prick. She gasped and moaned as he filled her pussy. Becky spasmed around my prick, freezing in place as a minor orgasm hit her. She clenched her teeth biting back her usual scream. I had told her that my dad would be up here pretty quick with his rifle if he heard that mountain lion again. When she could move again, Becky spun herself around, laying on my chest. Sandi copied her move allowing peter to maul her breast as I was mauling Becky's. The girls came at the same time, each muffling themselves in a deep kiss, Peter and I came seconds later.

Nobody moved for several minutes as we let out breathing return to normal. I rolled Becky onto her side looking into her eyes and kissing her.

"Damn, you're good." I whispered to her.

She grinned at me then pulled back slightly. On some signal I didn't catch, Becky crawled to Peter and Sandi crawled to me. Sandi took my prick in her mouth, tasting Becky's juices as she licked me clean. I glanced over watching Becky do the same for Peter.

We eventually found ourselves sitting in a circle, still naked under the stars, talking over our vague plans for the near future. We knew we wouldn't be able to get together like this once the summer faded and there were too many potential problems with getting together in our homes. We only took a second to reject renting rooms at the motel as too expensive and likely to raise questions if four kids were seen as frequent guests. I knew I could use Searcher to control anyone that presented a problem for us, but was reluctant to control our parents or to make the motel owner think we had paid him, but the first idea just didn't feel right. The adjustments to Jill and her parents was a little different, done to fix a potentially nasty situation. The second idea smacked of theft. An ideal solution would be to have a house just far enough from town to insure privacy, but still close enough to let us get to jobs or school easily, but that was still out of reach financially.

Peter and I had the only jobs, he with a landscaper, me at the computer store, both part time. Becky lived with her parents and only got an allowance and a little extra for special occasions. Sandi was the youngest of us and got a little spending money on occasion. All together we might come up with something under two thousand dollars a month. That sounded like a lot, but with rent, utilities, and groceries, as well as personal expenses, it was just not enough.

We tabled the matter for the time being, agreeing to think about it, and split up for the night. I took Sandi home, walking her to her door. Mr. Fowler opened the door as I was kissing her good night. He sent her to her room and turned to me, looking me over like a side of questionable beef. I was instantly nervous.

"Son, we need to have a talk." he said leading me into the living room and indicating a chair.

"You've been spending a lot of time with Sandra the last few days." he said

"Yes, sir," I said

"You know she's only seventeen?" he asked, "and you're what? Nineteen? Twenty?"

"Nineteen, sir," I replied, "and she told me she was seventeen. I didn't know her at school, but she was a year behind me."

"I worry about her," he said, "maybe too much, but after we lost her mother . . ."

"I think I understand, sir." I said.

"Let me be blunt," he said, "are you going to date her till you get what you want then kick her to the curb?"

"No, sir!" I said, raising my voice slightly, "I like Sandi, a lot. I might be falling in love with her."

"How did you break up with your last girlfriend?" he asked.

"I didn't, I mean I didn't have one." I said, "Sandi is my first girlfriend."

"You didn't date in high school?" he asked

"Well, I went out with my friends," I said, "but they are a couple. I guess I was a little shy in high school."

"Late bloomer, eh?" He said, thoughtfully, "I do youth counseling for my church. I see a lot of kids getting in over their heads."

"Sandi told me you were the choir director." I said.

"Yeah, that too." he chuckled, "and teach Sunday school. The thing is, I know what teenagers do together and I won't press, but Sandra has seemed happier than usual this last few days. I think you are the reason. I'm going to trust her with you, and you be good to her, take care of her, and for God's sake, be careful."

"Yes,sir, I will sir." I said

"I wont keep you, it's getting late," he said ushering me to the door, "I hope we'll have more chances to talk."

"Good night, sir." I said as I walked out.

"God help me, letting go is hard." I heard him mutter just before the door closed.

I stood there a moment before walking slowly to the car. I dove around for most of an hour, slowly, on back roads thinking about what he's said and what he didn't say. I finally went home. It was a long sleepless night.

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