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Reissued xnxx by gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
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Previously: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 8 Reissued near the end.
Continuing Adventures of my Wife when I am asleep or wasn't asleep. As an introduction to: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9.

Sandra and I were on our honeymoon. We were the only couple in the entire hotel. There was to be soccer matches all week and the soccer players would be spending the week at our hotel. The only reason we had the room was because the management couldn’t get a hold of us so they kept our reservation at our insistence. They put the two soccer players that would have slept in our room they were moved to another spare room. The Italian soccer team was already at the hotel when Sandra and I had arrived at the hotel. Tony was one of the soccer players on the Italian team. Tony was hired part time because he needed the money.

Now: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9. Reissued.
I looked at Sandra and then Tony. I was positive Tony had been wearing faded jeans not dark blue jeans. Also Sandra’s dress looked different. I was positive her dress was pink with yellow flowers not yellow with pink flowers. I had to be mistaken though. I did remember standing over Tony as he rammed his cock down Sandra’s throat unless it was a dream of some sort. I swore Tony had reached up and pushed his finger in my mouth with something on it and I had blacked out. I did have a funny taste in my mouth. Then I said to myself I was imagining the worse. No way would Tony fuck Sandra’s mouth and throat in front of me, even by accident.

"Are you alright to go to Burger King to look at the brochures Tony gave us?" Sandra asked.

"Yes I am Sandra." I answered. I didn’t want to tell Sandra what was going on in my head about her and Tony. The last thing I wanted to do was to spoil our honeymoon.

Sandra turned around and walked to the front door and I followed close behind her. "Thank you Tony for helping me with Greg." She said.

"Thank you for helping me with my hard problem. You said a mouthful Mrs. Thompson. It was my pleasure helping you with Mr. Thomas." Tony answered as he massaged the front of his jean shorts.

I don’t think either my wife or Tony noticed I had looked over at Tony the moment he massaged his jean shorts.

"Let’s get going Greg. We don’t want to spend the day sitting here. I want to tour Vancouver and see the sights." Sandra said taking my hand in hers and pulling me toward the front door.

"Okay Sandra." I answered feeling myself pulled out of the daydream I was in. All that mattered now was having a good time seeing the sights of Vancouver. Sandra and I left the hotel and walked to Burger King where we looked over the brochures for places to visit and bus routes to get us there. We made sure we had the correct change for the bus and headed out. Our first stop was Gas town. Then we headed to The Pacific Center Food Court where we ate lunch. We walked around the downtown for a while before catching the bus to Granville Island. It was getting close to six by the time we walked around Granville Island. We decided to find somewhere to eat supper before heading back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we went to the front desk to pick up our hotel room key. Terry from the night before was at the desk. "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. I hoped you enjoyed yourself today touring Vancouver." He said. "Yes we did." I answered.

"Is Tony around?" Sandra asked. "I’d like to talk to him a minute."

"I can call him if you wish Mrs. Thompson. Can I ask you why you want to talk to him?" Terry asked. "Is there something he has or hasn’t done for you?" "Oh he’s been more than helpful Terry. I just want to ask him for a favor and he told me if I needed anything to ask for him." Sandra said.

"Okay Mrs. Thompson. I’ll call him if you care to go to your room. I will send him to your room when I get a hold of him." Terry said.

Sandra and I went to our room. "What did you want to see Tony about Sandra?" I asked as we walked in our room.

"You had such a good sleep last night I thought it would be a good idea to ask Tony to make that hot chocolate for you Jeff." Sandra answered. "But I didn’t want to mention the hot chocolate in front of Terry. He may not approve of his staff using the kitchen. I didn’t want to get Tony in trouble and I don’t think you do either."

I turned on the TV to see it there was anything on worth watching while we waited for Tony. We hadn’t watched TV very long when there was a knock at the door.

"I’ll get it Greg. It’s probably Tony." Sandra said.

"Excuse me Mrs. Thompson did you still want to come to the kitchen to make that hot chocolate for your husband?" Tony asked.

"The hot chocolate really helped you sleep last night Greg. Do you want try it again tonight?" Sandra asked me. "I know you had some side-affects but this morning you told me you could put up with the side-affects because you had such a restful sleep."

"Yes please could you guys make the special hot chocolate for me?" I asked.

"Yes I can Mrs. Thompson. I’ll be back soon with the hot chocolate." Tony said leaving our room.

"I might as well put my PJ's on to be ready for bed." I said going to the dresser and beginning to open it.

"You don’t need PJ's dear. You’ll be taking them off again once I get in bed beside you Greg." Sandra said.

"Okay Sandra." I answered taking off my sandals, shorts and T-shirt. I got into bed pulling the sheet over the top of me before slipping my undershorts off and tossing them on the floor. I sat up watching the TV news.

"I’ll be right back Greg. I’m going to change for bed." Sandra said taking something out of the dresser and walking in the bathroom. She walked back in the room wearing a pink low cut short night gown coming a good six inches above her knees. She might as well have been nude. She wasn’t wearing any panties or bra. Her huge breasts pushed the transparent material forward. I could even see her large hard nipples. I could also see her shaved pussy, puffy pussy lips and her hard clit. I didn’t say anything I just kept watching the news.

About ten minutes later I heard a knock at the door and Sandra answered it. It was Tony and a tall muscular teenage black man. "This is Rodger." Tony said as they both walked in our room. "Actually his name isn’t actually Rodger but his name is difficult to pronounce so he told us to call him Rodger. Rodger this is Mr. and Mrs. Thompson." Rodger and Tony were wearing tight blue jean shorts that emphasized the huge bulges in the front. Rodger’s tight white shirt emphasized his muscular dark brown skin.

"Glad to meet you Rodger." I said.

Tony and Rodger walked over to my bed and Rodger reached over and shook my hand.
"Glad to meet you Mr. Thompson."

Tony handed me the cup of hot chocolate. "Drink up Mr. Thompson, your wife told me it did the trick last night and you had a good night sleep.

Thank you, Tony for making your special hot chocolate. You’ll have to give Sandra the recipe." I said sipping the hot chocolate.

"I’ll happy to make it Mr. Thompson. After all, the hotel wants you to have a good sleep. I know us soccer players make a lot of noise. The Ghana team arrived today so it will be even more noisy." Tony said.

"You have a beautiful wife Mr. Thompson." Rodger said looking directly at my wife’s huge breasts showing through her transparent, low cut, pink, night gown. "I know my teammates will like you as well."

I thought Rodger was rather rude staring at Sandra’s large breasts. But then they were huge and I guessed any red blooded man would love to feel her large breasts and nipples. I drank more of my hot chocolate while watching TV. Sandra looked so hot in her see through pink night gown. Although I didn’t think it was appropriate to wear in front of Tony.

"Oh yes this is Mrs. Thompson." Tony said while Rodger was staring at my wife’s huge breasts.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Thompson this is Rodger. He’s going to be working part time this week also."

Rodger reached his hand out as if to shake Sandra’s hand. "It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Thompson. Tony has told me all about your accident this morning."

I looked over to Tony. Tony was looking at Rodger and giving him a dirty look.

"OH sorry it was Mr. Thompson that you had the accident with Tony. I forgot who you had the accident with." Rodger said. "It was Mr. Thomson you were talking about. Wasn’t it Tony?" Rodger asked.

"Yes it was." Tony answered walking over until he was standing behind Sandra and looked at me.

To my horror just as Sandra let go of Rodger’s hand she slipped on the rug. She fell forward grabbing for anything she could manage to grab. Unfortunately what she grabbed was Rodger’s white shirt. I heard his shirt begin to rip and Sandra fell forward grabbing the front of his jean shorts. Tony must have seen what was going on and grabbed her hips. When he grabbed Sandra’s hips he grabbed her night gown instead. Sandra was still falling forward at the same time Tony had grabbed her night gown instead of her hips and I heard her night gown ripping. The night gown ripped like it was made of tissue paper and it ripped wide open at the back. The night gown fell and draped down in front of her leaving her entire back naked. At the same time in front of Sandra the way she had grabbed Rodger’s jean shorts caused the top button to pop off. I guess Sandra was surprised Rodger’s button had popped off his jean shorts and began to fall backward. Thank goodness Tony was behind her to catch her. The way Sandra fell back and Tony catching her, the top button of his jean shorts also popped off. He tried to push Sandra back on her hands and knees when I heard a loud rip. The front of his jeans had ripped open and his nine inch thick hard cock bounced out along with his big balls. Tony had managed to push Sandra forward so she’d be on her hands and knees. Unfortunately he pushed a little too hard because she grabbed Rodger’s jeans again to prevent herself from falling. I heard another loud rip and saw in horror as Rodger’s cock and balls pushed out. Rodger’s cock had to be at least twelve inches and was big around as a pop can. His cock head was mushroom shaped and purple colored. As it swung from his ripped jeans it slapped my poor wife across her left cheek. Globs of pre-cum splashed across her face and lips. I am sure more pre-cum burst from Rodger’s big cock hole than I ever shot when I had an orgasm.

"I’m sorry Mrs. Thompson." Rodger said.

"I’m sorry too Mrs. Thompson." Tony said.

I looked behind Sandra. Sandra had been pushed forward and had pulled Tony forward. He was laying on Sandra’s back with his hands around her holding her large breasts in each of his big hands. His big cock was less than an inch from her wet pussy. I couldn’t believe what I heard Rodger say. I was even more surprised when Sandra opened her mouth wider than I had ever seen her open her mouth since I met her. Rodger pushed his huge cock head in her open mouth. I have no idea how she got that cock head in her mouth. His cock head was so huge it filled her mouth and cheeks. She looked like a chipmunk storing with his mouth full of chestnuts. Then Rodger said something that shocked me. "Tony told me you like big cocks. Open your throat slut for my foot long cock. I bet it’s as big around as you’re wrist bitch."

"Oh fuck your pussies hot Mrs. Thompson. I looked back and saw Tony pushing his nine thick nine inch cock into Sandra’s dripping wet pussy. I noticed her clit was rock hard.

I didn’t know what to say or do. I was in bed with the sheet up to my chin. My wife of just one day was on the bedroom floor sandwiched between two muscular teenagers. Tony’s big cock was in Sandra’s hot pussy and Rodger had his mushroom shaped cock head in her mouth.

Rodger had taken Sandra’s head in each of his big hands and was pushing his cock further into her mouth. I saw her neck starting to balloon and take on the shape of his huge, mushroom shaped cock. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t gagging or choking as the huge cock head pushed further down her throat.

"Oh fuck that pussy of yours is hot bitch." Tony said his big hands gripping Sandra’s hips as he pushed more of his thick nine inch cock into her wet pussy. Sandra wasn’t trying to pull away from Tony. In fact she was pushing her ass back. More and more of his cock was being rammed into her pussy and then his big balls slapped just under her hard clit. "Shit your hot slut."

"You should try her throat." Rodger said diverting where I had been looking to Sandra’s face as more and more of Rodger’s thick cock disappeared into her mouth and his balls slapped her bottom lip. Sandra’s throat looked like she had swallowed a balloon that was expanding by the second and throbbing.

I saw the Rodger’s huge mushroom shaped cock head going beyond her top rib cage and her neck was expanded to take on the look of Rodger’s wrist thick twelve inch cock. He must have stopped her from breathing because her face was turning red. I wanted to jump out of bed to pull Rodger away from Sandra but I couldn’t move. It was as if I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. Thank goodness Rodger started pulling his huge cock out of her throat until only his huge mushroom shaped cock head remained in her mouth. I saw Sandra take a deep breath through her nose and let it out again. No sooner than she managed to take a couple of deep breaths when Rodger began pushing his huge cock head along with his cock down her throat again.

"Fuck your pussy’s hot bitch." I heard from behind Sandra. Tony was pulling his huge cock out of her pussy and shoving it all the way back into her pussy again. I noticed it was so thick it rubbed against her hard clit.

I heard a loud moaning slurping sound escape from Sandra’s mouth and saw huge drips of saliva leaking out each side of her mouth and her pupils were dilating. I believed she was doing her best to moan but her throat was stuffed full of Rodger’s thick cock.

"Fuck, yes, take my cock slut down, your throat. You know you want it bitch." Rodger groaned his large hands gripping the sides of Sandra’s head. I swore if he held her head tighter her head would explode. Gleams of sweat dripped from Rodger’s bare muscular black chest down to his huge black balls and down his muscular legs as he shoved his muscular hips forward his huge cock lodged down Sandra’s neck. "Damn no bitch has ever swallowed my entire cock. In fact no slut has ever been able to take my cock head in her mouth before.

Tony pulled his huge cock out of Sandra’s wet puffy pussy until only his cock head was inside her and rammed it into her pussy again. "Shit your pussy lips know how to grip my cock." He moaned.

I felt my head getting hazy and could feel my eye lids closing even though two studs were fucking my wife’s pussy and mouth right in front of me. Tony was a hot young, muscular teenage Italian ramming his thick at least nine inch cock in and out of Sandra’s hot pussy. At the same time Rodger a black Ghana muscular teenager was ramming his foot long pop can thick cock down her throat. I knew it was at least a foot long because I heard Roger brag about its length when he drove it in Sandra’s mouth and down her throat.

"Did your entire Italian soccer team really fuck the slut last night? You had to be putting me on?" Rodger moaned holding Sandra’s head between his two large hands. "Oh fuck take my cock down your tight throat bitch."

"It’s true Rodger and I arranged for your team to gang bang the slut once her stupid husband is sound asleep." Tony said. "Once he falls asleep everything that happens will seem like a dream to him."

"Oh shit." Rodger groaned pulling his entire foot long, pop can thick cock, out of Sandra’s throat and mouth. I saw the big purple, mushroom shaped, huge cock head dripping with pre-cum and Sandra’s saliva. "Do you want my big cock in your mouth and down your throat again, bitch?"

"Yes I want to swallow that huge cock of yours Rodger. Oh yes push your big cock in my pussy Tony. I want you both. No, I need you both to fuck me hard."

Was this another dream or was it really happening.

My wife of less than two days said. It was our second night at the motel and she said she had been fucked by the entire Italian team last night. This morning she was fucked by Tony in front of the front desk out in the open. Anyone could have walked by and seen her on her hands and knees sucking cock like her life depended on it. That is unless each time had been my vivid imagination while sleeping. I had drunk that hot chocolate last night and thought I was in and out of sleep and was positive Tony and his team had gang banged Sandra. This morning in front of the front desk I had fallen the same time I thought other things happened. I woke up after dreaming Sandra had been sucking Tony’s nine inch thick cock.

"You have to try this hot mouth and throat." Rodger moaned.

"I already did this morning and last night. Your right she has a hot mouth and throat. I didn’t know there could be any woman that could swallow my entire cock. It’s even more fantastic the way she’s swallowing your foot long, pop can thick cock Rodger." Tony groaned the same time I saw him grip Sandra’s hips and push his cock back into her pussy. "Take my cock slut. Take it up your fucking pussy."

I felt my eye lids closing and I tried to force them open. I looked as Tony held Sandra’s hips and pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Sweat was dripping from his hair, face and chest down and all over Sandra’s back. Sandra’s pussy lips were puffy and her huge breasts were swinging side to side sweeping across the hotel carpet. In front of her Rodger was holding her head between his huge hands and pumping his huge cock in her mouth and down her throat. Every time Rodger’s thick mushroom shaped cock entered her throat, her neck expanded like a balloon taking on the look of his big cock and cock head.

Tony and Rodger, where moaning as each of them, plowed Sandra’s slippery body. All three were now soaking wet with sweat. I felt my eye lids close again. Then everything went black. That’s all I remembered until I opened my eyes and looked around the dark room and saw Sandra sound asleep beside me wearing her pink, transparent night gown. It wasn’t even ripped. I felt my eye lids closing again and everything went black again.

I don’t know how long I was in deep, dreamless sleep before I felt myself waking up. I couldn’t open my eye lids completely but through the small slits I could see shadow beside me, over me and below me. That’s when I realized my legs were pushed up against my chest and I felt something in my ass.
End of Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9 Reissued.

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