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I wrote it over a year ago and I have to say it is rather dark. It involves domination and incest so if thats not your thing, don't read it.

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Dad was gone long before I knew him and Mom never met a mind altering chemical she didn’t like. My sister, well, she wanted to be just like Mom. As for myself, I was a loser as a kid and I wanted to be just like all the worthless gang bangers in my neighborhood, and I let everyone, including my mom and my sister, treat me like garbage, and I didn’t feel like I was worth a damn.

Well, it just so happened I had one school teacher who got through to me. My school was crap for the most part, the students didn’t care, our parents didn’t care, and most importantly, our teachers didn’t care, and I can’t say that I blame them, but my history teacher was a little different and he actually taught me that I was worth something and that with some effort I could get out of the shit hole where my mother raised me.

Mr. Davis was subtle and liked to ask us about the people in the neighborhood. Past students he knew who were up to no good, and had people in the neighborhood afraid to cross. He would ask things like "is he still driving that rusted out Nova?" or "did he say if jail is a pain in the ass?" I didn’t get the digs at first, hell he was talking about my heroes, but then one day Mr. Davis got us a school bus for a field trip. We were supposed to go to a local historical site, but instead he took us on a ride through some nice neighborhoods. He asked us if we saw any beat up cars, or dealers hanging out on the street. He showed us that these people had a lot of nice things. Nice cars, nice houses, etc. He asked us how many gang bangers or drug dealers had any of these nice things, all the time knowing the answer was none of them. I began to understand what he was getting at.

I didn’t change overnight, but by the time I reached high school I had started to straighten myself out. At this time I got lucky because dear old mom got some housing assistance and so we got a little stability and a regular roof over our heads and I began to earn money any way I could. I studied hard, got good grades and did my best not to piss of the shit heads I used to admire.

By the time I was in my senior year of high school, I had some money saved and I was getting ready for college, but dear old mom found a way to screw it up, of course. I came home one day and found a letter from the landlord; we were being evicted due to nonpayment of rent. That dumb bitch only had to throw a few extra bucks his way and the government would cover the rest, but no, she couldn’t even do that. I just wanted to finish up school where I was so I approached the landlord and asked if he had any small units I could rent. He took a risk because I was still a minor, but since I had worked for him many times he felt I was a good risk. The day before we were to be evicted I packed my things and moved out. I didn’t tell my mom or my sister where I was going because I really didn’t want to see them ever again. I settled into my new place and felt good knowing I was taking care of myself, and would soon be on my way up in the world.

This happened late in the year and soon we were in the grip of a very cold winter. One night I heard a knock at my door, I checked the peep hole and it was my sister. I opened the door and said "How the hell did you find me?", and she told me that she had followed me a few days ago after seeing me leave school. I then asked her what she wanted and she said she was cold and was hoping I would let her stay the night. Against my better judgment, and as it was freezing outside, I let her in and set her up on an old sofa. When I awoke the next morning she had eaten most of my food, and made a mess of my apartment. Well I blew my top and told her to "get the fuck out". She apologized, but was acting as if it was no big deal so I just grew even angrier and pushed her out the door.

Damn I was pissed and I spent the entire day reliving all the crap I took from her and my mom. The beatings I took, my mom’s boyfriend who tried to rape me (the sick fuck), the money stolen from me, or just the days ruined by their being drunk or high. All day I just stewed and became angrier and angrier feeling helpless all over again, a slave to these two bitches.

Well the next evening was even colder that the last, and when I heard a knock at my door I thought "No, she couldn’t be that fucking stupid", but I was wrong. I checked the peep hole and sure enough it was my sister. I couldn’t believe that bitch dared to come back. I opened the door ready to let her have it but she began to fall all over herself apologizing. I just became even angrier, how dare she try to play me again! Well I realized I had the power now, this was my place and my heat and I was determined to make sure she knew it.

I was wearing a tank top and cotton shorts. Sister was wearing a long coat over jeans and a sweatshirt. Some nasty thoughts began to form in my head. A lifetime of frustration and anger had built up to the point that I needed release or I would explode. When I closed the door I told her things had changed, and I said "You need me; I don’t need you or any more of your shit, you are a worthless whore to me just like mom and if I had never seen either one of you again I wouldn’t feel the least bit sad".
I got right into her face, unloading all my frustration and God did it feel good. While I was telling her off my cock was stirring and growing. I was determined to get satisfaction tonight, either by kicking her to the curb, or in a more personal and perverted manner.

At this point she was crying a river of tears, one of her usual tricks that she learned from mom. Knowing she was still trying to play me, I grabbed a fist full of her hair, my cock getting harder and harder, turned on by my ever increasing feeling of power, I was dizzy with excitement and my cock began throbbing in anticipation.

Through gritted teeth I growled to her "on your fucking knees bitch, there’s only one way you’re staying warm here tonight". With that I dragged her face down to my cock and her eyes grew wide, very surprised at this turn of events.

She looked up at me, makeup streaming down her face from her tears and she said, "What do want me to do"?

"What the fuck do you think", I snarled, "you’re going to suck my dick, you’re going to suck it and then you’re going to swallow every drop of my cum, and if I don’t like how you do me, your ass is back on the street". I dropped my shorts and my cock sprang free. Her eyes were wide as saucers, I could tell she wasn’t sure if she should do it and was probably wondering how she got herself in this jam.

I growled "well"?

My sister hesitated but then began to suck my cock. She was doing a piss poor job of it too, so I grabbed her hair again, pulling her head back, and I said "Suck it like you mean it you fucking whore, suck it like it’s the best damn cock you’ve ever had, suck it like I am the most powerful man in the world, which, if I’m not mistaken, is true tonight".

Her pace picked up, the warm moist heat from her mouth felt fantastic. Soon I was pushing my cock further into her mouth and I could feel my whole shaft deep inside her throat. She began to gag with each thrust and this only compelled me to push faster and deeper. I grabbed her hair with both hands and was really fucking her face, when I pulled her head back and saw her eyes still wet with tears I smiled my most evil smile. I had been blown before, but never like this, the feeling of power and the joy of revenge was overwhelming and quickly I began to feel I was about to cum, the wonderful feeling washing over me like an ocean wave until I was spent, and all the anger and frustration seemed cleansed from my body.

I said, "tastes good doesn’t it bitch", I growled to her meek form? "Do you know why…? No…? It’s because it comes from a real man, not one of those worthless shit heads you have been wasting your life on". As I walked to my bedroom, I grabbed a blanket and tossed it to her and said, "And another thing, that was just for a place to sleep tonight, my food is off limits, and you’re out the door tomorrow the same time I am, do you understand?"

She answered a subdued, "yes".

The next morning I got up, showered and dressed. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. I immediately kicked my sister to the curb, figuring that was the last I would ever see of her, but I was so very wrong.

The next night there was another knock at my door. When I open the door my sister stood there, a peculiar smile on her lips, and she asked me if she could spend the night once again? I could see she had been crying and as the night was well below freezing I knew I could use her any way I wanted once again. Immediately I thought of what I wanted from her, the only possible payment she could make. I stepped aside and let her in.
She said "If I suck your cock can I stay another night please"? As she spoke she reached for my cock and began to massage my growing member. I smiled my evil smile, knowing a blow job wouldn’t be enough this time.

I let her rub me for a moment then I barked at her "get on your knees slut".

She did, and then she reached for my shorts, pulling them down to my ankles so I could step out of them. I asked, "Did you like sucking my cock? Did that turn you on"?

"Yeah" she replied, "I never knew my brother was such a stud".

I knew this was a line of bull shit, but I smiled anyway. Her eyes were red and puffy, but she still tried to smile. She was beaten down, reduced to begging from the brother she was used to shitting on. Next I said in a very sinister voice, "Well… let’s see what this stud can do to you today".

"Maybe we should go to your bed and be more comfortable"? She suggested.

"No", I said. "That won’t be necessary, my cock will be plenty comfortable in your ass right here, and I won’t get any of your stench on my bed".

My sister’s jaw just dropped to the floor. She stammered, "You don’t want to stick that thing in my butt do you"!

"That’s exactly what I am going to do and if you don’t like the idea, then leave", I said, "no one’s forcing you to stay, but if you want to spend one last night in my nice, warm apartment you will do as I say and shut the fuck up!" Then I added with some satisfaction. "Now, strip and get ready for your ass fucking, bitch"!

She stared at me for a few seconds, and I just smiled. I saw tears well up in her eyes again, and I knew I had her. I reached out and brushed her cheek with my hand then slowly wrapped my fingers in her hair and began to pull her head down to the floor. I felt her give in, beaten. I whispered in her ear, "oh yeah, one other thing. After I fuck your ass, you will need to clean the shit off my cock… with your tongue".

Again she looked at me in horror, and I couldn’t help but laugh and I said, "Hey, there’s always the cold", as I straightened up and stepped behind her.

She fastened her pants and slid them down as one with her panties. She rolled over and sat down, sliding her pants off her legs, the whole time shaking from her sobs. Her sweater and bra came off next showing off her curvy body, C cup chest and a soft bubble butt, soft pooch at her belly. I knew she had been with some questionable people and had been exposed to who knows what diseases, but I couldn’t resist, drunk with my power and determined to enjoy every moment.

She rolled back onto her knees and softly asked, "do you have anything to… you know… make it go in easier?"

"Yeah" I lied, "but not for you", and with that I got on my knees behind her, I spit into my palm and coated my cock with spit before probing her ass.

As I began to push it in she gasped and pulled forward, saying, "It hurts". I immediately reached for her hair and yanked her head back. "Owwww" she groaned.

"Did I fucking tell you to make a sound"?

"Sorry sorry sorry…" she quickly replied, "but please, take it slow".

"No", I said as I pushed harder, this time pulling back on her hair. I felt my cock stretch her ass and slid inside. It was tight and I knew it had to hurt as the friction was incredible. Thrust after thrust I pushed into her, and with each thrust I heard by balls smack against her ass.

She let out a pathetic whimper, the sound of someone who has completely given up their humanity, no pride left, and no self respect and was only now realizing the truth, that she was nothing.

Thrust, thrust, thrust… the feeling was intense and slowly I felt my cum welling up from inside me. I kept my mind at peace as long as I could, luxuriating in what I was feeling, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I was in the driver’s seat of my life now, and no one would ever again have dominion over me.

I looked at her ass and watched my cock pull and push the skin at her ass hole, mesmerized by what I was seeing, I watched my cock slid in and out, her shit smeared all along the shaft. I could smell her it, the aroma filled my nostrils and the idea that she would soon be eating her own shit off my cock was empowering me.

I could no longer hold back. My pace quickened, becoming almost frantic. Both my hands now gripped her hair, her head pulled back and sounds of pain and anguish poured from her mouth, my hips were beating her, pounding her, then it began and my cock started to pulsate, pouring my cum into my dear sisters ass and all too soon it was over and I pulled my sweaty body from hers, stood and stepped in front of her now bowed head, I whispered, "You know what to do, bitch".

She looked up at me, then at my cock, and I could tell she wanted to gag just at the thought of what she was about to do. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and took my whole cock at once. I felt her gag, but then she controlled herself and she began to suck her shit and my cum from the length of my shaft.

"See what happens when you’re worthless? You have no pride, no self respect. You used people your whole life and now that you need help, no one’s there for you. Not mom, not your boyfriends, hell, you have no friends, no one for lonely old you", and while I spoke I grabbed her hair and began rocking in and out of her mouth, "and now here you are licking shit off your baby brother’s cock, who would have thought that would ever happen"?

When I was satisfied that she had done enough I pulled out and walked over to my bed room door and again tossed her a blanket. "I want you gone before I get up, and, since I have all your pride and self respect you’ve got nothing left to give me so don’t bother coming back". As I closed the door on on her and that part of my life, I took in the sight of my sister sitting on the floor, my come oozing from her well fucked ass, the taste of our sex lingering in her mouth, I could see she was lost and afraid of what the future had in store for her, but I saw a bright future for myself, a successful future, free from the demons of my past. I showered and washed away every last remnant of my childhood troubles, happy.

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