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I was the girl like at school but instead of being ignored I get attention heads turn my way and life is pretty good. Kevin is the "alpha male" As the other two look up to him and he never seems to treat people like crap. Paul is a wannabe womaniser always trying to put the moves on me but it never works. I see him as a puppy wanting attention all the time. The n there is Nate. There is no way to explain it other than he drives me insain most of the time, he works at the pub with me now and I cant get the idea of fucking him out of my head. But other than that everything is going fine. I finaly have a home and good friends.
"Good morning guys." I say in an overly cheery voice. Paul looks at me.
"what do you want Roxie?" Kevin asks behind his morning paper.
"Nothing can't I wish my fellow roommates a good morning?" i say as innocently as i can.
"No you can't, what do you want." Nate says, with his mouth full of toast.
"Don't speak with your mouth full Nate, and I was wondering if i could invite some people over for my traditional games night." I say. I looked at them with pleading for a yes.
"Games night, how old are you?" Nate says spraying crumbs everywhere.
"dude realy you need to cover your mouth, and its not silly games like monopoly and shit like that its for adults." i say.
"How about no." Nate says. he really is bugging me.
"let me finish explaining please. there are adult games, drink and you guys can join." i say looking to Paul and Kevin.
"yeah why not." Kevin says
"I'm in." Paul adds with a liitle bit too much enthusiasm.
"what guys no come on, really. your gonna allow, strangers in our home, playing adult games, its probably gonna be a load of men, a total sausage fest."Nate starts to complain.
"Actually i interject its gonna be a load of girls from the club and only two more guys."i interjected.
"I'm in, what do you need." Nate said acting all cool. A brick to throw at you i thought to myself.
"Nothing at all, just yourselves. oh and i need you guys out for the day so i can set up. be back around seven." I say shewing them out the door. for the rest of the day i set every thing up, moving the furniture out the way, hiding all sharp objects and getting all the games out when i heard a knock at the door. "Come in Lottie, you are a life saver." i say helping lottie with the boxes and bags she brought for me.
"Its ok Rox, lets just hope there is some great eye candy tonight." we laughted as i sorted through the boxes. I made some punch and set out other drinks, i put snacks out, body paint and whip cream. Lottie helped me set out the games and we sot changed ready for the fun evening ahead.
By seven twenty i heard a knock on the door and in came the party guests. swiftly followed by Nate, Kevin and Paul. "hey guys welcome to my games night, for all you newbies just follow our lead and you will get the hang of it. Let the games begin." i say and the night began. first game was beer pong, simple yet a great way to get everyone to the tipsy stage. after splitting the group into two teams we began to play.
"Object of the game, get the ping pong into your aponents cup." the game was full of laughter and high spirits until it was my turn, i was against Nate. " you ready to see me beat a girl guys." he said laughing. the game was fun Nate missed his first shot and on my first go he had to drink moments later our match finished with Nate slurring his words together. God he looked so sexy in this light.
the next game was underwear twister. everyone played in groups of four normal twister but in there underwear. it was getting hot towards the end of the game with people groping and kissing. the final game was spin the bottle. we all sat in a circle and began to play the first two spins for me landed on girls, were we shared hot passionate kisses and gropes. we soon changed the game so who ever you land on is your partner for the night everyone was coupling off and my spin had me land on Nate everyone howled and laughed while i very drunk and very naked Lottie ties mine and Nates hands together. The game fizzled out with all the drunk parties either talking, making out or in the case of Lottie and Paul full on fucking infront of everyone. I sighed i so want to fuck Nate but I no he wouldn't. I went to the table with the drinks picked up a bottle of absenth and walked Nate through the flat. The only free room we could find was the bathroom.
I took a shot of absenth and gave Nate the bottle. "what shall we do?" he asked drink more of the green liquid out the bottle.
"Not a clue. Lottie and Paul seem to be having fun." i say taking the bottle off Nate and taking another shot.
"everyone is. tonight was really fun, thanks Roxie." he says as i pass him the bottle.
"your welcome." we sat in silence for awhile then i had the urge to pee. " i need to pee." i say looking at nate.
"oh um ok, he tries opening the bathroom door." were locked in" he says i sigh in disbelief.
"Turn around." i say as i pull down my pants he does so and i sit on the toilet and start to piss. i felt so much better. once i finshed i wiped, flushed and washed my hands, took another gulp of absinth and before i knew i slipped on a wet towl and landed in front of a standing Nate. He suddenly froze. "oh god, what happened" he said
"I splipped and fell. I looked up and saw Nates boxers tenting. and my pussy began to get wet. drinking more absenthe and moved to my knees, and slowly usedmy teeth to pull down his boxers. "wait, stop roxie, what are you doing." his voice fading out. i just stopped and looked at him breifly and then to his exposed cock. it was around 8inch long and had a good girth to it. i kissed the head and it sent shivers down his spine. i openned my mouth wider and allowed him into my mouth inch by inch till his head hit my throat he started to pull back, but i wasn't having it. I relaxed my mouth and throat and eased in the last few inches. i began to hmm lightly, letting the vibrations tease his cock an di continued to suck until i felt him tense up and before i could let him out completely he shot load after load into my mouth, were i swallowed it all. i felt him to soften and removed my mouth from around his cock.
"you were tasty" i said and drank a bit more absinthe nate crawled into the shower and o followed sitting next to each other he pulled my closer and i lent in and kissed him and all i could see were fireworks. the kiss broke and i lend back and felt something snap i turned and my bra was suddenly in my lap as the hooks snapped. my 38 dd hung loose and my nipples hardened in the cool air. Nate was staring and the last thing i remeber was falling asleep with my head in his lap.

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