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..and I just got home, stripped off my shirt still clinging to my chest, bent down and took off my mesh shorts and boxers. I stand up in the tub, close the shower curtain...and turn on the water. It pelts my enlarged pectoral muscles. Steam slowly rises from the tub floor misting past hard calves up past my cock, over my half-moon shaped tight ass, beyond the curve of my back and circles around to my defined stomach. I close my eyes and lean in to let the stream jet off my face...and then I turn the nozzle away. And I take the soap and lather myself up...but this time, thinking of you, I can see my cock growing...until it’s a very hard, wide and almost painful nine inches. I take good care to slather soap over my cockhead. And then, I hear a noise. It’s you. I'm completely wet and I want you, like I've never wanted anything more in my life. I exit the shower, naked and walk toward you, water running down and beading over my bare body. You can see there's no getting away from me. Tonight I'm going to bring you to orgasms until you can take it no more. And then I stalk toward you...and pick you up. Raising you above me...your legs are now encircled around my waist and wet body. I smile at you and bring you back with me to the shower...though it's not only the water that I want to make you wet with tonight. I climb into the still hot, steaming running shower with you...then, I look into your eyes...and slowly move you against the shower wall and pin your arms back behind you, gently grasping your wrists with my hands. Then, with your arms pinned against the shower wall, you see my cock has swelled to its full 9 inches and 6 1/2 inch girth...the veins on the side are pulsing. You can tell I want you with my entire body. But I won't take you yet...I'll enjoy the experience...and be sure to treat you like a goddess and make you smile in an ecstasy you've never experienced before. But, first things first. I slowly lower my eyes to your legs...and let them travel up your gorgeous body. I think about how much time I'd take simply delicately caressing your inner thighs. But my eyes keep traveling up between your legs...and, for a second, my cock briefly, almost imperceptively spasms. You know I want you...that I'd do anything to have you...and now you're mine. My eyes travel up past your belly to your gorgeous supple breasts. And now that the water isn't falling on you anymore...only over my hard body...you're getting cold. And your nipples are growing even more erect...goosebumps lifting all the skin of your areolas. I tell you, "don't move," as I remove one hand to redirect the shower's spray your shoulder and body to keep you warm---and you grab my cock! "You bad, bad girl. You’d best do as I tell you." But, maybe I don't really mind, as my hips accidentally thrust against your exquisite hand and warm fingers. But I resist...and take your hand off my throbbing cock and place it back against the shower. I tell you again, whispering in your ear "Don't move." And this time you don't...I run one hand back through your hair...delicately massaging your scalp as I do so...and continue for a few minutes...massaging all the stress out of your head until you’re completely relaxed. Then, I look into your eyes mischievously...raise your pinned wrists higher with my own hands and lean in to kiss you...but stop just short. I let you feel my hot breath on your mouth...and then move down past your chin to your neck...where I slowly lay the softest of touches with my lips against your wet neck, where water runs over and down past your collarbone to your now quickly rising chest. I follow the streams of warm water...continually keeping you pinned against the wall. As I run my caresses down your neck and collarbone...I tease your clit...barely touching it with my cockhead...letting the precum run off onto your throbbing clit and slowly to your lips. Then my mouth moves further down to your right breast. I don't touch it with my mouth...but come as close as possible, so you can feel my hot breath on you. Then...I slowly, imperceptibly touch your areola with the tip of my tongue...and begin teasing you...slowly I apply more pressure...Then I delicately take the back of my tongue, the soft fleshy portion...and gently run it over your engorged and fully erect right nipple. I can't resist your body. I take my left hand off of your right wrist and slowly cup your beautiful right breast to my mouth. And without touching your erect right nipple…I let my hot humid breath pour over it and take time to slowly move that same wet breath over your entire areola. And then I move in. My left hand cupping your right breast barely raises it up, like delicate porcelain up to my mouth. And I move my lips to make a complete seal around your rising and falling breast…my tongue centered directly over that nipple where it lightly dances and teases and then, slowly, harder and harder begins whipping back and forth against that wonderful little red lightly pulsing bud. At the same time my fingertips are fully massaging and lightly squeezing your gorgeous breast. As my tongue begins flicking harder, my entire hand begins squeezing and massaging equally hard. I love the feel of your wonderful breast in my hand. I’m in ecstasy that I can taste my goddess’s gorgeous breasts with my own mouth and tongue. The circle made by my lips sealed around your areola begins to tighten and become smaller…you know what I’m going to do. My tongue moves faster and faster whipping away at your nipple. My wet saliva is running out and you’re becoming even harder in my mouth…then, just before I can form a complete seal around only your nipple…I release you from my fierce tongue’s and hand’s grasp. I stand up fully. I take your previously pinned left wrist in my right hand circle down against the wall…and then slowly move it toward my enlarged 9 inch long and 3 inch wide pulsing red cock and engorged, slick, cum-shining, glossy cockhead…and place your fingertips just over that wet sticky cockhead. And I shudder…but I don’t cum. I want you so badly. I look you in the eyes. And I release your left hand while keeping your right pinned against the wall. I look you lovingly in the eyes, lean forward and kiss you on the forehead. Then I take my right hand and enter your pussy with two fingers…and take your sweet wet juices onto my fingers. I reach them up lay your sweet nectar over that left breast. I repeat this several times until your entire left breast is soaked in your wonderful juice. And then, I dive in…but in slow motion. I take my time to savor all your wonderful nectar on your beautiful breast…but never touching your nipple. I caress, nibble, suck, lip, lap up all your wonderful wetness on that breast except for the nipple. Then, I move my right hand down to my cock…I start at the base and begin squeezing my shaft, moving my own precum out of my wet glossy cockhead…taking it into my fingers and placing it over your nipple…where after it is sufficiently soaked in my own precum…I lay my lips down on it and suck and suck and suck…Then, when I’m done with your left breast…I inch my body, cock and all towards you. But my right hand release your left arm…(in progress).

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