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potman.org - "media" page will link to fb= Utilize Potman ! - We ALL could have been PROSPEROUS selling scraps of "Pot" to all industrial facilities to process. Ford wanted US ALL to "easily" grow & sell the most versatile plant! Prohibition of Alcohol was Never about getting "Drunk", just like Prohibition of pot was never about "Getting High"! Henry Ford constructed cars completely made from and fueled by hemp. Ford owned factories that produced ethanol from hemp and other plants. His vision, which would allow America to grow its fuel, was ahead of its time. At one point it is estimated Ford had 25% of the mid-western United States beginning to incorporate bio-fuels into their daily routine. Much to the dismay of competing markets, John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil), started funding an organization known as the "Woman's Christian Temperance Union" which waged a war against alcohol, also funded Lobbyists to lobby (in other words, bribe) to get gasoline "cheaper" than alcohol! Ethanol, a derivative of alcohol, became prohibited, thus ending Henry Ford's vision of bio-fuel sustainability. They Screwed US from Utilizing our own Natural Energy (first alcohol then hemp) that we all could grow for free. We not only loose our Prosperity but they are poisoning everything! Our salvation was kept from us, so now what? George Washington said; Plant it Everywhere! A Farmer on every block should do it!
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