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Online Medical Card provides the quickest, the easiest and the most legit way to get a 420 medical evaluation without having to leave your home.

Do you still make appointments or wait in long queues to get your medical marijuana recommendation?
What if we told you that a 420 evaluation could be yours with just a click and within 10 minutes?

Yes, you heard it right. This means no more appointments or delays in getting your MMJ recommendation.
Just complete our 3 step process and start buying from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California with your MMJ recommendation.

Visit https://www.onlinemedicalcard.com/

Start by creating an account and filling a standard medical form (Your information is secure and private in accordance with HIPAA)

- Just the doctor’s recommendation letter (all you need legally) – $59
- Or a wallet-sized cannabis ID card as well (convenient for repeat visits to dispensaries) – $79
- Recommendation renewal price $45. Recommendations good for 1 year
Save an average of 28% in taxes as compared to recreational cannabis depending on the city. Savings go up to 35% or more across a few cities in California.

What’s more?
Online Medical Card makes the entire process of becoming a medical marijuana user easy and hassle-free. Our 420 evaluation package includes:
• State certified 420 doctors
• 10 minute approval time
Access to over 1000 California dispensaries within minutes of getting your medical marijuana card.
Getting a complete refund of your money in case you don’t get the medical approval.
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