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Know what you're buying. But if it's an adventure, ask those who traveled before you. Different strains have different feelings, different mood and different reasoning. We will walk you through that so you know the feeling you most desire.
We're verified, trusted and licensed. We keep our end clean.
We're here for you so ask as many questions as you can. Just return us the favor of going by the principles of discussion.
We are licensed medical marijuana wholesale suppliers and caregivers, we provide bulk deals for dispensaries, delivery services, brokers and patients. We have a steady delivery system that enables us to deliver to almost all states and beyond within a short time period. Distance shouldn’t be a hindrance.
Please open discussion with your name or nickname. Don't start a chart with just "hi" or "yo" you might not be attained to.
On the other end of the conversation, you can address him/her as "uberous"
Call or text: (209) 306-0361
wickr: uberous
Whatsapp: + 1 (209) 306-0361
Telegram: + 1 (209) 306-0361
NB* No Police!!!
For first deals, we will need to build enough trust but if you have a medical license and ready to provide us with a picture alongside your ID then we're good.
Cannabis Buds: girls scout cookies, gorilla glue #4, grand daddy purple, sour diesel, jack herer, bubba kush, god’s gift, strawberry cough, bruce banner, og kush, durban poison and white widow.
Cartridges: we have original premium brands, both half and full grams, all products are lab tested and delivery is 100% guaranteed make sure you are ready with cash in hand before contacting us, we will not waste a second with time wasting.
Website: https://cannabissolutions.icu
Call or text: (209) 306-0361
wickr: uberous
Whatsapp: + 1 (209) 306-0361
Telegram: + 1 (209) 306-0361
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Extracts: for extracts, we have high quality full spectrum distillates liters, wax, shatter, crumble, terp sauce and live resin.
We ensure that all patients and clients are satisfied with our products
Website: https://cannabissolutions.icu
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